A little hint is included into Michael's past in this chapter for you all.


Phoebe's POV:

Mom and I returned to the apartment at least an hour later from having coffee and chat. I had to talk to her and get her opinion of the fact that Claire, even though she is 9 years older had no clue about her brothers parentage and the fact that he was adopted. It didn't sound right. Mom was as uncertain about it as I was and at times started to think so deeply that she zoned out. I know that she was going to tell Dad, that was inevitable but alas I needed to discuss it with her first.

Mom and I entered the apartment to find dad was waiting for me. Mom and dad kissed each other as they always did. I noticed that mom whispered something into his ear. Dad then looked troubled at moms comment. I look around thinking Michael would be close by but I can't see him.

"Where is Michael?" I ask

"He has gone. We talked and decided it was best that he go somewhere. I have the address of where he is and Taylor will take you. Phoebe you have to listen to him" Dad looks serious. My heart starts to beat quickly and I wonder why he has gone.

"Dad, what happened? Where is here?" I ask urgently, demanding an answer.

"I can't tell you, just go and see him. It will all make sense when you see him. Taylor knows where he is and he will drive you. I have a hire car in the garage below. I am sorry Phoebe but I can't and won't tell you anything else" Dad says adamantly and I decide that there's no point asking any more. I walk out with Taylor, though I am nervous I can barely see straight.

I sit at the back of the car whilst Taylor drives, looking out my window as we drive down the busy New York streets. I can't seem to keep calm. "Taylor has something happened to Michael?"

"I suspect he is fine. Please Phoebe, I know you are upset, but try to stay as calm as possible. Remember I will never let anything hurt you" Taylor says comforting me. I move forward as far as my seat belt will allow so I can put my arms around his neck and smile at him.

Soon we arrive at an exquisite looking hotel. I watch as Taylor goes to the valet and tells him to leave the car there as he will only be a few minutes as he takes me upstairs. Taylor then leads me inside and into the elevator. My heart is jumping and I don't know if I am excited or nervous now, so much so I don't even know which floor we got off, but there are only two doors on this level.

"Phoebe here is the swipe card to get into the room. Your room is the one on the right. There is a bag packed for you inside so you should have everything you need" Taylor informs me.

"Thank you Taylor" I say quietly and then watch him press the elevator button, but I know he won't get into the elevator until I am in the room. "Taylor, I never want you to leave us" I tell him. I swipe the card and the door opens. Oh my, the room is stunning. I look around and notice a series of rose petals leading inside to the sitting room. There is a chilled glass of champagne at the table, however the rose petals stop here but there doesn't seem to be anyone here. I look around and notice the door to the balcony is open. I slowly walk toward it, with my champagne in hand and there is the corner of my eye is Michael. The wind is blowing his hair slightly and his eyes are shimmering in the light. He has gotten changed since lunch into a dark V neck top and jeans. I don't think I have seen him look more gorgeous. I must look like a wreck in comparison.

"I'm glad you have finally arrived." He says grabbing my glass of champagne and putting it down. He runs his hand through my hair and I start to feel weak at the knees. A little tiny tear escapes and runs down my face. Michael studies it and wipes it away. "Why the tear?" he asks smoothly and softly.

"I was scared that it was going to be something bad. My dad wouldn't tell me where you were, only that I had to meet you. I just thought the worse" I explain.

Michael kisses me on the forehead. In one swift move he picks me and carries me into the bedroom. I am gently placed on the bed as he gets up and locks the door. "I know we are alone but let's just keep that door locked just in case" he says. I can't help but giggle.

"You are so beautiful Phoebe" he says looking at me and all I want to do is to hold him and for him to hold me. He returns to the bed and unzips the back on my dress so that it basically peels off me and I am only in my underwear. I tug at his shirt pulling it off him and undo his belt and pants as he makes little work of my bra and panties. We are both lying on the bed now facing each other but Michael has stopped and is watching me intently, it's unnerving and erotic at the same time.

"I love looking at you" he says then moves to hover over me. He commences his assault by kissing me and cupping my breasts. I gently move my nails up and down his back then slowly move my hands to find his sex, where I stoke it rhythmically making him moan. Suddenly I feel fingers inside me and his thumb teasing my clitoris, the sensation is amazing. I can fell his erection digging into my side.

"I want you. I want you inside me" I say to him. Michael looks at me as he shifts his body and quickly fills me. I can't help but moan at the sensation. Slowly he moves back and forth, increasing the pace as he goes. My muscles start to tense and as Michael comes, so do I. My orgasm rips inside of me. Michael lowers himself on top of me and we both smile at each other and hold each other.

I don't know how long we laid in each others arms but I would have happily stayed there forever. Michael gets up and gets us fresh glasses of champagne.

"Thank you" I say.

"And thank you Miss Phoebe, that was quite an experience" he says.

"Yes, the no parent walking in version!" I joke.

"Hence why I locked the door" Michael says. We thought we were alone in the New York apartment but alas that wasn't true.

"Does my dad know about this hotel room?" I ask

"Yes. I told him I wanted to spend some alone time with you. He got on the phone and booked this room and told me that we should do and order what we wish and it will be charged to his credit card" Michael says. I am instantly shocked at his declaration.

"Wait... you mean to tell me that we just had daddy sanctioned sex?" I asked mystified.

"Kind of I guess." We both laughed but soon found ourselves giving into our urges once more.

Christian's POV:

I watched as my daughter walked out with Taylor. I so wanted to calm her nerves, to tell her that everything was fine and would always be as long as I could breathe. I had promised Michael I wouldn't tell her where she was going and nor what he had planned with my assistance. I knew that I had ruined things for them and that I needed to fix it.

"What was that all about? Asks Ana. She was wondering if maybe I had told Michael the truth, but how can I when even I don't know the whole story yet. Why was the truth so hard to come by in this riddle! I had never encountered so many difficulties before!

"I feel like I just gave part of my daughter away" I said sadly. A quick thought my mind, Ana and I really should have had more children. Ana took a step back and looked at me. "What I mean is that I think I have finally accepted that she isn't little and she doesn't need me hovering over her. Though regardless of her age I refuse to let her get hurt, I know I say that over and over but it is true. Whenever I have thought about Phoebe, I have always imaged that 5 year old girl that sat on that couch with me when she was sick and needed me to hold her. I imagine her as the eight year old who was in hospital recuperating after the car accident with Sophie and needed our help with everything. I imagine her as the little girl that would wait for me to come home from work each day, run up and wrap her arms tightly around me. I guess I have just always wanted to be the one she always needed and wanted, but that just isn't the case anymore."

"I don't know if that is completely true. I think all girls need their father regardless of their age. I know I still needed Ray up until the day he died. Plus there is still the issue at hand and they both may need us then." Ana's answer comforts me slightly. "So where has Phoebe gone exactly?"

"The Roosevelt Hotel. I booked them a room, gave the hotel my credit card number and told them to charge everything to me. You were right. I really messed things up for them and I wanted to fix it. I have basically allowed Michael to have sex with our daughter."

Ana is at first surprised but then smiles at me. I instantly feel her arms around me. "Well that is something I never thought I would hear from you."

"Trust me Anastasia, that is also something I wished I hadn't even said either" I say with a sigh. "They both love each other so much, and if we don't want them getting hurt then we need to protect them." I now knew what I had to do as I grabbed my cell phone from my pocket.

"It may be hard to protect them though. Also Phoebe and I had coffee just then and she getting suspicious." Ana's comment startled me.

"What did Phoebe say?" I ask troubled

"She said that Claire didn't know that Michael was adopted even though she would have been nine years older"

"How is that possible?" I ask.

"The parents sent her to boarding school at that age and she didn't really come home or see her parents for the whole year." Ana said. How could that be? Not to even see her parents at such a young age. Could something even bigger be at play?

"Are you sure that Claire doesn't know about the adoption? I asked again forcefully

"Yes. When Michael found out, his father told him that his sister believed he was her full blooded brother."

A wave of thoughts ran through my mind and I knew that I needed to ring Welch.

"Welch, its Grey… Can you look back at the history of Clare Abigail Fuller and ring me back and tell me her education history and I want this soon." I hang up and frown. Within minutes Welch rings back and runs off all the data to me. "Welch, I want you to progress with the investigation and inform whenever you find anything. But afterwards I want all the information hidden. I don't want anything to come out… yes even delete the information if needed, but keep a copy for us… I will be back in Seattle on Monday and will meet you then" Ana looks at me confused and concerned.

"Claire Fuller did indeed attend boarding school at the age of nine interstate, but only for that year. Afterwards she returned to her all girls school in Seattle." I informed Ana and things were starting to come together and at the same time things were getting more confusing.

"None of this is logical" Ana says horrified

"I don't want Phoebe happiness to be risked, but I need to ensure that there is nothing that will be able to hurt her if we don't find out" I thought back to my conversation with Phoebe today and consider my comment of how I had wanted to give my daughter the world but protect it from her.

"What do we do if the worse possible option is the truth?" Ana asks.

"I am going to approach Mr and Mrs Fuller and get them to tell Michael the truth, then let Phoebe know. But I hope we never get to the point" I had once thought that I may their relationship would just run its course like many college relationships but I now suspected that they were in for the long haul.

Ana's POV:

We heard the door open and it was Ted and Hayley. They looked happy and so in love. "What have you two been doing today? I ask

'Ted took me to Broadway to watch a show.' I saw Ted roll his eyes as he was more into sports game than a live theater guy.

"Yes we compromised. I take her to Broadway and she goes shopping with mom and Phoebe." Ted says and Hayley groans.

"I promise it won't be too bad! I know how you are feeling and it will get easier being with a Grey man" I say grabbing Christians hand and wrapping his arm around me.

"I am a little scared of Phoebe shopping ability; I went shopping with her once in Boston. She was a machine! I don't know if I will be able to keep up with her." Hayley admits.

"Nah don't worry about that now. Phoebe is too much in love and is going to be distracted." Ted says laughing. "Now on that point where is Phoebe?" Ted is looking around to see if he can see her.

"She is out for the night, but we are going to meet her and Michael tomorrow for brunch. They are perfectly well, they just needed some time out so I sent them away" Christian said shocking Ted so much that we quickly turns his head to me to check out the story. I just shrug.

We decide to eat in for dinner, ordering from a restaurant close by. "Ted and Hayley have you two thought anymore about the house" Christian asked. He had been hoping for an answer soon.

"It is all we have thought about when we have been together to be honest. We have looked at several other houses but we keep going back to the original house and grounds that you both showed as us. So if it's suitable we would like that one" said Ted. Hayley was beaming. I hugged them both, and Christian nodded.

"I will wire the money into your bank account on Monday. You both can handle the rest" Christian says calmly but I know inside he is jumping like a little school boy. He is going to get what he wants, his son living close by and working beside him. I suspect he will try to do the same with Phoebe's living conditions especially if she remains with Michael, but only time will tell there.

Phoebe's POV:

I wake up late the next day and I feel a strong sense of pleasure throughout my body. Michael is next to me. I decide to wake him with kisses all over his body. We need to get up as my parents, brother and Hayley will be here in an hour. I start with his lips, then neck, then torso, until I reach his sex. I know he is awake now as he is responding but he doesn't open his eyes. It isn't until I take him in my mouth and bite down gently but enough so he feels it that he jolts up.

"Good morning Mr Fuller, I assume you have a very full night" I say with a pun.

"I thought it was going to be back and white to be honest, but I am glad it was grey" he responds getting me back for my pun.

"We need to get ready soon; everyone will be here in an hour." I inform him and with one swift move I am on my back and Michael is hovering over me spreading my legs with his knee.

"So we have an hour, and I do think another encore performance is needed form last night." He says and I respond by kissing him passionately.

A little over an hour we are have had our fill of each other, are showered and dressed, leaving the room to meet my family. "It's a little disconcerting meeting your family after they know exactly what you and I did last night" I say to Michael who is holding me tight on the way downs in the elevator.

"A little, but I guess that they were more than likely that they were doing the same also."

"Good point barrister." I respond smiling.

We walk to the table that everyone is already at. "Good morning everyone" I say before I go and kiss both my parents. Michael nods politely and sits next to me. There is a short but very awkward silence.

"I could use a coffee" I point out.

"Why didn't you get much sleep last night?" Ted says smirking and jeering me. I don't have the time to respond before Hayley gives him a dark look and she taps him. Good work Hayley! My parents are both giving him a look also.

"Sorry" Ted says.

"Hayley are you ready to go shopping? The stores out here are amazing". I know Hayley isn't much of a shopper as she is still concerned what people think about her, but I am going to make sure she doesn't think about that today at all.

"I guess I have to be" She says sweetly.

After brunch the boys head off and us three girls with Smith head into Manhattan. I had a long list of stuff that Hayley needed to get such as bathers, casual dresses, pants etc that Ted gave me. There was also the matter of a dress for my father's 50th.

After a little while and with the aid of the personal shopper, Hayley started to get comfortable. Hours later and thoroughly shopped out we returned to the apartment.

"Have you all been shopping all that time? You have been gone for 6 hours?" Ted asks.

"Shopping, I just never thought it would take so long. Hayley made sure I got everything on list though I do not get why I need beach wear and cold weather gear" Hayley said. Ted grinned in response.

"Because I don't want you to get suspicious and possibly working out where we are going" Ted said wrapping her in his arms. I watched them again. They were just so happy. Everyone was packing up as where we all leaving. It had started off as a terrible weekend that had turned magical.

I had said good bye to Ted and Hayley, and went to find my parents to say good bye to them. I knocked on their door and entered. Thank fully they too weren't naked in bed but they were being rather intimate. "Excuse me" I said causing my parents to sit up straight.

"Didn't we teach you to knock and wait till someone lets you in?" Dad says

"I did knock, it's just I forgot to wait. Though I do know now why you were always so insistent over that fact when we were young. I am just here to say good bye, Michael and I need to get to the airport."

"Are you sure? We can take you home in the jet. It won't take long to get the paper work done." Dad offers

"No, it will only delay your flight home. Thank you for setting up last night, it was very special and I am surprised it didn't rip you to shreds dad" I say as Mom comes and hugs me. Dad only grunts unfavorably.

"Bye Phoebe, I will ring you tomorrow. I love you" Mom says holding me tight.

"Love you too mom"

"Bye Angel, I sure hope the summer comes quickly" dad says joining mom and I on our hug.

"Me too, I can't wait till graduation and this summer. I love you both so much" I say now with a tear forming.

"You better go before we all start to cry." Mom says holding back her tears.

In a matter of hours Michael and I are back in our apartment. It feels like we have been gone longer than one weekend. So much has happened.

"Phoebe, can we talk?" Michael asks seriously.

"Yes, is something wrong?" I ask

"No nothing is wrong. I bought something for you in New York and I was going to wait but I want you to have it now." Michael then goes into his pocket. I open it up and my heart stop beating...

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