Happy Easter! Welcome to chapter five of Curing Kurama and the lucky gal in this one is the hot but from time-to time annoying Sakura. As I said before, there are a few surprises Sakura has in this chapter and read to find out.
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Sakura stood in front of the bed and had removed everything but her shirt off. She watched Naruto thrust into Hokuto as she rode him with a dazed look on her face and the rosette took a deep breath.

"Naruto." Sakura said and Naruto looked away from Hokuto to see his teammate. He smiled at her and it would seem that he recognized her.

Sakura slowly reached for her zipper and began pulling it down. Once it was down all the way, Sakura let her shirt fall off and revealed her toned, slender yet curvaceous build.

Naruto looked to see her breasts were…large?! To Naruto's surprise and the other women in the room, with the exception of Tsunade, Sakura's breasts were quite big in size and were perky.

Though Sakura's breasts were nowhere near the size of Samui or Hinata's busts, they were still large and Naruto raised a surprised brow before licking Hokuto's chest a final time. Next, he lifted the dazed kuniochi off his lap and allowed her to rest on the bed.

"Where in the world has she been hiding those things?" Ino wondered in disbelief at Sakura's bust despite the fact it was slightly smaller than her own breasts. Sakura framed Naruto's face and looked him straight in the eyes.

"All right, Naruto, don't get the wrong idea! I'm only doing this to get you back to normal." Sakura said before smothering her lips on Naruto's and she still cupped his face. Naruto watched as Sakura placed herself in his lap and stroked his cheek.

He wrapped his arms around Sakura and held her close to him. His tongue roughly dominated the inside of Sakura's mouth and their tongues roughly rubbed on each other.

Naruto laid Sakura on her back and placed himself on top of her. He stroked her cheek and Sakura rubbed her hand on Naruto's back.

He roughly rubbed his tongue against hers and he separated their lips to begin licking her neck before focusing on her breasts. Naruto pressed his hands on her ample orbs of flesh and began caressing them together.

Sakura lowly moaned at this and kept her hands on Naruto's back while he kneaded her breasts together. She looked forward to see Hana and Fuuka helping Hokuto onto her feet.

They helped the star-dazed kuniochi away from the bed and Naruto didn't notice, of course. He sank his fingers deeply into the orbs of flesh and smothered them.

Naruto smiled deviously at Sakura's blushing face and rubbed the mounds together. He squeezed them and planted his lips on her nipples.

He suckled her tits as they began to grow harder from his persistent licking and she held his head against her bosom. She closed her eyes and whimpered as Naruto's lips worked on her aroused breasts.

Naruto endlessly rubbed Sakura's orbs of flesh and rubbed them together vigorously. He took his mouth off Sakura's breasts and still kept them together as his tongue flickered them.

Sakura moaned as this while Naruto started licking her neck and continued to squeeze her breasts together. Naruto's tongue roughly rubbed on Sakura's neck as he caressed her mounds and she gripped the bed as a result.

He nibbled her neck and she moaned as his fingers massaged her orbs intently. His canines grazed on Sakura as he buried his fingers into the mounds and groped them.

Naruto began to rub them together again while started to brush his length against her folds. Sakura moaned at how stiff Naruto's cock felt on her womanhood and she began to grow wet as her breasts were squeezed.

He kneaded the orbs of flesh and moulded them roughly; completely enjoying the softness of them. Sakura mewled loudly at this as Naruto groped her breasts lustfully and squeezed them.

Naruto toyed with the mounds and swirled his thumbs around her tits. Next, his member was directly in front of Sakura's entrance and he still fondled her breasts simultaneously.

The possessed blonde rubbed his length on Sakura's womanhood as she turned wet on the inside from and Naruto sensed this. As she moaned, her legs began to quake with arousal and Naruto finished licking Sakura's neck after leaving a hickey.

Next, he reached down and started rubbing his fingers on her folds. Sakura moaned at this before Naruto lowered his head down to her pussy and spread her walls apart.

He stared at the wetness inside of her and kept rubbing his fingers on her folds. Naruto began licking her clit as he wriggled his fingers on her folds and she whimpered at this.

Naruto rubbed his fingers on Sakura's womanhood and worked his tongue on her clit. The rosette woman's blush remained on her face as Naruto's tongue rubbed on her clit while his fingers brushed the spaces of her folds.

The possessed man prodded his fingers on her womanhood and began to lick her folds. He traced them with his tongue and her insides turned soaked.

Sakura looked down as Naruto licked her pussy and stroked her pussy before his fingers entered her body. The young medical kuniochi continued moaning as Naruto's fingers rubbed against her insides and squirmed on her walls.

Naruto brought his head up to Sakura's toned stomach and began kissing her navel. She squeezed her eyes shut and began to pant as Naruto wildly began to drag his tongue on navel and work his fingers inside of her pussy.

With him kissing her stomach, his fingers brushed on her innards and the devious smirk remained on his face. Naruto pressed his lips on the center of Sakura's stomach and began smooching it intently.

Sakura's legs cringed as Naruto's lips kissed her stomach and he licked the highly toned area as he fingered her insides. With his free hand, Naruto reached up and palmed Sakura's breast.

He sank his finger into it as he began to grope it and his plan of doing so to make his teammate wetter on the inside was succeeding. Naruto buried his fingers into the softness of the pliable orb and massaged it.

Sakura whimpered as Naruto groped her breast and rubbed his fingers on her insides. He kneaded the orb of flesh and massaged it.

Naruto kept digging his fingers into Sakura's tunnels and brushed them against her warmth. Sakura suddenly found herself fondling her other breast and beginning to rub her clit.

The result was her levels of wetness rising and she moaned all the while as Naruto sank his hand into the softness of her breast. She wriggled her fingers on her clit as Naruto removed his fingers from her womanhood and used her folds apart.

He began licking into them and Sakura moaned in slight protest when he removed his hand from her breast to keep her folds spread. Naruto licked into her pussy and his tongue swayed inside of her body.

Naruto tasted Sakura's wetness as she groped her mound and brushed his tongue against her wetness. He rubbed his thumbs on her clit with her help and worked his tongue inside of her.

Sakura's wetness was tasted by Naruto's lustful tongue and she moaned loudly all the while. Naruto's tongue teased Sakura's wetness and his tongue was wagging inside against her walls.

Naruto's tongue slithered inside of Sakura's crevices and licked her tunnels. Soon, Sakura let out a final moan as she came onto Naruto's tongue and his tongue was surrounded by total arousal.

Sakura's fluids streamed out of her pussy and onto Naruto's tongue. He licked them as Sakura panted and rested for a while.

The rosette watched as Naruto put his lower body over Sakura's chest and she instantly opened her mouth. She accepted Naruto's member as it entered her mouth and he squeezed her breasts on it.

He moaned lustfully at the feeling as he began to pump his member into both her mouth and cleavage. Sakura's mouth sucked on Naruto's length as he ran it into her mouth and the pink-haired woman let out muffled moans.

Sakura held her breasts together on Naruto's cock and he thrust into the soft mounds. She swirled her tongue around the top of Naruto's length and sucked on it.

Naruto gripped the area next to Sakura's shoulders and held onto it as he jetted his erection through her breasts. Sakura squeezed her breasts together on Naruto's stiffness as it pounded into her breasts and he moaned at the softness of them.

Sakura worked her mouth on Naruto's length and soaked it with her saliva. She rubbed her breasts on his hilt and squished them together on it.

Naruto released the bed and gripped Sakura's tits. He began to tweak them as he rocketed his length into her cleavage and kept his lustful grin on his face.

The blonde rammed his cock into Sakura's mouth and she let out muffled moans as he toyed with her nipples. Sakura smothered her breasts together on Naruto's length as her tongue smoothly licked the head of it and she moaned in ecstasy at the taste.

The warmth of Sakura's mouth pleased Naruto as she kneaded her heaving bosom on his length and he growled with lust. He palmed Sakura's breasts and helped her stroke his cock with them.

The mounds bounced on his length and jerked him off. Naruto's hilt was smothered by Sakura's breasts and she continued to stir her tongue around it before it started twitching inside of her mouth.

She realized Naruto was about to release his semen and held her breasts together on his length. He moaned as his release neared and continued to charge his length into the rosette's mouth.

A while later, Naruto came into Sakura's mouth and the release was so strong that some her eyes grew large at how much cum was in her mouth. Sakura gulped down as much semen as possible before Naruto removed his length from inside her mouth and stroked it a final time; coming onto her face as a result.

He took his member from between Sakura's breasts and instantly positioned it at her entrance. Without saying or uttering a single sound, he entered Sakura's womanhood and tore apart her barrier.

She moaned loudly at the feeling of no longer being a virgin and Naruto still had that devious grin on his face that Kurama gave him; almost as if he was enjoying Sakura's pleasured face from sadism instead of direct lust.

With his length inside of Sakura, he began to savagely thrust into her caverns and she moaned loudly as she tightly gripped the bed. She watched as her breasts began to heave from Naruto's raging erection as it crashed into her moist walls and she bucked her hips the best she could to grind it.

"Wait, Naruto! Can you be gentler?" Sakura moaned to Naruto but the possessed blonde male didn't let up on his speed at all and the rosette realized such words meant nothing to him. In fact, he kept pounding his manhood into his teammate's core as she grinded it inside of her walls and her breasts jiggled.

Naruto's hips charged forward as he slammed his member into Sakura's walls and she whimpered at the heavy impact his thrusts had on her innards. Naruto took one hand off the bed and wiped his semen off Sakura's face.

Next, he dangled his cum-covered fingertips over Sakura's mouth and she looked at his hand. She licked the semen off his fingers and Naruto smothered his lips on hers as a reward.

Bright wild cerulean eyes met emerald eyes as the pair kissed lustfully. Sakura wrapped her arms around the back of his head and held him close to her.

Naruto pounded his erection into Sakura's pussy and her breasts smothered against his chest. The blonde stroked Sakura's cheek as their tongues met and savagely wrestled.

He thundered his cock into Sakura's womanhood and she trickled her fingers through his hair as he did so. With his free hand, he palmed Sakura's breast and fondled the jiggling tumultuous mound.

Naruto's tongue drenched Sakura's tongue with his saliva and she held onto him strongly. Sakura moaned into Naruto's mouth as he rumbled his length into her walls and she continued to buck her hips in response.

Sakura's initial moans of pain transformed into ones of pleasure as Naruto pummeled his length into her body and hit deeply into her core. He ceased stroking her cheek to palm the other jiggling orb and grope it.

Sakura continued to stroke the back of Naruto's head and loving rubbed her fingers on his whiskers. Naruto squeezed the mounds together and pounded his length into her tightness.

Her pussy grinded his erection and the pair continued to keep their lips pressed together. Sakura, despite the love she still had for the redeemed Sasuke, felt a sharp urge to keep her lips against Naruto's and never separate them.

A question that pondered her mind was if she was beginning to love Naruto out of pure romance or if she was lusting for the pleasure he currently gave her. These thoughts were put aside while she focused on battling his tongue and stroking his cheek.

Naruto's length flew into Sakura's pussy and he toyed with her bouncing orbs. He groped them endlessly as they jiggled from his monstrous thrusts and they quickly pounded into Sakura's walls.

The possessed man's cock flew into Sakura's tight innards and rumbled them. Her pussy grinded his raging tool and his vein-covered length rocketed into her warmth and he pressed her breasts together.

Naruto and Sakura moaned into each other's mouths as they felt their release getting closer by the second. Sakura grew tighter on Naruto's erection as he toyed with her breasts and smothered them together.

The teammates synced the movements of their hips and continued to stare into each other's eyes. Naruto's erection slammed into Sakura's inner tunnels and rubbed on her walls.

Sakura and Naruto never separated lips when her walls wrapped around his length and it shot his seed into the depths of her womb. His semen filled up Sakura's innards and her eyes sparkled in ecstasy as he did so.

Their releases poured out of Sakura's womanhood and onto the bed. Sweat profusely poured from Naruto and Sakura's bodies as they kissed.

Naruto separated his lips from Sakura's and pulled out of her pussy. He nuzzled her forehead and she managed to lay on her front.

It was then that Naruto gripped her waist and placed her in his lap. Knowing that he was nowhere near done with her, she complied by spreading her legs apart and he entered her wetness again.

Sakura moaned as Naruto's erection began to pound into her walls and she bucked her hips in return. Naruto held onto Sakura's waist as she rode his length and placed her hands on his knees for balance.

Her breasts jiggled with Naruto's erection crashing into Sakura's walls and her breasts began to bounce once again. Naruto laid completely on his back as Sakura's plump ass smacked on his lap and her mounds heaved.

Naruto's amazing thrusts shot up into Sakura's womanhood and she worked her hips on it. He held onto her waist as he pumped his erection into her warmth and she placed her hands on her thighs.

She spread her legs further apart and wiggled them together. Sakura shook her waist on Naruto's length inside of her and moaned at how big he felt on the inside of her.

The pleasure Sakura received from Naruto's length felt so good to her that she might lose her mind from it and watched as he held onto her waist. Naruto slammed his cock into her walls and Sakura moaned as he cupped her breasts.

Naruto groped the large mounds as they jiggled and rubbed them together. He sat up and released one of Sakura's breasts to begin tweaking her erect tit.

He palmed the other orb while he twisted the other nipple and Sakura's eyes looked back at the pleasured man. Naruto jerked his crotch upright into Sakura's womanhood and his erection jetted into her folds.

Sakura shook her hips as Naruto's length soared high into her crevices and she moaned as he toyed with her breasts. He sank his fingers into the jiggling mound he held and pinched her hardened teat.

Naruto's length crashed into Sakura's womanhood until her innards coiled around him and squeezed it. The rosette moaned loudly as her core was flooded by Naruto's semen and he held onto her breasts.

They panted as their fluids left her body and she lay on her front panting. She rubbed the sweat off her forehead and felt Naruto lift her ass into the air. He placed his cock near her ass as he stroked himself until he came and his cum dripped on her rectum.

The wet feeling made Sakura shiver for a second before Naruto began rubbing his length between her ass cheeks and spread the semen around her rectum using his length. Naruto pressed the head of his length against Sakura's rectum and slowly began pushing it in.

Sakura's eyes grew large in surprise as she looked back at Naruto and she immediately realized what kind of sex he had in mind.

"Naruto, wait!" Sakura said in protest before he entered her rear and she let out a howl of pain while the other women in the room, especially Ino, winced in sympathy for Sakura as they didn't expect Naruto to do that at all. As if to silence her, Naruto gripped Sakura's forearms and brought the rosette to her knees as he began to pound into her ass before pressing his lips on hers.

Blue and green eyes met as Naruto's tongue entered Sakura's mouth as her breasts swayed forth. Sakura moaned painfully into Naruto's mouth as his accelerating member caused her asshole to become wider and her whole blush covered her face.

Sakura's ass was pounded into by Naruto's length and he moaned into her mouth at the amazing tightness he felt. The sound of flesh colliding sounded throughout the room and Sakura's tongue fought with Naruto's.

The pink-haired woman broke the kiss to moan loudly as she closed her eyes and a look of pleasure appeared on her face. Naruto held onto Sakura's forearms tightly as he slammed his cock into her ass and her cheek hit his crotch.

Sakura managed to get to her feet and Naruto suddenly slid his hands under her legs. He held the undersides of Sakura's legs and hoisted her into the air.

Naruto held Sakura in the air by her legs in a similar position to the one he had with Hinata earlier and kept thrusting into her ass. Sakura moaned as Naruto bent her legs back enough to the point where he held her in full-nelson style.

Sakura's eyes nearly rolled into the back of her skull as Naruto's erection slammed into her rear and her breasts bounced high into the air. Naruto held tightly onto Sakura's legs as he kept thrusting into her ass and held them back.

He surged his length into Sakura's ass and she held onto his biceps as he came into her. Sakura moaned loudly as tears of pleasure began dripping from her eyes and her eyes remained halfway up in her skull.

Naruto panted after his cum filled the inside of Sakura's rear and still held her in the air. His release oozed out of Sakura's rear and down his hilt onto the floor.

He lifted Sakura off his member and set the sweaty woman on the bed. A look of pure pleasure remained on Sakura's face as Naruto's semen drained out of her rectum and she smiled as she noticed his length looming towards on her face.

The only response from her was a smile as she sat up.

Hours later

Naruto thrust into Sakura, who sat on his lap working her hips and her breasts heaved erratically. She was covered in sweat from head to toe and her eyes were half opened.

"Oh, Sakura…" Ino thought in sympathy for Sakura as she watched her ride Naruto and Tsunade looked at her student. She listened closely to her moans and the rate of her breath.

"Sakura's almost at her limit. Would the next person step up?" Tsunade said and this time after a small amount of hesitance, Temari began marching towards the bed while undoing her obi. As for Sakura, she lovingly smiled down at Naruto and kept her hands on his chest.

"Naruto-kun…" Sakura thought dreamingly as Naruto pounded into her warmth.

Well, there's the chapter with Sakura and I hope everyone enjoys this as an Easter gift. The two surprises were that Sakura has bigger breasts for more lemon-power and that she gets anal sex from Naruto; which is a form of revenge that Kurama uses on her for all the times she's attacked him.

You can tell Naruto's sex festival has taken its toll on Sakura, whose now calling him "Naruto-kun" in place of addressing him without honorifics like she's always done. Anyway, Temari's scene is next and again enjoy!