*Translated from Kryptonian

COVER – Supergirl pulling herself out of a dark, triangular opening in a Kryptonian ship. Only her hands on the opening's edge, her right leg, and the red glow from her eyes can be seen coming out of the dark.


By KryptoKin

No Place like Home Part 1

Somewhere in the Middle of Kansas, Now

John Hayes paused fiddling with his Rubik's cube and looked at the monitor again. He leaned forward, his tousled red hair falling over his horn-rimmed glasses. There…there was a blip on the screen that wasn't there before. He typed in a few codes on the keyboard and a warning message came on. He called to his superior. "Sir, you need to see this."

Captain Andrew Parker came over and looked at the screen. He wore a crisp blue US Air Force uniform and his angular nose and buzz-cut blonde hair added to his harsh military look. It's happening again, he thought.

He briskly walked over to his station and pulled up the glass casing to flip the emergency switch. Lights flashed and all men and women in uniform stood up straight and ready to receive order. "Half an hour until impact, let's go!"

The men and women ran to their planes shaped like hawks and armored suits the size of mini-vans standing on their bumpers. Captain Parker stayed put as another official approached him. He wore a charcoal suit and his black hair was pulled into a two-inch long ponytail at the base of his skull. "Once you retrieve it. Bring it to me. Understood?"

Captain Parker locked eyes with the man briefly then walked away.

Perry Park, Kansas

Mary-Lou Jones and Derrick Albright were both walking through the woods. "I don't think we're allowed to be here MJ," huffed Derrick. Sweat was pouring down his face and back while his Harry Potter glasses were fogging up. He was built like a swimmer but that didn't keep him from pulling out an inhaler and taking a few puffs.

"It's a state park, why shouldn't we be here?" Mary-Lou gave her brown hair a flip and kept on gingerly walking.

"No *hack* I mean, we should go back to the camper. Our parents are waiting for us." Mary-Lou ignored Derrick and kept walking in their current direction. The main trail has to be somewhere around here, she thought. She leaned against a tree and pulled out her lighter to get a better look at the map. I should have brought a flashlight.

Derrick plopped on the ground and ran a hand through his short brown hair. He was wearing a grey t-shirt, baggy jeans, and black sandals. As he toyed with the strip of grey hair at the edge of his hairline, he looked up at the sky and saw a shooting star. Make a wish Dee. He closed his eyes and took a breath. Suddenly, a bright glow illuminated the sky and a loud roar made his eyes open. "MJ look!"

Mary-Lou had already been watching the giant asteroid fly overhead. With a loud crash, the giant object landed on the other side of the park. Standing there dumb-founded for a moment, the two teens stared in the same direction. Slowly, a big smile spread across Mary-Lou's face.

"Come on Dee-Dee. Let's go check it out." She grabbed a hold of Derrick's hand and yanked him towards where the asteroid crashed; missing the giant blush on his cheeks.

At the crash site…

Trees and shrubs were ripped out of the ground along a deep rut made by the asteroid's impact. A ring of dirt, clay, and grass surrounded the hole where a black, angular ship was poking out of it. The sun was setting in the background to where only slivers of light shined above the horizon. The ship opened and a hand pushed through the warm dirt covering it.

Have you ever had a moment…

The hand turned into the upper body of a girl with shoulder-length blonde hair.

...when you realized…

The girl looked around and furrowed her brow.

...that everything you had…

She he pushed herself completely out of the ship and stood on top of it.

everyone you knew…

The only sounds in the park were the chirping of crickets. In the distance, a dull light grew brighter.

everyone you loved

The dull lights turned into park rangers running with flashlights. Hound dogs and German Shepherds ran next to them, trying to sniff out whatever landed in the park. Kara looked up at the night sky and watched as hundreds of shooting stars flew across it; pieces, fragments of a world that no longer existed.

was gone?

When the rangers finally arrived, the only thing they found at the crash site was a lot of dirt and a giant hole.

"Yes sir, we have it." Captain Parker placed his hand on the lead box sitting on his lap. "No sir, it wasn't there but we have a strong feeling they'll come looking for us." He hung up the phone and looked out the window. As the plane flew towards the setting sun, a figure in the dark watched them. Well aware the plane that just flew over was holding the key to who this otherworldly visitor was.

The following morning…

Slowly, bright blue eyes opened to take in the rising sun. Unlike Krypton, this sun was yellow. It's so beautiful, thought Kara as she untangled the red cape from around her legs. She stretched her fingers and looked down from her high spot in the tall tree. The many smaller branches and plethora of green needles were a good cover. Especially with her wearing the bright red and blue suit of the House of El.

I can't stay up in this tree forever. I need to find a way to blend in. Kara reached up and felt the translator on her neck. It looked like a golden rod wrapped around her neck, with two golden spheres on each end resting against her clavicle. Below, a family was walking on a trail. They stopped to rest below the tree. While the mother and father talked about the map closer to the trail, their little girl sat against the trunk of the tree. Her toy blue jay flew up and down as she repeatedly tossed it in the air.

Kara leaned over to get a better look but her grip snapped a branch the size of a baseball bat. The child kept playing with the doll, unaware of the projectile falling towards her head.

The little girl let the doll fall on the ground when she felt pieces of bark hit her cheek. She looked up to see Kara floating upside-down and holding the branch mere inches from where she was sitting. The girl let out a small gasp and stood up to get a better look at her red and blue savior. Kara set the branch down then realized she couldn't move from her awkward position, she didn't know how to. Uh-oh

The little girl approached Kara and traced the upside-down "S" of the uniforms shield. Realizing what it meant, a large smile stretched across her face. She knows this crest. How?

"You're pretty." The spheres on the end of the necklace glowed and the etched borders of Earth's continents appeared on it.

"Lily!" The little girl turned around to see her parents walking towards her. When she turned back to say goodbye to the pretty blonde, she was gone. "Lily, grab Mister Blue Jay. Daddy finally found the trail that leads us back to the camper."

"I would have found it sooner if you had let me use the map in the first place." Lilly's mother picked her up while the dad grabbed the doll. As the family walked away, Lily spotted Kara in the trees and waved to her.

"Bye Supergirl." The parents stopped and looked back but there was no one there. Kara watched the family walk away from her spot in the trees. Supergirl…

A noise from the woods on the other side of the trail pulled Kara's attention away from the family. Out of the woods walked Mary-Lou and Derrick. Kara noticed Mary-Lou's short brunette hair flip around with her movements. She was wearing cut-off jeans, a blue t-shirt that said Metropolis Sharks, and white sneakers; there was also a nose ring hooked through the right side of her nose. I've only seen the slave girls of Teeran wear nose rings but this girl is human.

Derrick was sweating profusely, which caused him to collapse under the tree Kara was in. "MJ *wheeze* we *cough* we need to get back. Your mom had to call the rangers by now."

"Uh-uh. You saw it. They're too busy with whatever landed on this side of the park. Besides, mom knows I like to go exploring."

"Yeah, well, I'd like to go back. I haven't eaten anything since last night." Mary-Lou plopped on the ground at Derrick's feet with an exaggerated sigh.

"Don't you have food in that thing you call a bag?" Derrick sat up and glared at Mary-Lou.

"Not since you ate it all." She crossed her arms and glared at him.

"Hey you two! What are you doing?" A park ranger walked out of the woods the same place that Mary-Lou and Derrick did. The two teens stood up and walked over to him. Kara could see from her position clothes sticking out of Derrick's bag. I don't want to steal but I can't go walking around like this. While the three humans spoke on the trail, Kara floated down to grab the bag.

"Look Smokey, my friend and I were on our way back to the campers. We just got lost," said Mary-Lou.

"I don't care. A fire was started on this side of the park and we're evacuating everyone." Kara heard the word fire and was distracted. She fell on the ground with a loud thud and scrambled to get back up the tree. The ranger, Derrick, and Mary-Lou looked over at the tree but all they saw was Derrick's bag.

"Did that shooting star start it?" The ranger chose to ignore the question. "I'll guide you two back to the campers." The three of them started walking down the trail in the opposite direction the family went.

"Wait my bag!" Derrick broke away and grabbed his bag from under the tree. Not noticing the unclipped flap on top.

In the middle of burning trees…

"Sam! Sam! *cough* SAM!" yelled the mother from earlier.

"I'm here! I'm here Joan!" The father fan out from behind a large rock and hugged his wife. The mother went into a panic when she realized their daughter wasn't with him.

"Where's Lily!?"

"I thought she was with you!" The two parents held hands as they ran through the burning trees looking and calling for their lost daughter.

Back at Kara's Tree

Kara was looking over the clothes she stole from Derrick; a pair of white cargo shorts and a black fitted t-shirt. These clothes are so strange, nothing like Kryptonian clothing. Her finger was tracing over the word Adidas on the sandals she took when a high-pitched sound made her fall from the tree. Her landing made a slight crater in the ground as the sounds made her hold her temples with the heels of her hands.

"Help!" "Fire has spread…" "We can't hold it back!" "Thank you for joining us…" "Anything for you lover…" "…truth, justice and the American way…" "Police!" "Not again!" "I'd kill for a donut!" "We see them! We see the family but we can't get to him!" "Immortality sucks."

Kara couldn't block out the thousands of voices invading her head. What did father say? Focus, focus on one thing at a time. She sat up and tried to find the one voice she could focus on. The more she focused, the more the other voices disappeared and one grew louder. "Help! *cough-cough* Help me! Help me Supergirl!" Kara shot off the ground and flew like a bullet to the small voice.

Kansas City, Missouri

Global Broadcasting News, Midwest Division

"This is Cat Grant for GBN. I'm here to give you a live broadcast to the fire that broke out at Perry Park. Officials say no one knows how the fire started but hundreds of fire-fighters are doing their best to put out the blaze that appeared out of nowhere." Cat stopped for a moment and pressed her manicured fingers to her right ear. "Just in, our field agent David Wayworth is at the fire as we speak." The news cut to a man wearing a ball cap and dressed in a jacket with the GBN insignia on it.

"Hi Cat, this just in folks, officials say that though all the campers and hikers have been evacuated there is still one family in the flames. Sam and Joan Quincy have been spotted by the helicopters you see flying above. There four year-old daughter Lily has not been seen yet." The camera man aimed his camera at one of the choppers flying above them when a streak of blue and red flew behind it.

"What the heck?" The camera man turned to David but he waved him away. "Go back to whatever that was!"

The camera stayed on the fire, waiting for the red and blue blur to make its appearance again.

Perry Park, Kansas

Sam and Joan Quincy stumble through the trees, still looking for their little girl. "Lily! Lily *cough* where are you?!" called out the mother. Before they took another step, four firemen burst through the trees and grabbed a hold of them.

"No! We have to find our daughter!" The father tried to fight back, but the firemen didn't listen and pulled them away to safety. "Lily!" Three more firemen appeared and spoke to one of the other four.

"Go that way! Her name is Lily!" The three men went deeper into the fire while the other four took the parents away. Overhead, Kara flew through the air looking for the little girl. Where are you Lily? She flew over the flames and though she knew the heat was great, all she felt was slight warmth.


There! Kara stopped in mid-air and looked down but it was hard to see anything with the amount of smoke in the air. But then the smoke started to disappear, then the rocks, then the trees. I can see through it! I can through everything! Kara used this newfound ability to scour the tree in her vicinity. Finally, she spotted a small pink sneaker lying behind a rock. In a blink of an eye, she was picking up the small child to see if she was alright. The little girl was warm and Kara could see her breathing. With Lily in her arms, Kara stood up and looked around at the destruction happening.

*"How do I stop this?"

"Breathe." Kara looked down at the small child in her arms. "Take a breath *cough* then blow it out." Lily closed her eyes. Following her suggestion, Kara inhaled deeply and let it out. The fire around them was immediately put out. A smile spread across Kara's face. Before another second passed, she took off in the air and flew Lily to safety. I can come back to stop the fire after I get her to safety.

Sam and Joan Quincy were crying in the ambulance. Two ambulance workers were helping to console them as several park rangers stood around waiting for orders.

"I don't care!" yelled a man into a walkie-talkie. He was dressed in khaki slacks and a dark-blue dress shirt with his sleeves rolled up. "We need to find that little girl!" A fireman without his jacket on ran up to the man in the suit.

"Sir, we have-" He was interrupted by outcries of surprise. Both men looked up to see Kara floating down with Lily in her arms hundreds of feet from where they were standing. David Wayworth, his camera-man, and everyone not focused on putting out the fires ran over to them. But before they could get a clear look at the girl in red and blue, she flew away. The man in the suit reached the girl first and picked her up. As he turned around, David already had the camera close enough to get a good look at her and asked her the question on everyone's mind.

"Lily! Lily! Who saved you?" Lily looked up in the sky and smiled as her new best-friend flew away. She looked back at the camera and simply said: