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Where do we go from here?

Christians POV

I look at my watch and it's now been an hour since I have spoken to Phoebe and what a conversation that was. I sigh and decide that it is time to find her. As I leave the study I pick up the part of the now broken mug that Phoebe destroyed. She was only 7 when she made it at school as a father's day gift and I had adored it keeping it close my desk even to this day. The big pink heart is broken right through the middle. A Poignant sign if ever!

I went upstairs, throughout the house and outside to look for her but she was nowhere in sight. It wasn't until I went to the front of the house that I noticed my car was missing. Phoebe had taken it and that meant she was alone, angry and emotional without any security or anyone. I avoided becoming frantic by focussing my energies on finding her.

When I entered the house, I found a worried Ana. "I can't find Phoebe and she has left her cell phone here" Ana said handling me the phone. I tried to see who Phoebe had rung last but found she had a password on her phone.

"Get around this password?" I order Sawyer briskly. Within seconds we are we are able to gain access to all the information on the smart phone. We check her last calls, text messages and all the data on it. "Damn it" I say tossing the phone. She erased all the data already. "Taylor, track my car".

"Phoebe has your car?" Ana asks. I nod which only serves to make my wife cry. Within minutes Sawyer and Taylor come towards us. Taylor looks furious.

"Mr Grey, we have found the car and we need to go now" he says loudly and runs outside with Sawyer, Ana and I following him. When we are in the SUV Taylor tells us of the location of the car and Ana grabs my hand tightly.

"She is so mad Christian. She could do anything and in her mind she probably thinks she is just getting even with you and even me" Ana warned.

"Faster" I tell Taylor and he puts his foot on the gas.

Phoebe's POV

"Phoebe, Hi I didn't expect you to come here" he said but obviously happy at my arrival.

"I know, but it is time I did something" I said then grabbing his and kissing him hard and passionately. When I realised what I had done I pulled back.

"Can we go and talk away from here?" I ask.

"Of course" he says excited but I don't share his excitement. I am fearful and worried that I may have opened up a can of worms that I am or may not want.

"We need to go away from here thought. I took my dad's car but he has a tracker on it so he will be here eventually. I have left a note on the car for him with. Can we take your car?" I ask urgently. Brent is smiling and quickly grabs a few things.

"Leave your cell phone" I order. I need to eliminate all the possible means for dad to trace us. Brent looks confused. "Brent, my dad and Taylor can find us through your phone and I don't think they will be happy to see us together" Brent immediately drops it on the table. As we walk out and approach the Brent's car I see my note flapping in the wind, tied down beneath the wipers. I hope I don't end up regretting it.

"Where do you want to go?" Brent asks like a kid on Christmas day as he drives out onto the road. I am dumbfounded at his question. I hadn't even thought about where to go, actually I don't think I had been thinking since I found that cardboard box.

"Why don't we go to that old pizza shop we went to when we met" Brent turns left and is smiling at the thought on the pizza shop. I became infatuated with him there and it was before all the negative stuff occurred. I rubbed my forehead saying a silent prayer that I would soon know what I am doing. Within thirty minutes we arrive and get a booth. Brent orders pizza and brings over a couple of cokes.

"So your parent's and family don't know you are with me, do they? Brent says with a hint of humor.

"If they did then Taylor would be right next to you breaking your nose or every bone in your body." I say confidently then I look down at my hands. "What the hell, it's not as if we ever even really know anyone" I say quietly. I was very disheartened at this thought. Who are my parents? I thought I understood my mom's loving nature and need to grounded regardless of my overly privileged upbringing and my dad obsessive need to ensure my safety and know my every move. However, were they trying to protect me or them?

"I hear your brother and Hayley are getting married, though I guess I shouldn't hold my breathe waiting for an invitation." Brent said.

"Did you read about the engagement in the paper?" Ted was becoming rather well known in the business world. He also did a lot of the media releases and interviews on behalf of GEH now so he was being photographed more than ever, thus this engagement had got a lot of media attention. A magazine had even offered them a huge sum of money for exclusive photos. Of course they declined.

"Yes it is in every newspaper in town and across America, plus my sister told me. She is invited to the wedding also." I then recalled that Brent's elder sister was friends with Hayley from high school. How could I forget this fact, this is how my parents and brother had seen the photo of us on Facebook at this very pizza shop years ago. The pizza came out and it was delicious. I can't believe how hungry I was.

"Brent I need to know why you think things would be different now."

"Look at me Phoebe! Do I even resemble that cocky and arrogant teenager? I am a different person and I am so much more. I changed my major from fine art to law so I could be close to you next school year" he said impassioned

"The thing is I don't love you! " I say critically.

"Then why did you kiss me when you saw me today and make no mistake it was you who kissed me" He said angrily. I was embarrassed at my actions and I knew I had acted inappropriately.

"I know and I was wrong, I was just so mad at my parents and I thought coming to you would fix it. I know I was wrong. I am sorry!" I said now realising that all this was a mistake! Everything!

"Phoebe, you may think you don't love me but you do. You told me once you loved me and I know deep down you will again." Brent was being sincere.

"I didn't love you. I was a bratty 16 year old who was seeking adventure" I tried to reason with him.

"Maybe you are just a bratty 21 year old now" he said scolding me. I felt very uncomfortable but he was right.

"Brent, I love Michael. The guy I was with at the ball last night, in fact he is my boyfriend" I say concerned over his reaction, but I had to tell him. NO ORE LIES! I felt a warm glow inside of me, yes I love Michael, I really love him. I may not be sure if my relationship with my parents could ever be the same but I could always control on who I love. I immediately think to myself that I need to get out of here.

"Phoebe, Phoebe?" Brent repeated to get my attention.

"Sorry I was thinking about stuff" I said moving a little further from him.

"I won't ever give you up" He said scaring me now.

"But, I am not yours to give up though" I said as I got up and left the shop. I watched him as I walked out and his expression was unchanged. I moved quickly to a taxi stand got into the first taxi that came.

"Where to miss?' said the foreign sounding taxi driver. That was twice in the same day that I didn't know the answer to this question.

Ana's POV:

We arrived and found Christian's car. I watched as he approached the front of the car and grabbed the note. His mood changes from angry to thermo-nuclear Christian. He passes me the note and I notice his hand is trembling.

Mom and Dad,

Sorry I took the car, but I didn't damage it and it was necessary. The keys are inside and I know you can remotely unlock it. Since you are here, you will now know that I am with Brent and you are going to be upset and mad. Keep in mind that is how I felt in the study today. I need to work out how I feel. Maybe if dad can change then could Brent? Don't come looking for me as I am fine. I will see you at home when I get there, but I don't know what time that will be.


"Christian we need to find her" I say fearful. Christiana and Taylor go to the house and knock but no one answers. God please don't let Phoebe do something she will regret, I pray. I ring ted, Kate, Grace and Carrick and no one has seen her since last night. I even ring several good friends of Phoebe that she might be with but no one has seen her. I consider ringing Michael but I choose not to.

"Taylor has a team out looking for them. Do you want me to take you home?" Christian asks putting him arms around her.

"Yes but you need to come with me. Phoebe is mad at you and to be honest so am I" I say now wanting to scream. Once we get home I let my feelings out.

"Why did you still have those photos?" I scream and yell.

"Ana, I kept them for the same reason that I took them, you know that! After the incident with Leila, I was shaken. I didn't want you or our family to be put in danger again or get hurt. I never thought that one of our children would ever find them. They are supposed to be locked up in the safe at Escala!" Christian was pacing and thinking deeply.

"Then who moved them and put them in the closet" I asked. I was still angry but now I was getting worried.

"I don't know, but I am going to find out" Christian said now honing in his anger.

I look at my watch and notice Phoebe has been gone for hours. Where in the world is she? I wonder.

Christian's POV

It's Monday. Ana and I wake up from a restless night. I go to look and see if Phoebe came home. I put my head down and discover she hasn't. I get dressed and leave the house with the cardboard box in my hand. I know now who the only other person is who would have been able to move them. There was only one person left that would have had unrestricted access to our house and Escala. I walk into this person's office. I don't knock. I enter holding the parcel. I can tell from their look that they know the nature of the contents of the parcel and the gig is up.

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