Guys, be prepared for more fights, less Nathan (sadly) and a colder Amber. I've pushed the time to September as Guns & Roses were set in July. What actually happened to Nathan, though? Enjoy Reading! ;)

Chapter One: Recovery Unit

Amber and the top lieutenants of the 3rd Street Saints waited patiently outside Nathan's room, hearing talking behind the door; Angel vanished as soon as the incident happened. As soon as the talking stopped, the doctor poked his head out and said "Amber-Leigh?" The caramel girl rose a hand and he gestured, and she walked into the room and shut the door behind her. She was greeted by beeps of the heart monitor and two smiling faces; one from the doctor, the other from Nathan. Having to look at him in such state killed her inside.

"So..." She started, trying not to cry but ended up having to look down at her black and purple wrestling boots. "How is he?"

"During the past couple of months, he's been doing better than expected. Since he suffered the most in the crash, the function of how to walk has been forgotten." Both hands covered her mouth just as she gasped. "My baby..."

"But he'll be back on his feet in less than three weeks. I can promise you."

"Thank you, Doctor... Do you mind if I can talk to him?"

"Go ahead, he asked for you anyway. Call me when you're done."

"I will. And thank you."

"No problem... And congratulations."

She smiled for once, "Thank you." She turned when the door closed and sighed when purple eyes gazed upon her. The first time she saw him, he was literally disfigured but his face stayed nearly untouched. Doctors told her in the past that he suffered from 2nd degree burns that covered 70% of his body, fractured bones, a major concussion, and has had to be resuscitated during a skin graft operation. So everyday, she came to visit him and every time, she'd leave the hospital smiling even if all she did was stare at his peaceful face. Looking at him now, he looked like the same Nathan she fell in love with; she can't thank the doctors enough. They praised her for acting fast and dragging him out of there; if she didn't, he'd have suffered 1st degree burns. And Pierce? He didn't suffer shit.

"Baby..." She whispered, walking up to the gurney and sitting on the side, holding his hand. "You're getting more beautiful everyday I see you, do you know that?"

She laughed and said "Well, I've been in your place. Everyone says I should become the Boss of the Saints."

"Ha! In your dreams, Amber." He scowled, rolling his eyes and she laughed again. "So," she scooted closer to him and ran a hand through his always-soft black hair, feeling the scar above his right eyebrow. "How are you?"

"Still can't walk for the moment. Doctor said that I'm a fighter... I died. Twice, actually."

"Yeah, they told me and I ain't surprised. You survived a full-on explosion and fell into a rather long coma... Always thought my baby would cheat death." He smiled and she leaned forward and kissed him, feeling his teeth on her lips and she cupped his face before pulling back. "I've missed you so much, Nate."

"I've missed you too... Mrs. Collins." She giggled and said "Oh, I've gotta get used to that. Every time someone says my name like that... It sounds so nice."

"Well, Mrs. Collins... Actually, it does feel quite good on my lips." She stood and said "You want the Saints to come in? They're waiting."

"Why not?" He asked and pressed a button on a nearby remote and the gurney moved, the mattress putting him in a sitting position and she opened the door, his main guys and girls flowing in. Viola was the first to speak, "Boss... Is that you?"

"What kind of fucking question is that? Of course it's me!"

"Yeah, it's been quite a long time since we've seen you."

"It's only been 3 months, Vi. You've lost track of time."

"Sorry... Well, these are for you." Believe it or not, Nathan actually expected to be handed flowers, chocolates, teddy bears or even a card. But instead, he got handed a gun crafted by Amber's close friend Sharron as a get-well-soon gift. It was like Amber's new Shepherd but more futuristic and was coated in silver, white gold and had a purple trigger. "Holy shit! Thank you... Come here!" He opened his arms and Viola rolled her eyes, but hugged him anyway.

As everyone shared hugs, gifts and stories, Amber leaned on the wall near the door and laughed when Pierce got rejected a hug. She might be smiling but inside, her inner demon's annihilating the world for fucking up her husband. In reality, she will track down the person responsible.

And she knew exactly who to fuck with. But first stop: Sharron's place.

Well, did you like? If I didn't point this out, three months ago Nathan was involved in a aircraft accident that put him in a coma. Since then, Amber had to take charge and tried her best to act king. Or queen, I should say.

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