Chapter 1: Locked doors to hidden horror

The hallways were eerily dark and quiet the sound of rain and booming thunder filled the hall. Anaira walked hesitantly her bare feet moving soundlessly across the marble floor she was trying her best not making a single sound the hairs on the back of her neck would rise with her paranoia as she felt someone was closely following her, watching her only to find that she was utterly alone, she needed to find her friend as the fear growing deep inside her screaming at her they have to leave this place fast.

Anaira wasn't sure how long she had been searching for her missing friend all the hallways seemed to look the same, finally she came across a door placing her shaky hand on the door with courage slowly building she closed her eyes tight and turned the doorknob slowly.

"Please let her.. Be in here... ." Anaira whispered.

The door slowly creaked open the noise causing her to flinch peeking her head into the room she searched for her friend's familiar face suddenly the door slammed shut causing her to take a step back.

What...? How did that door close on me! I didn't..

Anaira stopped in mid thought she felt herself froze as the air around her suddenly got colder causing her to shivering uncontrollably she tighten her grip on the doorknob for support.

"What are you doing..? Isn't it a little late for you to be walking around..?" The voice said cold and sharp.

Anaira flinched at the harshness of the voice slowly turning around she looked up at the owner of the voice fear clutched her heart in it's death like grip as she looked up into his crimson eyes his shadow seem to consume her his anger only made the air colder with her instincts in control she ran in the back of her mind she knew it was pointless and he would only tolerate her childish game only to make her believe she had a chance to get away from him before he would catch her again one could say he was humoring her letting her hold onto that one strand of hope to keep her alive.

Sashira awoke to the sound of screams her brown eyes widen in fear as she scrambled out of the mass of blankets that covered her slender frame running to the door she found it unlocked

How odd.. I could have sworn he locked it..

Hearing screams once again she remembered her purpose.

"Anaira.. ." She whispered.

As she ran out the door and down the hallway.

"ANAIRA!" She yelled straining to hear anything to reassure her that Anaira was okay.

"NO SASHIRA! RUN!" Anaira screamed.

Sashira searched for where the voice was coming from looking into the darkness she saw Anaira trapped in the arms of her captor.

"ANAIRA!?" She screamed.

Running towards her friend she suddenly felt her wrist being trapped in a tight vice grip pulling her back she growled in anger as she turned her free hand already made into a fist ready to fight her opponent only to stop as her blood ran cold and the color drained from her face Anaira's screams were all she heard before she slipped into darkness.