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Naruto thrust into Ino and despite being at the end of her rope, she still smiled with total glee. He smiled as he groped her breasts and licked his lips.

"Oh, Naruto-kun, look over here." A voice said and Naruto looked up from Ino to see Yugito and Fu both undressed standing in front of him. Yugito and Fu climbed onto the bed whole the former seductively let her hair loose.

"Remember us, big fella?" Fu smiled as she smoothly rubbed her hand on Naruto's chest and he grinned as he pulled out of Ino's warmth. He excitedly growled and grunted at the sight of his fellow Jinchuuruki.

"I'll take that as a yes." Yugito purred as she and Fu placed themselves in either of Naruto. He pulled both of them into either side of his lap and they both smothered their breasts against his face.

Meanwhile, Yugao and Hana helped Ino off the bed while Naruto groped Yugito and Fu's orbs. Both of the female Jinchuuruki smiled as Naruto caressed their breasts while they pressed them against his face.

Naruto's fingers sank into them and he growled as he massaged the ample orbs on him and Fu sensually trickled her finger against his whiskers. Yugito stroked Naruto's throbbing cock and smiled in satisfaction at how soaked it was from his previous sex marathons.

Yugito felt Naruto plant his mouth on her tit and began rubbing his lips together. She let breaths of pleasure escape her mouth as Naruto suckled her nipple and buried his fingers in Fu's breast.

She trickled her fingers through his hair while smiling at him and Fu felt Naruto's fingers grip her free tit. The green-haired Jinchuuruki reached down and assisted Yugito in pumping Naruto's erection.

Both of the female Jinchuuruki stroked Naruto and he took his mouth off Yugito's mound. He practically slammed his face against Fu's chest and bit the mound closest to his face.

Fu whimpered as she felt Naruto's piercing canines sink into her orb and roughly bit it. Naruto grinded his jaws on Fu's breast and his hand caressed her other one.

Yugito moaned as Naruto fondled her breast and his fingers rubbed the space of it. She and Fu worked together as they stirred Naruto's hardness in their hands.

Naruto lowly growled as he gnawed on Fu's orb and began sucking her hardened bud. She blushed and lowly mewled as she felt his tongue flick on her tit.

He gripped Yugito's own erect tit and tweaked it while pulling on it. The older blonde woman moaned as Naruto twisted and pulled on her teat.

Suddenly, Naruto's eyes once began showing an emerging tint of redness in them and they began twitching. Fu noticed his biting being rougher and she ran her fingers on his cheek.

"Yugito-san, look." Fu said and Yugito's attention was brought to the possessed young man's eyes.

"I've got the strangest feeling he's about to do something crazy." Yugito pondered and less than a moment later, Naruto abruptly sat up; knocking his fellow Jinchuuruki off his lap. As they both lie on their sides, he focused on Fu and pulled her forward; earning a small yelp from the mint-haired woman.

She found herself sitting over Naruto's mouth and she spread her legs to show her arousal. He grinned and licked his lips.

"Help yourself, Naruto-kun." Fu smiled down at Naruto and he began licking her folds. Yugito neared the two and Naruto's hand planted itself on her crotch.

He immediately began wriggling his fingers on her womanhood and though he wasn't looking at Yugito, he easily figured out where her source of arousal was. Naruto's tongue slobbered on Fu's clit and his fingers rubbed on her folds.

Fu and Yugito both moaned as his fingers worked magic on their entrances and his tongue brushed on the former's pussy. The orange-eyed woman whimpered as Naruto's fingers traced her womanhood and his tongue brushed her clit.

Naruto's tongue brushed against Fu's clit and she looked back at Yugito to see his fingers teasing her entrance. He traced her warmth and she moaned in response.

He rubbed his tongue against her womanhood and he reached up to cup her breast. He fondled it as he wagged his tongue on Fu's crotch and it proved effective as she felt herself becoming wetter on the inside.

Sensing this, Naruto smirked as he prodded his fingers on Yugito's folds and she lowly moaned in response. He spread her folds apart and though he still didn't lay one eye on her, he followed his hunch.

Naruto's fingers entered Yugito's warmth and wriggled inside of her walls. She moaned at this while he continued teasing Fu's womanhood and increased her arousal by groping her breast.

The crazed Jinchuuruki licked Fu and she held his hand to her bosom. Naruto's tongue flicked against her wetness and his fingers rubbed against Yugito's innards.

The older blonde woman bit her lip to keep a loud moan from escaping her lips and she blushed as she began fingering her folds. Her other hand began to caress her breast as Naruto's fingers wiggled and prodded her womanhood.

This caused her innards to become wetter as Naruto's fingers teased her innards and as for Fu, her wetness began to seep out. Naruto finally placed his tongue at the center of her folds and started licking his way into her inner caverns.

Fu moaned as she looked down at Naruto's as he licked her walls and gathered her wetness onto his tongue. He squeezed Fu's breast and she took to fondling her free mound to raise the level of her arousal.

Naruto's tongue wagged and swayed inside of Fu's tunnels as he fingered Yugito's tightness. He brushed his tongue against Fu's wetness and vigorously brushed his fingers against her wetness.

Yugito's self-groping served its purpose as Naruto's fingers dug their way into her warmth and teased her body. She mewled at this while Naruto's tongue whacked the inside of Fu's pussy and she moaned as he did so.

He licked Fu's innards and looked up at her blushing face. In what was perhaps a sign of Naruto's true persona, he freed her breast and stroked her cheek.

She smiled down at him and patted his head before he evilly grinned. Naruto's tongue wildly wiggled and thrashed about inside of her wetness.

Fu moaned and looked back to see Yugito fondling her breasts. She licked her bosom as Naruto's fingers wiggled inside of her warmth and brushed on her insides.

Naruto's fingers brushed and teased her wetness. Yugito and Fu both knew their bodies wouldn't last much longer against Naruto's skilled teasing.

Rightly so, his sharp instincts were correct as he licked Fu's womanhood and she moaned while he continued stroking her cheek until he cupped her mound once again. He kept fondling it as his tongue licked the inside of her lower orifice and his fingers squirmed inside of Yugito's entrance.

Suddenly, both of the female Jinchuuruki's fluids washed onto his tongue and fingers. Fu moaned as Naruto's tongue savagely licked up her streams and he removed his soaked fingers from Yugito's pussy.

He brought them to his mouth and licked them along with Fu's release. Naruto then soaked his fingers and held them up to Fu's mouth.

She complied by licking Naruto's drench fingers and he looked to Yugito. With a swing of his head, he grunted and she sat alongside Fu.

Naruto freed Fu's breast and soaked his fingers with the fluids before holding to Yugito's mouth. She licked the mix of fluids and moaned at the taste.

Fu got off Naruto and sat in front of him. He stood up and Yugito along with Fu squeezed their breasts together on his cock and he grinned.

"How's this, Naruto-kun?" Yugito asked and Naruto's eyes turned red again. He smiled and he ominously looked down at them.

"I'm back!" Naruto laughed in Kurama's booming voice and despite his companion's surprise at his ability to speak again, he began to thrust into their cleavage. Yugito and Fu both moaned as Naruto drove his cock into their breasts.

The two kneaded their mounds together and squished them on his length. Naruto sent his cock into Yugito and Fu's orbs of flesh and the green-haired woman's tongue began to lick his hardness.

"That's more like it, girls!" Naruto grinned as he pumped his manhood into the ample cleavage of his fellow Jinchuuruki and Yugito took to licking his hilt. She swirled her tongue around his member and Fu's tongue licked the head of the possessed man's stiffness.

Naruto thrust his hips forward and plowed his cock into Fu and Yugito's breasts. Their mounds jiggled from the power of his manhood and he moaned from the double pleasure his member felt.

Yugito and Fu's tongues worked together as they massaged his wet length with their mounds and pressed them against one another. Naruto sent his member into the jiggling orbs as they were squeezed and kneaded on him.

Naruto growled and grunted as Yugito's tongue brushed on the head of his manhood along with Fu's. The green-haired woman's eyes locked with Naruto and vermillion-colored eyes met with orange ones.

"How are you enjoying this, Naruto-kun?" Fu asked and Naruto patted her head.

"Less talking, more of this, Fu-chan!" Naruto said as he thrust his manhood into their breasts.

"You got it, Naruto-kun." Fu and Yugito both practically purred as they felt his glory twitch inside their mounds and before they could even say anything, Naruto unleashed his semen onto their faces. Fu and Yugito opened wide as the thick, white substance burst out onto their faces and half of it landed on their tongues.

Yugito and Fu shivered in pleasure as Naruto finished releasing his cum onto their faces. They panted as they freed his cock and Naruto watched in satisfaction as they licked the semen off each other's faces and he grinned.

He sat down and Yugito pounced onto him like a lusty cat and straddled his waist. Naruto grinned up at Yugito and she smiled down at him.

"That's a good kitty, Yugito-chan. It's time to give you some more milk." Naruto grinned as he entered his member into Yugito's warmth and destroyed her hymen. She moaned as Naruto began to jerk his crotch up and send his length into her warmth.

Yugito began rolling her hips forward and Naruto smirked at the elder Jinchuuruki. For the time being, Fu sat alongside Naruto and Yugito and watched them in action.

Naruto slammed his hilt into Yugito's womanhood and he palmed her heaving breasts. Naruto massaged and kneaded the bouncing orbs as Yugito rode his erection.

Yugito placed her hands on Naruto's shoulders and whimpered as her breasts jiggled over him in his hands. Naruto smiled and moaned in Kurama's voice.

Naruto jerked his hilt upright into Yugito's womanhood and she rolled her hips forward. His length pummeled into her warmth and she moaned loudly.

He drove his member up into Yugito's pussy and a hot blush covered her face. Yugito shook her waist and grinded Naruto's erection as it thrashed inside of her.

Naruto rubbed and groped Yugito's breasts and her eyes squeezed shut from the pleasure her insides felt. The red-eyed man sat up and bit into her bouncing mounds.

His canines gnawed on them and Yugito held his head to her chest. She smiled down at him as he grinded his canines against the orbs and he started tweak her tit.

He twisted and yanked it forward as it jiggled; much to Yugito's delight. Naruto sank his teeth into the orbs and fondled them.

Yugito then felt Fu rubbing her clit and the younger woman smiled at her. Naruto's eyes looked at Fu and she winked at him in response.

"Good girl!" Naruto, or rather Kurama, thought as he took his mouth of Yugito's breast to temporarily lick Fu's neck; foreshadowing when her turn with him. He slammed his face on her bosom and suckled her tit.

She smiled as he rubbed his lips together on her teat and suckled it as it jiggled. Yugito trickled her fingers through Naruto's hair as he fondled her breast and Fu's fingers rubbed against her clit.

He suckled her nipple and Fu joined in as she palmed Yugito's breast. Fu placed her lip on her teat and suckled her teat.

"Well, aren't you two just too naughty?" Yugito seductively moaned to her Jinchuuruki companions and Fu held up her thumb. Naruto didn't mind as he and Fu suckled Yugito's tits until they grew hard from their combined suckling.

"I can't tell a lie." Fu thought to herself in response to Yugito's question as she caressed her heaving bosom. This made the elder Jinchuuruki grew tighter as Naruto's throbbing cock raged into her walls and thrashed against her innards.

Once her tits were fully aroused, Naruto took his mouth off the hardened bud and looked at Yugito's face. In response, she started using her silky, seductive voice when she began purring at him.

Naruto slammed his lips against Yugito's and she began to stroke his whiskers. Sex-driven red eyes stared into seductive black ones as their tongues rubbed against one another and Naruto wildly pounded his erection in Yugito's tightness.

With Fu still suckling her breast and Naruto both screwing her lights out and tongue dueling against her, she could tell she wouldn't last very long against the younger Jinchuuruki's team-efforts of pleasure. She moaned into his mouth as they worked their hips together and Naruto's tongue overpowered her own.

Fu caressed Yugito's heaving bosom and she couldn't take anymore. Her womanhood pulled on Naruto's member and it flooded her innards to the point of it spraying out of her onto his crotch.

Fu smiled as Naruto and Yugito's release poured out of her entrance onto the bed. Yugito moaned as she came and fell against Naruto after breaking their kiss.

"Good kitty, take all the milk you want." Naruto chuckled as he licked Yugito's neck and she lifted herself off his member. Naruto lie down Yugito and shifted his attention to Fu.

Naruto crawled onto Fu and grinned down at her. She smiled back at him before he began licking and slobbering on her face like an excited dog.

"Well, well, lucky seven Fu." Naruto grinned down at Fu.

"Yes?" Fu giggled at him.

"Can you last cumming 78 times?" Naruto chuckled.

"Hmm…only one way to find out." Fu said as Naruto immediately entered her warmth and snapped her barrier to basic nothing instantly. She moaned in pain as he instantly started thrusting into her womanhood and she gripped the sheets to hold onto.

Naruto pummeled his cock into her tightness and planted his hands on her mounds. He kneaded and caressed them together as Fu eventually adjusted to him inside of her.

As he thrust and pounded his cock into her core, she couldn't believe how big his length felt inside of her and began bucking her hips. Naruto rammed his member into Fu's tightness and he slammed his lips against hers.

Orange eyes were met by red eyes as Naruto's tongue licked into her mouth and she wrapped her arms around his back. She rubbed his back and she eventually began licking his tongue in return.

Naruto squeezed Fu's bosom and she let out muffled moans into his mouth. They separated lips and he grinned at the green-haired woman's blushing, lust-filled expression.

Fu's womanhood grinded Naruto's erection as he slammed his cock into her moist caverns and she loudly moaned. He lowered his head to her tits and placed his mouth on the right one.

Naruto began suckling it and he groped her mound as it kept jiggling. Fu noticed Yugito sit next to her and the possessed blonde looked up at her.

Yugito smiled and spread her legs apart to show her still-high arousal. Naruto broke his kiss with Fu and he looked at her.

"Well, come on, Yugito, join in." Fu said.

"Yeah, Yugito-chan, three's always the charm." Naruto said as he kept thrusting into Fu's warmth and Yugito complied by sitting over the younger woman's face. She spread her folds and Fu's tongue instantly licked her way into her wetness.

Naruto took one hand off Fu's breast and cupped Yugito's left mound. He smiled in amusement as Fu's tongue swayed inside of her and Naruto thrust into her womanhood.

He fondled Yugito and Fu's breasts as he pounded into her warmth and she moaned along with the green-haired woman. Naruto felt his length twitch inside of Fu's womanhood and she sensed this while licking Yugito's arousal.

"Here come the fireworks, ladies!" Naruto loudly moaned and Yugito moaned along with Fu. The dark-eyed kunoichi squeezed Fu's bosom with Naruto until her tightness squeezed his cock and her womb was filled up with mighty spurts of his seed.

Yugito also came onto Fu's tongue and all three Jinchuuruki panted as Naruto's semen oozed out of her entrance. He pulled out of Fu and Yugito got off her; only to have Naruto pull her onto his length again.

"Oh, Naruto-kun, you never wear out, do you?" Yugito smiled down at Naruto.

"No way! Besides, every kitty deserves as much milk to her heart's content." Naruto said as he pounded his manhood into Yugito's warmth and Fu instantly sat over his mouth.

"And every hero deserves as much sex as possible." The energetic Fu smiled down at Naruto and he immediately licked his way into her wetness. Naruto held onto Yugito's small waist as she rode him and his tongue licked into her warmth.

Yugito thrust down onto Naruto's erection and Fu squeezed her breasts once again. In response, she pressed her lips against Fu's and orange hues gazed into black ones.

Naruto's tongue swayed and wagged inside of Fu's insides as he pounded his length into her tunnels. His erection rubbed the inside of her walls and she moaned as Fu's tongue rubbed against her own.

He pounded his member into her womb and Fu whimpered as she felt Naruto licking into the depths of her warmth. His tongue wagged and swayed inside of her tunnels as she caressed and groped Yugito's bosom.

Fu and Yugito enjoyed the pleasure that Naruto gave them and the blonde-haired woman stroked her green-haired friend's squeeze her mounds. They felt their releases upcoming and Naruto reached to palm Fu's breast and sink his fingers into her chest.

Naruto pounded his member into Yugito's womanhood and she and Fu separated lips; only to lash their tongues against one another and they slobbered in a lust-filled war. Yugito wiggled her hips until the younger blonde came inside of her innards and Fu's release poured down Naruto's tongue.

Tayuya, who had crawled off the bed earlier and made it to the resting side of the room on her own, watched as Fu and Yugito made while sighing at how much energy their kiss had.

"When did this before lesbo-central?" Tayuya thought to herself.

All three of them moaned loudly as they came and Fu and Yugito collapsed after they got off him. Soon, Naruto smiled at them deviously and laughed.

"Come on, ladies. The party's just starting." Naruto said and both smiled as they crawled back to him.


The other women looked on in utter awe as Fu and Yugito, who both looked like they had been zapped with a lightning bolt, were pleasured by Naruto for the 83rd time in a row thanks to their status as Jinchuuruki. Even they were holding on long enough, they were practical drooling messes as both of their eyes were half-way rolled into the back of their heads and their faces were contorted in lust-filled grins.

"All right, then. Who's next?" Tsunade asked.

Once again, let's all wish Naruto a happy birthday and this chapter turned out better than I would have guessed with Fu and Yugito. I have an idea for the next threesome but I'm not going to tell any of you about it for surprise reasons and it was nice having Naruto speak with his Chucky-type one-liners.

Well, the next girl is going to be Karin and with her being an Uzumaki, Naruto will redefine the phrase "family comes first." Well, enjoy and see you next time.


The Sage of Six Path strolled through the clouds of heaven and noticed Hashirama and Mito.

"Hashirama-san, Mito-san, how goes you day?" The Sage asked and the two looked to him.

"It's going great. Check it out." Mito said as she gestured to Naruto going at it with Yugito and Fu. The Sage raised an amused eye and chuckled.

"It's amazing, isn't it?" Hashirama asked.

"It brings back memories; that's for sure." The Sage answered.

"What do you mean?" Mito asked.

"Well, a short time after I became the vessel of the Shinju, the same thing happened to me; I went wild and unstable." The Sage answered.

"How did you get back to normal?" Hashirama asked.

"There was a wide variety of women, including my wife to pleasure me until I returned to my normal state." The Sage said and Hashirama and Mito couldn't believe their ears.

"Not many know the story really." The Sage said; understanding their reactions.

"You don't say." Mito said.

"Yes and half the ninja clans in the world today were conceived because what's happening to Naruto now happened to me centuries ago." The Sage said.

"Do you remember any of it?" Hashirama asked and The Sage turned around with a blush on his face.

"No comment." The Sage said as he walked off into the distance.

Note: Well, that explains where Tsunade got the idea to cure Naruto.