Hello, friends and subscribers alike. Here is the first chapter of Curing Kurama and I just hope you all will enjoy it. It features a Kurama-possessed Naruto and his harem is composed of Hinata, Sakura, Ino, Temari, Samui, Hotaru, Yugito, Tokiwa, Shizuka, Anko, Tayuya, Fu, Hana, Fuuka, Sasame, Hokuto, Shion, Sara, Amaru, Karin, Ayame, and Yugao. It features the third lemons I have with Hinata, Yugito, Ino, and Temari, the fourth lemon I have with Hotaru, the sixth lemon I've made with Samui and finally, the first lemon I've done that has the other women mentioned above. Also, this story celebrates my lemon career as it was this day two years ago that I made my first lemon with Naruto/Samui.

This will be a very entertaining multi-chapter lemon and I'm sure you'll all love each chapter with Naruto having Kurama-fueled sex with each of these hot women. Well, let the lemons begin!
Plot: In an attempt of pyrrhic victory before his death, Tobi infects Naruto with an unknown technique that causes Kurama to turn rabid and makes him control his owner. After managing to restraint Naruto, Tsunade gathers a number of women who have some connection to him and tells them of Kurama's weakness.
Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of its characters.
Notes: In this storyline, Tayuya and Fuuka both never died and instead, they were incarcerated. Both of them have only agreed to helping Naruto due to the fact it will display trustworthiness in them to Konoha, and it will grant them instant parole. Also, despite Orochimaru being dead in this story, Tayuya can still use her curse mark ability.
Yugito is alive again thanks to the Demonic Statue being destroyed and having her respective tailed beast spirit returned to her; as was the case in both her Blondes in Bed appearances. Sara, despite not remembering Naruto, is there to help him due to the fact he seems too familiar to her and she also has no child in this story. The rest I'll explain at the end of the chapter.

"RAAGH!" a Kurama-possessed Naruto growled as he lay thrashing about on a hospital bed that he was strapped from head to toe from. Though his eyes were the regular cerulean color they were, they appeared wild and untamed.

It had been just two days after the war ended and despite the fact Naruto was able to kill Tobi, the masked man was somehow able to inflict a technique on him with his sharingan. This caused Kurama to snap and possess Naruto, making both of them turn completely feral against anything that breathed or even moved.

With the help of Killer Bee, a redeemed Sasuke, and a recovered Yamato, Naruto was restrained and brought back to the village. Yamato tried to suppress Kurama's influence but thanks to the fox no longer being confined to his cage and thus being more powerful, it was too much for even him to handle.

Tsunade and Sakura looked at the wild Naruto; both pondering how to help him.

"Tsunade-sama, is there any way at all to get Naruto back to normal?" Sakura asked and Tsunade nodded after scratching her chin in confusion.

"Well, there is one way but…" Tsunade said.

"But, what, Tsunade-sama?" Sakura asked.

"It's going to require a lot of women." Tsunade said and that confused the rosette.

"Well, I'll explain the details once we've gathered everyone." Tsunade explained.

"Fine, but. Tsunade-sama?" Sakura asked.

"Yes, Sakura?" Tsunade responded.

"I don't know the details yet, but I'd like to be one of those women who are gonna help Naruto."

Tsunade blushed at this but nodded; knowing full well Sakura would do anything to help her friend.

Soon, a day later Tsunade managed to recruit all of Hinata, Ino, Hana, Tayuya, Ayame, Yugao, Karin, Fuuka, and Anko as one half of the women to help Naruto and she even managed to catch the attention of other kuniochi's across the land who wished to help the young blonde male; namely, Temari, Samui, Yugito, Hotaru, Shizuka alongside Tokiwa, Hokuto, Sasame Fuma, Fu, Amaru, Shion, and even Sara of Rōran.

All the kuniochi's were gathered in the hospital room where Naruto had been kept and they all looked him in sympathy.

"Naruto-kun, I will help you through this, no matter what it takes." Hinata thought to herself.

"Looking at him now, it's hard to believe that he used to be that little shit that wouldn't shut up." Tayuya thought himself.

"Naruto-kun, you helped our sensei and now, we'll return the favor by helping you." Samui and Hotaru both thought together.

"Well, Naruto-kun, even though I don't know you all that much, I consider you a friend. So, I'll be more than happy to help you." Fu and Yugito both thought.

"It's been some time since I last saw you, but you have my word that'll we get you out of that state." Amaru and Sasame both thought simultaneously.

"So, that's Minato-san's son. He looks just like him. I can't help but wonder why he seems so familiar." Sara thought.

"Talk about unlucky. He saves the world and now he needs some saving himself." Anko thought.

"He has the Kyuubi, does he? That would explain why I couldn't get any of his chakra before." Fuuka pondered.

"Poor guy, I'm sure it's hard being possessed like that." Hana thought.

"Naruto-kun, you opened my eyes and I'd be honored to help you." Shizuka thought.

"As the potential father of my future children, I will assist him in any way possible." Shion selflessly thought.

"After what he did for Gaara, helping him would be a total worthwhile thing." Temari thoughtfully said to herself.

"Well, Naruto-kun, you saved me and now I can do the same for you." Karin and Hokuto thought.

"No question about it. I will help him." Ino, Ayame, and Yugao all thought together as Tsunade stood in front of all the women next to the bed Naruto was on.

"Now, it's good that we have everybody gathered." Tsunade stated.

"Tsunade-sama, what is the method in returning Naruto-kun back to normal?" Hinata asked and Tsunade sighed.

"The truth is…Kurama's source of chakra is pure lust." Tsunade said as she used her thumb to gesture to Naruto, who had an erection underneath the sheets and the women all blushed heavily at this.

"It will take an unknown amount of time, but I'm sure all of you will be enough for Naruto to get back to normal." Tsunade went onto explain.

"EH!" All the women except Anko blurted with heavy blushes on their faces; realizing that in order to save Naruto, they would have to pleasure him.

"So, with that being said, do your best as you'll be switching for every two hours. Don't forget to drink your birth control medicine before this. However, as this is the lust of Kurama against birth control, I'm not even sure if it will hold up." Tsunade advised and all the women looked at each other uncertainly.

They all cared for Naruto and would do anything to help him, but what they were about to do was more than they could imagined they'd be doing.

"Tsunade-sama, since this is to heal Naruto-kun, there is no other option. But, wouldn't doing a thing like this with Naruto-kun and Kurama be dangerous?" Tokiwa asked.

"No need to worry about that. His sexual urge dwarfs that of his destructive one. So if we keep bringing a woman without stopping, he won't be violent." Tsunade answered as she, without undoing the restraints, pulled the sheets off him and revealed his naked form to everyone in the room.

"So, to help him, I have to get fucked by him." Tayuya thought to herself.

"Wow. I'll help him but this is a bit more than I bargained for." Sakura and Ino thought.

"Well, which one of you is first?" Tsunade asked and the women all didn't move. Before it looked like Anko was going to make the first move, Samui stepped forth and undressed herself.

"Whoa! And I thought only Tsunade-sama would be that large." Shion thought to herself.

"With tits that large, this whole thing should over pretty soon."Tayuya thought as she raised an eye at the size of Samui's large bust. The female blonde walked over to Naruto and crawled on top of him.

He stopped thrashing about as Samui blushed and pressed her breasts onto his face; the softness of them making him completely freeze. Samui then began to undo the restrained while still keeping her bosom on Naruto's face.

"Naruto-kun, once I have finished undoing the restraints, you may do whatever you please with me." Samui said and once she was done, she removed her bust from Naruto's face and it slightly swayed over him with her body on all fours over him.

The possessed-Naruto smiled and planted his palms on Samui's breasts. Though he couldn't even fit the mounds in his hands, he began caressing them and rubbed his thumbs on her sensitive nipples.

Samui still blushed at her breasts being groped and maintained her balance. Naruto pressed the mounds together and held them together, allowing him to flicker his tongue on her tits.

She moaned at this as he tasted both her nipples and sank his fingers into the softness of her breasts. Naruto listened to the small moans escaping Samui's breath and suckled her hardening nipples.

Samui watched as her breasts were bounced by Naruto and licked her erect tits. She looked back to see Naruto's erect length just underneath her entrance and noticed it didn't appear to be getting closer to her womanhood.

"Well, he seems to quiet and docile." Samui thought to herself before Naruto smirked and gripped her shoulders. He quickly pushed Samui onto her back and gripped her ankles, holding her legs high in the air.

"Oh, Naruto." Sakura thought to herself as she stifled a laugh by covering her mouth with her hand.

"Naruto-kun…" Hinata thought as she covered her eyes and blushed.

"Oh, he likes to do it rough. This is gonna be so fun." Anko thought to herself.

"Why do I get the feeling that when I do it with him, he's gonna make me see stars?" Hokuto thought to herself as she watched Naruto bend Samui's legs back. She blushed and slightly whimpered at this.

"Please don't hurt me, Naruto-kun." Samui said and Naruto, while still holding the blonde woman's legs, moved forward; his erection hovering right above her womanhood. He began rubbing his length against her folds and clit.

She let small moans escape from her lips at how hard he felt and found herself getting wet at this. Naruto smiled and continued to rub his manhood on her entrance.

Samui closed her eyes at how hard Naruto felt and he growled in satisfaction since his length slightly felt the heat through her folds. Then, he closed her legs to enclose her thighs on his manhood and he moaned at his cock being surrounded by warm flesh.

He began to pound his erection through Samui's inner thighs with the underside of it still brushing against her folds and she bucked her hips with his assistance. Samui gripped the sheets and moaned as Naruto pounded his length through her inner thighs.

She kept her inner thighs together and Naruto wrapped his arms around her legs, keeping them on his member tightly. He enjoyed the feeling of how tight they felt closed together on him and slammed his manhood through her inner thighs.

Samui's breasts began to bob about and she moaned at how the underside of Naruto's growth rubbed against her folds. Naruto's thrusts were so much powerful as Samui could just hear their flesh hitting and while she tried bucking her hips on her own, she discovered his speed outmatched her own.

Naruto held Samui's thighs tightly on his cock and he moaned while beginning to lick her calves. Samui gripped the bed sheets tightly and moaned with Naruto.

Her breasts jiggled and the hypnotic sight made Naruto lick his lips hungrily. He rammed his erection through Samui's thighs and it rubbing against both her clit and womanhood was helping her form an orgasm.

Naruto growled as he plunged his hardness through Samui's closed thighs and she helped pleasure him by bucking her hips. She watched as his member twitched and she figured it meant he was nearing a release of his own.

The male blonde smoothly licked the older woman's calves and she thought his tongue felt good. Samui held onto the bed sheets tightly as her body rocked in accordance with Naruto's thrusts and her breasts also followed the same rhythm of movement.

The underside of Naruto's hardness brushed itself on Samui's entrance and made the wetness inside her increase with each thrust. While Naruto licked Samui's calves, he noticed her heaving breasts and licked his lips hungrily for a moment at the sight.

Naruto's length pounded through Samui's thighs and her nipples grew hard from the strong impacts. She bit her lower lip at her sensitive tits turning hard and Naruto stopped licking the woman's calf to moan again at how good his member felt.

She dug her nails into the bed tightly and moaned with her breasts bouncing quickly. Naruto slammed his member's way through Samui's thighs as he gritted his teeth tightly and listened as she moaned just before reaching a climax; though not before Naruto's member twitched once more and came onto the underside of her breasts.

Samui panted while Naruto released her thighs and allowed them to be separated; her inner fluids trailing out of her aroused warmth. He placed his face over her breasts and began to brush his tongue on the mounds vigorously.

She placed one hand on the back of Naruto's head and smothered his face on her bosom. He cupped the breasts and held them together as he made her tits meet.

The possessed blonde man planted his lips into the mounds and suckled on both her erect buds. She whimpered at this as Naruto sank his fingers into the tender flesh and groped the orbs.

He then bit softly into Samui's breast and she let moans escape her lips before Naruto suddenly made his lower body hover over her ample chest. She understood and opened her mouth to allow Naruto's length inside it.

Naruto moaned at the warmth of Samui's mouth and before she could do anything else, he cupped her breasts and squeezed them together on his cock. Both moaned though Samui's was muffled and the sensation fueled Naruto as he began to thrust into the older woman's mouth.

She sucked on his length and began assisting Naruto massaging her ample breasts on it. Samui's mounds began jiggling together with Naruto's manhood between them and he kept pounding it through them to please himself.

Samui's tongue swirled on the head of Naruto's member and moaned at how well it she thought it tasted. Naruto's animalistic eyes gained a pleasured look in them as Samui's breasts smothered his length and she rubbed her hard nipples on the vein areas as well.

Naruto plunged his erection through Samui's bosom and she sucked it off the best she could with his high speed movements. The blondes both kneaded and caressed the large orbs of flesh that encased Naruto's manhood.

He pummeled his erection through the ample valley of flesh and rubbed his thumbs on the erect buds. Samui let out a muffled moan as her tongue soaked the head of Naruto's length and she felt herself getting wet again.

The kuniochi's tongue swirled around the top of the stiff member that thrust into her mouth and she covered the top of it in saliva. While both Naruto and Samui worked her breasts on the cock, the former mainly played with them by sinking his fingers into them to grope them.

He doing so only built Samui's arousal to higher levels and her muffled moans were music to his ears. She blushed at this and continued to massage her large bust on Naruto's length.

Her mouth engulfed the head of Naruto's stiffness and her tongue succeeded in covering it in saliva. Suddenly before Samui could even predict anything, Naruto moaned as he unleashed his semen into her mouth and her eyes widened in surprise at how strong the impact of it hitting her tongue felt.

"It's so hot!" Samui thought in regards to the semen as Naruto slowly pulled his still-harden manhood out of her mouth and she managed to swallow most of it. Just after she was done, Naruto placed himself on top of Samui and entered his length into her body.

Samui moaned loudly at her hymen being broken and Naruto began pounding himself into her pussy; either to get the sex started or take the female blonde's mind off the temporary pain of losing her virginity. A smile spread on Naruto's lips as Kurama could tell Samui was a virgin since her womanhood was quite tight and she whimpered at his strength.

Naruto's wild speed sent his length pummeling into Samui's inner walls and she began to buck her hips. The other women in the room only watch with amazement at Naruto's speed and couldn't even blink.

"Whoa." The women watching the event all thought in unison as Naruto rammed his manhood into Samui's warmth and she moaned with each movement he did. Samui folded her arms behind her head and moaned as her breasts started heaving repeatedly.

Naruto growled lustfully as his hips charged forward and crashed his cock into her pussy. He planted his palms on her breasts and squeezed the areas his hands were on.

Samui bucked her hips and Naruto drove his erection into her inner caverns. She moaned at her sensitive breasts being squeezed and the blush she carried remained constant.

"Amazing, Naruto-kun!" Samui moaned to Naruto about his inhumane speed and the only response she got from him was a lustful lick to the neck. Naruto's hips flew forth and rammed his manhood into Samui's innards.

Samui kept her arms folded and moaned while Naruto groped her breasts. He did something unexpected by sending his lips crashing into Samui's and she moaned as he kissed her.

Thanks to the heavy amount of lust she felt, Samui's tongue instantly met Naruto's and both respectively did battle. Wild cerulean eyes met peaceful blue ones as the pair kissed lustfully and Naruto started pressing his thumbs on her tits.

Naruto and Samui moved their hips together so well that the sounds of their flesh smacking against each other was heard. The pair moaned together and Samui's breasts heaved about in Naruto's hold.

He kept his palms on the kuniochi's bouncing mounds and made his fingers massage the large orbs of flesh. Samui bucked her hips and Naruto separated their lips; only for their tongues to slide out of their mouths.

Their tongues started licking each other's tongues and Samui closed her eyes in a pleasured bliss. Naruto licked Samui's tongue as he rutted his hips forth and pressed the mounds together.

He held them like so and made them jiggle together in the process. His thumbs circled the aroused buds and buried his fingers in the large bosom.

Thanks to the movement of Samui's hips, her warmth grinded Naruto's member that pounded into her core and he kneaded the mounds. Naruto and Samui covered each other's respective tongues with saliva and panted with lust in their breath.

Samui's walls began to wrap around Naruto's charging length and it was made clear that one of them was about to release; with the male blonde having the most potential to do so first thanks to his inhuman speed.

The curvaceous blonde unfolded her arms and wrapped them around Naruto's back in order to hold him close while they separated tongues. She kept her eyes closed as she bucked her hips and Naruto rammed his cock into her innards with his superior hip movement.

Naruto lowered his head and started licking Samui's throat as he thrust his hips forward. The young man moaned as his member spasmed inside of her womanhood and his cum filled the inner tunnels of flesh.

A lust-filled smile appeared on Samui's face as Naruto unleashed himself inside her and the others all looked in awe at what just happened before them. Naruto pulled his length out of Samui and she looked to see his cock was still hard.

This was not surprising at all to her due to the fact that with combined stamina from both Naruto and Kurama, his energy was close to the definition of immortal.

Wasting no time, Naruto lie on his back and gripped Samui's wrists as he pulled her onto his member. She moaned as Naruto began pummeling into her warmth and she rode him while placing her hands on his chest to balance.

Her breasts began to bounce as Naruto pounded his cock into her pussy and he moaned at how good Samui felt on the inside. Though she couldn't keep up with Naruto's movement, the older blonde did her best to roll her hips and make her womanhood grind the erection inside her walls.

This made her plump ass hit Naruto's crotch and he released her wrists to cup what he could of her breasts. He pressed his hands into them and caressed them; his fingers saving the feeling of the soft mounds as they jiggled in his hold.

Samui's face grew redder with lust as Naruto did vast thrusts into her core and squeezed her breasts. He sank his fingers into the mounds and the pupils of his animalistic eyes watched intently as the orbs of flesh bounced.

As hypnotic as the sight was, Naruto did not let up on making his erection collide into Samui and she moaned at his hard cock pounding into her core. He thrust deeply into her womanhood and she blushed at how swollen his manhood was inside of her.

Naruto released Samui's breasts and he placed his hand on her back. He then made Samui fall on all fours and gripped her ass.

He held onto her ass as he rammed his length into her warm and tight innards and she balanced her body on fours. She noticed Naruto watching her large breasts jiggle over his face and he moved his head closer to her bosom.

The blue-eyed young man took one hand off Samui's rear and pressed it into her left breast. He then pressed his lips on the other mound and began suckling her nipple.

Samui whimpered as Naruto suckled her aroused, sensitive bud and he sank his fingers into her ass. He brushed his tongue on the orb of flesh and flickered her teat with his teeth before softly biting into it.

Even with his canines that were somewhat sharper thanks to Kurama's influence, Naruto's bite didn't hurt Samui and he gently gnawed the orb of flesh. The blushing kuniochi gripped the bed sheets tightly and moaned as her womanhood wrapped around Naruto's length in just a second before he came as well; his seed going into her womb.

The impact of Naruto's cum made Samui's face form into true pleasure as her eyes closed and her mouth opened to emphasize how pleased she was. Samui lifted herself off Naruto and trickled her finger underneath his chin seductively.

"Well, Naruto-kun, you want more, right?" Samui asked and he tilted his head to the side in an animal-like-fashion; seemingly understanding her. Knowing he understood her, she turned around in a direction that faced the other women on all fours and Naruto licked his lips at the sight of her ass.

He immediately gripped her waist and slid his erection back into her moist pussy. A pleasured look appeared on both blondes' faces as Naruto reprised his role of heavy thrusts that rumbled Samui's inner walls and she kept that pleasured smile on her face.

Her breasts swayed with each thrust he did and she felt Naruto lean forward. His chest touched her back and Samui turned her head only to have the possessed blonde male made their lips meet.

Their tongues instantly entered each other's mouth and Naruto sank his fingers into her bouncing assets to play with them once again. Naruto and Samui's tongue clashed wildly about in each other's mouths as he rubbed the globes of flesh together.

He began to twist Samui's nipples and his crotch smacked into her rear. Naruto kissed Samui and she moaned into his mouth while she marveled at how he groped her so well.

Naruto rutted his hips forth and Samui stared into his eyes longingly; there was something about the inhuman look that attracted her attention. The pair reared up together and were on their knees.

The other kuniochi watched the scene in awe and could only blink at Naruto's amazing strength.

"I don't know what's bigger; the strength of Naruto's cock or the size of Samui's tits." Tayuya thought to herself.

"Oh, boy. When I get a shot at this, he's really gonna make me see stars." Hokuto thought.

"Naruto-kun…" Hinata thought in awe as she hadn't took her eyes off Naruto's erection from the first moment she laid eyes on it.

"What strength!" Ayame thought with a blush on her face.

"Wow!" Shizuka and Tokiwa both thought.

"He's stronger than expected." Tsunade thought herself as she watched her fellow bosomy kuniochi get pounded by Naruto and found she was enjoying it quite well. Naruto still groped Samui's breasts and fondled them to make her innards tighten around his raging member.

Samui moaned a final time as Naruto came into her and they separated lips to catch their breaths before the blonde male gripped her ass to bring her closer to him; signifying his urge to continue their sex.

Two hours later

Everyone watched in awe as Naruto slammed his still-erect cock into Samui for the umpteenth time and her face was half-covered by both his cum and their sweat. Samui was on all fours facing the other women in the room again while Naruto pounded into her warmth.

She panted heavily and appeared exhausted with her whole face red. She looked back at Naruto and could tell he was nowhere near losing his erection.

"At this rate if I don't switch, I'll die." Samui thought to herself as she mustered the strength to lift her hand at the others to catch their attention.

"My apologies, but could someone else please tag in?" Samui said with exhaustion and just then, Shizuka immediately walked towards the bed.

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