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Temari stood in front of the bed watching as Naruto pounded into Sakura and looked at her toned, curvaceous body. She blushed in slight embarrassment at being nude and covered her breasts.

"Why must I look like this?" Temari asked herself before sighing and looking at Naruto.

"Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, face this way!" Temari shouted at Naruto, who took his eyes off Sakura and observed the busty sand kuniochi. He licked his lips before pulling Sakura into a slobbery kiss and lifting her off his manhood.

He placed Sakura on her side and looked at Temari's body with excitement. She straddled Naruto and cupped both her breasts for him.

Naruto pressed his hands on the mounds and squeezed them. Temari lowly moaned as Naruto toyed with her breasts and she looked behind her to see Ino and Ayame help the rosette away from the bed.

She focused on Naruto and watched him grope the mounds. He sank his fingers into the ample orbs and rubbed them together.

Temari rested her ass on Naruto's lap as he began to massage her breasts and she couldn't believe the amount of pleasure she was beginning to feel from his teasing. She placed her hands on his shoulders as he squeezed her breasts and kneaded them together.

Naruto smiled in delight as he instinctively could tell Temari was growing wet on the inside and he kept groping her. Temari still blushed as the younger blonde caressed her breasts and fondled them.

Her tits began to grow hard from the feeling and Naruto instantly sat up to gently bite into her breast. His canines sank into the mounds and while in slight pain, Temari found that she liked the feeling of his sharp teeth on her orb of flesh.

Naruto caressed and groped the mounds as Temari placed her hand on the back of his head to smother his face against her bosom. He brushed his canines on the mounds and Temari lowly moaned as they sank into them.

Temari watched as Naruto's teeth brushed her mounds before he smothered his lips on her tit and suckled it. He vigorously worked his lips on them and held the mounds together as his tongue wildly licked both of them.

The green-eyed woman's breasts pressed on Naruto's face as he tasted them and rubbed his tongue on her hardening buds. It slobbered on them as he swirled his tongue around them and did likewise with his thumbs.

Despite the embarrassment Temari felt, she'd be lying if she said the pleasure she was feeling wasn't driving her crazy. As he suckled Temari's breasts, he reached down and wriggled his fingers into her pussy.

Temari moaned in surprise as they rubbed against her walls and Naruto grinned at her reaction. He rubbed his fingers on her innards and Temari pushed him onto his back.

She straddled his neck and spread her folds apart in front of Naruto's face. He stared into the folds and Temari closed her eyes while madly blushing.

"Well, Naruto-kun, what are you waiting for? The 4th of July? Taste me!" Temari yelled at Naruto, who still smiled deviously as she had failed to notice that the possessed blonde was intentionally making her say such things aloud and he spread the folds apart in place of her fingers. Aside from that, Temari's domineering nature seemed interesting to him and all did he was grin out of amusement.

His fingers re-entered Temari's pussy and he brushed his fingers against his walls. Temari closed her eyes and whimpered out of pleasure.

She lowly moaned as Naruto's fingers ravaged her innards and his tongue furiously licked her clit. He soaked her lower area as his fingers wiggled inside of her wetness and he rubbed his other fingers on her folds.

His tongue kept flicking her clit and his fingers wriggled into her insides and Temari squeezed her eyes shut. While she appeared to be resisting Naruto's sexual methods, she was actually enjoying them quite well as her arousal grew from his teasing.

She shivered in pleasure as Naruto's fingers worked their way into her warmth and his tongue started to trace her entrance. His tongue danced about on her folds and she whimpered once again.

Once he was done tracing her folds, he brought his face closer to her womanhood and licked his way into her walls. Temari began panted as Naruto's tongue wagged inside of her and tasted her growing wetness.

He rapidly swung his tongue on her innards as both index fingers brushed on her folds and just like the previous kunoichi who felt the untamed power of his romps; Temari's wetness didn't disappoint his taste buds.

Temari moaned loudly as Naruto's tongue went on a lusty-rampage inside of her body and he looked up at her breasts. He ceased fingering Temari and cupped what he could of them.

The older blonde woman lowly purred at his groping of the mounds and it was that course of action that made her wetter. Naruto's tongue dug into Temari's inner caverns and feverishly tasted her moistness.

He temporary removed his tongue from her pussy and slightly sat up to lick her navel. It was then her eyes snapped open as she looked down to see his tongue tapping her toned stomach and he licked the supple flesh.

Naruto smoothly rubbed his tongue on her belly as he squeezed and kneaded her ample mounds in the process. He pressed his lips on Temari's stomach and she let out a small squeal.

The result was Naruto laughing in Kurama's voice, which carried an eerie echo in it and it freaked out Temari for a second. He smothered his lips on Temari and he sank his fingers into her tits.

He rubbed them together and teased them as he returned to tasting Temari's wetness. His tongue wiggled and swayed inside her entrance while she watched him.

Even with the embarrassment that hadn't left her, Temari couldn't help but feel intense pleasure at Naruto's constant groping and licking. Her blushing face and panting represented the lust she had inside of her.

Temari's eyes began to glisten as the younger blonde's tongue buried itself into her wetness and licked the moist area. His tongue was completely concealed within her warmth and he addictively toyed with her breasts.

She smiled as she felt her orgasm occur as Naruto's tongue traveled deep into her core and she panted as her release out of her. Naruto quickly licked up the fluids and licked his lips at the great taste.

Temari looked at Naruto as she got off him and sat in front of him. Naruto rose to his knees and Temari eyes his erection.

She tapped Naruto's knees while gesturing for him to stand up and he did as told. His erection was just in of Temari's face and she appeared nervous at the size of the bulge before moving closer to it.

"All right, Naruto-kun, get ready to come a lot!" Temari said as she cupped her breasts and squeezed them on his length. He moaned before Temari placed her mouth on him and started sucking his length.

Then, he began to thrust into her breasts and mouth. She rubbed her mounds together on his cock as her tongue brushed the top of his cock and soaked it with her saliva.

Temari kept her tits together as she kneaded them together on Naruto's erection and she bopped her head on it. Naruto moaned as the soft orbs pleasured his member and he drove it into her mouth.

She closed her eyes as Naruto pumped himself into her breasts and swirled her tongue around his length. Her tits squeezed the veins on him and she moaned from how fascinating she found the taste.

Naruto's manhood jetted into her mouth and her tongue brushed on the top of it. He placed both hands on Temari's skull as he pounded his cock into her ample bosom and mouth.

At first, Temari thought she would nearly suffocate from how big Naruto's length was inside her mouth but now, she was too focused with how good she found the taste and kept to licking it. Not really concerned at the moment with the size of his erection, she kept her breasts together as they jiggled on his length and squeezed it.

Naruto moaned as his length pushed into her saliva-drenching mouth and held onto her skull for balance. Kurama certainly loved the feeling of Temari's orbs of flesh on his manhood and moaned through Naruto's mouth.

The blonde male's length shot into Temari's mouth and she stirred her tongue around his harden glory. Temari felt Naruto's length vibrate inside her mouth a couple of times before it sprayed semen about and her pupils shrink in great shock at how much of it there.

Some of Naruto's cum spurted out Temari's mouth as she kept it on his cock until he was done and the semen dripped into her cleavage. After a while, Naruto removed his stiffness from her mouth and she managed to consume some of his release before opening her mouth to catch her breath.

Naruto smiled at Temari while she regained her breath and rubbed off the semen on her chin. She looked back at him and turned around.

Still blushing furiously, she reached back and spread her folds apart. Naruto, still standing behind Temari, just smiled at the show and she lowly growled impatiently.

"Hey! You want to put it in me, don't you? Then get to it quickly!" Temari ordered Naruto and he smiled as he gripped her waist before entering her warmth. Her barrier was broken the second Naruto entered her wetness and she moaned loudly as a result.

Naruto's now-infamous series of thrusts started as he pounded into Temari, who tightly held onto the front rail and received his thrusts. Her breasts began to sway and jiggle about as Naruto's vein-covered rod pounded into her.

"Wait, you're too rough!" Temari moaned to Naruto, who only licked her earlobe in response and he deviously smiled at her pleased reaction. Samui and Shizuka, having slightly regained their composure unlike all of Hinata, Hokuto, and Sakura, watched from the wall near Tsunade.

"Right; as if our moans didn't give you that impression earlier." Both of Samui and Shizuka thought in unison as they watched Naruto pound into Temari. Her plumped ass smacked against his crotch and he rutted his hips forward.

Temari held onto the rail as Naruto's length flashed into her core and rubbed against her walls. Despite the fact she found Naruto's hardness too rough on her innards, she couldn't believe her body was beginning to enjoy it and her moans signified just that.

Her moans of pain soon transformed into pleasured ones as Naruto's cock crashed against her walls and he held onto her small waist. His tongue hung from his mouth in a fit of lust and his erection rocketed into her womanhood.

Her insides grinded Naruto's cock as he pummeled himself into her warm and tight insides. Temari's breasts swung forward from Naruto's thunderous thrust and she closed her eyes again.

He cupped her breasts and buried his fingers into them. The blue-eyed male's erection flew into her innards and he leaned forward to lick her neck.

Naruto's tongue brushed on Temari's neck and she whimpered as he fondled and caressed the mounds bouncing in his hold. His length flew into Temari's tunnels and his tongue practically glided on her neck.

He then licked her neck all the way back up to her earlobe and it at that point in time that Temari's eyes opened. Naruto lustfully pressed his lips against Temari's and teal eyes made deep contact with cerulean ones.

Naruto's tongue entered Temari's mouth and battled her tongue. Once her tongue started battling his, it didn't stand a chance against his and was overpowered.

He smothered her breasts together and he held onto them. Temari smothered her rear against Naruto's lap as he pounded against it and smiled as it squished on him.

Temari's tongue worked against Naruto's as they licked one another and he drew his hips forward. The two blondes sweated profusely as he pumped his cock into the depths of her womanhood.

His erection sharply hit into her insides and thanks to the experience of his past hours, he knew her warmth would become tighter on his hilt. Kurama found Temari to be domineering but he would soon break that nature of hers; well, her urge to be in control of the sex, anyway.

In fact, he was already succeeding in doing so as he heard her moaning for him to continue thrusting into her warmth and he mentally loved it when someone begged him during sex. He did as requested and felt both of their approaches coming.

Naruto broke the kiss and squeezed his eyes shut. He buried his fingers into her breasts and Temari looked back at him as she felt his length vibrate repeatedly inside of her.

He smiled as Temari's pussy coiled around his erection and smothered it until his release burst out of him. Naruto's semen filled up her core to the point where his cum sprayed out of her onto the bed and she howled in pleasure.

She smiled dreamingly as Naruto licked her throat a single time before pulling out of her and she slowly dropped to her knees. Temari rested against the bed rail and panted; failing to notice Naruto lying on his back.

Temari wiped the sweat off her forehead and looked at Naruto just in time to see him reaching for her. Not at all surprised, she got up and sank herself onto his length.

While moaning, Temari placed her hands on Naruto's chest and rolled her hips forward just as he began to thrust into her warmth. He pumped his length into Temari's wetness and watched as she rode his hard-on.

He smiled at the pleasure Temari's tight innards gave his length and her breasts once again started heaving. Naruto palmed both her breasts and caressed the jiggling orbs together.

Temari moaned as he did so and worked her hips in a forward direction. Naruto's manhood pummeled deeply into Temari's insides as she grinded it and he played with her breasts all the while.

He pounded his length into her insides and her lust-filled grin returned as she looked at him. Naruto returned the gaze as he jerked his crotch upright into her womanhood.

Naruto thrust into Temari's pussy and her wiggled hips grinded his length inside of her. He watched as her breasts jiggled in his hold and licked his lips at the sight.

He sat up and pressed his lips against Temari's. Bright blue found dark green ones as their lips stayed pressed together and their tongues instantly met in yet another lust-fueled battle.

They moaned into each other's mouths as Naruto released Temari's breasts and gripped her ass cheeks as they hit his lap. Temari worked her walls on Naruto's erection in a wanton-fashion and she moaned as he separated his lips from hers to smother his face into her breasts.

Temari wrapped her arms around Naruto's head and pressed his face against her jiggling orbs of flesh. She closed her eyes and moaned as her pussy coiled around his length a second time; causing his seeds to spurt out into her womb.

Naruto held onto Temari's ass as they came together and she panted once again. Their fluids gushed out of her womanhood and she felt Naruto's tongue lick both her breasts.

Not very long after that, Temari got off Naruto's length only to turn around and bring herself down on him once more. He rapidly pounded his erection into Temari's womanhood and grinned with both his eyes closed.

He held onto Temari's waist as she bucked her hips in sync with his heavy thrusts and rode his cock. She brought down her womanhood onto it as his manhood jetted upright into her warmth and her mounds bounced high into the air.

"No, it can be true! This feels so good!" Temari thought to herself as she shook her waist on Naruto's vein-covered growth and it deeply ventured into her walls. Temari closed her eyes in blissful pleasure and gritted her teeth together while Naruto mercilessly pumped his dick upright into her entrance.

Her hands were on Naruto's knees as he did spectacular thrusts into Temari's womanhood and she grinded his every move in return. The pair moaned loudly as the sound of flesh smacking together sound throughout the room; not that was anything new, anyway.

Naruto, with himself still buried inside Temari's tightness, stood on his feet and his knees were on the bed. He had Temari place her feet atop his legs as he rumbled his cock into her body and despite the panting and sweating she was doing, she was nowhere near tired.

Temari worked her hips on Naruto's erection as it rammed into her walls and they grinded it. She watched as Naruto reached up to cup her breasts and kneaded them together once again.

His length pumped into Temari's wetness and it rubbed against her core. She wiggled her hips on his powerful manhood and he began to lick the crook of her neck.

To Temari, the pleasure both Naruto and Kurama gave her was indescribable as the only instincts she followed was either one of these thoughts; letting him do whatever he wanted with her body or just plain making him come as many times as she could take.

Soon, they reached the breaking point where they climax and Naruto squeezed Temari's breast the best he could. Temari looked down as a white river poured from her body and down Naruto's legs.

"The amount…it's three times what Shikamaru lets out when he cums. Or in our case, how heavy his felt." Temari thought to herself in amazement before Naruto's thrusts were reborn.

Later on

Naruto and Temari were in their third position once again and the blonde kunoichi was at her limit. She tried to get up but Naruto strongly held her back by her arms.

"My stomach is filled up! Someone help me!" Temari loudly moaned as she closed her eyes and then suddenly, she was yanked off his length. Before Naruto could even react, he found his face underneath an unseen kunoichi's ass and he faintly heard chuckling.

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