Chapter 13: The Kidnapping

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Kate Beckett was just about to go to bed when her phone rang. She checked the caller Id, It was Esposito, why would Esposito be calling her at 1:00 in the middle of the night.

" This better be important Esposito"

" Oh, This is plenty important Beckett, Castle has been kidnapped by Maddox"

" wha..what?"

That was all she was able to say before she started to feel dizzy. What was happening To her? She fell over and blackness surrounded her.

When she woke up with a massive headache she knew something was wrong. She looked up and saw another version of herself. But her eyes. There was something in her eyes like sadness. She couldn't identify it. This must be the version of herself from this year. Wait there were two versions of her. This felt seriously weird.

And apparently she wasn't the only one feeling weird because the other Kate started to speak up:

" Ok who are you and why does it feel like I've been sleeping for days?" Beckett said.

" I'm you more or less and I've been sent back here to stop Castle from dying. Well that's all gone to hell because now he's been kidnapped by Cole Maddox" said Kate

" What do you mean he's been kidnapped?" asked Beckett

" He's been kidnapped by the man who tried to kill me" said Kate

" Can we just get to the precinct ?" asked Beckett

" Fine. Stay in the car I'll go in, we have a bigger chance of finding Castle if I go in because I know Maddox better" Kate replied

" Fine but you better find him or I swear to god I will kill you" Beckett said

She enters the precinct nervous because what if they don't find Castle then everything that she has worked for will be for nothing. And she knows for a fact any version of her, past present or future would rather die than lose Castle.

Her thoughts are cut of when the elevator stops and Ryan heads towards her. She prays to whoever she can that Ryan is going to tell her that they have found Castle and that he was alright and that he wasn't dead. But her day was about to get worse

"Beckett, There were signs of a struggle, He put up a fight and we've tracked Maddox down. But we need the FBI involved and we've already contacted them. Now we just need to bust the place down"

The Car ride to the place where Maddox put Castle was nerve racking for both Kates. What if Castle didn't survive. As soon as they get there they both start fidgeting. Horrible scenarios filled her mind of what would happen if Castle were to die? Alexis would be devastated and she would lose the only parental figure that she had, Martha would lose her son and Kate well Kate would completely shatter and she would lose the love of her life.

She pushes the horrible thoughts out of her head as the rest of her team and the FBI arrive. She prays as she storms the place that Castle would be fine. As soon as she enters the place she sees Maddox hunched over a figure. And she knows very well who that figure was, it was Castle.

He was bleeding and his head was down. The place smelled like blood although she thought this was only fitting for a hit man. After all this was his job to kill people. Castle raises his head and she puts her finger to her lips and to tell him to be quiet. As soon as Maddox starts to turn she shoots him. Because right now she didn't care about him she only cared about Castle.

The son of a bitch must be used to getting shot because as soon as the shot is of he runs like a bat out of hell through the back doorway but no she doesn't chase choosing instead to help Castle because right behind that door there was a mix of swat and fFBI agents that she knows will get him.

She takes Castle out of the building and sees her past self who takes Castle from her arms and pulls him to hers and takes him to the ambulance after hugging and kissing him. She hides from behind the trees giving them this brief moment of happiness because she knows that The Dragon will send more people to try to kill them and she knows in her heart that to stop future events she has to at least get leverage against the dragon.

As she is thinking all this she hears a pop and she turns and sees another Richard Castle. Things were about to get complicated.

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