Welcome to chapter four of Curing Kurama and the girl for Naruto's "medicine" is Hokuto in this chapter. Enjoy as there are not many lemons with Hokuto out there; that I'm aware of.
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Hokuto stopped in front of the bed and finished stripping. She blushed heavily and covered her womanhood along with her breasts.

"Um, Naruto-kun?" Hokuto timidly said to Naruto as he thrust into Hinata and held onto her ass. He looked up from the blue-haired kuniochi and stared at her.

"Remember me? It's Hokuto." Hokuto blushingly said to Naruto, who looked at her in total confusion. He didn't remember Hokuto as the young kuniochi from the Star Village he helped years ago and observed her carefully.

The freckles on Hokuto's face seemed familiar and he looked down at Hinata. Naruto licked her cheek once and removed his erection from her warm crevice.

Hokuto stopped obstructing the view of her perky breasts and sighed deeply before straddling Naruto's lap. She wrapped her arms around him and Naruto began licking her collarbone.

She watched as Temari came up to the bed and dragged away a dazed Hinata. Like Samui and Shizuka before her, Hinata didn't move except for her breathing.

Naruto ravenously licked Hokuto's collarbone and moved up to her neck. She blushed and looked away while he cupped her breasts.

He groped them and squeezed them together. Hokuto lowly moaned as Naruto sank his fingers into her breasts and massaged them delicately.

Naruto rubbed the ample mounds together and pressed his thumbs under her nipples. They circled them as he brought his mouth and suckled them.

Hokuto trickled her fingers through Naruto's hair as he sank his teeth into them. He gnawed on the soft orbs of flesh as he laid back onto the bed with Hokuto now on top of him.

The brunette sat on Naruto's lap and placed her hands on either side of him. The blonde's hands rubbed Hokuto's breasts and fondled them.

Naruto held the breasts together as he began suckling them and Hokuto held onto him. She softly moaned as Naruto's tongue brushed on her orbs of flesh and he caressed them at the same time.

Hokuto began to grow wet as Naruto groped her and watched as he tasted her breasts. He returned to licking her cleavage and Hokuto mewled at this.

Naruto buried his tongue between the ample cleavage and licked the inside of her tits. He rubbed the orbs together on his tongue and began licking her heart.

Hokuto once again began trickling her fingers through Naruto's hair before she cupped his face and smothered her lips against his. Purple eyes met blue ones as Naruto's tongue entered Hokuto's mouth and began to impulsively dominate the inside of it.

Hokuto moaned as Naruto's tongue waged war on her own and the freckled woman placed her hand on the back of the whiskered-man's head to hold him close. She used her free hand to grip his erection and stir it from side to side.

Naruto palmed one of Hokuto's breasts and groped her in return. He sank his fingers into them and massaged them intently.

He began to twist her tits and fondled her breasts. Naruto lustfully took one hand off her aroused mound and slid it down to her womanhood.

This made Hokuto moan into Naruto's mouth as their tongues battled and the blonde began to tease Hokuto's clit. She broke the kiss and kept Naruto on his back as she straddled his face; her pussy just above his mouth.

Hokuto spread her legs apart and gave Naruto a better look at her womanhood. He took the opportunity and began to rub his index fingers on her clit.

Naruto traced Hokuto's pussy with the rest of his fingers and she moaned in response to his teasing. He reached up and palmed her breast.

He kneaded it as he brushed her folds and smoothly rubbed his fingers on them. Hokuto moaned at this as Naruto fingered her pussy and clit.

Naruto's fingers entered her womanhood and began to rub against the wet walls. He started to lick her clit and work his fingers inside her innards.

Hokuto sat as she was and moaned as Naruto's tongue hungrily licked at her clit and his fingers rubbed the inside of her. Naruto fondled Hokuto's breast and twisted her tit.

The blonde's tongue traced Hokuto's folds and her eyes began to shimmer brightly with lust. He smiled at her blushing face as he moved his head upward and began to wildly lick Hokuto's navel.

She moaned as Naruto dragged his tongue across her stomach and smoothly wiggled his fingers on her wetness. Hokuto moaned and worked her body sideways.

Naruto stopped licking her stomach and spread her folds apart to lick her womanhood. Hokuto's legs began to tremble in pleasure as Naruto hungrily licked into her womanhood and brushed his tongue on her walls.

Hokuto began to finger her clit as Naruto dragged his tongue on the inside of her body and dragged it inside of her crazily. The brunette began to finger her clit lustfully and this really didn't bother Naruto.

In fact, Hokuto doing so actually made her wetter and provided Naruto with more favor. He decided to bump things up some notches by placing his hands on both her breast and ass mound.

He began to squeeze them and Hokuto continued to whimper at being teased in three places. Naruto's tongue swayed inside of Hokuto's pussy and she placed her hand on the same breast he touched.

They kneaded the aroused orb of flesh together and Hokuto's finger circled around her nipple while Naruto caressed her breast gently. He released her ass and slid his hand up her back.

Naruto slid his hand on Hokuto's toned stomach and began to stroke it affectionately. He buried his tongue into the young kuniochi's warmth and licked the tasty wetness feverishly.

Hokuto's legs wobbled with lust as she maintained her balance on top of Naruto and for some reason, he wildly swung his head with his tongue licking the star kuniochi's inner thighs. Whatever the reason was, all it did was raise the levels of Hokuto's already high lust as her red face signified just that.

The blonde's tongue went untamed as it licked the inside of Hokuto's tightness and gathered her wetness. Hokuto's walls were licked into by Naruto's tongue and she closed her eyes as a result.

Naruto taunted Hokuto's body as he groped her flesh and she wriggled her finger on her clit. She panted at this while Naruto wagged his tongue inside of her and buried his fingers into her breast.

Soon, Hokuto came onto Naruto's tongue and he enjoyed the fluids that washed into his mouth. She continued to pant as Naruto licked the fluids clean and allowed her to get off him.

He stood up in front of Hokuto and began to brush his erection on her breasts. Hokuto easily understood what the possessed blonde wanted and gripped his erection between her mounds.

She began to stroke it with them and Naruto began to lowly growl in pleasure. Hokuto jerked off the blonde and marveled at how big his erection felt in her breasts.

Hokuto pumped his shaft and blushed at it. She brought her mouth forth and began to lick the head of it.

Naruto moaned as Hokuto squeezed her tits together on his cock and she smoothly licked the top of it. She made sure she lick the center of the top part and had her erect buds massage the vein-covered areas of it.

The brown-haired woman opened her mouth and placed it on the top of Naruto's cock. He shivered in pleasure at this as she began to suck off his erection and he placed his hand atop her head.

He ran his fingers through her hair as she kneaded her breasts together on his length and moaned as he began to thrust into her mouth. Hokuto's breasts jiggled on his manhood and she swirled her tongue around the top of Naruto's erection.

Naruto moaned at the warm feeling of Hokuto's saliva on his member and growled again with lust. Hokuto's head moved back and forth on Naruto's length as it charged into her mouth.

He gently held onto the kuniochi's skull as he pounded his member into her breasts and she stroked them on his erection. Naruto pumped his manhood into Hokuto's mounds and her mouth kept the head of it warm.

Hokuto took her mouth off Naruto's cock for a second to blow on it and he shivered from how cool her breath was. Naruto listened to Hokuto's muffled moans and continued to ram his member into her mouth.

She rubbed her tits together on his cock and worked her tongue on his member. Shortly afterwards, Hokuto felt Naruto's member twitch inside her mouth and realized he was nearing his release.

Remembering his rounds with all of Samui, Shizuka and Hinata, she made sure she kept her mouth on his erection as he drove it into her mouth and her breasts bounced together on his member.

Naruto growled as he came inside Hokuto's mouth and her eyes widen at how much semen was now inside of her mouth. Doing her best to keep her mouth on Naruto's manhood, she swallowed the white substance and gulped it down.

The blonde removed his saliva-soaked manhood from Hokuto's mouth and she licked her lips; marveling at the taste of his semen. She watched as Naruto quickly sat back down and gripped her wrists.

He lay on his back as he pulled her onto his lap and she sat in front of his erection. Hokuto nodded at Naruto before lifting herself above his member and blushed heavily.

With Naruto's help, she brought herself down onto his cock and snapped her hymen apart in the process. She closed her eyes and moaned loudly before Naruto began to thrust into her warmth.

Naruto released Hokuto's wrists and he gripped her waist as he pumped his cock into her walls. The freckled woman started to roll her hips in correspondence with Naruto's thrusts and her breasts began to heave.

"I can't believe he feels so big!" Hokuto thought to herself as she rode Naruto's length and he cupped her heaving breasts. Naruto slammed his cock into Hokuto's walls and squeezed her mounds.

Her tight innards grinded Naruto's manhood as he pummeled into her core and teased her breasts. He noticed Hokuto's blushing face and that she hadn't opened her eyes yet.

To him, this only signified that she was enjoying the sex that much and Kurama appreciated this greatly. Still, he wanted to see Hokuto's eyes and he took one hand off her breast to stroke her cheek.

Hokuto finally opened her eyes and they shimmered brightly with lust. Naruto, or rather Kurama, smiled at this as Hokuto placed herself on all four and pressed her lips on his.

Cerulean eyes looked into violet ones as the pair kissed and Hokuto's perky breasts jiggled just over Naruto's chest. Naruto held onto Hokuto's plump rear as it repeatedly smacked on his lap and they moaned into each other's mouths.

Their tongues did battle as Hokuto's hips wiggled to grind Naruto's raging member as it pummeled into her lower orifice and slammed against her walls of wetness. Naruto and Hokuto's tongues roughly did battle as they kissed and the latter placed her hands on his shoulders.

Naruto held onto Hokuto's ass as he crashed his cock into her body and she moaned into his mouth. She worked her hips together on his hulking erection and held onto his shoulders for extra support.

Soon, Naruto broke the kiss with Hokuto and licked where her freckles were. She only moaned at this as she sat back up and placed her hands on Naruto's chest.

Hokuto rode Naruto's cock as it shot upright into her walls and made her grow tighter on him with each thrust. Naruto cupped Hokuto's breasts once again and fondled them as they jiggled endlessly.

Her core was wildly slammed into by Naruto's erection and she wiggled her hips each time he did so. Naruto sat up and pressed Hokuto's breasts together.

He then pressed his lips on the mounds and began to suckle her tits. Hokuto continued to moan as Naruto worked his lips on the pink bud and flicked it with his tongue.

Hokuto ran her fingers through Naruto's hair and held his face against her heaving, perky breasts. He didn't mind as he gently bit into the mounds and moved his canines on them.

Naruto's swollen length charged upright into Hokuto's tight crevices and hit her wetness deeply. Her wetness increased as Naruto toyed with her breasts and fondled them.

He worked his jaws on them and tenderly sank his teeth into the bouncing orbs of flesh. Hokuto's hips worked together to grind Naruto's never-ending pummels as he sent it up into her body.

The slender woman's whole face was red as Naruto's manhood rocketed into her body and his manhood vibrated inside of her; signaling her that he was able to come inside of her very soon. She was nearing her own release and continued to work her womanhood on his cock.

Her beliefs were confirmed not long afterwards when her womanhood coiled around Naruto's length and squeezed it enough for him to come as well. His seed filled up her womb and at that very moment, bright vermillion-colored stars burst in front of Hokuto's face.

"I was right. Naruto-kun did make me see stars, after all." Hokuto thought in complete ecstasy as her eyes sparkled with pleasure and love for Naruto. Afterward the stars left her sight; she lowered her head and kissed Naruto on the lips lovingly before getting off him.

She laid on her front and panted happily while Naruto's cum flooded out of her pussy. Then, Naruto gripped her forearm from behind and entered her from behind, making her stand on all fours.

Hokuto moaned as Naruto cupped her breast from behind with his free hand as he banged his erection against her walls and she did her best to maintain balance. Naruto thrust into the Star kuniochi and a lustful smile spread across her lips as he did so.

Her ass smacked against Naruto's crotch as he rammed his member into her entrance and her free breast heaved by itself. Naruto held onto Hokuto's forearm as she held it out for him and she balanced herself with his help.

Naruto licked his lips lustfully and moaned with Hokuto as their lower parts meet. His cock collided into her walls and she tightly held onto the bed sheets.

Hokuto closed her eyes again and moaned loudly as Naruto released her arm and cupped her other breast. It was then that Naruto started to lick the crook of Hokuto's neck and she whimpered at the immense pleasure her body felt.

Naruto's length rocketed into her womanhood and the sounds of flesh colliding together were easily heard by Tsunade and the younger kuniochi group. The blonde male smoothly licked Hokuto's neck and he smothered her breasts together.

He kneaded the orbs and sank his fingers into them. Hokuto panted at how big Naruto's erection was inside of her inner caverns and continued to dig her nails into the bed.

Naruto began to nibble the side of Hokuto's neck and she mewled at this this once again. His hips jetted forward into Hokuto's tight crevices and her eyes snapped open the second Naruto tenderly bit her neck.

She gritted her teeth in pain for a moment before returning to moaning at how good she felt. Naruto's kept his teeth on her neck for a short time before revealed a bright red hickey and smiled at his success.

He put his head over Hokuto's shoulder and nuzzled her cheek emotionally. She smiled at him and turned to press her lips against his.

Blue and light purple eyes met once again as Hokuto's warmth coiled around Naruto's cock and he flooded her innards with his semen. The paired moaned as they released and sweated poured down their temples.

Naruto pulled his semen-covered erection out of Hokuto and allowed her to lie on her side for a moment. After a few seconds later, Hokuto found her back on the wall as Naruto pounded into her warmth and she moaned in response.

Hokuto had both her arms and legs wrapped around Naruto as she bucked her hips. Naruto slammed his manhood into her walls and she moaned in response.

She put her forehead against Naruto's and the freckled woman nuzzled the whiskered-man. Naruto held onto Hokuto's breasts as he pumped his stiff length into her body and she grinded it with each thrust he did.

Hokuto bucked her hips in sync with Naruto's lust-driven movements and his wild blue eyes stared at his female partner. Naruto pressed his hands into Hokuto's breasts and groped the mounds.

Hokuto's blushing face became contorted with lust at Naruto's throbbing erection slamming into her core and she began to lick his neck. He smiled at this and kept Hokuto's slender form against the wall as he thrust into her tunnels.

Naruto moaned with Hokuto as they worked their hips together and she gripped his ass in the process to pinch it. He grunted at this as Hokuto brushed her tongue on his neck slowly and he enjoyed how smoothly her tongue glided on his neck.

Hokuto's toes cringed from the pleasure she felt and kept her legs locked around Naruto's crotch. The brunette's forehead hadn't left Naruto's and the numerous amounts of sweat poured from both temples together.

Naruto held onto the bouncing orbs of flesh as they jiggled in his hands and he rubbed them together. Hokuto began to nibble on the saliva-covered part of his neck until she left a hickey on it and Naruto pressed his lips against her own.

Their tongues began to fight inside each other's mouth as they kissed and Hokuto wrapped her arms around Naruto's neck. She ran her fingers through his hair and they moaned into their kiss.

Hokuto's womanhood wrapped around Naruto's throbbing cock and he filled her up with his semen. They didn't separate lips for a second until Naruto's sperm and Hokuto's fluids began to drip out of her.

Naruto laid Hokuto on the bed and she rested on her back for a bit before noticing him about to enter her again. She just watched and braced herself for another round of sex.

Hours later

Naruto came into Hokuto for the 26th time and laid back as he placed her onto his lap. She looked half-dazed and the only thing she saw were fox-shaped stars dancing in her gaze.

Hokuto managed to partially return to reality and realized she was at her limit. She raised her hand in the air and sighed breathlessly.

"I'm sorry but will someone else tag in?" Hokuto said with exhaustion in her voice and as usual, none of the women moved. Finally, Sakura got a brave look on her face and began to walk towards the bed.

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