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It had been a very tense few weeks after Bryan's death. John had to cope with a furious Sherlock, a very silent Mycroft and a weeping Molly. John did not know why Jim had decided to break up with Molly at this moment but all in all he was relieved. He was glad that Molly was no longer dating a psychopath. And so he had started spending much more time with her, sharing the role of the comforting friend with Sarah who -thank God- knew much better than him how to handle the situation. The only words of comfort John could think of were "Well he is nuts anyway so why bother?" except he just couldn't possibly tell her that. Another negative point was that Mycroft was acting more distant than usual towards him. He didn't really know what was going on in the boy's head since they hadn't discussed the subject, but their afterschool meetings had become scarce. And during the whole first week after the hearing Mycroft had been incredibly cold. John knew not to take it personally but it still preoccupied him.

But now things were getting better, Sherlock was slowly winding down, Mycroft was acting warmer and Molly had stopped crying. John's biggest concern at the moment was having to deal with the latest Glee club assignment "Night Out". Apparently Lestrade had been in a dancy mood when he had decided of the theme. The problem was that John never went out clubbing. That was more Harry's field of expertise. So he had let Mike take the reins and he, Sherlock, Mycroft and Mike were singing a song Mike liked for today's meeting. They sung Avicii's Silhouettes. It was basically Mike who sung the most of it while the Holmes brothers and John did backup singing. Once they had done their number Molly –apparently inspired by her breakup- had sung Sweet Nothing from Calvin Harris and Florence Welch. Sally and Sarah sang Scream and Shout, visibly enjoying themselves thoroughly as they performed their number with giddy energy. Finally Anderson and Jim had performed Maroon 5's Moves Like Jagger together, forming a very good pair for their performance.

Lestrade was very pleased with all them. "Great work guys, you were all awesome! So… I already have your next assignment and I think you'll like it!"

They all waited for him to spill the beans. They now had a regular sitting pattern of Anderson and Sally sitting at the left of the back row, Sherlock and John at the right. Mycroft in the right of the front row just in front of John. Molly and Sarah next to Mycroft in the front row, and Jim, also in the front row, on the other side of the girls.

"It's going to be duets," said Lestrade cheerfully.

'Oh oh,' thought John. He really wanted to do it with Mycroft but he could see Sherlock eyeing him like they had an understanding.

"And to avoid fighting over who sings with who," said Lestrade, "You're going to pull out a slip of paper to see who your partner will be. I know there are nine of you so someone will have to go twice."

"I don't mind going twice sir," said Mike.

"Right. Thanks Mike. Why don't you come here and pull out a name?"

To John's disappointment, Mike pulled out Mycroft as his partner. Then Anderson got Sarah, Sally got Molly, Jim got Mike, and -much to a gloating Sherlock's satisfaction- John got Sherlock.

"Right!" said Lestrade, "We have five performances to go. I suggest that Mike and Mycroft as well as Anderson and Sarah go next week. Then the other three pairs go the week after that."

He winked and said "I look forwards to what you kids will cook up."

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