50 shades of growing up.

Chapter One: A promise to dad

Phoebe: When I was 7 we went to France for about 10 days. Dad had a few meetings to attend there and it made for perfect excuse for a family holiday plus a treat for Ted as he was turning 10. We were all walking under the Arc de Triomphe, of course with usual entourage Taylor, Sawyer etc that my father insisted stay with us. It was chaos, cars everywhere and it was terribly crowded. Dad had given us this same lecture for as long as I could remember to stay close, safe, never walk off etc...

I don't know why I did it, I mean I knew that I shouldn't have without asking, but I somehow managed to stray about 30 meters away where a clown was performing on the very busy street and before I knew it I could no longer see anyone I recognised.

It was to my great surprise that I didn't feel any fear or concern for being alone, in fact I think I actually enjoyed being by myself for the first time in my life. I didn't want this joy to stop and I found myself alone for15 minutes according to the large clock across the road. That all ended though when Taylor spotted me, face stern and red. I knew that I was done for.

Both Dad and Mum were actually shaking when he got to me. 'Phoebe, why on earth did you walk off? Dad said looking mad, then his face mellowed Did someone take you? Take me? 'I just stepped over here to watch the clown', I tried to say innocently knowing I wasnt, 'no one took me, and I just walked away.' Those last 4 words were definitely an error. My father's fear subsided and he became visibly angry. He had stared at me for that long without some exchange of words or affection.

Dad and mum grabbed my hands and didn't let them go until we returned to the hotel shortly after, were I was immediately sent to my hotel room to wait. I knew that they were going to come in and lecture me over and over again.

After what seemed like an eternity of boredom, Ted entered my room. I do not think I had ever been so excited to see him.

'Mum and dad were so scared today, but now dad is really furious' he stated actually a little concerned. Teddy was very much like dad even at this age. spitting image, personality and drive. 'What made you walk away?"

'I don't know, I just wanted to I guess.' that was my best answer, 'whats happening? What are they talking about'?

'Well as soon as we got home Dad fired one of the security people for not watching you. Taylor and Sawyer are mad too. Mum and dad are in their room discussing what to do with you. I think Dad might spank you.'

What? Dad had never spanked me. I know Ted had been last year, once for deliberately destroying a manuscript that mum was working on, because they wouldn't let him go outside swimming. He was just rather mad and didn't think before he acted.

Before I got to respond to Ted's statement, there was Dad and Mum and they still did not look happy. 'Phoebe come here,' said dad. I knew that this was certainly not a time to argue. 'What you did today was dangerous and could have got you seriously hurt.' I nodded my head so he knew I understood. 'Do you know why we tell you and Red not to wander off? why we go on and on and on about it? Again words failed me and I only nodded.

Mum then spoke for the first time since i walked off 'Ted lets go'

'Phoebe', said dad in one of the deepest, loving and also stern voices I have ever heard, 'you really do need to be punished so you won't do this again' and within a second I was thrown over his knee, with my backside bar and my fate sealed.

'Angel', he was using his nick name for me, 'I have decided that you should get 15 smacks for each minute that you were away.' 'Ok' I responded. Then my punishment began and ended. My backside was sore and tears poured from my eyes. Dad gave me a comforting hug at the end and told me never to scare him again. I remember the look in his eyes then as he told me, he was actually sacred.

'Phoebe - Promise me that you will never do that again'.

I quickly replied, 'I promise'. From that day onwards, Dad took extra precaution when it came to my whereabouts etc. My life was extra controlled, so it was now at the age of 16 that I knew that I wanted to break that promise.