My One and Only

A/N: This is my Interruption of what Miranda would have been feeling if she had romanced with a FemShep and Miranda, like they say if you don't like don't read maybe will be rated M for later chapters and the POV will range from Miranda's to Shepard's and 3rd Person I also thought to start it from the awakening of Shepard in Mass Effect 2, I also used my own ideas on what I think Shepard should look like.

Disclaimers: Sadly I don't own Mass Effect but I do own some of the scenes and dialog

Miranda's POV

She's beautiful.

Shepard was beautiful, the Sole Survivor of Akuze and Mindoir, Saviour of the Citadel and the first Human Spectre was… beautiful I thought as my hands travelled over the comatose form of Shepard, such a fine, smooth skin, it was the colour of strong tea, my hands moved of the scars which coated her well-muscled body, feeling the power behind them sent shivers down my back, professional or not she was powerful, a bloody icon, the perfect human, I thought Just what my father wanted but Shepard form and stature was tiny and delicate, she could think of no other way to say it, her body was lithe and deadly but standing just under 5 ft 3 she was tiny, but the scars and reputation made her seem taller, she was also younger than me, I thought as the Commander's face carried a youthful appearance that wasn't older than 22. Wilson insisted we left the scars since she was supposed to be restored to her last known state. I had defiantly made sure to grumble and complain before leaving them but now I am glad I left them.

A scar from her deltoid to the bottom of her pectoral caught my attention and entranced by it my fingers brushed over her skin, it intrigued me as I wished. No. I wanted to know the story behind it, hell, I wanted to know about all of them, suddenly all the monitors started beeping, my eyes gazed down on Shepard's body trying to find the reason for the alarming sound, as panic began to rise within me, leaving my hand resting on her arm as I looked round for a suitable answer

"Oh god Miranda, I think she is waking up" I removed my hand as I pulled the blanket up higher around her as to cover her modesty, as possessiveness ran through me, Wilson would not see her naked form, he was bad enough when her watched me, but to watch her was disgusting.

once a pervert, always a pervert

Shepard face crunched up in an adorable way- No Miranda that isn't the time for that right now. Shepard prepared to open her eyes for the first time in 2 years, she squinted at the harshness of the lights and looked around, I couldn't move, I just stood there rooted to the spot, it wasn't like this was the first time she had woken up but, this time it showed her current state was improving, it made my gut clench knowing that at this rate she would be up and running and I would never be able to see her again, Lawson get a grip! She will be working with Cerberus and when did you get so selfish? That's easy, when Shepard got brought in. My mind snapped back to the current situation as Wilson said

"She is responding to outward stimuli" My eyes went wide and I felt my fingertips tingle on where they had touched her skin, my hand awoke Shepard, panic flooded my body, but with a well practise state of mind, my professional side kicked in swallowing up the panic, Shepard eyes must have adjusted to the lighting as they fully opened, the sliver orbs darted round as the struggled to get focused, by God, the sliver orbs glowed and they were pure, I could feel myself drowning in them she wasn't ready to wake up yet, if the monitors where anything to go by

"Quick with the sedative!" I said taking a side glance at Wilson he fumbled with the machine as the pressure got too much, Damn it! What is taking him so long?! Shepard tried to move as her hand went up beside my face , her fingers brushing the side of my face, over my cheek, I want so much to relax into that touch I close my eyes and it took all of my resistance to not lean into that touch, instead I brought the arm down and tried to calm her as Wilson stated in awe

"Stats pushing into the Red zone , brain activity is off the charts" Annoyence swept through me but ignored it as I saw confusion is Shepard's eyes as they began to focus,

"Shepard you need to calm down, everything is fine" I held onto her hand to keep it there

Oh Miranda you know that's just a lame excuse for wanting to hold her hand Damn it! Do my thoughts have any restraints?! I look up at Wilson only, to receive a strange look as his eyes flicker from Shepard's form to mine, he squints hard,

"Damn it Wilson hit her with another sedative!" Wilson just stands there barely holding onto the datapad which controls Shepard's medication, and with his mouth slightly agape with glassy eyes, staring off into the distance, My eyebrow twitches as more frantic beeping from monitors blares out alerting another issues,

Damn it! Does I have to do all the bloody work? Why oh why does the Illusive Man make me work with these Plebeians?! I swiftly move towards Wilson pushing him out of the way and use my Omni Tool to administer the sedative again, it seems Shepard's reputation of resisting drugs and medication was not overestimated, I sigh as the beeping begins to slow down, I walk back over to Shepard as her eyes slowly begin to close again as they grow unfocused, I begin to relax again as

"Stats returning to normal, that was close we almost lost her" I don't say anything for a second as as a wave of anger washes over me, I watch the last glimmer of sliver disappear under the Spectre's lids in an attempt to calm myself before putting my cold exterior back on and I rattle out a reply as I look back up at Wilson's shaky form

"I told you the numbers were off, run them again" I turn back to Shepard's form to see the remains of what use to be a smirk,

Is that even possible that she could have heard that? I frown as I try work out the percentage of her actually being able to have heard that I shrug

No chance, she was already pretty out of it I feel Wilson leave as my anger returns as I hovered protectively around Shepard, I can't bear the thought of him examing her, anything that involved even looking at her

What has gotten into me? I listen and watch Sheoard a little while longer as her breathing grows deeper and peaceful. I let out a breath I hadn't realised I had been holding in as I pulled up a chair as I was, no. I furious with Wilson as I recalled that he had spaced on me when I needed him most, I will have to alert the Illusive Man of this error he had made. I relaxed into the chair as Shepard's steady breathing soothed my anger, I brushed my hand over my face, I have never felt so stretched and frazzled in a long time, I guess that is because of the demand to get Shepard ready and alive in a short amount of time, my eyes glance over Shepard's almost fully completed form as the only thing that was left was for the scars to heal and the voice box to be repaired

Then she won't need your help anymore my mind whispered, shut up, I don't need this right now. I close my eyes as I remember this isn't the first time Shepard has woken up, I yawn and I feel my mind drift away as I succumb to sleep.