Hi readers it has been brought up to my attention by a certain commenter about my lack of updates they proved an extremely interesting point .I understand that many of you may feel my lack of updates is a crime in some way that I am giving the people that took time out of their precious lives to read this story "false hope" trust me that is the last thing I wanted to do I feel happy an honored that many of you had actually liked me and Sashiras story that had been woven up on one of our parties. I understand how many of you readers must feel when an author stops updating to some the very thought itself is frightening believe it or not both me and Sashira have been there and we understand your frustration this specific commenter also quoted a popular saying I had found most interesting "if you can't make the time don't do the crime" I couldn't agree more with them on it when we start something it is only natural that we must finish it yet sometime without intention we stray and leave things we had once started forgotten in dust wouldn't life be scary if everything we didn't finish was like a scene from Jumanji where we were forced to continue till we finish it. Aside from that thought I feel since you readers are taking time out of your precious lives to read this and our fanfiction I believe I owe you all a better explanation than just "im taking a break" the real reason I am postponing on updating the fanfiction is because I am currently attending college and taking the maximum amount of hours to classify me as a full time student this leaves me little time for other activities that I enjoy such as TV. Manga, anime, spending time with my awesome friends and writing this fanfiction which I had put my blood and energy in. I rarely have time for myself and when I do I spend it sleeping or staying up till witching hour writing ideas for the fanfic only to get up 2 hours later and go to school since I am paying for my classes out of my own pocket it's important that my grades reach no lower than a B average this means I have to study a lot even though I hate it with that said I sincerely apologize to everyone who I might have mislead or given false hope to this does not mean though that I will stop this fanfic I am trying to work around my classes to hopefully every week if I'm lucky if not every two weeks . With that said I hope you will understand and please not that your support means a lot to me and Sashira and we try our very best to give you the best chapters that our writing abilities will allow I know that many of you have asked that we make the chapters longer I completely understand but please not that when we write this fanfic we do everything by hand first and I'm sure you all know what 10 papers front and back on notebook paper is not much on Microsoft word again I would like to express my most sincere apologies to all who felt they have been misled or cheated in any way all I ask is for you to be patient for a lil while longer cause in the end patience is always awarded. I would also like to say if you have any questions or comments about the fanfic or just more scenes of specific characters you would like to see feel free to comment we are always open to new ideas.