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Anko chuckled as she rubbed her ass cheeks on Naruto's face and looked down at him as he struggled. She grinned down at him and rubbed her rear on him.

"Come on, big guy; let's see what you're all about." Anko said to Naruto, who smiled underneath her juicy ass and she smothered her ass on his face. After seeing his sex-marathons with the other kunoichi, Anko couldn't contain herself any longer and decided to throw herself into the fray.

Temari, who had been pulled off Naruto by Anko and helped away from the bed by Toki and Fuuka ,watched from the corner as she tried to maintain a state of consciousness.

"If anyone can last the most against him, it's her." Temari thought to herself as she looked at Anko rise from Naruto's face only to bring her rear back down onto his face and he smiled at the soft flesh pressing on his face. Anko laughed as she buried Naruto's face into her juicy ass and this increased her excitement of going at it with him later.

She wiggled her rear on his face and she chuckled while reaching for his length. Anko gripped it and licked her lips in reminiscent of Orochimaru.

Naruto grinned underneath Anko's delectable ass as she smothered his face and he reached up to cup her large breasts. He squeezed them and buried his fingers into the soft flesh.

"You wanna screw me that badly, huh? Well, it's your lucky day because I'm the lucky one now. So, be prepared to cum a lot." Anko chuckled as her rear rubbed on Naruto's face and smiled at his stiffness.

Though Naruto didn't hear a thing Anko said, he still groped the purple-haired woman and she still pumped his erection. She smothered her ass on Naruto's face as he rubbed her breasts together and his fingers massaged what he was able to hold of them.

Anko stroked Naruto's length and lashed out her tongue. It began licking his member and rubbed it on his manhood.

Naruto lustfully growled underneath Anko's rear and he began to tweak her tits. She smiled as he pulled her nipples upright and twisted them gently.

Anko lifted herself and positioned her walls over his face. She swayed it until Naruto spread it apart and licked her clit before pressing her breasts on his erection.

"I'm gonna make your sperm run dry!" Anko eagerly said as she began stroking her breasts together and Naruto began licking Anko's clit. She grinned at this while squeezing her ample mounds on his hardness and she smoothly licked the tip.

The blonde's tongue flicked Anko's clit and she stirred her tongue around his length. She smothered her tits together on his swollen manhood and her tongue swirled on it.

Naruto's tongue brushed against Anko's body and he spread her folds apart. He began to rub his fingers against Anko's walls and she kneaded her breasts together.

Though Naruto hadn't seen Anko's face yet, he, or rather Kurama, was thrilled at the idea of going at with another woman with a domineering personality. So, he found Anko's type of personality fun and he could tell she would explosive with her nature.

The purple-haired woman squeezed her mounds together on Naruto's cock as his tongue slid from her clit to her womanhood and began to lick the folds. She chuckled at this whilst stirring his tongue on his hardness until she sank her mouth on his cock.

He groaned at the warm feeling of her mouth on his length and she licked his hardness. Anko loved the taste of it and sucked off his erection.

She massaged his ever-hard manhood with her breasts as he began to thrust into her mouth and she groaned a bit since his tongue was wildly tracing her folds. Naruto's tongue traced around Anko's womanhood until it eventually entered her.

Shivers of pleasure shot up the purple-haired woman's spine as Naruto licked into her and whacked his tongue against her walls. He rubbed his fingers on her folds as his tongue traveled into Anko's walls and she, using her forearms to keep her breasts enclosed on his stiffness, started trickling her fingers on his ballsac.

Naruto deeply licked into Anko's wetness and she began to sway her rear. She bounced his balls in her hand and pumped her mouth on his length.

Anko's saliva drenched Naruto's erection as he thrust upward into her mouth and she returned to cupping her jiggling breasts. She squeezed her breasts together on his length and rubbed them on him.

The possessed blonde's tongue traveled deeply into Anko's wetness as she massaged his stiffness and he growled lustfully from the feeling. The warmth of her tongue twirled around his member and she moaned from the taste of it.

He licked into Anko's pussy and wagged his tongue inside of her warmth. She moaned in pleasure at how deep his tongue was digging and she heavily blushed.

Naruto instinctively knew Anko was blushing due his not-long ago experience with his previous sex-partners and his tongue reminded concealed by her lower lips. He worked his tongue inside of Anko's body and she soaked his hardened manhood with her mouth.

Anko's breasts bounced on him and his stiffened member pounded into the deep cleavage. Her tumultuous orbs were keeping Naruto's stimulated manhood at its strongest, not that it would have gone down with the inhumane lust it had.

She felt Naruto's length twitch inside of her mouth and this coincided with her own orgasm coming soon. Anko took her mouth off Naruto's erection and slowly started to blow on it.

Her cool breath made Naruto shiver in pleasure and his length felt cold before taking it back in. His tongue licked into Anko's womanhood and ferociously licked her walls.

Naruto groaned as he came into Anko's mouth and she released her fluids simultaneously. Anko let out a muffled moan as Naruto's release filled up her mouth and his tongue wildly licked her streams until there were none left.

Anko swallowed what hadn't gushed out of her mouth and released the length. Sitting upright, she turned around and smiled down at Naruto, who finally got a good look at her.

"Remember me?" Anko smiled while licking her lips snake-style again and Naruto observed her curvy build with a delightful smile. It was then the purple-haired could tell he was that much possessed because his normal self would have been scared half-way to death from just seeing her.

Anko placed her womanhood over Naruto's erection and brought it down before he could move. Her barrier was destroyed and she simply welcomed this before rolling her hips forward.

"Come on, Naruto-kun; let's see what you've got!" Anko lustfully growled at Naruto before he gripped her waist and began to thrust into her warmth. His cock thrust into Anko's warmth and she placed her hands on his shoulders.

Naruto pumped his manhood into Anko's pussy and she grinned at how sharply it was rubbing against her inner walls. Her mounds bounced as Naruto's manhood rapidly flew into her entrance and he smiled greatly.

"That's what I'm talkin' about, Naruto-kun! Keep it up!" Anko moaned as Naruto's crotch jerked upright and thrashed his member against her walls. Compared to her predecessors, she was ready to beat Naruto at his own game and wear him out until he was normal.

Anko thrust her womanhood down onto Naruto's swollen member and growled lustfully; much akin to his growls. He held onto her waist as she rode his erection and her movements grinded it.

Naruto's cock pounded into Anko's pussy and she kept her hands on her chest. Her breasts heaved upright as he crashed his throbbing manhood into her wetness and he moaned with her.

Anko's womanhood was slammed into by Naruto's length and she shook her hips. Naruto and Anko challengingly grinned at each other as their battle of hips went on and she lowered her head to him.

She began nibbling his neck before finally biting him and he grunted while liking the feeling. Anko worked her canines him and he gripped her rear instead.

His erection pummeled upright into Anko's core and he moaned in bliss as he felt her sharp canines dig into his neck. The violet-haired woman's breasts jiggled against Naruto's chest as his crotch shot upright into her lower crevice and stroked his whiskers.

Naruto's pleasure arose as Anko's teeth tore into his neck and she felt the taste of blood on her tongue. Like a vampire, she stopped biting Naruto and slowly started licking the bleeding bite-mark she left on him.

While this may have been disturbing to the other women present, Anko sure loved the taste of blood and Naruto moaned from the feeling in a sadomasochist-like fashion. Not giving up on their battle of dominance, he sat upright and made Anko do likewise.

It was then that Naruto palmed Anko's jiggling breasts and squeezed them together. He sank his fingers into them as they bounced and massaged them.

Anko noticed the bite-mark on his neck remained and this made her ponder as to why Kurama hadn't healed it; was it perhaps due to actual sadomasochists feeling. If this was the case, this worked just fine for her since it meant that she could bite him some more.

Naruto growled before holding the breasts together for him to bite into them and sinking his teeth into them. His canines slowly pierced the ample orbs and Anko purred as he wrenched his jaws on the mounds.

Thanks to Naruto fondling Anko's breasts, her womanhood slowly grew tighter on his harden manhood and his teeth bit down hard on them. She wrapped her arms around him and her nails began to rake into her back.

Naruto's teeth gnawed at Anko's mounds until he took both her nipples into his mouth and suckled them. His lips pulled on her hardened tits as he made them jiggle against his face and she moved her hips forward.

She held Naruto's head against her bosom as his erection rocketed into her warmth and he looked up at her. Anko slammed her lips against Naruto and their tongues ferociously began to battle.

Animalistic cerulean eyes met equally wild light brown ones as Naruto pumped upward into Anko's wetness and she quaked her hips to grind on it. She and Naruto growled into each other's mouths as her walls squeezed his stiffness and his semen sprayed out of her womb while filling her up at the same time.

They didn't separate lips for a moment as they both moaned while their release flooded out of Anko and ran down her inner thighs. Much to everyone's surprise, Anko began rolling her hips forward again and Naruto broke their kiss to smile; he could know tell that he would have more fun with her than his last number of partners.

He, with Anko still on his length, stood up and pressed her against the wall. The blonde thrust into the purple-haired woman and she eagerly bucked her hips to match his movements.

She held onto Naruto's shoulders as he pummeled his length into her womanhood and she reared her hips in response. Both of them still grinned with challenging lust in their eyes that benefit their personalities as they worked their hips together.

Anko moaned as Naruto's erection rocketed into her warmth and she grinded his length. He thrust into her and she leaned forward to lick the mark on his neck a single time.

Smirking, Naruto cupped her breasts and launch his face forward. His teeth sank into Anko's neck and he lustfully yet savagely bit her.

She growled lustfully in pleasure as Naruto pounded his erection against her walls and she felt his amazing canines pierce into her neck. Anko's breasts bounced in Naruto's hands groped them and he let out a husky, bestial growl.

Anko once again dug her nails into him as she rode his erection and worked her hips. The blonde's fingers sank into the pliable flesh and squeezed them.

His fingers kneaded each space he held and he stopped biting her neck to slowly lick it; mimicking her earlier move. Anko wrapped her legs around Naruto and pulled his length deeper into her body since she felt it reaching her stomach.

Her eyes rolled half-way up into her skull as Naruto's tongue rubbed against her bite-mark. As coincidence would have it, it was the same place where her curse mark used to be and strangely enough; not even that thought crossed her mind.

Naruto's lips pressed against Anko's and both closed their eyes dreamingly; both feeling glad they found their perfect sex partner. Shortly onwards, her warmth tightened on Naruto's raging cock and it erupted cum into her.

They growled into each other's mouths and kept still as a small white waterfall poured out of Anko onto the bed. Naruto and Anko parted lips before she got his stiffness and turned around.

However, this time, Naruto gripped Anko's forearms and onto her. Freeing her arms, she lifted her leg into the air and placed her leg over his shoulder as he entered her.

Naruto gripped her leg and began to pummel his vein-covered length into her body. She lie on her side as Naruto's erection crashed against her inner caverns and she smiled as her breasts heaved from the powerful impacts.

He reared his hips and shot them forward repeatedly as he rammed his erection into her wetness. His free hand reached forward and cupped her breast.

Anko's plump reared smacked on Naruto's crotch as he slammed his manhood into her pussy and she tightly clutched the bed. He fondled her mound and squeezed it.

His throbbing erection banged on Anko's innards and her arched leg managed to remain on his shoulder. Her blush deepened and she grinned with glee as the younger shinobi thrashed his powerful hilt on her wet insides.

She moaned at how thick he felt on her innards and her tits bobbed upright thanks to his thrusts and constant fondling. Naruto pistoned his erection into Anko and she watched him with pure lust.

Normally, she would be riding him again in reverse cowgirl form but she knew their battle of sex was far from over. Of course, Anko wasn't tired and the sound of flesh clashing once again filled the room; not that it was going to end anytime soon, that is.

Naruto's member rumbled the inside of Anko's womb and she moaned loudly while smiling the whole time. His manhood struck her wetness deeply and she reached forward while turning onto her back.

"Ah, what the hell, I'll let him be on top just this once." Anko thought to herself as Naruto placed himself on her and pressed his lips against hers. She bucked her hips as Naruto's hardness flew into her and he kissed her once again.

Afterwards, they reached a climax and Anko used the opportunity to flip him onto his back. With his length still inside of her, she grinned down at him and he did likewise.

"By the time I'm done with you, you'll never be able to masturbate ever again!" Anko declared before she and Naruto re-ignited their sex war.


"Is that all you got? Come on!" Anko said as she came for the 51st time in a row with Naruto and by now, she was covered from head to toe in his cum. Though her stubborn nature kept her going, she wouldn't last very much longer and she was beginning to meet the end of her run with the possessed Jinchuuruki.

"She lasted 51 times?! I can't believe it!" Karin thought herself as Anko fell forward onto the bed and didn't move while Naruto still thrust into her. Now, it was obvious that the next woman would have to step in and no one moved.

Suddenly, Tayuya growled and began stripping while marching towards the bed. As she finished, she blushed deeply at her slender figure being exposed and looked at Naruto, who didn't notice her at first.

"Naruto, look the fuck over here, would ya?!" Tayuya shouted at Naruto, who looked up from Anko and stared at the redhead. Pulling out of Anko, Naruto faced her as she got onto the bed and began to stroke his cock.

"The sooner I fuck him, the sooner my goddamn parole will be over with." Tayuya thought to herself before placing her mouth on his length and beginning to suck him off. While she did so, she failed to notice Naruto deviously smiling at her while his eyes slowly began to turn red.

There's the chapter with Anko and I really knew that the voters would have choose her to win from the start. But, as thanks for your voting, Kurenai is now in the story and to keep you even more in the dark, the mystery women from Kiragukare isn't Mei, a female Haku, nor is it Ameyuri. Her name wil be Yuki.

I really felt like Naruto met his match in Anko and that's why I had her last longest against him in terms of sexual rounds. You'll find out why Naruto's eyes are turning red in the next chapter and there will be a surprise with him and Tayuya. Until then, see ya and remember that with Tayuya's mouth, she's gonna be swearing like a sailor.


Jiraiya is watching Tayuya suck off Naruto from heaven and smiles at the scene

"This is great! Seeing a blonde and a short-tempered redhead go at it will be like seeing Minato and Kushina again on their wedding night." Jiraiya chuckled pervertedly.

"What?!" Two voices said and Jiraiya turned around to see an angry Kushina and Mito.

"Uh, hi." He nervously said before Mito cracked her knuckles with Kushina.

"What did I tell you about staying out of my descendant's love life with your smutty personality?" Mito said before Jiraiya takes off and before he can get far, a chakra chain wraps around his neck and begins to throttle him.

Mito strangles him and slowly begins to pull him back.

"Mito-sama, no! That's not enough chains!" Kushina said as she formed her own chakra chains and wrapped them around his neck as well to join in on the throttling. Jiraiya gagged and groaned as the two redheads pull him back to give him a bloody beat down.