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Naruto's deviously grinned as the nude Mebuki Haruno stood in front of him with a mad blush on her face and he licked Miru's ear before removing himself from her innards. He stood in front of Mebuki with his erection inches from her face and she placed her hands on Naruto's inner thighs.

"All right, Naruto, let's get you cured." Mebuki said before beginning to lick the younger blonde's cum-surrounded member and Naruto nodded at this. She moaned at the taste as it had been a while since she performed this and licked the cum slowly to savor the taste.

When Kizashi encouraged Mebuki to help Sakura cure Naruto, she wouldn't have expected herself to be pleasuring her daughter's teammate and to her enticement, leaving was the last thing on her mind. She licked most of the substance off Naruto's erection before licking downward.

As she did so, Sara and Tokiwa helped the unmoving Miru away from the bed. Mebuki lowered herself and started licking the underside of Naruto's balls while stroking his member.

Naruto watched this in satisfaction as Mebuki rubbed her tongue against his ballsac and stroked his hardness. Her free hand palmed his testicles and started bouncing them as she trailed her tongue against his balls.

Mebuki rubbed and wiggled her tongue against Naruto while he lowly purred at this. She trickled her fingers on his ballsac and licked against the center before licking the underside of his hilt.

She moaned as she stroked him and before blowing on his balls. Mebuki stared up at Naruto's face as chills ran up his spine and despite rarely meeting him, she found him to be quite attractive.

"I'm surprised Sakura always rejected him. Looking at him this, she's either poor taste or something else." Mebuki thought to herself as she sensually rubbed her tongue against his balls again before licking the underside of his hardness and blew there as well. Naruto reached down and placed his hands on her head while brushing his fingers through her hair.

She toyed around with his balls before licking her way back down his hilt and held his testicles as she began licking the back. Before anything else happened, the younger blonde's erection spasmed before shooting his semen onto her forehead and it ran down her face.

Amazed at how warm it felt, she smiled in amazement before gathering the sticky fluids with her hands and licking them. The second she was done, Naruto quickly gripped her shoulders and placed her on her back.

Mebuki spread her legs apart as Naruto's fingers entered her womanhood and started rubbing her innards. He smiled as he found Mebuki's insides to be quite tight for one who gave birth and rubbed his fingers into her entrance.

Once knowing just how tight Mebuki was, he kept her folds spread and licked into them. The elder blonde blushed as Naruto's tongue wormed and licked her womanhood.

Naruto lashed and rubbed his tongue against Mebuki's wetness and though she didn't remember the last time she had sex at the moment, she didn't mind this at all. Smirking, she pushed him onto his back and sat over his face.

He growled with a grin on his face before she returned the bold look and he licked his way back into her womanhood. Naruto's tongue lashed and licked against her wetness while reaching up to squeeze her ample chest.

Naruto's fingers squeezed and sank into Mebuki's chest as he rubbed his fingers on her mounds. Mebuki whimpered as she felt Naruto's skilled hands groping and kneading her as he wiggled his tongue inside of her entrance.

As much as she knew what was happening was no imagination, Mebuki couldn't believe that Naruto was pleasuring her so well within a short amount of time. He gripped her tit and starting twisting it while placing his other hand atop her clit.

Naruto wiggled his finger on her clit as his tongue roamed around inside of her walls and Mebuki moaned at this. He temporarily removed his tongue to trace her wet folds and clit while wagging his fingers on it simultaneous.

Mebuki reached down and ran her fingers through Naruto's hair as he returned to licking the inside of her moistness. She moaned as Naruto's tongue slithered and whacked against her moist areas while he rubbed his finger against her clit while squeezing her tit.

Suddenly, Mebuki's cum streamed out of her pussy and Naruto greedily licked them up. Before anything else came to her mind, Naruto somehow ended up behind her and gripped her forearms while sliding his member through the v of her legs.

He began rubbing it against her crotch while making her stand with him and he started grunting at her. She looked back at him and he grunted while looking down at her legs.

Taking a wild guess at what he wanted, she clamped her inner thighs together on Naruto's cock and he growled before beginning to charge his erection. Naruto held onto Mebuki's forearms as he pounded his cock through her thighs and her breasts jiggled forward.

Mebuki blushed as Naruto gave her a sneak peek of things to occur between them as he thrust between her legs. She moaned as he energetically rubbed his erection against her pussy and her plump rear smacked against his crotch as he did so.

Naruto moaned as his erection flew though Mebuki's thighs and she looked down at in amazement. Even with how the previous sex-partners had described how Naruto's beastly member felt, this was more than Mebuki bargained for before he freed her arms and squeezed her mounds.

Mebuki closed her eyes as Naruto charged his throbbing shaft between her inner thighs and she gripped the railing for balance. He caressed her breasts as he shot his length through Mebuki's legs and she loudly moaned from his immeasurable thrust-power.

Naruto held onto Mebuki's orbs of flesh as he thrust forward and her legs started wobbling from how good her pussy felt. Just the thought of Naruto's length inside of her was exciting enough as he demonstrated his infamous thrusts and fondled her breasts.

Mebuki felt Naruto nibbling her neck as he toyed with her and she panted as he did so. Her breasts bounced in his hands and he smirked before gripping her hard tits.

He tweaked them as he pulled them downward as he pounded his erection against her pussy and her eyes snapped open before noticing the young man start licking where he nibbled moments ago.

Naruto's tongue slithered and rubbed against her neck as he shot his hips forward. Mebuki whimpered from this as he shot his member through her thighs and she groaned from her hard tits.

He grinned as a hickey appeared on her neck and he growled as he felt his erection twitched. Mebuki's eyes grew wide at how his member vibrated more than an unstable beer can that had been shaken up too much and she readied herself for the evitable semen burst.

Naruto groaned as his cum blasted out of his cock and shot onto her face. Mebuki moaned as the hot, thick fluid covered her face and bore resemblance to some kind of hormonal face paint.

She released the railing and fell onto her front as Naruto turned her onto her back and sat over her breasts. He smothered her breasts together on his erection and she wasn't surprised by this at all.

Naruto's hilt pumped into Mebuki's cleavage and she had never experienced this quick of a paizuri before. Knowing it wouldn't be long before he came again, she started licking his foreskin before blowing on it and he rubbed her jiggling bust on his length.

He grinned at he felt the softness of her breasts jiggle on and she gripped the bed as he thrust into her mounds. Mebuki, wanting Naruto to cum on her face again, didn't open her mouth and wriggled her tongue against the tip of his flesh-cannon.

Naruto kneaded and caressed Mebuki's breasts together on his length until it spasmed and he coated her face with his cum again. She lay still with a grin of lust on her face and Naruto watched as she licked most of it off.

Once again, he abruptly jumped to his feet and turned Mebuki onto her front before rubbing his cock between her rear cheeks. She moaned at this while Naruto rubbed his cum-covered erection between her ass and lathered her rectum with his semen.

Once he was done, he gripped Mebuki from behind by her legs and lifted off the bed while holding her in the same position he did with Sakura and Hinata earlier. Once presenting Mebuki to the others, his manhood loomed near her ass and she looked down before he slid her rectum down his hilt.

Mebuki's fingers and toes cringed as Naruto moaned at how tight her ass was before starting to thrust into her. He held onto her legs as he thrust into her and she gritted her teeth together before letting out a howl of pleasure.

Recognizing that Mebuki wasn't a virgin, Kurama decided it'd be best to take her anal virginity first and his speculations proved to be true. Mebuki's breasts jiggled and bobbed about as Naruto thrust into her ass.

He held onto her legs tightly as he shot his cock upright into her rear and she moaned as it rubbed the inside of her. Naruto grinned as he jerked himself up into her tight ass and after a while, Mebuki started to shake her ass on her daughter's teammate's member.

Naruto released Mebuki's legs and she placed her feet on her thighs to balance herself. The whiskered-man seized Mebuki's heaving breasts and squeezed the orbs as he ran his hilt into her cheeks.

Mebuki loudly moaned as she grinded the inside of her ass on Naruto's erection and she reached back to frame his face. In that instant, he slammed his lips against Mebuki's and his wild cerulean eyes stared into her pure green ones.

"Forgive me, Sakura and Kizashi, but I must help Naruto get back to normal." Mebuki thought as her tongue stirred and wiggled against Naruto's while the two blondes moved their hips in unison. As Mebuki made out with Naruto, Sakura looked on an expression mixed with anger and horror as her teammate screwed her mother's ass.

Tsunade explained to Sakura that she couldn't prevent Mebuki from changing her mind about taking part in curing Naruto even after finding out what the true method was. However, Mebuki was focused on taking part in curing Naruto and nothing would change her mind.

As much Naruto screwing Mebuki horrified her beyond belief, she felt as though she had lost her voice and her mother closed her eyes as she kissed the younger blonde. Naruto's demonic eyes looked directly at Sakura and winked at her before focusing on moulding Mebuki's large bosom.

In response, she started fingering herself with her free hand and she stroked Naruto's face while his fingers played with her breasts. She stirred her ass on his shaft and she moaned into his mouth before he broke the kiss to lick the roof of her mouth.

Mebuki's tongue rubbed and lashed against Naruto's tongue as he drove his length into her cheeks as they smacked against his crotch. He groaned at the tightness of her rectum and he pumped his manhood into her while watching Mebuki's fingers rub her insides.

Mebuki's eyes rolled halfway up into her skull and Naruto smirked at her reaction. The possessed man freed the woman's left mound to rub her clit as she wiggled her fingers inside of her warmth and she mewled at that.

Naruto licked Mebuki's ear as he thrust into her ass and she shook her rear on his member. Then, his cum erupted inside of her ass as her fingering paid off and her fluids drained out of her warmth.

Mebuki panted as Naruto set her down on the bed and she lay still in bliss while cum poured out either side of her. She smiled while her eyes closed and then Naruto took hold of her forearms.

She practically pounced onto Naruto's lap and took his member back into the depths of her womanhood. Once he reclaimed his hold of her breasts, she started shaking her waist and his cock flew up into her moistness.

Mebuki placed her hands on either side of Naruto as he pounded into her core and once again, despite having given birth; the younger blonde found her to be plenty tight. He rocketed his member into her warmth and watched her breasts jiggle in his hands.

Naruto caressed and toyed with Mebuki's breasts as she sent her pussy down his erection as it thrashed into her womb. The fair-skinned woman moaned with him as he slammed his cock into her walls of flesh and he held her breasts together as he sat up.

He planted his lips on her right teat and began suckling it like a maniac. Mebuki held Naruto's head close to her bouncing bosom and kissed his forehead tenderly as he fondled her bosom.

Naruto rubbed his lips together on Mebuki's tit as he suckled it and she smiled down at him. She rolled her hips forward and felt his manhood pummeling into her warmth.

She closed her eyes with her great smile never fading for an instant and she moaned as Naruto's manhood rammed into her core. He opened his mouth and bit into Mebuki's heaving bosom before she practically howled again in response.

Mebuki's womanhood slid up and down Naruto's manhood as she shook her waist atop it in order to grind it. He sank his teeth into her bobbing mound and her other one bounced against his forehead.

He moaned as Mebuki's warmth became tighter on his member and she watched as he freed her breast to slam his lips onto her own. Green eyes found blue ones and Naruto's tongue wagged against hers.

Mebuki's breasts pressed and jiggled against Naruto's heart as she rode his cock. His member raged into her inner tunnels until they gripped his members and his seeds flowed out her warmth while he filled up her stomach.

"I know plenty of said this but Naruto-sama is something else." Mebuki thought in ecstasy as she and Naruto's cum left her warmth before she got off him. She lay on her side and Naruto lay behind her.

He rubbed his cock against her folds and she blushed while closing her eyes. Naruto started toying with her tits again and that's what she nearly lost her mind.

"Please, Naruto-sama, give me more." Mebuki moaned and a malicious grin spread on Naruto's lips before he entered her warmth once more. He started thrusting his member into Mebuki's warmth and he deviously grinned as she moaned with pure satisfaction.

Naruto rubbed Mebuki's breasts together as he shot his member into her inner tunnels and she whimpered at his member charging into her. She arched her leg into the air and Naruto's erection banged into her walls vigorously.

Her breasts jiggled in Naruto's hold and she moaned as he began to gnaw at her neck. Mebuki moaned as Naruto's teeth grazed her neck and she reached back to stroke his cheek.

Naruto slammed his member into Mebuki's womanhood and she moaned as her mounds bounced in his groping hands. She moaned as Naruto ran his hilt into her pussy and thanks to her breasts getting caressed, she grew tighter by each passing second.

He pounded his erection into Mebuki's entrance and he started licking her neck crazily. She couldn't that sex with a possessed Jinchuuruki was really that awesome and her eyes glistened like big green gems.

Mebuki's rear met Naruto's crotch as he rammed his member into her walls and played with her bouncing tits. The blonde woman was experiencing so much pleasure that she hadn't noticed the look of horror in Sakura's face as Naruto did.

Kurama found that screwing Sakura's mother would be an effective way to have revenge on her for all the years of crap that she had given his host on a whim and so far, the look on her free made him with smile with glee. He nibbled Mebuki's earlobe and she turned her head to face him.

Naruto pressed his lips against Mebuki's and their tongues reunited once again. Both blonde's closed their eyes as he ran his cock into her pussy and rubbed on her innards.

Mebuki traced Naruto's whiskers as his member surged into her walls and their muffled moans could be clearly heard. Naruto squeezed and massaged her breasts as he shoved his member into her walls before a tidal wave splashed out of her lower orifice.

The elder blonde mentally melted as the creator of the white lake behind pulled out of her and lay her on her back before entering her once again. He recharged his thrusts and she lay still.


Mebuki's eyes continued to glisten as Naruto's erection charged into her core and banged against her walls. She howled in pleasure and watched as he pounded into her.

"More, Naruto-sama!" Mebuki cried out and despite the enthusiasm in her voice, Tsunade knew she couldn't last much longer and she cleared her throat while looking away from the paralyzed Sakura.

"Anyone else?" Tsunade asked.

LOL! You guys thought Sakura had suffered revenge at Kurama's hands already but lo and behold when you least expect, Naruto is screwing Mebuki in the ultimate way possible to get revenge on her. But look at the bright side: if they ever get married, Naruto will have good relations with his mother-in-law. Since you know I'm not a fan of NTR, Kizashi, believe it or not, is aware of Naruto's medical purpose and is fine with it since she's helping him.

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Sakura snaps out her paralyzes and marched over to Naruto, who is screwing an unconscious Mebuki.

Sakura: Naruto, you sick bastard!

*Naruto's eyes turn red and he stops thrusting while looking at Sakura.*

Naruto: Are you giving me lip, girl? 'Cause I'll take my cock out and put the smack down on you again.

*Whacks Sakura's face with his cock and she jumps back*

Naruto: Is that what you want? Huh?

*Sakura backs off and grumbles*

Note: Whether this is canon or not it up to you, but Naruto isn't speaking next chapter.