Ladies and gentlemen, I present you chapter three of Curing Kurama starring everyone's favorite girl to pair with Naruto (My favorite, anyhow), Hinata. Enjoy and thanks for waiting!
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Hinata finished removing her clothes and blushed furiously as she stood in front of the bed. She used her arms to cover both her breasts and crotch.

"N-n-Naruto-kun?" Hinata managed to say and Naruto looked up from Shizuka to stare at her. He got an excited look on his face as he pulled out of Shizuka and placed her to the side as if saying "I'll save you for later".

He then sprang off the bed and Hinata's shy emotions got the best of her as she turned around. Naruto just placed his hands on Hinata's breasts from behind and started groping them.

Hinata moaned loudly as Naruto sank his hands into the mounds and caressed them. He held onto Hinata as he started walking back to the bed where Shizuka still lie.

Naruto made Hinata sit on his lap while he bounced her large breasts and kneaded them together. Hinata's trademark blush appeared on her face as Naruto squeezed her breasts and toyed with them.

Gathering what strength she had left in her body, Shizuka crawled off the bed onto the floor and it was there that she was helped up by Tokiwa. Tokiwa assisted Shizuka in lumbering away from the bed and Naruto was too distracted by Hinata to notice.

He pinched her nipples and began tweaking them. Hinata moaned at this as while her nipples turned hard from the teasing and Naruto's tongue lashed out against her neck.

It wildly started rubbing on her neck and she closed her eyes out of embarrassment. Soon, Hinata had her back against the headboard while Naruto was on top of her holding her breasts together.

Naruto's tongue roughly licked Hinata's tits as he held them together and endlessly groped them. Hinata's hands held Naruto's face to her breasts as he brushed his tongue on her nipples and feverishly suckled them.

Naruto smothered his face on Hinata's chest and began to brush his canines on the soft orbs of flesh. He gently bit into the mound and started to gnaw on it.

Hinata slightly opened her eyes and watched as Naruto worked his jaw on the mounds. He circled his fingers around her tits before pressing his fingers down on the spaces next to them.

The lavender-eyed woman moaned as Naruto's tongue flicked the orbs of flesh and made them slowly bob. Naruto's hands sank themselves into the mounds and squeezed them together.

He planted his lips on Hinata's neck and began to rub his mouth on it. Hinata moaned as Naruto nibbled on her neck and he rubbed the ample breasts together.

Hinata felt her innards turning wet from Naruto's lustful groping and he nibbled on her neck; intent on leaving a hickey as his personal mark.

The possessed blonde male sank his fingers into Hinata's breasts and listened as her moans continued to motivate him. He looked down at her womanhood and noticed her arousal flowing out of her.

Naruto took one of his hands off Hinata's breast and guided it down to her pussy. He began to trace her folds and her legs cringed as she moaned louder.

He buried his face in her cleavage and she held his face to her bosom with his hand still fingering her wetness. Naruto licked the inside of the mounds and kissed Hinata's heart.

His spiky hair touched her tits and he still moved his fingers on her folds. His fingers roughly rubbed on her folds as he lifted his head and his lips met Hinata's.

Hinata didn't hesitate in returning the kiss as Naruto caressed her breasts and kneaded it; his index finger dancing on her nipple. Naruto and Hinata's tongues rubbed off on each as she moaned into his mouth.

Naruto's fingers began wriggling themselves on Hinata's folds and teased them. His fingers eventually entered her warmth and rubbed her wet innards.

Hinata's legs cringed a second as Naruto's fingers worked their way into her crevice and made her wetter. Naruto removed his lips from Hinata's, licked her cheek, and lowered his face to her pussy.

He licked his lips at the sight before he brought his tongue to Hinata's clit to lick it. Hinata moaned as Naruto smoothly rubbed his tongue on her clit while fingering her and he reached back up to palm her breast; knowing that fondling her would just make her wetter for him to taste.

Naruto re-sank his fingers back into the large mound and fondled it as he licked her clit. He smoothly brushed his tongue on her clit before beginning to trace her folds with his tongue.

He fingered Hinata's walls and he watched her blushing face moan as she closed her eyes. Naruto teasingly dragged his tongue across Hinata's womanhood and then used his other thumb to spread her folds apart.

Naruto began licking his way into Hinata's warmth as he placed his lips on her pussy and tasted her. The possessed blonde male's tongue drove itself into Hinata's walls and brushed them.

Hinata whimpered as Naruto's tongue worked itself inside of her and tasted her arousal. He caressed her breast and this only gave Naruto more wetness to taste.

He began rubbing his fingers on her clit and simultaneously pinched her nipple. Naruto began tweaking the erect bud as he trailed his tongue inside the blue-haired woman's entrance.

Naruto's tongue ravenously swayed inside Hinata's wetness and he vigorously moved his tongue on her walls. Hinata's long creamy legs cringed as her orgasm started building itself with each lick and Naruto could easily tell.

He hungrily licked her moist innards and savored the taste by eventually making his tongue move slower on her walls. Hinata loudly as she felt Naruto's tongue wildly move about inside of her core and she palmed her other breast.

She began kneading her other mound to increase her arousal and this worked perfectly for Naruto; who was still groping her breast. Soon enough, Hinata moaned a final time as she released her fluids onto Naruto's tongue and he licked her fluids clean.

Hinata panted as her release streamed out of her womanhood and Naruto instantly crawled over her. He placed his manhood between her breasts and squeezed them on it.

Naruto moaned as he began to thrust forth and send his member through her ample cleavage. Hinata followed Naruto's lead by keeping her breasts together and massaging his manhood with them.

Hinata opened her mouth and he entered the head of his erection. Naruto pounded his erection through Hinata's ample mounds as they jiggled on his cock and helped the woman knead them on him.

The blue-haired woman sucked off Naruto while he pounded his manhood through her cleavage and into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around the top of Naruto's vein-covered member and drenched it in her warm saliva.

Naruto's cock pummeled into Hinata's ample valley of mounds and they bounced on his member. Hinata marveled at the taste of Naruto's erection as it thrust into her mouth and the head of it was met with her tongue.

Hinata let out muffled moans as Naruto's member crashed into her mouth and her breasts smothered his length well enough to keep him stimulated. Naruto squeezed her orbs of flesh on his length and enjoyed the warm feeling Hinata's mouth gave his erection.

Naruto began to tweak Hinata's heaving nipples and she released a muffled moan at this. Despite the heavy amount of jiggling her breasts were doing, Hinata held her breasts on the blonde's hilt and rubbed them together.

Naruto played with Hinata's hard tits and began to pull them upward. He held them up for a while before finally releasing them and adding to the jiggling her breasts were doing.

The blonde's length was jerked off by Hinata's bosom and she continued to work her mouth on it. Naruto groaned as he felt his orgasm coming and Hinata was also aware of this from the vibrations the blonde's cock was emitting.

He let go of Hinata's nipples and smothered what he could fit in his hands of her breasts. Naruto massaged his throbbing manhood with Hinata's mounds and her nipples rubbed the veins of it.

Naruto growled as he unleashed his come into Hinata's mouth and she let the cum fill her mouth. After a while, Hinata gulped it down her throat and she opened her mouth for Naruto to remove his length.

He got off Hinata before gripping her rear to place her on all fours and his cock loomed near her pussy. Hinata looked back in time to see Naruto's erection enter her womanhood and snap her inner barrier apart.

She moaned loudly at this and her blush became deeper as Naruto began to thrust into her tightness. He held onto her ass as he pounded his cock into her womanhood and pounded her inner walls.

"He's so big!" Hinata thought in regards to the size of Naruto's swollen manhood inside and her breasts began to sway along her body. She gripped the sheets and held onto them as Naruto plowed her.

Her plump ass smacked against his crotch as he drew his hips forward and slammed his member into her pussy. The blue-haired woman moaned in pleasure but nonetheless was able to keep her balance; despite the inhuman speed Naruto's thrusts carried.

He ran his cock into her entrance and she dug her nails into the mattress. Naruto held onto Hinata's ass and moaned at her warmth.

Despite Hinata being the third girl for Naruto to engage in sex with, something told Kurama that out of all the women in the room (save for Tsunade, of course) Hinata was going to have the highest amount of lust for him. Naruto put himself on Hinata and his chest touched her back.

He began licking her neck in the exact location where he had licked her earlier in an attempt to give her a hickey. Hinata whimpered at Naruto's powerful thrusts as he slid his hands onto her breasts and began squeezing them.

Naruto kneading the orbs of flesh together and sank his fingers into them. Her eyes looked back at him as his cock pounded straight into her core and caressed her breasts.

Naruto's eyes connected with Hinata's and wild cerulean ones met with loving lavender ones. He continued to lick Hinata's neck and he held onto her heaving breasts.

Hinata moaned as Naruto's erection rumbled into her core and slammed into her. Naruto lustfully growled as his hips reared with each new thrust and the sounds of his heavy impacts could be heard throughout the room by the other kuniochi present; though the sound was now nothing new to them.

Naruto gripped Hinata's tits and began twisting them as he was well aware of the fact that she would grow tighter on his cock. He buried his length deep inside her body and he soon made a success on Hinata's neck by leaving a vermillion hickey on her neck.

He then pressed his lips against Hinata's and their tongues began to do battle inside their mouths. With each thrust and twist of her nipples, Hinata's warmth grew tighter on his manhood and at the rate he was going, it wouldn't be very long before he came.

Hinata closed her eyes dreamily as she and Naruto's tongues slobbered each other wildly. Naruto's hand pulled Hinata's nipples downward for a while before releasing them and returned to sink his fingers into her breasts.

The blue-haired woman let go of the mattress and placed her hands on top of Naruto's to begin helping him knead her breasts. The pair kissed passionately and fondled Hinata's bouncing mounds together to make her wetter.

Hinata took one hand off her breasts and used it to caress Naruto's cheek lovingly. While still kissing the blue-haired woman, Naruto's head tilted in an animalistic fashion at the endearing gesture as if he most likely understood her emotions.

His fingers massaged the space of Hinata's breasts that he held and she moaned into their kiss. Shortly afterwards, Naruto felt his member about release inside Hinata and he broke the kiss to lick Hinata's earlobe.

She continued to moan with him as she herself was nearing another orgasm and received Naruto's powerful thrusts. With a final charge of his hips, Naruto completely buried his cock inside Hinata's pussy and her innards coiled around it immediately.

Naruto's seed erupted into Hinata's womb and completely filled it up. Hinata moaned loudly and Naruto gritted his teeth as he did so.

The possessed man released Hinata's rear and she fell onto her side. She panted with a happy expression on her face and she looked to see Naruto rub sweat off his head.

His semen and her juices drained out of her womanhood as she lay on the bed. After a few moments, Naruto placed Hinata's rear into his lap and entered her pussy once again.

Hinata moaned at this while Naruto began to pump his length into her core. Understanding that she and Naruto were far from done with business, she began to buck her hips and Naruto reprised his role of squeezing her bouncing breasts.

Naruto pounded his length into Hinata's body and his erection rocketed into her warmth. Hinata shook her waist on Naruto's manhood and grinded it.

The blue-haired woman wiggled her hips and Naruto rubbed her breasts together. Naruto's swollen erection crashed sharply into Hinata's womanhood and she moaned at this.

Her blush still remained strong on her face as Naruto's manhood slammed into her body and he caressed her breasts. He sank his fingers into the tumultuous mounds of flesh and rubbed them together.

Hinata's tongue hung out her mouth lustfully and Naruto simply smiled at the expression before licking her cheek. Her ass tapped on his lap and he moaned with the lavender-eyed kuniochi.

Naruto smothered his hands on Hinata's breasts and groped them non-stop. The blue-haired kuniochi moaned loudly at this and Naruto began kissing her cheek.

Hinata closed her eyes and continued to work her hips on Naruto's cock. Soon, Naruto released Hinata's breasts and slid his hands underneath her legs.

He held onto the undersides of her legs and spread them out as far as they could go. The result was Hinata's pussy taking him in deeper and while still holding onto her legs, he stood up on the floor.

He held Hinata by her legs in the air as he pounded into her and she folded her arms behind her head. She then noticed that she wasn't fully exposed to the other kuniochi and her emotions went to embarrassment at the position she was in.

"Naruto-kun, please don't show this to everyone!" Hinata pleaded to Naruto in a moaning voice and he continued to hold her up high as her breasts jiggled; as if displaying a prize.

"Ride-em cowboy style. Interesting position, Naruto-kun." Anko thought to herself.

"Whoa!" The other kuniochi thought aloud as Naruto came into Hinata and their release sprayed out of her. Hinata panted as Naruto finished coming and set down gently on the bed.

He sat next to her before she got up and straddled his lap. She sank herself onto his cock and he began to roll her hips forward.

Naruto complied with her movements by gripping her ass and starting to pound his immortal length into her body. Hinata's womanhood grinded Naruto's erection and he pumped it into her walls with vast speed.

Hinata moaned as she held onto Naruto and worked her hips on his length. Her breasts jiggled and he instantly smothered his face into them.

He rubbed his spiky hair on her mounds and gently bit into them. Hinata wrapped her arms around Naruto's head and buried his face in her ample bosom.

Her ass hit his crotch once again and she moaned with him as their parts kept meeting with vigorous lust. Naruto sank his fingers into Hinata's ass and he began to suckle her breasts hungrily; as if expecting her to lactate.

Naruto's length rumbled into Hinata's pussy and she wiggled her hips on his cock. Her moistness was slammed into by his cock and she moaned from the impact it carried.

He shot his hips in an upright direction and pressed his lips against Hinata. He groped her ass as they kissed and she trickled her fingers through his hair.

Naruto and Hinata's tongues dueled in a battle of saliva-soaked speed and looked like neither one of them was ready to give. The blonde's erection thundered into Hinata's innards and she just rode the possessed guy.

His cock rammed in her central orifice and she moaned into Naruto's mouth. Blue eyes met violet-white ones and Naruto placed his hands on Hinata's bouncing bosom.

This succeeded in raising her arousal levels and she whimpered from this. Naruto caressed Hinata's breasts and his hands bounced them lustfully.

Finally, Naruto and Hinata came together with the latter falling back onto the bed. During the fall, Naruto's length hadn't left Hinata's womanhood nor had their kiss been broken.

Soon, Naruto began fresh waves of thrusts into Hinata's warmth and she continued to buck her hips.

Two hours later

Naruto stroked his length and his cum shot on Hinata's face as she lay on her back. She then laid on her front and lifted her rear into the air.

Naruto gripped her rear and entered his cock into her. With even looking at the other kuniochi, she raised her hand in order for someone else to tag in as Naruto began to pummel into her.

"I can't believe he came inside her forty times." An amazed Haruna said.

"Okay, then, whose next?" Ino asked and no one moved. Shortly, a bold look appeared on Hokuto's face as she began to walk towards the bed while undressing herself.

There you guys have it with chapter three and Hokuto is on the sex list next chapter. Well, since December 27th is Hinata Hyuuga's birthday, consider this chapter a belated-birthday present to her. See you guys next month and in case anyone is interested, Naruho (Who I'm beginning to consider myself superior to thanks to the constant rape stories he's been releasing recently) released a sequel to the hentai doujin called Tsunade's Cruel Punishment called Tsunade's Obscene Beach. Ja Ne!