Sorry people I didn't realize you were finding my story repetitive. This chapter is about Phoebe (sorry) but moving on to Teddy and running two story lines soon. I just need to wrap something up. I am very much a novice at writing and I hope you do find something interesting or something in my story.

Taylor gets angry:

Phoebe's POV:

Eva and I walked out of school at 2:30 and we are both beat. I had found it hard sitting the Practise SAT and then resuming classes. I looked over and there was Sawyer. "I better go Eva. I will see you tomorrow". I walked over to Sawyer and got into the back of the car. There in the middle was a hot chocolate.

"Thanks Sawyer, I could really use this after today" I said smiling.

"It was your dad's idea. He said something that it use to pick you up when you were young and he thought after almost four hours of doing the SATs you could really use it." Sawyer said.

"But thank you for bringing it to me anyway" I said politely as I got out my cell phone and sent dad a sms.

Thank you for the hot chocolate. Love the thought

After a few minutes later my phone beeped. I thought it would be dad but was surprised to find it was from Brent.

Saturday at my house, dinner with my parents. Can't wait to see you alone again.

I deleted the message as I didn't think it would be a good idea if anyone read that we would get a chance to be alone at his house. I would ring him later tonight. Once I got home I went into the lounge room and turned on the TV. I was thankful that the school had decided that any student having sat the SAT's today were not to be allocated any homework so I decided a night off would be a great idea. The next thing I realized was dad sitting next to me.

"Phoebe?" He said softly.

"Dad?" I looked around and I was still on the sofa and still in my uniform. "Sorry dad I must have fallen asleep."

"It's ok. Sawyer told me you looked exhausted when you got home. It's almost 6pm come and have some dinner then you can go to bed. Your mom is getting changed."

I went to the table and sat down. I still felt tired and I really didn't want to eat but dad was always so insistent that we do so. Mom came downstairs looking refreshed and gave me a hug.

"How do was your practice SAT's?" asked Mom.

"I don't know. I found the math section really good but the written section is always too hard to know whether I did well or not. School said that we should get them in a couple of weeks. I doubt if I have bet Ted now actually, he has more stamina than I do which is a shame as I was going to scan a copy and email it to his for his birthday" I giggled.

"It is only your practice run Phoebe. These results don't even matter" reasoned mom.

"I know. Also by the way I am having dinner with Brent's family this Saturday. Can Taylor drop me off and then come and pick me up?" I asked.

"Definitely! Taylor has already spoken to us about it and he will drop you off and wait for you." Dad said casually.

"Why would he wait? I will be hours. Even that is strange for us" I questioned.

"Taylor thought it would be best and I agree" interjected Mom. I decided not to take it further as there is no point fighting a war when you don't have an army.

Saturday night.

Having spent an hour changing my clothes, I had finally decided on a white dress with a pale blue cardigan. When I walked downstairs I found Taylor waiting for me already. "You look lovely Phoebe" he said.

"Thank you Taylor. I am just going to say good bye to my parents." Mom and dad were in the study. "I am off I shouldn't be too late. See you tomorrow morning if you both are not awake when i get home"

"OK, have a nice evening" said mom and I kissed her and dad goodbye. Taylor and I then got in to the car and we drove off. We were mainly quiet until we arrived at Brent's house. Taylor opened my door which made me feel a little weird as he never did this. "Bye Taylor" I said.

"Phoebe, I will be right here in case you need me. I have put myself on speed dial on your phone number one"

"Thanks. I will be fine" I walked over and knocked on the door and was greeted by Brent.

"Come in my parents are waiting to meet you" he said taking my hand. He led me into their dining room where they were waiting.

"Hello Phoebe it is wonderful to meet you, please call me Julian and this is my wife, Victoria. Brent has told us so much about you" His father said warmly.

"Thank you for having me to dinner" I said. We sat down and started quickly. Brent's father was a master at small talk and it really put me at ease. We talked about school, college, majors, being young and everything. It was a rather nice dinner. After a couple of hours Brent's parents excused themselves and soon I found myself watching a movie with Brent in his lounge room.

"Your parents are rather sweet" I said.

"They were sweet because they think you are a good influence on me, especially with school. They haven't been so hospitable to my other girl friends"

"How many girlfriends have you had and how many have you bought home? I enquired frowning.

"Girlfriends about 7 and I bought 6 home." Wow I was shocked it seemed alot to have when he wasn't that old really.

"What happened to the other girlfriend that you didn't bring home?"

"She was a girl I met at a party and even I had to admit she was a bit off the tracks and really not a girl you take home to meet your parents. When I told my parents I was dating you they were over the moon." He said.

"I guess I will take that as a complement. I think". As the movie started we held hands, but after about 30 minutes I felt his hands move across my body and his lips were starting to kiss me.

"Brent we are at your parents house" I grunted.

"Don't worry they are upstairs they can't hear us" I said confidently.

"How do you know?" I asked and he gave me a smirk. My heart sunk then, I knew then that I was another girl that he had slept with and was aiming to do so again right here where past girlfriends had done so.

"I better go" I said as I tried to get up.

"No don't" He said heatedly and he pinned me down. I couldn't get up.

"Let me go Brent" I cried out

"Relax, it is the same as before and I have a condom" I tried to struggle but couldn't fight him; he was too heavy for me. When he went to grab his condom from his pocket it gave me the chance to push him off me. I grabbed my bag and ran out the door with Brent chasing after me. "Phoebe stop, I am sorry" he yelled so loud that his parents came out of their room and where now outside with us.

Once outside Taylor quickly came towards me and put his hands on my arms. "Don't worry I am fine" Brent stopped only a few meters from us. Taylor looked at me and then went over to Brent and before I knew it Brent was on the ground holding on to his nose. Taylor the forever guardian angel had punched him square in the nose and knocked him off his feet. Brent's parents looked disappointed and were quiet; I suspect they knew what had happened as they didn't go to their sons aid. We got into the car and drove home.

"Thanks Taylor, thank you" I said relieved he was there.

"Did he touch you?" He asked with fury still burning in his voice.

"No not really, I managed to stop him before that happened" I said relieved. Once we got home I got out of the car and I faced Taylor. "Taylor maybe I should talk to my parents, let them know what's been happening"

"They won't let you date for a long time and your dad will be furious if you do BUT at the same time I do think it is the right thing to do" he said.

"I don't really care about dating right now. Can you come with me and just be close by" I said. Taylor and I walked into the house and found my parents in the study still. "Your home early Phoebe" noted my mother looking at her watch.

"Mom and dad we need to talk about tonight and a few other things and I think you're going to be very disappointed and I understand that." I had both of their immediate attention and we all sat down.

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