Chapter 25

We Finally Got Here, At Last

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Shepard's POV

Finally, it happened and I have never felt so happy, I roll over in the bed only to bump into a warm body; I smile as a fuzzy feeling goes through me. Miri is in bed beside me, and she spent the night, and I couldn't be more happy, actually I don't think I have been anymore happy than I am right now nor have I ever been so peaceful. I sigh and I reach my hand out to find Miri's warm body, my hand creeps under the covers and I search for a few minutes and it nudges her lower back and she shifts slightly

"Lexi…" She says breathily and my hand slides up her back and over her side and it goes over her flat stomach and I pull her to me and her warm flesh meets mine and I sigh again as I crack open one eye and it meets her creamy coloured shoulder and I place a soft kiss on it and she shivers slightly and her hand clasps around mine on her stomach and she nuzzles back into me, slotting us together so perfectly. And just like that, I start to feel drowsy again and I close my eye and I just listen to slow steady breathing of the women I love, and her breathing is like a lullaby to me and I drift off into the best sleep in ages.

(Later that morning)

I feel her eyes on me first as they watch me and I take a deep breath and I stretch out, arching my back and clicking my spine and knees, my eyes scrunch up as I do it and I hear her soft laughter as it filters into my ears like a beautiful melody, I open my eyes and I look at her as I relax back down and for the first time it seems in ages I let loose a smile that comes naturally, and then I take a proper look at her and by god, does she look so perfect, her beautiful raven hair is slightly out of placed and her skin has a glow and a gorgeous flush to it. I slowly trail my gaze up her face, I start at her angelic lips which are slightly swollen from last night but angelic still, then to her perfectly sculpted cheekbones then to her cobalt eyes and I just drown in them, fuck, she is so perfect

God you are so whipped, when did the Commander become such a pussy?

I am not a pussy; I am in love, which means you're in love too

Shut up

You know I am right

"Hey" I breathe out as her mouth curves into a smile as she moves over to me again until we are touching

"Hey Tiger" She says as her eyes pour out with what can only be love, I frown, wait tiger?

"What's with calling me a tiger?" I say to her and she sits on her side and she says

"Firstly, because you look like a kitten when you stretch," then her hand weaves into my hair and she leans on me more and she is nearly on top of me and she bring her head so close to mine, and a wave of lust goes through me and straight to my core and my breathing gets a little heavier as I stare into her eyes and I cannot look away from them, it is like I am drowning in them "Secondly, I think that is the best way to summaries you in bed" She whispers and her accent becomes thicker, but fucking hell I moan as she forced her lips onto mine and my taste and hers is on her lips, bloody hell, she doesn't know what she does to me, my hands interweave in her hair and I pull her on top of me. I need more of her touching me as I feel myself becoming wet under her heated kisses, she pulls her lips away from mine and I let loose a slight growl and I pull her back down, she cannot leave what she has started. She smiles against my lips and I lick her lips asking for access past her luscious lips and she grants without forcing me to wait and my tongue explodes with our combined tastes, fuck, we both let out a loud moan and one of my hands leaves her hair and travels down her body and to her nipple which is already pebbled and I twist it slightly in my fingers and she leans back and lets out a moan

"Lexi… Jesus Christ" She moans as I trail my kisses down her neck and I push her off me and I flip us over and I straddle her and I suck hard on her pulse point and she moans louder, and I bite it and she jerks underneath me causing tidal waves of lust to pore between my legs,

"Fuck! Lexi, please… please bite me again" Miri groans and I look up into her eyes and her pupils are wide and dilated with lust and hunger

"Jesus won't help you now" I whisper against her skin before going back up to meet her lips once more and I nibble her top lip in my mouth and she groans as her hands go to my thighs and she rakes her nails up and down the toned flesh of my thighs making me break out in goosebumps, I shiver and I let go of her lips to let loose a groan and I bite the skin going down to her right breast and her hips buck underneath me causing her to brush my clit and I let out the loudest moan yet as I can feel my wetness starting to leak out of me, I lick her nipple and her hands twist into the bed covers and she holds them tight as I take it in my mouth,

"P-please… Lexi" Miri whimpers and I lightly chew her nipple in my mouth letting her writhe under me for a few minutes,

"Don't stop, please!" She gasps as her hips' beginning to buck underneath me and it roughly collides with my clit and I gasp letting go of her nipple. I move my leg between hers and I grind my knee into her dripping vagina and she moans as her body gives another jerk, causing her knee jerk into my centre and I just lean back as pleasure begins to roll off of me

"God yes Miri" I moan as I look back at her and her face is contort with pleasure as she picks up the pace and I begin to buck my hips wildly, causing my knee to go faster

"I am so close Lexi" Miri moans and I pick up the pace which makes her buck her hips to grind them against my knee,

"Commander, sorry to disturb you and Ms Lawson but Liara is on the line for you, Joker out." Joker says and I let out a groan as my knee begins to slow down and irritation settles in my gut as I remove my knee from the apex of Miri's legs. Why does this always happen?! Miri lets out a huff from underneath me as she begins to come back down, probably leaving her pulsing with lust due to the near climax because that is exactly how I am feeling,

"I am sorry Miri" I say as I slide off her trying to ignore my own throbbing in my clit as she stands up from the bed and goes into the wardrobe

"Don't worry," She says and I can hear the disappointment in her voice which only makes me more annoyed, it is like we can never take a break from normal ship duties, she comes back out giving me a good full view of her gorgeous body and I rake my eyes up it before meeting her eyes, she smirks and a light blush coats her cheeks "I will be waiting, in the shower after you finish" Oh my god, did she really just say that?! She winks at me and begins to stroll to the shower with two towels in hand and all I can do is gape and try not to go after her as lust begins to pulse around my system again. I let out a low groan and I stare at her perfect bubble butt as she strolls to the door it opens and she turns to face me again

"Don't leave me waiting Commander" Miri says as she disappears into the shower, why does she have to tease me so? I will get her back for this, I swear it. Only then do I remember that I am naked and Liara is on the line, I quickly pick up some sweats and a jumper and I activate the line and I stand waiting for the holo of Liara to appear, I tap my foot. Is it me or is it taking longer than normal? I sigh when she finally materializes to an impatient looking Asari, her eyes widen when they see me

"Lexi! I was wondering when you would answer at all!" Liara exclaims and I blush as I look at her, she has changed again, every time I see her she looks more and more like a woman, or that could be because I don't see her enough. This time she is wearing a simple purple dress which snitches at the waist to show off her hips.

"Well I was… preoccupied with something" I say as my blush grows as I scratch the back of my head whilst looking at the floor, she doesn't say anything and I take a quick look up at her and her eyes are squinting at me, then they go wide with surprise

"Lexi! You slept with her?! By the Goddess Lexi! Do you have no control?!" She exclaims and I frown

"I thought you would be...pleased for me" I say, I don't understand why she is so upset by it? She didn't say that when I slept with Ashley!

"I just… I just don't want you to get hurt again Lexi, Ashley really hurt you and I should have been there for you when it happened" Liara says and she has slight tears in her eyes and a wave of understanding hits me,

"Oh Liara, neither of us could predict that" I said and I wish I could hug her right now, I know she is just being over protective, I send her a sad smile when I flicker of movement catches my eye and I look up and I can see Miri washing in the shower and the pulse of lust goes straight to my core and it renders me speechless, all I can do is stare, then her eyes meet mine and she leans into the direct spray of the shower cascade down her and I watch it as it travels over every part of her, God I want to be in there with her, washing her and-

"Commander Alexandra Shepard!" Lara yells, snapping me out of my trance and my eyes refocus on an angry looking Liara

"What?" I say in confusion and she looks at me with bewilderment and shakes her head

"I have been calling your name for the past 5 minutes Lexi" She deadpans and I try not to look embarrassed, damn it Miri! She always distracts me! I shuffle my feet and I smile as I look at her

"Sorry Liara, I was just distracted, that's all" I say to her and she sighs before folding her arms and smiling

"It is fine, anyway I was just calling to ask how you are, but I can see that all is well, with Miranda in your life, I hope you stay happy Lexi" she says but I am still not really paying attention as Miri is beckoning me from inside of the shower as she washes herself and I can see the soap running off her body

"Me too Liara, me too" I say as I try to focus on Liara instead of Miri who is naked in my shower,

"Right Lexi, I have got to go now so, I will see you round?" Liara says and I nod as my eyes don't even look at her, but I manage to pull them down to say

"Yes you will I have business to take care of on Illium, I will drop round to see you" I say and the holo closes and I rip off my jumper and sweats as lust burns through my soul, engulfing it and causing me to moan at the sudden rush of cold air hits me, I rush into the shower room and I open the door and steam pours out of the shower and I cannot see anything, then suddenly a hand reaches out and grabs my shoulder and drags me into the shower and I stumble in blindly and I see her mass of raven hair and she pushes me into the water and she lets it soak me before pulling me in for a heated kiss, I groan, It feels like I have waited so long to kiss her even though it was about 5 minutes in real time and her body presses hard into me causing me to spasm as her warm body brushes my nipples and centre, my hands go to rest at the nape of her neck as the other goes down her body tracing her side before going round to squeeze her butt. Miri breaks away and moans and I duck my head down and I bite her nipple as I shift her leg between mine and she bucks against my core and it causes me to arch my back and release the nipple in my mouth as I gasp at the sudden contact. Holy Shit, I push my knee hard into her centre causing her to tremble and to arch into me more as we find a pace as pleasure rolls off me and I can feel myself coming round to climax in a few minutes,

"Fuck…Miri, I am so close… so close" I moan to her and she presses harder into me and my legs give out and we fall to the floor with me on top as her knee presses so hard into me that it the pleasure is so great and like nothing I have ever experienced as it sends bolts of pleasure through my body, shit, fuck it is so good

"Miri… I am going to cum!" I yell and I work harder and I can barely hear her as pleasure overwhelms me

"I am cumming Lexi!" She screams and she bucks wildly into me and it sends me over the edge and all I can do is scream out her name as it unleashes from inside of me and I lose all of my senses, fucking hell, oh god, I have never felt something so fucking good before, I can hardly register her screaming too as all I can do is keep my knee moving in between her legs… fuck, slowly the sensation fades and I am breathing heavy and my eyes refocus on Miri who is pretty much in the same state I am in and I smile at her as her eyes slowly come back into focus. Miri was still breathing heavy underneath me and I brought her lips up to mine and it was a sweet kiss and her lips were so soft and tender against my own and it made me want to cry and I break away from her and I stand up slowly as my legs shook as the intensity of my orgasm was still sending little aftershocks through my body, I offered my hand and I pull her back to her feet shakily and I smiled as she took me in her arms

"I love you so much Miri" I say simply and she pulls back to look at me and I can see the tears threatening to fall down her face, I never understood that maybe she will explain it to me one day.

Miranda's POV

"I love you so much Miri" Lexi said so simply that it made me want to cry, a lump formed in my throat and I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes, she doesn't know how much that means to me. I used to get so confused why my father never said "I am proud of you" or "I love you" well, that was before I found out he only wanted a dynasty, but I guess that is what made me so cold, I never felt like I could belong anywhere with anyone, I felt empty like a shell. I was only there to be used and then dumped, hell I cannot even get pregnant, I am useless,

No you are not, you have friends, hell you have the great Commander and she is in love with you, I would say you are wanted and needed by people?

That is so true, Lexi is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and with her I feel wanted, where I feel loved, appreciated and cared for. I feel like I am home.

"I love you too Lexi" I say and she pulls me into a hug tighter than before as the water just cascades over us and we just stand there, I have no idea how long it has been but eventually Lexi pulls away and she picks up the shampoo and her eyes darken with lust which I reignites my own

"Now let's get you washed up" she says and her voice becomes husky and I shiver despite the water temperature and a pulse of lust goes to my core, she gets a bit of her cinnamon body wash and begins to rub it into my skin, she starts on my shoulders but she slowly makes her way down to my breasts which are pebbled and awaiting her touch, go I really need her to touch me right now, I stifle a groan as she begins to massage my breasts and she pushes me lightly into the stream of water until my back hits the wall as her touch becomes so sensual as she trailed her hand from my right nipple to my belly button and then to my centre where she rubs it hard but missing the place on purpose I really wanted her to touch. Fuck, why does she have to tease me? She know I need her to touch me, I groan as I place my hand on hers and I try to force it down my body, eager for her to touch my nub, but she kept her hand in place and I groan,

"Miri, you have to be more patient" Lexi said as her hand finally makes contact with it and the pleasure just rolls through my body. I just stand there and moan as one hand goes into my hair and the other is on Lexi's shoulder with the nails digging in, her hand moves in circles around it and she begins to get faster and faster until I think I can take it no more, I have never been one to come so quickly but I cannot stop myself, her hands just feel so good working my nub

"Lexi… I am so close" I say in a breathy moan and my back arches as my hips jerk forward to try and get he to touch me more, then her hands are gone and I whimper at the loss of contact and then I feel the hot wetness of her tongue enter my folds and my eyes roll back into my head as her tongue glides over my nub over and over again, fucking hell

"Miri… you taste so good" Lexi moans and she buries her head inbetween my legs and the lust is pounding around my entire body and I can feel the familiar coiling in my abdomen,

"Lexi…shit… I am going to cum!" I manage to yell and then her tongue presses so hard into my clit and I fall off the edge, holy shit, fuck. Oh god, my legs give out and Lexi holds me pinned against the wall and I cannot control my body as it racks with spasms. Then the feeling begins to recede slowly and I look down at Lexi and she smiles as she licks her lips clearing it of my juices, I am breathing heavy but I pull her up to me and I lick her lips and I can taste myself and I like my taste, and I plunge my tongue into her mouth and it is too much too soon. Like a sensory overload and I break away and my tongue licks down her neck and I find her pulse and I bite her neck marking her as mine.

Lexi's breath hitches and I spin us around and I squirt some of the body wash on my hands and I rub it over her, not being as careful with her as she wash with me, and I don't think she cares anymore, she wants release and I am going to give it to her, my hand glides between her legs and she moans

"You know what my favourite word to describe you is Lexi?" I whisper in her ear and she trembles as my finger makes its way to her entrance and she lets out a moan of frustration as I leave them just inside of the entrance and fucking hell, I can already feel her walls contracting around the tips of my fingers

"What?" She moans and her lust filled gaze meets mine and my mouth curves slightly and I thrust my fingers in as I say

"Mine" and she arches and she begins to grind her hips on my hand and her face is scrunched up but her eyes are closed as she focus' on my fingers, I begin to move them in and out of her when I can because god, she is so tight, it is like her fingers don't want me to leave, but she is so wet and hot, it is like being inside a volcano, I moan at her tightness as I work my hand faster inside of her and her hips jerk about and I can tell she is so close to cumming

"Miri… shit… Miri… I am so close" She manages to gasp out as she grinds harder on my hand and I curl my fingers inside of her and she bucks at me and she is so close to falling off the edge and then her hand moves around to her front and she plays with her nubs and her eyes roll into the back of her head and she lets out one long moan and her insides squeeze my finger so tight that I think it may break them but it begins to contract more frequently and I begin to slow down and she is breathing hard and her eyes open and the sliver is smouldering into mine and she grabs my arm and pulls me to her and she crashes her lips into mine before breaking away and she says

"We should get out now, we have things to do" She says and I sigh.

"I was having fun Lexi" I say to her, I just want to spend more time with her, it seems that we never get any free time together and with the future uncertain about the Reapers and Collectors, I just want to be with her when the end comes, because I love her and I have never been as happy as I am now and I couldn't go on without her, then I feel her hand on my cheek and it breaks through my musings and my eyes lock onto hers which are still smouldering and her thumb brushes my cheek.

"What's wrong? Why are you crying?" Lexi says softly, wait, I am crying?! I frown and then I just smile at her

"I… I am just so happy that I am with you Lexi" I say and she lets loose a massive smile and she brings my lips down on hers and it is such a sweet kiss, and I can feel the love behind it and it makes more tears leak from my eyes, I close my eyes and I just focus on her, her smell surrounds us and I can feel her touch from her lips and all I can see is her. She understands me so well, she completes me.

"I am too Miri, I am so glad I found you" She whispers and my heart feels like it is going to explode with love for this one women, the water turns off and I walk to the door and pick up our towels

"EDI can you set a course for Illium?" Lexi says and I turn around and hand her a towel as EDI's blue holo appears

"Of course Commander, ETA 1 hour" Lexi nods and she turns to me and she takes the towel and she wraps the towel round her and walks into her room and I begin to follow and I bump into her as she has stopped, why the hell has she stopped, I caress her shoulders as I rub them but she still doesn't say anything nor does she move, I frown and I move infront of her,
"Lexi, what's wrong?" I say and she moves past me and she strides to her bed and she picks up a note and I see a pile of my clothes underneath it, I frown and Lexi shakes her head as I can see her blushing and she hands me the note

Dear Shep and Miranda

I thought Miranda might be needing these, considering how much you wanted her in the night club so I am presuming her other clothes are in tatters, and yes Shep, I packed the white catsuit just for your benefit.

Love Kasumi

I laugh at the note, Oh Kasumi! She always was helpful I look to Lexi who is still blushing, I laugh at her and I put the note down and I engulf her in a hug from behind and she leans back into me

"I could kill her sometimes, I wonder whether she gets some kind of pleasure from embarrassing me" she mutters as her head rolls back into my shoulder and I brush her damp hair away from her cheek and I place a soft kiss on her cheek, she smiles and the blush begins to die down,

"I don't know, I think your cute when you blush" I say softly and her blush comes back with force and I start to laugh, she is so adorable! She stops leaning on me and she walks around her room picking up mine and her dress which we quickly discarded, when that happened I had never wanted something so much as I did right then. I smirk in remembrance and she lies them down on the sofa and she opens the draws and pulls out her underwear and she looks at me and smirks and I cannot take my eyes away from her as she pulls her pants up slowly and then my eyes flicker to hers

"As much as I like you watching me get changed, I think you need to get changed yourself" She says huskily, and I blink, I hadn't realised I had been staring, if anything it is her fault for doing it so sensuously! I turn around and I pick up my underwear, what the hell is Kasumi looking around in my draws anyway?! I blush and I pull on my underwear and I reach back to do the clasp, but I just can't reach it, I scrabble at the clasp for a few seconds when Lexi's hands get there first and I relax as her skin is cool against mine, but it only makes me feel hotter inside,

"Thanks" I say as she does it up and then her fingers linger for an extra second on my skin, then I feel her lips on my shoulder and I shiver as lust starts to pour through me and her lips move up my collarbone and I sigh and I lean back slightly into her

"I have no idea how I am going to keep my hands off you now" She murmurs into my skin and I let out a moan, her lips just feel so good on my skin, I turn around and I kiss her lips, her hands encircle my back and her lips taste so good, better than any drink and sweeter than any chocolate, and just as I nudge my tongue against her lips she pulls away,

"But we really need to get dressed" She says against my lips and I groan as she breaks away and throws her top on covering her muscled body, god, I have no idea how I am going to be able to concentrate on anything now. I step into my catsuit and I zip it up, I sit down on the bed and I pick up one of my boots and smile, Kasumi brought the best pair of boots, she knows me well, I place my foot in it and I look up only to see Lexi just stood there fully dressed in her Cerberus regalia and she is staring at me with her sliver eyes burning with hunger. I smirk as I put on the other boot and I pick up the brush beside that Kasumi brought and run it through my hair quickly

"Now, now Lexi, you can't have everything you want" I say and I stand up and put the brush back down as she takes my hand in hers and he leads us to the elevator

Shepard's POV

I have had the best morning ever and now I have to deal with the rest of my crew, who, are no doubt, hungover from last night, I smirk at the thought of last night, it was one of the best nights of my life and I hope there will be many more like it. I look at Miri, who is stood on the otherside of the elevator and is fiddling with her suit and I smile at her as I feel myself turning more professional, I squeeze her hand and she looks up at me and smiles and squeezes back

"I will come and see you later" I say to her and she smiles at me

"Sure, I cannot wait Lexi" and the doors ping and they open to the Observation deck and I let go of her hand, and it is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do as I walk out of the elevator before her and I walk straight into Kasumi's room and at first I cannot see her and only when she grasp my arm do I call her name I swear she is trying to give me a heart attack,

"Kasumi, are you trying to sneak up on me?" I say with a grin and she de cloaks infront of me and I see her eyes glinting in the strange lighting of the Normandy, her eyes are fixed on my neck as she leans closer towards me, I don't understand, is there something on my neck? My hand goes up to cover it, Oh shit! I forgot about the lovebite! Damn it Miri!

"Is that a lovebite Shep? My god, Miri is a kinky one!" she smirks and walks away to her sofa

"KASUMI!" I yell at her. God, I cannot have her spreading rumours onboard even if we aren't loyal to the Illusive Man, I cannot have her saying anything to anyone and she laughs before saying

"Chill out Shep! But damn Miranda, I didn't know she had it in her" I can feel a blush on my cheeks as I cover my head in my hands

"Please stop talking about it K" I groan as I remove one of my hands and move my shirt over the lovebite

"Okay, okay Shep, but just don't let me catch you giving her one too, otherwise I might have to film it and put it on the Extranet" Kasmui says with a wink, and I groan, I cannot be dealing with anymore blackmail or people finding out I am alive! God damn it Kasumi!

"You are such a sneaky thief Kasumi, sometimes I wonder if you are filming me in secret" I whisper as the blush begins to die down and I look at her as she smiles as she gets comfortable on the sofa,

"Well I am a thief, I would know that Shep and you wound me with your words" she says with mock hurt and I smile as she beckons me over and I sit opposite to her

"I know I did read it in your file" I say and she quirks her eyebrow and her mouth goes from a smirk to a genuine smile,

"Oh? And what does my file say?" She says wistfully

" A lot of things" I say as I inspect the glass on the table, I wonder what it could be, I pick it up and I shrug as I take a sip of it and thank the gods it is only water,

"And what does Miranda file say? That she is good in bed? Because I am guessing so considering you have an orgasmic glow about you Shep" Kasumi says and the water jumps to the back of my throat as I jerk forward and I cough, she can't just say things like that!

But she is probably one of the best lays you have ever had

I blush as I manage to choke out

"Kasumi! You cannot just say things like that!" and she just laughs and she clutches her sides as I blush even more furiously

"Oh God Shep! You are killing me here!" Kasumi gasps out inbetween laughing, and I just drink the water on the table in an attempt to calm down my blush and then her laughter eventually stopped and started to die down, and thank god for that, maybe she won't ask my any questions

"So Shep, how is she in bed then?" I blushed again and I open and close my mouth, I couldn't tell her, I wouldn't even know how to summarise it

Maybe as the best lay of your entire life?

"That good huh? Well Shep, I jealous of you, well I would be if I preferred women" I sigh and I rub my hand on my head,

"Well Kasumi I just think you should know that you have been such a good friend to me and-"

"What do you want Shep?" Kasumi says with a knowing sigh, how she could seriously think that I would want her to do something, even though I do want her to come with me on Illium

"Could you come with me on Illium?" I plead and she sighs and smiles

"Yes Shep, anything for a friend" I smile and I stand up and walk out of her room, she will always be there to help me, she is probably one of the best friends I have, and I cannot help but stop at the doorway and I say to her as I lean back to look at her

"Oh and Kasumi?"

"Hm?" She says as she looks at me from the book she has picked up

"Best lay ever" I say to her and I walk out and down the hallway into the Mess Hall and I go straight to the kettle and I boil it as the other crew members go on their way, I make my tea and I lean back on the counter and then I see her. Jack is sat at the table and she is looking at me, I remember how she reacted to me and Miri and even after she promised she still broke it. I have to remain calm and try to bury the anger that is stirring in my gut, I pick up my hot cup of tea and I walk to the tables and I sit down opposite her

"Jack" I say in a neutral voice and she looks up at me

"Shepard I-"she begins

"No, you broke your promise and you almost ruined what me and Miri have, you risked the rest of the crew knowing and most of all, you almost ruined the only leave the crew will probably get in months" I say to her as I stare at her and she fidgets

"Shepard, I can't help it, it makes me so fucking jealous when you two are all lovey dovey together" Jack says as her hands tense around the cup and you can hear it begin to break, my hand reaches out and grabs hers and her grip begins loosen around the cup, I don't understand, what can she possibly mean? She has never said anything about it before,

"You have never said anything about it before, maybe you should have mentioned it to me in private instead of lashing out in public, when, I specifically asked you to be nice and civil towards Miri" I say softly and her eyes fill with misery

"It makes me so fucking jealous when I see you two together… I have only had people betray me and the fact that you… you mean a lot to me Shepard, more than anyone else" Jack mumbles and I release her wrist and I frown, what could she mean I mean, sure I have been there for her, but I never meant for it to come across like that, we will never be more than friends

"Jack, I thought you understood that me and you… we would never happen" I said slowly and Jack's head dropped

"I know, and I cannot believe I allowed myself to get attached to the first person who tries to help me," A bubble of bitter laughter escapes her lips and a rush of sympathy goes through me, oh Jack, I am so sorry "I guess I should have known really, I shouldn't have let myself become attached to you" Jack says softly and her eyes reach out to mine and instinctively my hand goes to hers and I hold it and her eyes flicker to our hands and then my eyes

"Jack, I will always be here for you, but only as your friend" I said and she rips her hand away from my grip and stands up, I follow suit, but I am worried she is going to flip out as her aura screams anger but she looks so calm, I know I shouldn't have just told her like that, but she needs to learn she cannot just get angry all the time because that won't solve her issues and she knows that

"I know Shepard, you always have been" she murmurs and her voice falters slightly and she practically runs away from me, leaving me all alone in the Mess Hall, I sigh as I get to my feet, they slowly drag me into Miri's office and my face becomes an instant smile and the doors open and Miri is sat there reading something off a datapad, she hasn't looked up yet and I slowly make my way towards her desk and when I tap on the sideboard she smiles, and she doesn't look at me, I squint at her, why is she ignoring me? I know why she is trying to ignore me, she is trying to make me jealous that I don't have her attention, or she is just trying to annoy me, I smile as I stand there for a few more minutes and I just stare at her and her cheeks start to go a pale shade of pink, I walk past her slowly letting my hips shimmy from side to side, but still she ignores me, then I get an idea and as I walk past her I rip away the datapad from her hands and her cobalt eyes meet mine as I hold it away from her,

"Hey! Give it back!" She shouts and I laugh as I run to the far side of the room with her hot on my trails and I cannot resist saying
"Have you lost something?" I taunt and she growls and she tries to outmanoeuvre me but she can't as she tries to grab me round the waist but I duck to the side and go around her, I am too quick for her and I smirk at that thought, eventually I stop on the side of her desk and I hold it behind my back and she stands infront of me with her hands on her hips and a loose strand of dark hair falling on her face,

"Commander I need that datapad" She states and I smirk as she reaches her hand out behind me pressing more of herself onto me as she stands between my legs, but no matter how distracting it may be, I never break her gaze and her lips part slightly as I hold it just out of her reach, lust pulses through me as her lips are only centimetres away from mine,

"What's the magic word?" I whisper and my voice becomes husky as she reaches out with her other hand and she leans more into me and she licks the shell of my ear which sends goosebumps all over my body as well as an arrow of lust into my groin, as she whispers

"Please" I try not to moan as her accent becomes more pronounced and I bring it infront of me and her hands cover mine as I let go of it, her forehead is resting against mine and she is lean completely on me, my breathing is getting heavier as her eyes travel up my face and it takes every bit of will not to make the first move, she removes the little space between us by throwing the datatpad on the chair behind us and she crashes her mouth onto mine and I moaned, it had only been about 20 minutes since I last saw her but I still had missed her like crazy, she grabbed my thighs and pushed me on her desk, forcing me to sit down as her hands tangled in my hair, I break away for some air and she bit my neck in the same place as before and I moaned and my hands entangle in her hair, bringing her closer to me

"Miri" I moaned and she whispered into my ear,

"I have missed you so fucking much Lexi, all I can think about is fucking your brains out" Miri whispered in my ear and a wave of lust made its way down to my clit and all I could do was moan, Jesus Christ this woman had no idea about the power she held over me! I brought her lips back to mine at a slight tug of her hair and I didn't wait and asked for access straight away and she gave it to me as our tongues touched we moaned at the same time as she pressed herself more into me and my other hand became loose and it cupped and squeezed her amazing butt and she let out a moan, I want her so badly right now,

"Commander we are docking in 10 minutes" Joker's voice blared on the intercom and I let out a groan as I stopped kissing her and she whispered on my lips,

"We have 10 minutes" and she went back to kissing me, it has never been so hard to say no before but with her soft plump lips praising mine and the sensations she was causing in my centre it made it so hard to say no, I broke my lips away from her and I lean my forehead against hers

"I have to go and suit up" I say, and she sighs I am as disappointed as her,

"Do you want me to come with you?" Miri says as she looks into my eyes and I smile and nod slightly

"See you up there in 5" I say as I hop off the desk as she moves back and I saunter out of her office, I lean back to look at her and she is staring at me with lust in her eyes,

"Tease" She says and I smirk and wink

"I know you love it" I say to her as I walk out and I take the elevator up to my room, and for once the elevator is quiet, infact the entire Normandy is quiet, I guess everyone is nursing their sore heads from yesterday evening. I smile at that thought just as the doors ping open and I walk out and straight into my room, I pause at the doorway, checking for any signs of intrusion, my eyes cover every surface and I cannot seem to find anything out of the ordinary and I walk straight in and I open up my weaponry and armour cabinet and I suit up in my N7 armour as EDI holo appears as I am adjusting my head information display

"Commander, we have arrived, an asari is awaiting your arrival and has paid for the duration of our stay" I smile, Liara, only she could have done that

"Thank you EDI for informing me" I say and EDI holo disappears

"Logging you out, Shepard" I quickly tie my hair into a loose ponytail slightly to the side of my head and I put on my gauntlets as I leave my room and go into the elevator, I cannot wait to see Liara again. I stand there waiting as I fiddle with my Omni Tool as the doors ping and open to reveal CIC deck and I walk out to the airlock as I see Kasumi leaning against the wall, looking at something on her Omni Tool, I smile and then I look further up and I see Miri stood there facing away from me and my heart begins to swell and I smile as I walk closer to them and Kasumi looks up at me and her eyes glint like cats and she gives me a lopsided smile and she stands off the wall

"Shep, you ready to go?" Kasumi says and I nudge her with my shoulder and she lets out a chuckle and she nudges me back

"Yeah Kasumi, Liara is waiting for us" I say and Miri turns around and she smiles at me and I cannot help but smile back, but I do nothing more, I have to remain as the Commander, I cannot show weakness.

"Commander, Mordin has told me to inform you that we need to dock for longer as the ship has certain updates that can only be done whilst docking" Miri says to me and my eyebrows rise up into my hairline. Well that's a first, but it is good that Mordin is doing this; I want us to have the best fighting chance against the Collectors and Reapers. The airlock opens and I give Miri one last look and her cobalt eyes sizzle into mine as we exit the airlock and I look out into the daytime and I blink a few times and then I can see the massive blue skyscrapers which cover Illium, I always did love this city, whether that be in the daytime or the night time. Then I feel a pair of arms envelop me and they pull me to a person's body tight,

"Oh Lexi! By the Goddess it is so good to see you!" Liara says and I let out a laugh and I relax into her hug

"I have missed you too Li" I say and she pulls back and smiles at me,

"Will you walk with me?" I say to Liara and I turn around and nod at Kasumi and Miri and they begin to follow us as we start walking, my eyes flicker over to Miri and she is staring into Liara's back with what can only be described as protectiveness over me, I smile and her eyes go to mine and she relaxes slightly and I cannot help but wink at her as my heart flutters as I manage to catch her slight blush before I turn back to Liara, who is being awfully quiet as she seems to be trapped in thought, I feel my brow scrunch slightly, I hope she is okay I don't think I will be able to deal with it if she isn't, I will even help if I need to, I snake my hand into hers and she looks down at our hands and back up to my eyes and she smiles, but it doesn't reach her ocean blue eyes

"Li, what's wrong?" I say softly as I bring us to a halt, a blush coats her cheeks and she looks away

"I shouldn't be troubling you Lexi, you have better things to be doing" from me, without even looking at Miri I can feel her anger and possessiveness radiating out of her, then it stops all of a sudden, but I don't look at her, I bring up my other hand and I place it on Liara's chin and I bring her head up to mine

"Li, I am your my closest friend, I want to know what is bothering you" I say and I smile at her and she smiles at me and she squeezes my hand and she moves away from me, I tilt my head as I watch her walk away

"I know Lexi, but I hate to trouble you" She says as she sighs in defeat and I shake my head

"How the hell am I supposed to succeed in a complicated mission, if I cannot even get the basic stuff sorted first? Things like friends and other relationships" I say, I don't understand sometimes how she thinks I would not help her, she is one of my only friends that still treats me the same and that's why I love her so much, she may have lost that innocence, but she is still Liara, but she is growing up so fast, I guess, my death has some part to play in her growing up, I stand next to her as I look at her and the hole in my chest begins to grow again, just like it did when we were on the original Normandy when I lost Kaiden, and I know this feeling, god, I wish I didn't know it so well but I do, and it is guilt, death changes people. My death changed her, hell it changed everyone around me, and that guilt feels like it is going to swallow me up and a tears begin to form in my eyes as I look at Liara's haggard face, I can see the years of sadness and hard work, my god, she suffered more than most and she shouldn't have had to go through that.

Nobody should have to go through it.

Nobody should go through it alone like Liara did.

And it is my entire fault.

Miranda's POV

I can see Lexi slipping through the cracks as me and Kasumi stand there, and at first I felt so jealous that she can be so… free with the Commander, I… we can never be like that as long as I am with Cerberus, even if we are not in contact with the Illusive Man, and I can't be, not in public, but even though I know they are only friends I cannot help but this burst of anger and jealousy goes through me, we have nothing, no history really, not like they do but as Liara goes to move of the balcony and Lexi just stands there, you can practically see her mind working, I stare at her, what is she thinking? What could it be about? And then a hand on my arm makes me look up at Kasumi and she smiles and shakes her head

"What?" I whisper and she looks at me and smirks, I don't understand

"Even your glares at her are sexual, almost as good as that lovebite you gave her" Kasimi whispers and my cheeks flame up, Oh god! Shit! I thought she would have remembered to cover it up, wait, did I remember to cover my mammoth one, my hand goes to my neck and I try to cover it whilst trying to look like I am scratching my neck, and I try to calm down my blush and I can see Kasumi smiling out of the corner of my eye, damn it! I have to keep looking forward, but damn it, I have to say something to Kasumi and I lean towards Kasumi slightly and I try to keep a straight face

"Your just jealous that you will never know how good her lips can make you feel" I say and I look back at her and she has a light blush but she is smiling at me and I just smirking as I remember how good the actually felt and a trickle of lust goes through me,

"Is that some kind of emotion I see? Shep really has changed you for the better, even if that involves her lips" I open my mouth to answer back, I mean; I don't understand what she means, how has Lexi changed me? Then, out of the corner of my eye I see Lexi's face and it is blank and emotionless, which isn't like her at all,

More like you isn't it?

Not anymore

And she is staring at Liara with no emotion showing on her face and then I know, she doesn't want Liara to know but she does at the same time as her face resembles something of a grimace, and then I look into her eyes and I can see tears forming, and my heart begins to break, I don't understand! Her body is tense which can be the only thing holding back the sobs , I bite my lip, they haven't said anything in awhile, but Lexi is getting paler by the second and before I can stop myself I have walked towards her, she needs me, I know she does and my heart is breaking, I cannot bare to see her like this, I never want to see her like this, my gut clenches as I stroke down her arm and Liara doesn't pay me any attention and Lexi's head snaps up to meet mine and I can see her breaking and falling through the cracks, I blink and I just stare into her eyes and I trail my fingers from her shoulder to her hand and I cover the clenched fist with my hand, and slowly it relaxes and she takes my hand and she takes a deep breath and she turns to face me before her eyes flickering to something behind me, and she pulls me against her and I tilt my head down until her forehead rests on mine and she takes a deep breath and closes her eyes and I can feel her relax completely and, slowly I can feel the love well up inside of me as I just watch her for a few moments.

Her eyebrows are so perfectly sculpted and the left one has a scar running through it, shallow and just visible, to most people this would make her slightly less attractive, but to me she is perfect, and then her eyes open and the sliver glows and radiates and she gives me a small smile and she brushes a few loose strands of hair from my face and she rests her hand on my cheek and I sigh as her warmth radiates through me and I cup her cheeks

"I won't let you disappear Lexi, I am here with you" I whisper as I stare into her sliver pools and she smiles and a tear falls down her face,

"I know Miri" she whispers and she brings her lips to mine in a long kiss, nothing fancy to anyone watching but to me, it was everything, it was her love, her sadness, and her lips rested on mine and a sense of love filled me and I pulled away and rested my forehead against hers and she smiled at me and I couldn't help but smile back. And that's when her eyes go from liquid to solid and she pushes me out of the way and I can hear a round being fired just as I crash into Liara and then I she Lexi clutching at her thigh as a drop of blood oozes from it

"Lexi!" Liara yells and Shepard staggers slightly and then she draws her pistol and she shoots at a moving target and something drops dead, she is alert and her eyes are searching the area and I stand up from Liara and I turn around and I clasp her hand and pull her up and I turn to face Lexi, who is applying medigel. She took the bullet for me, I cannot believe that, a spike of anger goes through me and I walk over to her

"What the blazes do you think you are doing Shepard?" I hiss at her and she stands straight and her eyes dart around and then Kasumi appears to her left, I jump but Shepard doesn't even jump, she must have known that Kasumi was there, not that I even understand how she would have known

"Shep this place is crawling with Mercs, but they cannot be Mercs, because they are too good, they have been trained, and well" Shepard says nothing for awhile, which is worrying and she sighs but never once letting down her guard

"Li, how far away is your office?" Shepard asks turning to look at Liara and she answers straight away

"Not far, I will call ahead to alert Nyxeris that we coming in" Shepard nods and I can see the gears turning in her head, let's hope she hurries with that plan because I can feel this place becoming more and more unsafe by the minute, she hands Liara her pistol and thermal clips

"EDI, I need you to go back into Ilium's orbit, it is too dangerous to be docked right now" Shepard says as she activates her Comms Link

"Of course Commander, we are leaving the docking area now" Shepard deactivates the Comms Link and turns back to us

"Li and Miranda you two will go to the office and contact the Normandy that we need a shuttle evac and me and Kas-" No she always gets hurt when I am not with her, I cannot have her dying on me now, not after everything that has happened and I cut across her

"Shepard, I insist you take me with you" I state simply and her face betrays nothing

"No, I may need Kasumi for stealth" I cannot believe she has said that, she promised to take me with her on every mission, I don't know what I will do if I am not beside her, I have to be there to protect her.

"But Shepard, you may need my biotic abilities or tactical advise" I say trying to prove a point even though it isn't really the point I am trying to prove, she eyes meet mine and I try to tell her I need to go with her, she knows why,

Please Lexi; please understand that I need to go with you, please.

I beg and I see her eyes become confused and she frowns slightly, but I don't stop pleading, I can't I have to go with her, I hope that it is coming through my eyes, then her eyes lighten and understanding fills them and I relax slightly,

"Okay Miranda, I will take your word on this one," She says before turning back to Liara and Kasumi "Kasumi, keep Liara safe, once you get to the office lock the doors the best you can, do not let anyone in. I know you can protect yourself Liara and I trust you but Kasumi has some… interesting talents that may come in handy if you run into trouble" she says and she looks back to Liara who's eyes are full of determination, and Shepard's mouth settles into a grim line.

Shepard's POV

I remember 2 years ago, before battle she would be petrified and her eyes were so childlike, she should have never had to grow up so quickly

She would have had to grow up eventually you know

Yes I know, but, I wish I had been there to see it

You cannot change the past, but you can change the present

I look back up and Liara is looking at me with slightly misty eyes and a stab of regret and sadness goes through me and I place my hand on her shoulder and give it a squeeze, I have to say something

"I am so sorry Li, I should have never left you on your own" I say but it comes out as a croak and she just gives me a sad smile and she goes to open her mouth again, but I see movement in the corner of my eye and I spin round and I see their armour glinting and I let loose two rounds into the person and they fall down, face down dead and all races of people start running around screaming.

"We need to move, it isn't safe here anymore" Miri says and I nod and then I look up at Liara and Kasumi

"Contact me when your safe" I say and they nod and we spilt and Miri is by my side, her gun is drawn as she walks behind me, my gut twinges with annoyance, she doesn't have to walk behind me, she my equal in more ways than one, I swirl round and grab her arm, and I give it a slight tug and she falls into step beside me as we walk down an alleyway, I stop and I look up at Miri and she nods, and I give her a slight smile as I holster my pistol, my heart is beating so fast and I force myself to relax, this is where the rogue shooter came from, well the one who shot me in the thigh, as if by thought it throbs slightly, and I go touch it and I wince, it was an incendiary round, bastads! I hear a slight shuffle of movement infront of me from a door as it creaks shut, I smile, what amateurs,

Now Lexi, don't get cocky, remember keep a level head

With that I put one hand behind my back and I begin to count down as we get closer, 3. 2, god I hope I don't get really badly injured I hope Miri doesn't get hurt either otherwise there will be hell to pay. 1.

The door slams open and 4 people walk out, two Krogans and two humans, shit and the worse bit is that they are all male, how the hell am I supposed to take on 2 adult male Krogans?! I don't let that thought stop me as I raise my fist as the first Krogan comes charging and I bring my fist into the side of its face and it reels and he spits some of its teeth out, but that is nothing compared to my hand, it feels like it is broken, I flex my hand as I bring my foot up and smash it into its stomach and it doubles over and then a surge of biotic power goes through me and to my hands and knees as I grab the Krogans massive head and bring it down onto my knee it screams as its nose breaks on contact and I bring it down again before letting it go and it stumbles backwards and it snarls, shit Krogans are so resilient, I sigh as a bead of sweat forms on my head as I hear Miri's biotics crackle as they smash one of the men into the wall, I stare at that Krogan and I bring my glowing blue fists to my face

"Who hired you?" I say as the same one charge and swings it meaty fist and I duck underneath it and I grab his wrists and I force my elbow through his breaking it and he lets out a blood curling scream and clutches his elbow

"The Shadow Broker squishy human" Who the hell is the Shadow Broker? I frown, but then I hear the sound I never wanted to hear

"Shepard!" Miri screams and I turn around and they are holding her up against the wall and one of the men is strangling her the other is tugging at her zip, anger goes through me like never before, I let out a cry in fury and I release a shockwave that shakes the buildings around us and they drop her as they go flying back and I draw out my pistol, I will kill them, they do not touch her. I let off a round into the first Krogan's head and he reels back, as I turn to the other one a fist collides with my side and I can feel my ribs fracture as I hit the ground, I ignore the pain and I go to stand back up as I roll onto my uninjured side but a foot collides with my stomach and I let out a cry and another foot clouds my vision as it makes contact with my head and my head snaps back, fucking hell that hurt, I let out a whimper as my vision begins to go misty as I fight to stay conscious,

"Do you see Grobrar? They are weak and vulnerable when they are hit a few times" he says and he stamps on my forearm and it brakes and he just keeps pressing down and I let out a scream as I can feel the entire bone snapping and fracturing, my arm feels like it is on fire and I writhe under him and my vision begins to go black, and I sum up all the biotic energy I can get and I send out another shockwave and they stagger back and, I climb to my feet and I feel the medigel in my suit go onto my arm and it numbs it but my head is pounding and I can only see out of one eye as the other one has blood in it make it sting, I can taste blood in my mouth and I spit it out and then I see the Krogan charging and my biotics flare up and I charge through him and I reach my hand out and as I become ethereal I reach through his chest and grab the pulsing organ in his chest and as I finish my charge I stand there and I look down into my fist and it is caked in blood and there is the Krogan's still beating heart, clutched between my now broken fingers. I don't think I will be doing that again, I turn around and the Krogan is sprawled on the ground, I smile, that was so awesome, I look back to the other Krogan and his face is full of fear and it contorts into rage

"You will pay for that petty human!" he yells and I smile as I run and it him and I jump and I cling to him and I use the momentum of the jump to headbutt him and he staggers back and I punch him as hard as possible in the face over and over again , I lock my legs around him holding me in place as he tries to shake me off as his fists pound into my sides making me wince as my ribs fracture under the brutal beating, but I don't stop hitting his face until it is a bloody pulp and all you can see is his eyes, bloodlust runs through me as well as the adrenaline of the fight and I swear this is the only thing that is keeping me going, then I hear the death of the other man that Miri was dealing with and then blood spurts onto my face, ugh, I wipe my eyes only to see the Krogan's eyes roll into his head as he falls to the ground, I manage to jump off and I roll to the ground and I stand back up and Miri is stood there breathing heavy as I look at her face, she has bruising on her cheeks and chin as well as a few cuts as it seeps through her white suit, her eyes go to mine and the fill with worry and my arm begins to burn again, there is no time to stop though, I turn around and I swap my gun over to the other holster as my right hand cannot even hold a gun right now and I unholster it and as I turn towards the door they came from Miri turns me around and she cradles my head in her hands

"I am so sorry, I should have been there Lexi, let me clean up your face" she says, doesn't she understand? There is no time to stop and clean up, we have to get rid of all of the guards so that Li will be safe, because I cannot lose her, and she is like family to me. I take a step back and out of her hands

"There is no time Miri, we have to keep moving" I as in a neutral tone, we have to keep moving, I turn around to keep going

"Lexi, you cannot even see properly, at least clean away the blood so you can see" she say pleadingly and I sigh, I know if she had it her way, she would send me back to the ship on a shuttle, but it is just too dangerous to be waiting around. This is time wasting, but I better let her have her way

"Fine but make it quick" I say and I turn back around and she is already there with a strip of damp cloth and she wipes the away the blood and she rings the cloth out into her hand and she puts the water on my eye and the stinging leaves my eye and she continues to wipe my eye and face,

"Sometimes, Commander you need to look after yourself first, otherwise how are you going to help others?" Miri says, what she says does make sense, but if I cared for my own wellbeing more than more people would have died when Saren and the Geth attacked. I say nothing and then she applies medigel to the cut in my eyebrow to stop the bleeding

"All done, let's go" Miri says as she put the medigel pot inside her boot and I just smile and shake my head as I open my recently healed eye and we enter the building, and it is a small building and dark inside and we walk through the room, and I look every corner and there is no one in here, I see a glint of something metallic on the table and I pick it up and it is a small blade, this could come in handy in another fight, I put it in the top of the back of my boot and I keep looking in this room and Miri moves infront of me and goes through the door and into that room,

"Did you find anything?" I say and she comes back in and gives me two datapads, I look up at her bruised face and it is grim, I frown

"What's wrong?" I say

"Just read the datatpads" she says calmly and I look down and I begin to read it the first has some information on the Shadow Broker, hm, this could be useful, I will give it to Li since after all, she is an Information Broker and the second says something that makes my heart stop


I have received word from Nyxeris that The Commander and her crew will be docking into Illium by Wednesday, dispose of them, you and your brother should be a match for the Commander, I have sent some scouts and other mercenaries to aid you.

After you dispose of them, take care of the Asari called Liara, she is found out too much to be let loose, if anybody tries to stop you, whether that is the police or other members of the Commanders' Squad kill them all.


My hand clenches around the datatpad, and even though my broken bones scream in protest they are nothing compared to the anger I feel, they will not take Liara away from me, hell, they will not take her life if I have anything to say about it, I let out a growl and I hold onto the datapad and I transfer what it said onto my Omni Tool and I send it to both Kasumi and Liara, I hope they haven't been reached yet, but then again that bitch Nyxeris is her PA! Urgency streaks through me and I toss the datapad down and I put the other in a compartment of my armour after I finish downloading it, incase it becomes damaged,and I tighten my grip around my gun

"Shepard" Miranda begins hesitantly, but now isn't the time for talking, I have to make sure she is safe; I have only felt this urgent when Miri got hurt by Jack's biotics.

"No Miri, we need to get to them now" I say as I storm out of the building only to run into a merc and I slam the butt of my gun into his skull and it cracks and he falls backwards and I search his pockets and I find a radio and thermal clips, I shake my head, why do they make this so easy? I tune my headset into the radio and it crackles to life

"We are making our way into the office now; or agents have alerted us they are inside now"

"Good, make sure to wait for me, I want to kill that pureblood bitch myself" Anger stirs in my gut as it clenches painfully and I grimace and Miri takes my broken fingers and holds them delicately

"Let's go Lexi" she whispers and I nod and my head gives a slight throb and I can feel pain crawling through my veins, the medigel and adrenaline are starting to wear off, I begin to run as the urgency to reach Li is so much, I have to reach her before they do, even if that does seem impossible, I can hear Miri running behind me, even though I don't understand how she can run in high heels, I mean, I can but she runs slightly slower than I do, I smile

Come on Shepard|! You need to stay focused! Liara and Kasumi's lives are at risk

I know, I cannot lose either of them, I have already lost too much

I focus in as we round the corner and I slow to a stop and I take in a deep breath as I watch them enter the building, they are only minutes away from reaching Liara and Kasumi, if my gut could tighten anymore it just did, I look at Miri who is stood ready and waiting, she saw what I saw and her eyes are determined as she brushes a loose strand hair out of her face, and her cheeks are flushed from running, she is so gorgeous, but now isn't the time for me to be admiring her, it is time for action, I nod at her and we begin to walk to the door slowly incase of any movement, it has been too easy

"I have spotted the Commander, she is walking with another women towards the door, I am going to take the shot" My eyes frantically search the area, how can they see me? I look from person to person and I feel Miri walk closer to me and she takes my gun from my hand and swaps it to her other hand, what the hell is she doing?! She takes my hand, and thank the lord it is the good one, because if she had taken the other one now, I would have screamed

"I can see the shooter, they are being incisive, since I am standing in their line of site, I will take the shot" I smile, she is taking care of me, then I barely register it but she squeezes my hand and she swings round and pulls the trigger of my gun aiming at the shooter and he lets out a little noise as the bullets lodges into his skull and he falls back onto the rooftop, I smile and she hands me back my gun, and her eyes meet mine and she stops us as we have reached the door, but it is locked

"The benefits of being short" I say and she laughs and she gives me a slight push towards the door,

"Now come on Commander, work your magic" Miri says and I arch my eyebrow and I smirk as I look at the locked door and I open up the Hacking Tool and it brings up a messed up circular jigsaw, it works in 8 different rings and they have to be slotted together to give me the combination or picture of the password, I smile. This won't take long, I slide the pieces round and around making them slot and eventually it all slots together as soon as I move this last piece, but I hesitate, what will I find on the other side of this door? I hope they are okay but so far it has been too easy, too simple and surely it is just going to get ugly as soon as I open the door, I look back to Miri, who has been stood on guard

"Be ready I don't know what is on the other side of this door" I warn her and she turns around and brings her gun up,

"Ready, open the door Shepard" she says and I slot it in place and I jump back and pull out my gun and there is a group of mercenaries stood there and they see us and they frantically attempt to unholster their assault rifles.

Shit. We won't be able to shoot them all Miri erects a barrier of biotic energy as they fire at us, I help to hold it up as I reinforce it with my own biotics, and by god, it is so hard to hold up, I look over to Miri who gas a light sheen of sweat on her forehead, she is doing better than I am, as it starts to drain me, and my pains just get worse but I don't let my barrier falter but soon all that effort starts to overwhelm me they stop and they have to reload, I drop my barrier and stagger back and I raise my gun despite how shaky and heavy my arms are and I fire off one bullet when Miri lets out a warp that encompasses them all and they don't even have time to scream as they are made into human confetti, I look over at Miri and she is breathing heavy and eating. Wait eating? I do a double take, no she really is eating, it's an energy bar, I frown slightly, I remember Kaiden saying something about that, something about replacing lost energy, I manage to drag my feet over to her and she offers it to me and I take a bite and it renews my energy. Wow, that's never happened before,

"Good isn't it? Well, good for replacing lost biotic energy" Miri says and she throws the wrapper in the bin beside her and we make our way up the stairs with renewed energy and there are two guards stood there beside the only door left which has to be Li's office, they don't even get time to react as I release two rounds into each of their heads and they slump down leading a bloody trail as they slide down the wall, I look to my left and no surprise, Nyxeris isn't at her desk, I take a deep breath as anger goes through me, how could that bitch betray Li! Li is the kindest person I know and she has only ever been nice to her! Anger burns through my veins and I feel Miri's hand on my shoulder

"Remember Shepard, you have to save Liara and Kasumi" I nod and I summon up a charge and I let it grow stronger and I hear Miri takes a step back as release it as I run into the door and I smash it down, I draw my gun so it is pointing at Nyxeris' head, anger boils through me, Liara is behind her desk tied down with Nyxeris standing infront of her with her gun to her head, no, no! This cannot be happening, Nyxeris' eyes meet mine and she lets out a laugh

"I should have known those guards wouldn't have been enough against the almighty Commander" She says sarcastically and I can feel Miri stood next to me

"Let her go Nyxeris" I say calmly, we are outnumbered at least 3 to 1, but where is Kasumi? I look from Nyxeris and I frown and then I see her sprawled out on the ground, and she isn't moving and my gut drops, no, not Kasumi,

"Why should I? Look at your friend who tried that same tactic, don't worry she isn't dead… yet" Nyxeris says and relief floods through me, my eyes meet Li's and they are frightened, and then I am back in the chamber looking up at Li who is stuck in that massive blue sphere all over again, and she looks even more frightened now then she did then, and my heart begins to seized up, Liara was one of my only weaknesses , she reminds me of Rue so much that I cannot lose her. I steady my hand, as I call out

"Kasumi!" I call out and I hear her groan as she stirs slightly and Nyxeris moves her gun away from Li and fires off a round near Kasumi

"Don't do that again, otherwise your friend dies" she spits out and a plan begins to form in my head, I shift so I am stood as close to Miri as possible and her eyes glance over at me and I tap on her leg using Morse code what going to happen and I see out of the corner of my eye her smile, I just hope it works

"So, what has Liara done that deserves to die Nyxeris?" I say and she gasps and pushes the gun harder into Liara's head and she lets out a whimper and I look into her eyes and they are pleading me to stop asking questions

"Liara! You have surprised me that you haven't told her! Since you don't stop talking about her and you do seem to tell her everything," and then she goes down to eye level and the guards around us are watching her and Miri moves forward slightly until she close to the guards and in line with Liara, I bend down slightly and I pull out the small blade in my boot and I swap hands even though my arm is shaking with pain, but I cannot feel it, the energy bar and adrenaline combination has numbed any pain, Nyxeris turns back to face me

"Well you know that Liara found your dead corpse and gave you to Cerberus, well there was a fight over your body and her little friend, Feron, got captured by the Shadow Broker and she has been digging up information, information that is better kept buried and forgotten and she has become a pest… and pests should be eradicated" Nyxeris said as she takes a step away from Li, and that's when Miri falls over "accidently" knocking over some items and it draws the gaze of everyone within that room, including Nyxeris and my biotics flare and I charge at her, it is now or never and my heart is beating so fast and adrenaline pulses around my body, as I reach her I bring the knife up and I impale her through the chest as hard as possible I force it into her heart her eyes go wide and she frowns and she tries to shoot Li in a last ditch attempt but I take her gun from her weakening clutches and I release a round into her skull and she drops back, I hear two more rounds go off and Miri has killed them both, I erect a barrier around Liara as I release more rounds into the other guards and eventually, they didn't even have time to react as me and Miri kill them one by one, and victory pours through me, we saved them, and they are okay, I guess, everything falls silent, I drop the barrier and I untie the ropes holding Liara and she jumps on me

"Oh by the Goddess Shepard! You saved us, thank you, so much!" she says and she is crying, evening though it pains me when she hugs me, I hug her tighter and I lean back and I wipe her tears off her cheeks and I place a kiss on her left cheek and a blush appears

"That is what family is for" I say and I pull her back in for a hug, and I breathe in her scent, I let her go and I turn round and Kasumi is still sprawled out, I rush over with Liara in tow,

"Liara, do you have any medigel?" I say as I open up Kasumi suit revealing her toned torso, it is covered with bruises and a gaping wound, Chakwas better be ready, I can feel myself getting weary, I cannot even take a full breath now as the effects of the medigel and adrenaline start to wear off, I need to get Kasumi safe first,

"Yes, here you go Lexi" Liara says as I take it and I unscrew the lid, she just needs enough that we can get her to the ship, I stat applying it to her bruises and she groans

"Kas, hold on, please, hold on" I say and the bruises begin to fade, I look up at Miri and she is working on her legs, I hope she is okay too. I put down the medigel and I must apologise later to Kas for this, I place my hands on her sides as I feel to see if there are any broken bones, a few broken ribs, but I don't know the extent of the injury, she lets out a yelp and her eyes fly open and they fall on me

"Jeesh you have cold hands, or maybe I am in heaven" she murmurs and I laugh, even in this state she is making jokes, my breath is coming very short now and my head is beginning to throb and the my arm is burning and my sides are screaming in pain, I am losing too much blood, I look down at my suit, my blood is starting to leak out of it

"Not yet Kas, not for awhile I hope" I say as I gasp as the pain begins to get too much and I feel really faint, but I have to fight it, I feel Miri's hand on my shoulder

"Are you okay? Oh God, the medigel and adrenaline are starting to wear off " Miri says but I cannot even see that well, I sit back on my butt as I try not to be sick

"Lexi your pale! What happened" Liara exclaims and I smile weakly, every movement is getting sluggish, Miri does up Kas's shirt and I see her hands

"Hand to Hand with 2 Krogans" Miri says and I laugh but the pain is crippling and I let out a low moan

"Liara, pick up Kasumi, did you call for that evac shuttle?" she says coolly and I am guessing she nods

"Good, EDI, send the shuttle outside this building, the Commander and Kasumi are injured badly, tell Chakwas and Mordin to be ready" I somehow force myself to stand and Miri arm winds round my back and side causing my body to spasm slightly and Miri tightens her grip on shoulder

"Of course Ms Lawson, but the casualties will be-"

"I don't care god damn it! Get me that damn shuttle!" she yells and I don't hear the rest as it blurs in and out of focus and my head rolls, I cannot control it, and that's when I just throw up, I cannot help it but it doesn't help me breathe, and even with my vision I can tell it is pink, which means it is blood

"God, this bad, Lexi stay with me, EDI where is that damn shuttle?!" She yells as she drags me out of the office and she takes me down the steps and she digs her hand into my ribs and I let out a scream and my vision clears and becomes sharp

"I am so sorry Lexi, but you have to stay awake, please, for me stay awake, don't leave me" she whispers the last bit and I force my head to look at her and I can just about make out her eyes and I force myself to say as we reach the lasts step and we begin to walk out of the building, and the darkness is so strong now and I am tired of fighting, I force my lips to say

"I love you" and my eyes roll back into my head and the last thing I hear is her scream

Miranda's POV

"No!" I scream as she becomes completely limp and I place her down on the ground, I grasp her shoulders and tears fill my eyes making them bleary, this cannot be happening after everything, no, I won't believe it, I pick up her wrist and I take off her gauntlet on her good hand and I drastically feel for her pulse, there is nothing, I cannot feel anything, my gut drops, no please god no! Then I feel it, it is so faint, but it is there, tears stream down my face and I cup her face, it is got a massive bloodstain on it and it is riddled with cuts and bruises, but it is my girlfriends face, and I love this face, I stroke her cheeks with my thumbs and I kiss her lips, I can taste her blood on them but it doesn't matter, but I just have to, there is no response but they are warm and alive, she shifts slightly and I break away and she lets out a moan

"Miri" she screams in pain and her eyes flutter open and I don't think I have ever seen her in so much pain then right now, my tears fall down my face and I clutch her hand,

"Don't let her go Miranda, please don't" Kasumi murmurs and I turn around and Liara's face is streaked with tears. And her eyes meet mine, they are family, they only have each other left and they need each other, now I understand, then I hear the shuttle and it lands and I pick her up, I have never been so strong as to pick her up in her full armour, but she needs me to do this and I will, I carry her into the shuttle jostling her wounds and she has tears running down her face, I never wanted to hurt her, but it is the only way to keep her awake and my heart twists, she is in so much pain, and there is nothing I can do about it and that makes me so angry inside, I place her down and Liara stumbles through with a half conscious Kasumi and she props her up and the shuttle takes off as I sit down and I rest Lexi's head in my lap, I stroke her hair as she lets out moans of pain and I just sit there cooing

"Lexi, hold on for my baby… remember you have got a very important job to be doing" I half choke out and her eyes flutter open and they are so dark that they might be grey and they are dulling by the minute

"I have?" Lexi whispers and I nod and tears splash onto her face

"Yes with the Reapers and Collectors, you have to defeat them" I sob, I cannot look away from her eyes

"But I am so tired of fighting Miri, so tired" Lexi says and my gut drops out, no she cannot leave me now, not when we are so close

"I know it is tiring,, but you have to keep awake, think of all the people you will be saving," I say trying not to let my voice tremble and I bend down and I place a kiss on her forhead "So don't let me lose you" I choke out and I pull back and now her eyes are fully open but they are still grey but not so dull

"For the Galaxy and for you" Lexi says and her eyes roll but they come back into focus and they she is sick again and it is bright red and sticky and it can only be blood, and her breathing is short and she is gasping, and then we dock and the doors open and I pick her up and she screams again, and those screams will be forever on my soul, there is so much pain behind it, and it is killing me inside, I carry her though to the medbay with Liara carrying Kasumi behind me, and the doors open and Chakwas is there waiting for us, her eyes go wide as she Lexi's face, I can feel sweat forming on my brow, I place her on a table and Chakwas looks at Lexi's pale face

"What happened?" I begin to take off her armour starting with her boots and they come off easily next are calves and they hiss as they come off and Lexi lets out a slight moan and Chakwas puts a line into her veins and she injects adrenaline into her heart and Lexi gasps and her eyes open

"Hand to Hand with two fully grown male Krogans" I say, I should have been there to stop it happening so badly, but I didn't know how bad it was, Chakwas doesn't say anything as purple bruises cover her calves and I open the seal on the thighs and she tenses as I take them both off

"I am so sorry Lexi" I say with tears in my eyes and I stroke her cheek as I look down to see the bullet wound, and it was incendiary ammo, it must have been agony, the area is all red and hot to touch, why didn't she say anything?! She needs to take care of herself too! I look into Lexi's eyes as I rest my hands on the seals on the midsection, she nods and I flip them and she spasms and she screams so loud and I hold her down with one arm as Chakwas undoes the other side and we pull away the top half and I have never felt so queasy in my entire profession, her torso is covered in black bruises and her ribs are sticking out at odd angles, Chakwas gasps and I try to ignore it as I open the seals on her right arm and she cries out

"Fuck!" I grimace as I cannot remove the bottom half of the gauntlet as her arm has sharp points of bones coming out of arm, other parts haven't broken the skin but nearly have

"Good God" Chakwas says. I don't know how to feel, I feel sick and numb and somehow I am still functioning

"She has been sick twice, and it has been blood" Mordin pops up and he looks at me

"Kasumi is okay, nothing serious, she just needs rest" I nod, I am relieved at least Kasumi is okay, I sigh, Chakwas turns to Mordin

"I am going to need your help, Shepard condition is almost critical," What?! I didn't think it was that bad! Chakwas turns to me "Miranda you can stay if you want, but you need to rest and freshen up, I will alert you if her condition changes, I nod and I walk towards the door and a hand grabs my wrist lightly and I turn around and I am met with Liara's face

"Can I stay? At least until she is better? Liara asks and I nod and I cannot face staying in my quarters, if I cannot be with Lexi, then I can be in her room, I press the button for her quarters and Liara follows me, obviously she has questions, the elevator closes and me and Liara stand there in silence and the door pings open and we go into Lexi's room and I breathe in deep and I can smell her everywhere in this room, my heart breaks slightly and I sit down on the coach and Liara sits opposite me, she doesn't say anything at first and I stand up and I get a drink of water as a dull ache settles in my head and I drink the water and I find some of the headache tablets I prescribed Lexi when she told me she was getting headaches. I take two and the ache immediately leaves

"You know, I don't think I have ever seen you more human or emotional when we were in the shuttle" Liara says simply and I don't say anything, I was unprofessional, but I don't care anymore all that matters is her and her safety, and I couldn't lose her,

"You love her so much don't you?" Liara says but she knows the answer, and I blush and I look up at her and I smile, I can still see us this morning on the bed as I watched her wake up, I have never felt so happy other than that moment.

"Yes I do, more than anything "I say and I clasp my hands as sit back down crossing my legs and I look into her sea blue eyes and she smiles

"She has humanized you, and you have given her everything that nobody else ever could" I frown, I don't understand, I guess, it makes sense about the humanizing, I was cold and heartless in every aspect of my life before I met her and now I look at life with a new passion and happiness, but I have given her nothing really,

"What have I given her?" I say looking into her eyes

"You have given her constant love, true love and companionship, something she has never had, not properly or both of them" Liara says and she smiles and I blush,

"I never thought that she would ever love me, the way I love her" I say and Liara frowns and she sits up

"How could she not? She has needed someone like you for so long, she has been so lonely, even with Ashley she was lonely and they were not right for one another," but she doesn't know what I did to Lexi before we got together "And, don't think I don't know what you did to her, she told me" Liara says her voice becoming defensive.

"I didn't mean for it to be like that it-"I try to explain, but how can you to someone, it hurt that she put Ashley over me and she hurt me because she led me on and then rejected me,

"I know what you were trying to do, but I will tell you something, I haven't seen you and Lexi interact with one another for very long, but you two, there is something special, the way you do not have to say anything and you only have to touch her to calm her shows great love and trust, something only seen in a soulmate bond that Asari have" Liara says and, I just sit there dumbstruck, what can you say to something like that? I mean I know we are close and I know her, I know when she is angry because she shakes and her eyes burn a molten sliver, oh when she wakes up she clicks her back and feet like a cat, and then a hand on mine alerts me and brings me back from my mind wandering

"Sorry, I was daydreaming" I say and she smiles

"Don't ever let her go, and if you hurt her, you will have me to answer to" Liara says and I smile, sisters will be sisters right? Even if they aren't through blood, with that Liara stands up

"You can stay in Kasumi's quarters for now, EDI will show you the way" I say and she nods and smiles before walking out, and I stand up and stretch and I throw my catsuit to the floor and I wince as it tears of scabs that had begun forming, and I take off my high heels and underwear and I throw myself into the shower and the hot water cascades down my body, removing dried blood and dirt from my body, and that's when I let the tears fall as the reality sinks in, I might lose her, I cannot lose her, I don't want to, she said she would never leave me. I sink to the floor of the shower and lean against the wall and the tears just keep falling down my face.

I have no idea how long I sat there for but all I knew was that it was time I was getting out, I walked out and I picked up the pot of medigel on the side and I rubbed it into my cuts and bruises and I sighed as they heal, but it didn't nothing to ease the worry and damage in my heart. This room was so empty without her, I put on some sweats and a tank top , god even these smelt of her, I breathed in deep as I held them to my nose and then I put them on and I crawled into her bed, I shuffled onto her pillow and I breathed in deep and her smell comforted me. Maybe it isn't as bad as I think it is I just hope that she will be okay, I miss her so much and I have never felt so alone in her bed. I roll back over to my side and I grab her pillow and I hug it and I breathe in her scent from the human sized pillow, it was a poor substitute for her, nothing to could replace her.

I wish she was beside me.

Next morning

Next morning I woke up and I smiled and I reached my arm out and the other side of the bed was cold, then I remember, I sigh as I roll over and I sit up, I think I need to write a report, maybe it will take my mind off… everything, I get up and I open her wardrobe and I find one of my catsuits in there, I quirk an eyebrow, what is this doing in Lexi's wardrobe? I take it out and it has a tag on it, I turn over the tag and it has one letter on it


I smile and shake my head, this must have been before she got injured, wait, when else did she have time to put this in Lexi's room? Oh god no, not yesterday morning, I blush, they only time could have been really early yesterday or, whilst we were in the shower… Oh god I want to go crawl up and die, I cannot be dealing with this, I blush as I put it on and I strap up my high heels and I go into the elevator and into my office, I can't face Lexi, not now, It isn't the fact that I cannot it's just I might get in Chakwas's way

Now you're making up excuses, just go and see her

I will… later

I shake my head as I try to clear my head as I begin to write up another report on Lexi's mental condition, at least this will take a few hours.

Shepard's POV

Ugh, I scrunch up my eyes before stretching out and I open my eyes and Chakwas is stood next to me and she smiled

"Welcome back Commander" She says and I look up at her and she looks so tired, then I remember the fight, I almost died trying to protect Li, but it doesn't matter because she survived, I smile, and then it disappears, where is Miri? She carried me onto the shuttle, she made sure I stayed awake, I look down at my body, I am wearing nothing apart from my underwear and I can see a few new scars and some light bruising, but that's it,

"Thanks Doc, you patched me up real good" I say and I sit up and she hands me a pot of medigel and I open the lid and I put my fingers in it and the bruising goes and I sigh and I apply it to my arm and ribs,

"Well next time don't get into a fight with two Krogans" Chakwas scolds me and I laugh and she smiles, I look over and Kasumi is still there and she isn't moving and my heart stops, what happened to her? Then Chakwas turns and sees me looking at Kasumi and she turns back around

"She is still asleep, the sleeping drugs actually work on her" Chakwas says and she sits down and I laugh, I haven't felt this good in awhile and I give a gasp of mock horror

"Doctor Chakwas, I am sorry for being different, but you said you loved me being different, now I know it is all a lie" I say as I pick up the clothes on the side and I begin to put them on

"Of course it was a lie, you are a pain in the rear, Alexandra, you better remember that next time you get injured" Chakwas says with a smile on her face as I am putting on the last boot and I stand up

"I will Doctor Chakwas, don't you worry" I say and I smile and she waves at me

"That's the hardest bit, not worrying about you, now go find Miranda, I am sure you are dying to see her" I laugh, that's too ironic since the first time we met, I was technically dead, I smirk at this, and then I have to ask

"Doc, one last question, how long was I out?" She looks at her watch for a moment before looking at me

"About a Day and a half, which is good considering the extent of your injuries" Chakwas says and I nod and walk towards the door, I won't disturb Kasumi, she deserves her rest after what she went through to protect Liara, I wonder where Liara is, I finally admitted to her that I feel like she is like my sister but I don't remember much else, and then I feel a pair of arms encircle me

"Lexi! I am so happy to see you!" Li says and she pulls back and there are tears running down her face and she pulls me back in for a tight hug,

"I happy to see you too Li" I say as I hug her as well, I smile as tuck myself under her chin

"I was so worried you were going to die again and it just broke me-"Liara began and my heart broke, how she could ever think I would give up that easy ad leave her like that?

"Liara, I would never abandon you ever again, the first time had no choice and by god I wish it could have been different, you shouldn't have had to grow up so quickly" I say and I hold her tighter and I can feel her tears soaking into my t shirt

"I wish so too, but Lexi, I had to grow up eventually and-"I cut her off as I pull back and I cup her cheek and she looks down at me

"Yes, eventually, but not when your 108 Li, you were the only family I had and I was forced away from you, just like my family was, I never wanted to put anyone through that, but yet I put you through it. You are my sister Li, you know nearly everything about me and you have helped me so much and I abandoned you, I never wanted that" I say and more tears fall down her face and one tear falls down mine,

"But you are here now, and I can see you and hold you again, and that's all I ever wanted, and you gave me that, you gave me a family, friends, social skills, and understanding" Liara says and she pulls me back into a hug and I smile as I wipe away my tear, then I pull back and I wipe away her tears

"Now, Li, you know I am here for you right? Call me anytime, if you need anything, ANYTHING. Contact me, it doesn't matter what time of the day it is, or where I am, I will come as fast as possible" I say stroking her cheeks and another tear falls down her cheek

"Do you understand Li?" she nods and I then I remember, I picked up that datapad I activate my Omni Tool as I step away from her

"I found this Li; I thought it would be helpful for your hunt with the Shadow Broker" I say as I transfer the data to her Omni Tool and she smiles at me

"Thank you Lexi, this… everything you have done means so much to me" I nod and smile

"I must be leaving now, I am needed back on Illium" Li says and a surge of sadness goes through me

"I will see you round Li, be careful" I say as I bring her into one more hug and I release her and she walks away, I turn around and I walk towards Miri's office and my heart is pounding, it feels like everytime I enter this office it is the first time, I walk towards the door and it opens and Miri looks up at me and her eyes go wide and she practically jumps off her chair and runs into me and she pulls me in for a hug and I tuck myself under her chin and sigh, this is where I belong, she is my home, she tightens he grip around me and love wells up inside of me

"Lexi, I missed you so much," Miri says as she releases me and she cups my cheeks roughly and my eyes lock with hers and hers are watery and tears fall down her face

"Don't you ever do that to me again! I cannot lose you" She says and my hands go to her face and I trace her face with my hands and she takes a deep breath and relaxes and my hands glide over her cheeks and she closes her eyes and I run my fingers over her eyelids and then I trace her nose, she leans into my hands and the I trace her plump lips and her eyes open

"You won't ever have to lose me, I am yours" I say and tears clog my throat and my eyes, I never realised how close I was to never seeing her again, and I have no idea how much pain I put her through, her lips come down on mine and I moan and she pulls me into her, her kisses are full of need and the fear of loss, I cannot help but return her kiss, my hands twist into her hair and she deepens the kiss and walks into the side wall of her office, and I nibble on her top lip and she begins to shake and I can taste our tears mingling with our natural combined taste, her hands grope me as one hand goes up my shirt and a spike of lust goes through me. Then she breaks away from the kiss and she pulls away, I don't understand, I stand there looking at her leaning on the wall looking away from me, what have I done? What's wrong? She takes my hand and she leads me into her room and she sits down on her bed and her forehead is scrunched up in thought, I lean against the wall separating the office and her room and I stand opposite to her, and I let her talk, she looks up at me as she holds her hands in her lap

"I have been thinking, I never really understood when mothers, husbands, wives would be so anxious to see their person come back from the war, but now I understand" she says and my heart breaks, it has been so long since I have seen her like this

"But I am here now" I say and I reach my hand and I stroke her face but she looks down at her hands

"Yes you are but, I never realised how easy it was to lose you, all it takes is a well-placed shot or the right manoeuvre and your gone," she says and she pauses "And I don't know how I am going to deal with that if it happens" she whispers the last bit and she looks up at me and there are tears falling down her face, and my heart breaks and I remove my hand

"But I am still here Miri, and I am not going anywhere without you" I say, but I don't move from the wall, she needs her space to think, she stands up and looks out into space for a few minutes,

"That's not the point Lexi!" she shouts in aggravation and she rubs her forehead

"The point is that what if I lose you? There will nothing I can do, I will not be able to deal with it, for example yesterday, I almost lost you and I have never felt so alone and the…the sadness that came with it…. Knowing the possibility you… you could…could have… died" Miri whispers and I walk towards her, she needs to know I am not going anywhere, I take her hand and I pull her to me and she just melts into me and she just sobs, I have never heard her sob before but it was the most heart wrenching thing in the world, I never want to hear my girlfriend cry ever again,

"You will never lose me, I cannot promise you that I won't die, but a piece of me will be with you forever in your heart, and I will be waiting for you Miri, remember that" I choke out and she pulls back, and she says and her eyes grow dilated with fear

"What if only one of us survives? What then?" I sigh, and then a bolt of sadness goes through me, I don't even want to think of that right now,

"I don't know, but we will find each other again, in another life and maybe then we can be happy if we cannot in this one," I say and I smile at her "But if we both survive, what happens next for us Miri? What if we destroy the Collectors and that's it, no more massive crisis, what do you want to happen next?" I say and she smiles and she kisses me softly and so tenderly that I tremble, and then she releases my lips

"I want to find somewhere secluded and homely place to live and I want to spend that with you Lexi, and maybe be married and have a dog and a cat, or maybe even a child?" Miri says and my heart swells with love and a massive smile break out onto my face, I bring her in for another kiss and I break away

"I want that too Miri, you don't even know how much I want that, maybe we can have all three?" I say as my hands stroke her face and her eyes glow such a brilliant blue and a smile crosses her face.

"Why not? A child, our child… that shall be interesting" Miri says, I quirk an eyebrow, how can we even have children? I mean surely not biologically anyway, but adopted

"Why… what do you know that I don't?" I whisper, her skin is a beautiful alabaster colour and it is flawless as it illuminated from space, her eyes glow such a entrancing blue and I want to fall deeper and deeper into them,

"All kinds of things are possible when you put your mind and knowledge to it" Miri says and I laugh and I bring her in for another kiss and I smile and I lick her lips before pulling away

"I love you so much Miri" I say as I stroke her cheek and she smiles and she cups my hand on her cheek

"I love you too Lexi, you have no idea how long I have been waiting to hear those words" Miri says and I rest my forehead against hers, I cannot wait for my future with her to begin

"You don't have to wait anymore" I say as I bring her in for another kiss, I have never felt so complete in my entire life, I have never felt so happy, I have never felt so love than I do right now. The best bit about it is that I know she loves me too.

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