All right! Its Tayuya's turn and let's see what that foul mouth of hers does to help Naruto's lust.
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Tayuya pumped her mouth on Naruto's member and he looked at her with amusement. The red-haired woman glared the whole time as she worked her mouth on his swollen erection and he looked at her curiously; her scowling face and red hair reminding Kurama of Kushina when she was young.

"Huh, he's not so bad-looking up close." Tayuya thought to herself as she looked up at Naruto, who palmed her skull and held onto it while charging his hips forward. She groaned as his length surged into the warmth of her mouth and she stroked his manhood with her hand.

Naruto smiled as Tayuya's tongue swirled around his cock and she couldn't help but feel her innards being wet. She couldn't believe this and rolled her eyes.

"I'm getting turned on by this?! You gotta be fuckin' kiddin' me!" Tayuya thought as she rolled her eyes and she moaned as his length flew into her mouth. Naruto growled in pleasure as Tayuya sucked off his erection and her breasts swayed forward as she stroked his member.

She worked her mouth on his length and Tayuya's face began to a build a blush. Naruto sent his hardness into her and her saliva soaked the top of his length.

Tayuya glared at Naruto she sucked off his manhood and pulled on his shaft. She pumped his length with her hand and mouth.

Her tongue licked his powerful erection and swirled around it. Naruto grinned at Tayuya as some of the red in his eyes started to fade and though this certainly wasn't a sign he was getting back to his regular self, it meant something…unexpected, to say the least.

Naruto's hips flew forward and pounded his erection into the warmth of Tayuya's mouth. It was at that point in time that his cock started twitching in her mouth and before she could do anything else, its head burst open; releasing his cum.

Her pupils shrank in shock at how heavy his semen flooded her mouth to the point where some of it spewed out onto the bed. She did what she could to gulp down some of the heavy substance and once she was done, she opened her mouth and freed Naruto's erection.

He immediately placed her back on the bed and she growled as he sat over her; his erection over her ample bosom. Naruto pressed the mounds together and began pumping his manhood into them.

Tayuya growled as Naruto thrust his length through her breasts and they jiggled on his hardness. The blonde moaned as he ran his hilt into the mounds and she started licking it.

Her tongue whacked against the tip of his length and she rubbed her mounds together on it. Tayuya licked his swollen glory and swirled her tongue around it.

She smothered her breasts on his member as he thrust into her ample cleavage. He moaned as the orbs bounced together on him and he grinned lustfully.

Naruto's length surged into Tayuya's breasts and she rubbed her nipples on his vein-covered manhood. Though Tayuya appeared resistant to this, Naruto; I.e. Kurama, knew this façade would crack eventually.

He rocketed his manhood into her cleavage and he caressed the orbs on his vein-covered tower. The aggressive redhead jerked off Naruto's erection and kept her mounds pressed together as he plowed it through them.

Tayuya's tits rubbed his member and Naruto smiled in total satisfaction at how swell her tongue spun around his cock. She glared menacingly at the possessed man sending his aching erection into her heaving breasts as she held them together and rubbed them on him.

She lowly moaned at the taste of his cock and he kneaded the delicious orbs on it. Her breasts jiggle on his shaft and she felt his member twitch.

Not wanting him to release onto her face, she opened her mouth and waited for Naruto to place his length inside of it. Naruto noticed this and kept thrusting while apparently not interested in putting his manhood into her mouth.

"Hey, Shitface, are you gonna put it in or what?!" Tayuya yelled at Naruto, who simply grinned before his former enemy closed her mouth and before she could say anything else; his semen flew out of his cock and splattered on her face. She viciously growled as the warm substance covered a majority of her face and closed her eyes.

Naruto smiled as he finished cumming on Tayuya's face and removed his cock from her bosom. She viciously snarled at him and he didn't flinch at her dangerous glare.

"The second you get back to normal, I'm gonna fuck you up so hard." Tayuya threatened and Naruto laughed in Kurama's voice once again. He slid his hands underneath her ass and lifted her lower body off the bed.

She lay on her back as Naruto started licking her folds roughly and she growled through her teeth while blushing deeply. The blonde's tongue traced her womanhood repeatedly while simultaneously squeezing her juicy ass and her pupils shrink in a mixture of pleasure and rage.

Naruto's tongue wildly licked Tayuya's folds until his tongue ventured to her clit and literally went on a rampage. The redhead squeezed her eyes shut and moaned loudly as Naruto licked her lower body.

He licked Tayuya's clit until it was completely soaked and she whimpered as she felt the lust-driven Jinchuuruki lick his way into her pussy. She gripped the bed tightly as Naruto's tongue rubbed against her inner walls with vigor and she growled in embarrassment.

"Fuck you, Namikaze!" Tayuya snarled at Naruto and his only response was him rubbing his cock against her spine. She shivered at how hard it felt against her body and continued to moan.

Naruto's tongue swayed inside of Tayuya's wetness and licked her walls. She moaned as his tongue wagged inside of her womanhood and this made her tits grow hard.

Naruto groped Tayuya's ass and she whimpered as he tasted her wetness. He brushed his tongue on her walls and her arousal grew with each lick.

Tayuya mewled as Naruto's tongue flicked against her pussy and she dug her nails into the bed. His tongue dug into her womanhood while his fingers wriggled on her folds and clit.

The blonde licked deeply into Tayuya's warmth and she moaned at how ferociously his tongue moved inside of her. He insanely shook his head as he wiggled his tongue on her walls and doubled the effect by temporarily pulling his tongue out of her to lick her clit again.

His tongue returned to the inside of Tayuya and she continued to moan loudly. Then, much to her surprise, she found herself desiring more pleasure and began to play with her breasts.

Her eyes squeezed shut as she groped her breasts and licked some of Naruto's semen that was closest to her mouth. This caused Tayuya to become wetter and this suited Naruto as it gave him more arousal to taste.

He swayed his tongue inside of Tayuya's wet tunnels and she moaned loudly as he did so. She licked her breasts as she squeezed them and Naruto observed this with amusement.

However, the interesting show didn't stop Naruto's tongue from licking into Tayuya's wetness and rubbed his fingers on her folds. He proceeded to set her down on the bed and his only reason for this was to palm one of her breasts.

Both of them fondling the orbs of flesh together and Tayuya's legs began to cringe from Naruto's skilled licking. Naruto tweaked Tayuya's tit as he brushed his tongue inside of her wetness and she rubbed them together.

Tayuya's lust burned like a wildfire as Naruto's tongue licked into her core and increased her arousal. She rubbed the semen off her face and brought her hand to her mouth to lick it.

The redhead moaned as Naruto's tongue traveled to the depths of her warmth and pleasured her. Just at that particular moment, Tayuya realized that her climax was getting closer as Naruto's tongue licked the inside of her womanhood and he played with her breasts.

She growled in annoyance as Naruto's constant groping and licking was literally bringing her to a close. Eventually, she was proven right and her fluids streamed out of her entrance onto his tongue.

Tayuya's face glowed brightly in embarrassment as Naruto greedily licked up the streams and she rolled her eyes. Once he was done, Naruto jumped to his feet and helped Tayuya to hers; doing so by grabbing her wrists and dragging her onto her feet.

The glare still remained on Tayuya's face as she broke free of Naruto and turned around. She placed her hands on the walls and stood still.

She looked back and noticed Naruto wasn't making any move. The redhead growled at him and blushed furiously.

"What are you waiting for?! Stick it in and fuck me already, you blonde dumbass!" Tayuya said while swaying her rear and Naruto smiled deviously as he placed his hands on her hips. He moved forward and his cock slid into her pussy.

She growled in pain as Naruto's length broke through her hymen and he began pounding it against her walls. Tayuya kept her hands on the wall as Naruto thrust into her warmth and her breasts bounced forward from his heavy impacts.

Naruto smiled as he rammed his member into Tayuya's womanhood and her angry face slowly began to turn into a lust-filled expression. He held onto Tayuya's hips while sending his hips flying forward and he smiled in joy.

Tayuya's eyes looked back at Naruto as he pumped his cock into her wetness and his erection rubbed against her walls. He pummeled his erection against her womanhood and her blush hadn't left her face.

Her plump yet firm rear met Naruto crotch as he gripped her waist instead of her hips and he began to lick her neck. She moaned at this and it was then that he noticed her curse mark near where his tongue was.

Naruto observed it before grinning as a malicious thought filled his head and his member pumped into her wetness. Tayuya moaned as Naruto's length rumbled her innards and her breasts flew forward.

He held Tayuya's waist as he thrust his erection into her pussy and she looked at him. His eyes connected with hers as he slammed his mouth against hers and their lips connected.

If Naruto wasn't possessed when he did this action, Tayuya would strongly consider biting his tongue until it was numb. However, due to her better mindset, she did no such thing and gave into the kiss.

Cerulean eyes found brown ones as Naruto's tongue dominated Tayuya's and she groaned in their kiss. He cupped her heaving breasts and groped them.

Naruto's fingers sank into the warm flesh as he kissed the redhead and kneaded her breasts. Despite her still-present resistance to the sex, Tayuya couldn't believe how much pleasure she was feeling and this was beginning to build as Naruto caressed her breasts.

She moaned into the kiss as Naruto's low tower banged against her walls and his groping made her grow tighter on his mighty hilt. Her tongue rubbed against his as he slammed his erection into her entrance and she moaned in the kiss.

"Shit! Shit! Why the fuck does this feel so good?" Tayuya asked herself and Anko, who dragged herself off the bed earlier and lumbered away to sit with the other sex-worn women, smiled in amusement. Naruto's tongue battled Tayuya's as he pounded his erection into her core.

Her entire face became entirely red as Naruto rammed his length into her pussy and he finally separated lips from her. He began to nibble her neck and she moaned at this.

Tayuya's moaned as Naruto's canines nipped at her neck and she kept her hands planted on the wall. He gnawed on her neck for a while before he started licking it until he placed a hickey on her neck.

He gripped her heaving tits and tweaked them. Tayuya's eyes closed in bliss as Naruto twisted and pulled on the hardened buds.

Her once raged-filled face turned into absolute lust as Naruto's erection crashed against her walls and the sound of flesh once again filled the room. Her eyes sparkled as Naruto drew his hips forward and his length pummeled into her tightness.

Tayuya released that she was reaching an end and judging from the twitching Naruto's length was doing, it was more than certain he nearing the end as well. He banged his erection inside of her warmth and she let out the loudest moan her vocals could produce as her tightness gripped his length.

His manhood spurted it white rounds that completely coated Tayuya's walls and she panted once he was done. Sweat ran down both of them and Tayuya, while blushing, gritted her teeth.

"I can't believe this dumbshit actually came inside me like that!" Tayuya thought in disbelief as Naruto pulled out of her warmth and she rested against the wall. As their release gushed out of her womanhood, she panted and rubbed the sweat off her forehead before looking back and noticing Naruto place his hands on her waist again.

"The fuck you will!" Tayuya said as she turned around and pounced on him. She pinned him to the bed and took in his hilt.

"All, Shitface, let's rock!" She challengingly said before Naruto grabbed her wrists and pushed her onto her back. She looked up as he placed himself on top of her and pinned her to the bed before he did something nobody present ever expected—he spoke.

"Welcome to fuck time, bitch!" Naruto said in Kurama's voice while his eyes became completely red and slit with this catching everyone by surprise. Tayuya's pupils shrank in shock as Naruto evilly smiled down at her and he kept her pinned down.

"You fuck…you're back to normal, aren't you?" Tayuya asked.

"What do you think?" Naruto, or rather the deranged Kurama, sarcastically answered as he began licking Tayuya's cheek. She squeezed her eyes shut and growled defiantly at him.

"Let's have some fun but first…" Naruto said as he freed one of Tayuya's arms and placed his hand on her curse mark. He sank three clawed fingers into the mark and she growled in pain.

"What the fuck are you doing?!" Tayuya snapped at Naruto, who maliciously chuckled.

"You'll see." Naruto said as he began sending Kurama's chakra into Tayuya's curse mark and it was that she realized he was activating it through perfect chakra control. Her skin began to turn dark brown and her eyes turned bright yellow while her hair became longer and took on a cherry pink color.

Horns grew from her skull and once the transformation was complete, Naruto smiled down at her before removing his claws. Tayuya still glared at him and he still grinned.

"Oh, aren't you just beautiful?" Naruto said; fascinated by her transformation.

Tayuya growled before Naruto entered her wetness and thrust his swollen rod into her. Tayuya moaned as Naruto's member rammed into her warmth and she bucked her hips.

Naruto freed Tayuya's arms and palmed her jiggling breasts. He squeezed them together and she snarled as he drove his member into her hot tunnels.

"Are you enjoying this, Tayuya-chan?" Naruto mocking asked.

"Don't mindfuck with me, Namikaze!" Tayuya moaned to Naruto, who only responded licking the horn closest to him and he licked it all the way down to her forehead.

"Too late." Naruto sadistically laughed as he pounded into Tayuya and fondled her breasts. He pummeled his erection forward into her walls and her innards grinded his length.

Naruto toyed with the mounds and rubbed then together. Tayuya blushed again and growled at Naruto while he plowed his erection into her womanhood.

She continued to buck her hips and tears of pleasure began forming in her eyes. Naruto smiled at this while using his fingers to massage the space of Tayuya's bouncing bust and he smothered his lips on hers.

Yellow and red eyes found each as lust took control of Tayuya's body and her tongue travelled into his mouth to meet his. Tayuya wrapped her arms around Naruto's neck and held him close.

She ran her fingers through his hair and he began to do the same with his right hand. Naruto trickled his fingers through Tayuya's hair and pinched her bobbing tit.

Tayuya moaned into Naruto's mouth as he tweaked it and rubbed it. She stroked his whiskers and Naruto was mentally happy that she appeared to have completely given up her resistance phase.

He crashed his cock into her wetness and she bucked her hips in sync with his rapid thrusts. Naruto's hand squeezed Tayuya's mound and she moaned into his mouth as her womb was blasted by heavy rounds of his seeds.

Both moaned as they came and as Tayuya panted, Naruto pulled out of her and lay on his back. Driven by lust, she didn't resist as he gripped her wrists and pulled her forward.

His length entered her pussy and he restarted his powerful thrusts. Tayuya rolled her hips and placed her hands on his chest; groping his pectoral muscles.

Naruto gripped Tayuya's slender waist and she moaned with glee. A lusty smile spread across her laps and he huskily growled.

"That's the stuff, Tayuya-chan! Keep shaking those hips!" Naruto said to Tayuya.

"Just shut up and fuck me!" Tayuya moaned to Naruto.

"You got it!" Naruto answered as he reached up and squeezed Tayuya's breasts as they bounced rapidly. He rubbed them together and the reddish-pink haired woman moaned with ecstasy.

Tayuya reached forward and stroked Naruto's whiskers. Her eyes closed and she moaned loudly as Naruto's cock banged into her lower orifice.

She thrust downward on his manhood and moaned as it speedily rubbed against her walls. Tayuya's thumb tenderly rubbed against his cheek and he sat up to bite into her breast.

The transformed woman instantly held Naruto's head to her bosom as he gnawed it and her mound squished against his face as it jiggled. He caressed the other mound and buried his fingers into the soft flesh.

Tayuya closed her eyes in pleasure and smiled as Naruto started suckling her tit. She smiled down at the blonde as he rubbed his lips together on her bud and she wrapped her legs around his waist.

Naruto grinned as he pumped his manhood into Tayuya's warmth that was become tighter thanks to his groping and she slammed her lips against his. He reintroduced his tongue to hers and they wrapped their arms around each other.

At long last, Naruto's erection spewed his cum into Tayuya's stomach and she howled with pleasure. Her yellow eyes glistened as his fluids sprayed out of her entrance and her body spasmed.

She fell forward and landed on Naruto. Her head rested on his shoulder and he stroked her back.

"I'm not done yet, Tayuya-chan." Naruto smirked and Tayuya only grinned in response.


As time went on, Naruto's talking soon reverted back to growls and grunts. He thrust into Tayuya, who remained in his lap and despite the pleasure on her face; it was obvious she couldn't take any more.

"Oh, Naruto-kun…" A seductive voice said and Naruto looked to see a nude Ino in front of him. She smiled lustfully and swayed her large bust.

"Care to have a little fun?" Ino said and Naruto smiled.

Bet you guys didn't see that coming with Naruto talking or Tayuya transforming. Now, before anyone asks, Naruto talking isn't a sign that he's getting better. It's more of a sign on how Kurama's mind is horribly bad from the one we normally know and ask yourselves this question, "Would the Kurama we know really say anything like that?"

This chapter was so much fun to work on and with Tayuya's personality being the most similar to that of Kushina's out of all the girls present, I figured she should go and her foul mouth made this all the more fun to write.

As you can tell, in the words of my student DarkChild316, the Blonde Bombshell Ino (Well, given Hotaru, Samui, Tsunade and Yugito's presence, one of them) is next and there's a certain reason I chose her that you'll find out later this month.

Naruto won't talk again until the end of the story and his "Welcome to Fucktime, Bitch!" line was inspired by Freddy Krueger's "Welcome to Prime Time, Bitch!" line.

Well, see you next chapter.


Minato finds Kushina and Mito strangling Jiraiya with chains.

"Why you little…" Kushina growled through clenched teeth.

"Kushina-chan, Mito-sama, wait!" Minato says as the two redheads drop the Toad Sage, who lies unconscious.

"What's going on here?" Minato asked.

"This pervert was spying on Naruto-kun." Mito explained.

"Why was he spying on Naruto?" Minato asked.

"I'm not sure." Kushina said and all three of them looked down to see Naruto pounding Tayuya.

All three of their faces went pale as they quickly backed away and Mito slowly lumbered away. After standing completely still, Kushina took off running and Minato followed her.

"Kushina-chan, wait!" Minato said and after some time he found Kushina guzzling down a bottle of sake. He calmly kneeled down to her and placed his hand on her shoulder.

"Kushina-chan…I know that seeing Naruto doing…uh…that wasn't easy but…."

"Minato-kun." Kushina said once and that got his undivided attention.

"There are some things I never wanted to see Naruto do and even if we were still alive, I doubt I could stay in one piece." Kushina explained.

"Kushina-chan…I know three are some things a mother and father never want to see their son do but will drinking yourself silly really help?" Minato said.

"No, but it will help me forget seeing Naruto like that. Here, take this." Kushina said as she tossed a bottle of sake at Minato, who caught it and calmly took a few swigs.


Mito returned to the scene and smiled pervertedly at Naruto thrusting into Tayuya. She observed the room and looked at Samui, Shizuka, Hinata, Hokuto, Sakura, Temari, and Anko in the corner of the room.

She looked to the other women who hadn't got their turn with Naruto and easily figured out what was going on.

"With all those women, Naruto-kun could be the key to the Uzumaki and Namikaze clan comeback." Mito said while calmly taking a seat to watch the show and smiled.

Note: Did Naruto get his perverted persona from Mito? You decide.