Chapter 9: Stranger's Allure

A Promise for Eternity

I watch you, so amazing, my lovely doll.

You drive me insane

To have you in my arms is heaven for a demon like me

My personal angel to chain by my side for eternity

Give into me and all will be so sweet

My love

You hide from me

Don't worry I will find you

I promise

The next day both girls slowly trudged down stairs into the diner yawning Anaira sat down at a table with her breakfast in hand a slice of carrot cake with extra cream cheese frosting with over sweeten coffee.

"Your gunna give yourself diabeties." Sashira spoke as she saw Anaira's so called breakfast.

"No I'm not." Anaira argued as she happily ate her cake.

"Don't say I didn't warn you." Sashira said as she walked by.

"Aww Sashira let her eat her breakfast all that sugar makes her the more sweeter." Natsu said winking at a very red Anaira.

Suddenly a customer walked in he was tall and appeared to be in his early twenties his brown hair gleamed in the lighting his glasses gave off a glare that covered his eyes smiling at them he sat at a table by the window.

Getting up dusting off the cake crumbs off Anaira began to make her way to him only to be stopped by Sashira.

"Finish your breakfast. I got it." She smiled.

"Really? Thanks!" Anaira smiled brightly.

Sashira walked towards the man smiling she greeted him also handed him the diner's menu.

"Is there anything I can get you to drink?" Sashira asked.

His blue-grey eyes looked into her brown ones.

"I'll have coffee." He spoke.

"K. I'll bring that to you in one moment." She said as she walked away.

"Pssssst! Sashira!"Anaira whispered using a menu as a mega phone

Looking back at her short friend she mouthed 'What'.

"That guy is checking you out." Anaira answered with a grin.

"Shut up." Sashira glared and whispered back.

Turning around with the customer's order in hand she placed the cup in front of him.

"Here you go." Sashira said

"My name is Katsuhiro what's your name." The stranger asked.

"Uh Sashira. Nice to meet you call me if you need anything else." She replied.

Raising his eyebrow he looked at her his eyes glittered in amusement.

"Wow your giving me your number already." He smiled.

Turning red she looked at him clearly embarrassed.


"Oh.. Well then will you give me your number then?" Katsuhiro asked.

"NO." She said bluntly and walked away.

She looked over to see Anaira laughing.

"Don't laugh it's not funny." Sashira glared.

"S-sorry.. I can't help it ." Anaira replied smiling.

Each day was the same Anaira tired not to break things and getting embarrassed with Natsu's flirting while Sashira was always getting to fights with Katsuhiro who never argued back but, just simply smiled at her both girls started to grow fond of their friends and went about life happily.

But, Their fears of being captured once again forever changed their lives and haunted their dreams.

The roar of thunder hastened her footsteps and heart as the flash of lighting filled her eyes with fear she gave short ragged breaths as she tired to get away her eyes searched frantically left to right.

Where is he...

She knew he was there watching her.

Always watching...

Terror ate at her in slow tortuous bites branches left scratches along her body as she tired to run.

She was prey.

A soft snap of a twig brought her out of her thoughts her eyes only widened desperately searching.

He was close...

She felt as if the night was becoming darker it took all her power to keep running constantly looking behind her for a glimpse of her follower the rain soaked her to the bone and seemed to only slow down her movements.

Why won't he just leave me alone!?

She should have stopped and given up but, she couldn't give him that satisfaction she had ran to an edge of a river the water looked menacing as the water crashed into the large rocks she shivered turning around she stared into the vast darkness that seemed to call to her.

"Anaira.. ." The soft voice caress against her trembling form.

"NO!" She shouted covering her ears.

She knew who it was and she wouldn't listen.

She would never go back.

"Come here my precious doll." He called.

His cold finger tips caused her to whimper in fear as she was pulled into a embrace that became her prison she closed her eyes she sobbed as the feeling of hopelessness washed over her.

"Did I frighten you?" The figured cooed softly amused as she stroked her hair lovingly.

She remained silent as tears continued to fall from her face.

"You've been a very bad girl. Disobeying me and running away." He chuckled softly holding her tightly.

"But, don't worry I'll come for you just like I promised. Don't bother running you'll only make me upset and we wouldn't want that now.. Would we?" He whispered his voice cold and dangerous causing her to tremble uncontrollably.

Feeling his lips slowly caress her neck she stiffened her eyes widened in fear.

"You know.. I was very upset when I found out you were gone.. I was sure you wouldn't be stupid enough to pull a stunt like that but, I guess we'll have to find a punishment for your actions won't we?" He smirked against her neck.

When he heard her softly whimper digging his nails into her arms he growled dangerously.


Anaira cried out in pain as she sat up in her bed her body shaking uncontrollably she was covered in a thin layer of sweat she searched her room fearful of finding him there watching her.

Seeing no one there she shakily got out of bed using the bed frame for support her heart was beating erratically her breathing fast the dream it felt so real.

Wincing in pain she looked down at her arms to see ten bloody crescent moons freshly made along the length of her arms

How can that be..

It was only a dream.. right..?

As she tired to understand what was going on feeling as if she was being watched she sat in the corner of her room afraid to dream.

Dante sat downstairs quite calm Minoru eyed him suspicously.

"What did you do?" He asked his blond friend.

Looking up at his stoic friend.

"Nothing. Just told my little doll I'm going to fulfill that little promise I made to her. That's all" His answered his eyes shined with amusment.

With that he got up and left Minoru to shake his head.

"So impatient." He smiled.