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Ino purred at Naruto as he removed his cock from Tayuya and licked her cheek a couple of times before leaving her alone. He looked to see Ino straddle him and place her hands on his shoulder.

He flipped her onto her back and gripped her breasts. The blonde groped the ample orbs and rubbed his fingers on the spaces of them.

The platinum blonde's eyes sparkled with lust as Naruto played with them and caressed them. She seductively chuckled as he rubbed her mounds together and sank his fingers into the mounds.

He smothered them and Ino moaned with pleasure. Naruto's grin hadn't left his face as he massaged the orbs and kneaded them addictively.

Naruto then gripped Ino's tits and tweaked them with his thumbs and fingers. She smiled as he rubbed his fingertips on them and twisted them.

A blush came on Ino's lovely face as Naruto played with her nipples and held them together. Naruto teased them until they became hardened with excitement and he proceeded to plant his mouth on them.

Ino moaned as Naruto's teeth clamped down into her breasts and he ravenously suckled her nipples. Her bright eyes glistened as the male blonde's mouth worked on her mounds and he massaged them.

His fingers rubbed them and he caressed the orbs. He then bit Ino's tits and grinded his teeth on them.

She whimpered as he did so and she gripped the back of his head. Though Ino originally foresaw Sasuke doing this to her in her imagination, her lust currently demanded Naruto's satisfactory skills and he was currently fulfilling her desires.

Naruto's tongue flicked the orbs and hungrily brushed on them. He squished them and kept them pressed together as he buried his fingers in the pliable flesh.

He gnawed on them and his fingers massaged the ample spaces. Naruto took his mouth off Ino's breasts and began licking her neck.

Ino simply purred while Naruto's tongue repeatedly brushed her neck and he groped the large orbs. He kneaded them and his palms remained on her breasts.

Her luscious legs cringed and moved about with pleasure as Naruto took to nibbling on her neck. He rubbed his canines on her neck and she trickled her fingers through his hair.

Naruto sensed Ino's arousal and grinned devious as he finished nibbling her neck; leaving behind a bright hickey. Starting with her throat, Naruto's tongue slid all the way down her body until his tongue thoroughly traced her folds and a moan flew from her kissable lips.

Focusing on her folds, Naruto licked them and brushed his fingers on her clit. He smiled as he wriggled his fingers on them and she whimpered.

Before this, she would have expected to him to make a teasing remark and she immediately remembered he apparently lost the ability to speak. Naruto's fingers prodded Ino's clit and he rubbed his tongue on her entrance.

She gripped the bed and moaned as Naruto's tongue slithered on her womanhood. He licked the folds before swapping places with his fingers and drenching her clit with his tongue.

Ino's blush grew deeper as Naruto's fingers rubbed her womanhood and she watched him while smiling lustfully. He smoothly wiggled his fingers on her clit and she whimpered as his tongue swayed on her clit.

She moaned while keeping her eyes on Naruto's erection and watched it throb with excitement. Ino sexually licked her lips at the sight and just the thought of it inside of her made her wetter.

Naruto's tongue rubbed on Ino's entrance and soaked it. He opened her lower lips and licked his lips at the wet tunnels.

He moved closer and his tongue snaked into her soaked crevice. She mewled as Naruto's tongue wagged inside of her warmth and hungrily licked her wetness.

Naruto stroked his fingers on her folds and she moaned while he wiggled his tongue against her source of arousal. Ino's eyes sparkled as Naruto's rough licking worked its way into her body and she moaned with delight.

The blonde kunoichi moaned as he wiggled his fingers on her folds and removed his tongue from her to insert his fingers. He rubbed her inner walls and he reached up to squeeze one of her breasts.

He kneaded the orb and doubled the pleasure Ino felt; resulting in more wetness for him to taste once he was done fingering her. His fingers wriggled inside of Ino's innards and his other hand groped her breast.

Ino palmed her other mound and moaned as she felt Naruto's fingers digging deeply into her entrance. She licked her tit as she fondled her breast and Naruto smiled at the scene as he licked her clit.

Naruto removed his fingers from her pussy and his tongue licked its way back into her warmth. He wriggled his tongue inside of her body and he stopped fingering her to cup her other mound.

He swayed his tongue inside of her wetness and she began licking Naruto's fingers as they played with her breasts. Ino closed her eyes in bliss as Naruto's rapidly licking was bringing her to the end and she moaned loudly with glee.

That was undying music to Naruto's ears as his tongue traveled Ino's wetness as he helped her grope herself. Naruto's tongue brushed against Ino's walls and he buried his fingers in the sizeable orbs.

He gripped both of the tits and pinched them as Ino whimpered in sheer pleasure. His tongue wriggled inside of her tightness and her legs shivered as a result.

Naruto caressed her breasts as he licked into her arousal and his tongue whacked her innards with inhuman speed. Despite the pleasure she was feeling, Ino's mind wasn't ecstatic just yet and this left more room for Naruto; i.e. Kurama, to give her more action.

His tongue buried itself in Ino's tightness and she now grinned happily as her walls were rubbed against. Naruto yanked Ino's tits forward before twisting them again and he wiggled his tongue into her.

A smile spread across Ino's face as her orgasm finally happened and her inner juices were licked up by Naruto. He ferociously licked up her release as she lie on the bed and she smiled with joy.

Naruto was done soon and Ino suddenly sprang to her feet. She grabbed Naruto by his arms and pulled him to his feet.

She smothered her lips against Naruto's and wrapped her arms around him. He then the same and placed his hands on Ino's ass.

Naruto's tongue licked its way into Ino's mouth and earned a spirited response from her own. Both of the blondes' tongues battled as they groped each other's backsides and they held onto each other.

As Naruto groped Ino's rear, she noticed he was pushing her lower body towards his and while she was ready to wrap her legs around his waist to take in his manhood, she also had another idea. She freed herself from Naruto's hold and kneeled down to his erection.

She quickly grabbed hold of it and started stroking it. Naruto watched as Ino pumped his length and she smiled at how powerful it felt in her hold.

Ino's free hand palmed Naruto's balls and bounced them in her hand as she jerked off his manhood. She opened her mouth and the blonde entered his length.

Her eyes grew at how big his length was as he began to thrust forward and Ino sucked on his hardness. She stroked it and Naruto placed his hand atop her head.

Ino stirred her tongue around Naruto's swollen glory and moaned as it flew into her mouth. She freed it from her grip and smothered her breasts on it.

Naruto's hips charged forward and shot his cock into Ino's mouth. Her saliva drenched it as she bopped her head on his member and he moaned while she massaged his rod with her ample mounds.

The orbs of flesh jiggled on his hilt and her tongue swirled around it. Her bright-colored eyes displayed lust that presumably rivaled that of Naruto's and this was a good sign to him.

Ino's tongue swirled around Naruto's hardness and she let out muffled moans. The blonde's breasts bounced on his shaft as it pumped itself into her mouth and he grinned with delight.

Naruto's hips drove themselves forward and the orbs smothered his length. He let out pleased growls as Ino's mouth and breasts worked magic on his member.

She kneaded her mounds together on his length as she licked the head of his manhood and rubbed her tits on his veins. Ino felt Naruto's cock twitch inside of her mouth and this was perfect as just the thought of tasting his semen drove her happiness to a new level.

Before she could think of anything else, Naruto growled as he unleashed his cum and it completely flooded her mouth. An amazed looked appeared in her eyes as Naruto's semen filled her mouth and half of it spilled out.

Naruto removed his hardness from Ino after she had drunk her fill and she marveled at how much of it she managed to consume. But then these thoughts were put aside as Naruto lifted Ino onto her feet and smothered her lower body against his again.

She lustfully smiled and wrapped her legs around his waist. Naruto grinned as his manhood loomed near her warmth until he entered it and snapped her barrier apart.

Ino wrapped her arms around Naruto's neck and moaned loudly before he began to thrust into her. The blonde woman moaned as she bucked her hips and Naruto held onto her ass.

Naruto's cock slammed into Ino's warmth and her tight walls grinded it in return. Ino's breasts jiggled near his chest as his member rocketed into her womanhood and she placed her head over his shoulder.

The blonde male smiled as he pounded his erection into Ino's pussy and her innards grinded his length. It rubbed against her walls and by now, Ino's blush covered her entire face.

Her eyes shimmered brightly as Naruto's swollen member jetted into her core and her womanhood grew tighter on him. Ino's orbs bounced as Naruto rammed his hardness into her and she moaned loudly.

She began licking Naruto's earlobe and he groped her rear before moving them onto her breasts. He cupped the large breasts and rubbed them together as they jiggled.

Naruto started licking Ino's neck as he toyed with her breasts and caressed them. He backed Ino against the wall as she kept her legs around his waist and the impacts of flesh once again echoed throughout the room; though of course, it wasn't as if the sound would stop any time soon.

He pounded his throbbing manhood into Ino's core and she bucked her hips as she rode him. Ino trickled her fingers through Naruto's hair as he slammed his erection into her entrance and moaned at how tight she felt.

Naruto immediately understood that if he managed to arouse Ino even before going his series of rounds with her, some of the other women might be nearly excited as she is. Just the thought of this being true made him grin with glee as he rocketed his cock into Ino's walls and her ass smacked against his crotch.

To make Ino's warmth become tighter on him, he squeezed the heaving orbs of flesh together and bit into both of them. She moaned loudly as she felt Naruto's member deeply pummel into her wetness and thrash against her walls.

Naruto's canines sank into Ino's breasts as he bit into them and groped the orbs. Her eyes closed in pleasure and her lips expanded into an ultimately pleasured smile.

Naruto shook his head as he gnawed the mounds and thrust into Ino's warmth. His hips jetted forward as he pummeled his manhood into her warmth and she still countered his mighty thrusts with her hips.

He took his mouth off the mounds and pressed his lips against Ino's. Bright cerulean eyes were greeted by aqua-colored ones as their tongues reunited and she rubbed the back of his neck.

Ino held onto Naruto as he rammed his cock in her core and she bucked her hips in correspondence. She moaned into his mouth as they kissed and he groped her ample mounds as they jiggled.

Later on, Ino felt Naruto's manhood twitch inside of her body and realized what this meant. She versed hips against Naruto's and their tongues dueled lustfully.

Naruto freed Ino's breasts and this allowed her to press them against his chest. He wrapped his arms around Ino and held her close to him as he pummeled his rod into her entrance.

Their tongues coated one another with their respective saliva and they moaned deeply in their kiss. Ino whimpered as Naruto's erection swelled up inside of her and her walls were nearing their release as well.

Finally, Ino's warmth clamped down on Naruto's length and it spurted his hot semen into her belly. She broke the kiss to moan loudly as Naruto's cum flooded her innards and sprayed out of her.

Once he was done, Naruto lowered himself onto the bed and allowed Ino to unwrap her legs from him. She lie on the bed and panted with her pleased smile still remaining while Naruto's release drained from her warmth.

Ino giggled as she felt Naruto grip her arms and pull her towards him as he rested on his back. She smiled and sank her womanhood down his shaft.

"Come on, Naruto-kun, we're not done yet, right?" Ino smiled at Naruto, who grinned back in affirmation as he pumped his manhood upright into her inner caverns and she rolled her hips forward.

He freed her wrists and held onto her slender waist. She placed her hands on his chest and moaned loudly with her undying smile of lust.

She rolled her hips forward as Naruto shot his hips upright and pounded his manhood into her core. Her breasts jiggled as she rode him and her ass was hit by his lap.

He palmed her mounds and caressed them as they bounced. Ino only purred as his hilt banged against her walls and it deeply reached the inside of her stomach.

Naruto rubbed the orbs of flesh together as Ino stroked his whiskered-face and she wiggled her hips on his erection. She smiled as he pounded his manhood into her core and her tight innards grinded against his length.

Ino's blush remained strong on her face as her breasts were squeezed by Naruto and his manhood hit into her warmth. The female blonde shook her waist atop Naruto's erection and he moaned huskily.

Both blondes moaned loudly as the possessed shinobi's cock thundered into her womanhood and he sat up to bite into her nipples. She whimpered as Naruto's teeth tore into her breasts as he squeezed and fondled them.

She held Naruto's face to her bouncing mounds and began kissing his forehead. In response to this, he took his mouth off Ino's and she instantly kissed him.

Both sets of bright blue eyes looked into each other as they moaned and Naruto held the mounds together while they jiggled endlessly. As they bounced together, Ino met another release with Naruto as their inner juices splashed together inside of her once again.

Semen gushed out of Ino's entrance and she moaned with Naruto before lifting herself off the male blonde. She lay on her front and balanced herself on all fours before swaying her rear at Naruto.

He grinned and accepted the invitation by gripping her waist. The possessed blonde entered his cock into Ino's core and his series of thrusts were reborn.

The female blonde's body flew forward as Naruto thrust into her warmth and her breasts swayed forward. Samui watched from the wall and seeing the lustful expression on Ino's face was almost like looking into a mirror of herself hours ago.

She sighed as she watched her fellow busty blonde receive Naruto's powerful thrusts and she loudly moaned. Sakura studied Ino's expression and sighed as well.

"Oh, Ino, you're in for one big ending when your turn is over." Sakura thought to herself as Ino held onto the bedrail and Naruto slammed his hulking member into her warmth. Both he and Ino stood up as he charged his hips forward and slammed his cock into her womb.

Naruto placed his head near Ino's as he cupped her orbs of flesh and squeezed them. He licked her cheek and she moaned just from how rough his tongue was.

Ino held onto the bedrail as Naruto pounded his erection into her tightness and her eyes squeezed shut from the power of his thrusts. He licked her cheek until he pressed his lips against hers and his tongue invaded her mouth.

Naruto's hips flew forth and his cock rapidly pounded into Ino's walls of flesh. He tweaked Ino's hardened tits as they jiggled forth and she felt herself becoming tighter on him.

His tongue versed Ino's as he drew his hips forward and his crotch was once again met her juicy derriere. Naruto rammed his member into Ino's core and moaned with her in their kiss.

Ino's pussy started wrapping around Naruto's erection as he thrust into her and he pulled her nipples downward as he teased them. This was the last straw for her as her womanhood tightened around his length and he repeatedly fire his white semen torpedoes into her womb until it was completely filled to the brim.

Ino's eyes shimmered as Naruto's cock filled up her stomach and he pulled out only to place her on her back. She smiled at him and spread her legs apart in excitement.


Naruto thrust into Ino while she rode his erection and despite the high amount of lust she had earlier, it was clear she probably wouldn't last much longer. Tsunade cleared her throat and the women looked to her.

"Would the next lady step in?" Tsunade said.

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Mito watched with amusement as Naruto pounded into Ino and smiled. She then noticed Hashirama and Inoichi talking nearby.

"Hashirama-kun, Inoichi-san, please come see this!" Mito smiled as she waved at the two and they approached her.

"Yes, Mito-koi?" Hashirama said and Mito pointed down to Naruto. Hashirama and Inoichi looked down to see Naruto banging Ino.

The former smiled in wonderment while Inoichi went pale and trembled at the sight in horror.

"Wow, what a sight!" Hashirama said as he sat next to Mito.

"I'll say. Come on, Inoichi-san, join us." Mito cheerily said.

"My only daughter…her innocence…her purity…its…its." Inoichi stammered as he looked at Ino's face and could tell she was enjoying herself. He then passed out and lie motionless.

"Inoichi-san, wake up. You won't want to miss this." Hashirama chuckled and the blonde man didn't respond. He looked back at Naruto plowing Ino and smiled pervertedly like his wife.

"Wow, so, Naruto-kun is quite the popular one, isn't he?" Hashirama chuckled; easily understanding Naruto's situation.

"You said it. He may bring back the Uzumaki clan and what's better; his partner is from the Yamanaka clan." Mito giggled.

"The Uzumaki family and Yamanaka family together, huh? They may give birth to some brand-new powerful Uzumaki children." Hashirama chuckled.

"Yes, and judging from those other women, he may breed with some other clans." Mito smiled as she watched Naruto and Ino change positions.

"They switch positions frequently, don't you agree?" Hashirama smiled.

"Yes; they're just like us on our wedding night." Mito laughed and Hashirama joined in.

Note: If Hashirama and Mito are perverts, who else in the Senju/Uzumaki bloodline has a freaky side to them?