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Fu lie on top of Yugito tongue-wrestling while Naruto thrust into her warmth and he grinned the whole time. He was enjoying himself so much that he didn't notice Karin standing in front of the bed and she blushed madly while shielding her crotch and her perky, full breasts.

"Hey, Naruto-kun!" Karin said and Naruto looked up at her before smirking. He licked his lips and pulled out of Fu's entrance before licking both of his fellow Jinchuurukis' lips.

"Hello, red." Naruto said while still licking his lips and Karin gulped before placing herself on the bed to climb on top of him. He looked up at the red-headed woman as she placed her hands on either side of him and she firmly looked at him.

"All right, Naruto-kun, let's do this. I'm gonna squeeze you so dry that you won't ever be able to masturbate again." Karin declared and Naruto smirked.

"Only one way to find out!" He chuckled before gripping Karin's shoulders and flipping her onto her back. He smiled down at her bite-marks and lowered his head to her neck.

He started gnawing on her neck as he seized her breasts and squeezed them. Karin whimpered as she felt his teeth piercing her neck and he formed a hand sign.

Suddenly, another Naruto appeared on the bed and ferociously growled. The original smiled and nodded for the clone to move closer.

"What are you doing?!" Karin said as the clone landed next to Naruto and gripped her breasts as well. She whimpered and closed her eyes as Naruto took his teeth off her neck.

"Shaking things up." Naruto said as the clone gripped Karin's shoulders and made her sit upright. Then, she found herself sitting in the original's lap as he fondled her chest and the clone took over for biting into her neck.

She winced as the clone's teeth sank into her neck and red chakra began pouring down his canines. Much to her surprise, every single bite mark on her body began to fade away and Naruto smiled as he licked Karin's ear.

"Why have so many bite marks when you'll get plenty more before you know it?" Naruto grinned as his clone freed Karin's neck and ferociously slammed his lips against hers. Crimson and cerulean eyes stared back at one another while the original blonde groped and massaged her breasts.

His fingers rubbed and pressed the mounds before the clone tilted his head at the sight. He blinked before planting his mouth on her nipple and started suckling it.

He rubbed and grinded his lips together on the teat as Naruto held the mound still for him whilst his fingers danced on it. Karin moaned as the other Uzumaki members (The two Narutos; not their manhood) played with her breasts and suddenly without warning, the clone placed his hand on her pussy.

The wilder Naruto brushed his hand on her folds as he licked the inside of Karin's mouth and his tongue slithered against her own. She moaned into his mouth as his fingers rubbed and traced her pussy as Naruto chuckled deviously as he rubbed his manhood against her ass.

Karin's blush grew at the hardness rubbing against her lower cheeks as he toyed and caressed her breasts. The clone's tongue ravaged her mouth as she reached forward and rubbed the clone's face; learning from the other girls' experience that if she pet or pleasure the feral version of Naruto, he likely wouldn't do anything crazy (not right away).

Naruto abruptly stood up and Karin fell off his lap. She landed on the bed before looking up to see both of them standing over her.

The clone knocked her onto her back and spread her legs apart. She continued to blush before getting up and knocking the second Naruto onto his back.

She quickly straddled his neck and spread her folds apart. The clone looked up and smiled at what he saw.

"Lick it!" Karin said as she smothered her crotch on the blonde's face and rubbed her pussy on his face until he started licking it. His tongue ravenously licked on her folds before the true Naruto stood in front of her and she forcefully grabbed onto his cock.

"Feisty, aren't ya?" Naruto smirked as Karin began to pump his erection and she started rubbing her tongue against his erection. He smiled in satisfaction and looked on as she circled her tongue on his throbbing growth before pressing her breasts on it.

Naruto nodded at this before Karin kneaded and squeezed her mounds together on his manhood. She was determined to make the original blonde cum before she could and due to the second blonde's untamed licking, anyone could come first.

Naruto thrust and jerked his cock into Karin's bosom as it bounced on his erection. He licked his lips and looked down at his duplicate.

He wagged and rubbed his tongue on her warmth as Karin impulsively placed her mouth on his manhood. Naruto's cock flew into her mouth as she sucked and worked her mouth on it.

The 2nd blonde brushed his fingers on Karin's clit as his tongue licked her entrance and she moaned as she bopped her head on Naruto's manhood as he jerked it into her mouth and breasts.

"No way in hell am I gonna let these two cum before me!" Karin thought to herself as she wiggled and whirled her tongue against the tip as her mounds remained pressed on the rest of his shaft. The clone spread the redhead's walls and grinned before savagely licking into her womanhood.

She looked down at the clone for a while as he fiercely thrashed his tongue about in her pussy and Naruto placed his hand atop her skull as he jetted his length into her mouth. Her eyes closed as Naruto's manhood flew into her tits and her mouth.

"I'd say you don't suck but then, I'd be lying!" Naruto cackled as he drove his member into the warmth of Karin's mouth and she massaged his glory. The clone lashed and swayed his tongue inside of her wetness while continuing to rub his fingers on her clit.

Even with feeling Naruto's length reaching the back of her throat, she was not giving that easily and groaned as the second blonde's tongue licked into her innards. His eyes looked up and enjoyed the sight of Karin's jiggling bosom squeezing Naruto's growth.

The feisty redhead moaned as her walls constricted and her bodily juices soaked the second Naruto's tongue. He grunted before greedily licking them up and she moaned victoriously.

"Like I said, nobody comes before me!" Karin proudly thought to herself as Naruto's length sprayed semen into her throat and her eyes grew wide at how much of it filled up her mouth. Half of the semen oozed out of her mouth and ran down her chin.

He removed his manhood from Karin's mouth and she gulped down most of it. She got off the clone and panted for a while before looking at the two blondes.

"What?! What?! What are you looking at?! I could fuck you both!" Karin loudly proclaimed before Naruto and his clone looked at each. They grinned demonically and ominously looked at Karin.

"You want it, you got it!" Naruto laughed before gesturing to his clone and he growled in agreement. Before he could touch Karin, she gripped his hand and pulled him down.

She turned around and her pussy took in his length. Even with her hymen broken, Karin did her best to ignore the pain and bucked her hips.

"That's what I'm talkin' about!" Naruto laughed as Karin worked her hips together to grind his hardness and she continued to blush while keeping her undying bold look. She placed her hands on her knees for balance and wiggled her hips.

He grinned and replied by sending his member up into Karin's innards. She turned her head and gave him a challenging grin.

"I'm not gonna lose to you!" Karin moaned as she shook her hips on Naruto's erection and he gripped her waist. She slammed her lips against his and her tongue forced its way into his mouth.

Vermillion eyes shined against red ones while Naruto rammed his stiffness into Karin's pussy and she noticed the clone standing in front of her. He grunted as he looked down at his throbbing erection and she wrapped her fingers around his manhood.

Naruto banged and thrashed his length into Karin's inner caverns as she stroked the clone's length. Despite the pleasure both blonde felt, their redheaded partner was not prepared to give up and pleasured both of them.

Her perky breasts bounced and jiggled freely while she pumped the clone's hardness. She brought her womanhood down on Naruto's glory and she moaned into his mouth as his tongue clashed against her own.

"These redheads are something else…something I'm totally fine with!" Naruto thought to himself while holding onto Karin's small waist and his erection hit against her womanhood. The clone growled as the red-haired woman pulled on his length while stroking the original's face.

Naruto released Karin's waist and gripped her breasts. She groaned as he started fondling them and the clone tilted his head at this.

Karin broke the kiss with Naruto and started licking the clone's member. First, she started off by licking the head of it and slowly stroked her tongue on the emerging foreskin.

The clone let out a hollow, sinister laugh as Karin stirred her tongue around him and blew on him. Naruto caressed and toyed with his fellow Uzumaki's breasts while rocketing his erection into her aroused tunnels.

It rumbled her innards and she licked the clone's length in response before palming his balls. She bounced them in her hand and opened her mouth.

The clone placed his length inside and Karin's mouth began sucking on it. Her tongue rubbed on it as her saliva both drenched and added to the warmness it felt.

The clone thrust his hardness and Naruto shot his erection into Karin's pussy. Even with the power and speed that both blondes had in their marathons of thrusting, Karin refused to back down and shaking her hips while bouncing the clone's testicles.

Naruto's erection pounded into Karin's womanhood and his duplicate's hardness shot into her mouth. Her free hand stroked the second blonde's manhood as it charged forward and he groaned.

Karin moaned as she felt Naruto's hardness beginning to grow inside of her warmth and her walls were becoming tighter due to his powerful thrusts and persistent groping of her breasts. He gripped her nipples and tightly pinched her bobbing tits.

She groaned at this while he deviously smiled once more and laid back. Karin's ass smacked against Naruto's lap as he thrust his erection into her wetness and with the clone involved, the sounds of flesh clashing was louder than any of the previous rounds.

Just then, Karin's pussy constricted Naruto's cock and she moaned as his cum filled up every inch of her stomach to the point of blasting out of her warmth. The second Naruto loudly growled as his cock imploded inside of Karin's mouth and her mouth was once again turned into a pool of cum.

Both of the white substances drained out of her and dripped onto the already slimy sheets. She groaned as Naruto and his replica freed their length from her orifices.

She lay on the bed panting and the blondes smiled down on her. With determination still running through her body, she sprang up and placed herself on all fours.

"Hey, Naruto-clone, you want a piece of this or what?!" Karin asked and the clone growled before he practically pounced on the redhead. Gripping her waist, he entered his manhood into her warmth and began ramming his manhood forward into her wetness.

The clone delightfully growled as he rumbled his growth inside of her pussy and she was about to slam her lips against his but he quickly beat her to the punch. His tongue wiggled its way into her mouth and she wiggled her tongue against his.

Yugito, who managed to help Fu and herself lumber away from the bed earlier, sat with the other girls who were resting up from their sex-marathon with Naruto and watched as the clone wildly plowed his erection into the depths of her tunnels.

"Now, that's what I call fuckin' the demon the right way." Tayuya thought to herself out of admiration for Karin and noticed the original leering closer. Naruto began licking Karin's ear as his clone's tongue fought against hers before he separated lips and grunted for her to look forward.

Karin's eyes looked forward and found Naruto's manhood in front of her face. He placed his hand on her head and smiled at her.

"Open wide, red!" Naruto said and Karin opened her mouth; allowing him to slide his cock in. Holding onto her head, he thrust and pummeled his manhood into her mouth.

The clone slammed and pounded his length into her walls while playing with her jiggling breasts. He roughly and wildly pummeled his cock against her womanhood as Naruto's own shaft was sucked off by the redhead.

She bopped and worked her head on his member as he ran into her mouth. Naruto smirked as the clone drove his hardness into her womb and Karin felt both of her partners' erections getting ready to burst.

Karin looked up at Naruto and he devilishly smiled back at her. He patted her head like one would with a dog and she glared venomously at him.

"I may be on cruise control with you but that doesn't mean I hate it." Naruto said and the clone laughed again as Karin's tightness coiled around his hilt. His release flew out of her warmth and splattered on his lap while the original's semen flooded Karin's throat.

Once they had fully unleashed their semen, both Narutos pulled out of Karin and she instantly sat upright while coughing. The clone patted Karin's back until she stopped coughing and she looked back at him.

It was a surprise to her that the clone hadn't just restarted his thrusts and she nodded at him out of gratitude. Before she did anything else, Naruto pulled her in close and she wrapped her legs around his waist.

He entered his length back into her wetness and she kept her legs wrapped around him as he pounded into her. Karin's tits pressed and jiggled against his heart as he shot his cock upright into her.

"I'm not giving up that easy, Naruto-kun!" Karin smirked as she rode him and he snickered in return. He suddenly gripped her ass cheeks and spread them apart.

"Neither are we, Karin-chan!" Naruto said as he gestured behind her and she looked back to see the clone grip her waist. His cock loomed near her ass and despite feeling nervous, she maintained her bold smile.

"Bring it on, clone-boy!" Karin said and without hesitation, he entered her ass. She gritted her teeth and her irises shrank as she felt the clone's length stretching her rectum.

The clone began thrashing and slamming his cock into her ass. Naruto laughed as both of them thrust into both of her lower orifices and felt each other's wild movements.

Karin placed her head over Naruto's shoulder and held on him tightly to the point of where her nails dug into his back. She began licking the hickey Anko planted on him and the clone began licking her earlobe.

"That's more like it!" Naruto laughed as Karin licked his neck and he slammed his growth into her entrance. The clone pounded into the redhead's ass and held onto her ass with the original blonde himself.

Karin's warm innards grinded their lust-charged into her body and her eyes began glistening as she succumbed to the pleasure she felt. She slammed her lips against Naruto's and rubbed the back of his head.

He lifted one hand and ran his fingers through her spiky hair. Naruto and Karin's tongues rubbed against each other as she bucked her hips and the clone jerked his hardness into her cheeks.

Seeing the shimmering lust in Karin's eyes, Naruto knew her bold domineer had been torn down and he winked to the clone. The animalistic Naruto nodded and all three Uzumaki's groaned as they reached the end of their ropes.

Semen sprayed and oozed from Karin's ass like white fountains. She broke their kiss and moaned loudly as their cum filled both sides of her.

"More!" Karin said and Naruto smiled.

"You got it, Karin-chan!" Naruto said before he and the clone restarted their thrusts. Karin smiled the whole time as the two blondes pounded their length into her body.


Karin laid on her back and Naruto was now on top of her thrusting. By now, the clone was gone and the true blonde had reverted back to his growling habits.

The redhead moaned and bucked her hips with a seductive smile on her face. Naruto groaned as he shot his cock into her a final time and came for the 78th time.

Karin squealed at this and was drenched from head-to-toe in sweat. Then, Naruto flipped her onto her side and thrust into her again.

"Anybody else ready?" Tsunade asked and one kuniochi nodded before heading to the bed.

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Hashirama and Mito watched as Naruto pounded into Karin. The former Hokage sighed and looked to Mito.

"Wow, Mito-chan, what do you make of this?" Hashirama asked; regarding the fact that Naruto and Karin were both of the Uzumaki family.

"Well, I know the Uzumaki bloodline is running low but I'm not sure I'd resort to going at it with another family member." Mito said with a serene expression.

"Yeah, though one must admit; Karin and Naruto are both something else." Hashirama said.

"Well, they are Uzumaki members, after all and you know the old saying." Mito smiled.

"What's that?" Hashirama asked.

"It's fine as long as you keep it all in the family." Mito said with a perverted giggle as she watched Naruto screw Karin and Hashirama chuckled.

"That's true!" Hashirama laughed.

Note: If you didn't think I could make Mito more perverted, think again!