*Translated from Kryptonian

COVER – Supergirl dressed in civilian clothing protecting Mary-Lou Jones and Derrick Albright with trees in the background. Three machine guns are pointed at them.


By KryptoKin

No Place like Home Part 2

St. Mary's Hospital, Kansas

The Night of the Fire

Captain Andrew Parker walked through double doors down a long white hallway, practically empty with the exception of a few patients and the occasional nurse and orderly. He stopped in front of room 210 and showed his military ID to two uniformed police officers guarding the door. They opened the door for him and he stepped inside. Sam Quincy stood up from his seat and gave his wife, Joan, a look. She was sitting on the bed with their daughter Lily who was playing with a Superman plushy.

"Hello Mister and Missus Quincy. My name is Captain Andrew Parker. I'm here to ask you some questions about what happened today." Sam stepped forward and shook Captain Parker's hand.

"We'll help however we can but I'm afraid my wife and I don't know anything. Only Lily met this Supergirl." Lily's head popped up at the sound of her new friend's name. Captain Parker smiled at her and walked towards the bed.

"Hello Lily," he said while sitting down on the foot of the bed. "What can you tell me about your friend Supergirl?" Lily tossed the Superman plushy in the air and caught it.

"She's really pretty."

"What else?"

"I like her suit." Joan Quincy kissed Lily on the head and said:

"He wants to know about her powers Lily."

Lily looked at the captain and frowned. "Oh." She set the plushy on her lap and folded her hands on top of it. "She's like Superman."

"So she has all the same powers." Lily shook her head yes.

"She doesn't know how to use 'em. I had to teach her how to use her super-breath." Captain Parker nodded his head when his phone went off.

"Excuse me, I need to take this." Joan and Sam Quincy gave each other looks as Captain Parker walked out of the room. "Yes?" He said as soon as he was out of earshot of the two officers guarding the door.

"What have you found out?" said a voice on the other line.

"Nothing new. She has the same powers as Superman like we suspected."

"I don't care about her powers Parker I want to know about her."

"I take it you want me to keep talking to the girl." There was silence on the other line for a short while. A tall lanky orderly with light-brown hair stepped out of a room at the end of the hallway. He took a few steps then dropped a folder and papers on the ground. With a sigh, he stooped down to pick them up.

"No, head back to the park. Supergirl disappeared as soon as the fire was out and hasn't been seen since." The orderly picked up all of the papers and moved in Parker's direction. "She must still be there." The young man smiled at the captain as he passed him then turned the corner down another hallway.

"How do you propose I find her?"

"Figure it out."

Perry Park, Kansas

The sun slowly rose above the horizon, bright lines of red, orange, yellow, and purple reached out like arms and fingers stretching before the start of the day. Kara Zor-El opened her eyes as soon as she felt the sun kiss her skin. This was the second time she fell asleep in a tree. This one was tall and towered over its surrounding brothers and sisters. The branches were wide and the needles were thickly clumped together, allowing only a few beams of light slipped through onto Kara. The sun was halfway up and warm golden light poured over the entire park. It is so beautiful here, she thought. In the distant was a clearing where part of the crater could be seen.

Hanging on a smaller branch on her right, was a slightly-charred light green back-pack. Kara grabbed it and zipped it open. Inside was a wallet with only a few dollars, a set of civvies (civilian clothing), a pair of Adidas sandals, and her uniform neatly packed at the bottom. Kara slung the back-pack on her left shoulder and jumped out of the tree, landing on the ground with a slight thump after falling over 200 feet. She was dressed in a pair of white cargo shorts and a black fitted t-shirt; both hung somewhat loosely on her tall but petite frame. I need to find out where I am and where Kal-El is. His ship must have landed near mine. Kara slipped on a pair of reflective sunglasses and walked barefoot through the trees towards the crater.

Mary-Lou Jones and Derrick Albright hid behind a cabin as two park rangers walked by. When they were out of sight, Mary-Lou dashed out from behind the building, leaving an exhausted looking Derrick to take off after her.

"MJ, I don't think I can take much more of this," he said while taking off his glasses and cleaning them.

"Shh!" whispered Mary-Lou harshly as another pair of rangers came out of the main office for the park. They stopped on the steps and casually spoke about what their day would entail.

"You pop the question to Amy yet?"

"Nah, I'll do it this weekend. If I propose on our anniversary she'll see it coming. I wanna surprise her." Both rangers walked down the steps and continued their conversation as they got in a topless jeep and pulled out of the lot.

"Wait right here."

"Wait, MJ!" Mary-Lou ran across the lot and into the main office. As Derrick waited outside, he sat on the ground and picked up a stick. He was drawing random symbols in the ground with it when a little lizard ran by. It stopped in front of him. "How are you this morning?" It stood there for a few seconds then scurried off.

His head popped up from his doodling to see Mary-Lou fast-walking to a shiny green jeep parked across the lot between two black trucks "Derrick, let's go!"

"MJ, what did you do?"

"Never-mind, let's go." Derrick jumped in the vehicle next to her. The jeep started with a roar and Mary-Lou backed out of the parking space. Suddenly, a man dressed in blue slacks, a rolled-up dress shirt, and a tie stepped out of the office and started yelling at them.

"Did you steal the keys?"

"Maybe…" Derrick's eyes went wide and he turned around to find the man running after them as Mary-Lou drove away.

In a diner somewhere…

Lana Lang tucked a strand of red hair behind her right ear as she read the Daily Planet; the article about Superman her focus. She picked up and blew on her coffee before taking a careful sip and turning the page. A television in the background blasted the news of a power plant explosion in Springfield, Missouri. Always something negative on TV, thought Lana. For once, I'd like them to play something positive.

"Change the channel Carl. I don't need to see some explosion. 'Nough bad news on TV, don't need more." A low grumble came from the man, presumably Carl, and he reached up to change the channel. It landed on another news station.

"…caused by the meteor crash at Perry Park in Kansas. Campers at the park state that this 'Supergirl' must have come from the large meteor, but parks rangers gave a statement saying that nothing was found at the site except for a large hole and a deep ditch marking the path of the meteor when it crashed. But news of this newly arrived 'Supergirl' has put the nation at frenzy. Not long ago, the red and blue hero called Superman made his appearance, and it looks like a fellow Kryptonian has come to join on the life-saving action." Lana put her coffee down and focused on the television.

"But since her arrival, no one has seen the blonde hero. The only one who actually met and spoke to Supergirl is four year-old girl Lily Quincy, daughter of parents Sam and Joan Quincy, who was missing in the flames yesterday. Here is a clip our very own cameraman Matt Smith caught of her carrying Lily to safety."

The television flashed a clip of a blonde girl dressed in red and blue landing far off. The cameraman zoomed in but couldn't get a clear shot of the girl's face. Lana noticed the entire diner had gone silent as they watched the scene unfold on television. The camera followed Supergirl as she flew away but once she was too far he focused back on Lily Quincy being held in the arms of a man. "Lily! Lily! Who saved you?" yelled the field reporter. Lily looked up in the sky and smiled. She looked back at the camera and simply said:

"Supergirl." Suddenly, a flurry of questions was thrown at the child as she was being carried away from the crowd. The camera followed her until she was put in the ambulance with her crying/smiling parents and taken away.

The clip was cut short and the diner was back to watching Cat Grant. "No new sightings have been made of Supergirl with the exception of a few brief moments of her in the sky. Several attempts have been made to see Lily but the Kansas State Police have been keeping the family away from all reporters. Currently, they are being held at a hospital not far from Perry Park." Lana's phone buzzed. She had a text message.

You need to get to Kansas. Now! ~ Samuel

Lana picked up her coffee and took another sip as she watched a pair of robins fly past the window. Before another moment passed, she left a ten on the table and walked out the door onto a busy sidewalk and amongst the rushing people.

At the crater…

Kara crouched down and scooped up a handful of burnt soil. It's still warm. On the ground around her were footprints (human and canine) and tire tracks from the previous night. Kara let the dirt pour out of her hand as she stood up and surveyed the area. Before her was the hole made by her ship. The impact pushed dirt all over the place and made a hole around twenty feet wide and forty feet deep. The deep ditch made by the ship before it landed cut through the trees. In the daylight, the damage made by the landing looked worse than at night.

Kara's face was scrunched up as she looked in the empty space. Someone took my ship. Was it the men dressed in green with the large brimmed hats? Or did someone else come and take it? She looked down in the hole and saw a few glittering pieces of green rock.

She dropped her back-pack on the ground and floated down closer to them. When she was only a few feet from the bottom, she lost the ability to fly and crumpled to the ground.

*"What in the name of *ugh* Rao?" Kara slowly pushed herself up but fell back down again, her hands slamming down on the green rocks. The veins in her hand took on a green shade as the rocks poisoned her. My skin, it is burning! Pale and weak, Kara pushed through the dirt as she climbed the dirt walls but kept slipping down.

On the ground above, a green jeep came to a stop and two pairs of feet jumped out of it. They approached the lone back-pack sitting at the crater's edge. "Oh my gosh! Dee, come help!"

Mary-Lou and Derrick carefully slid down and grabbed Kara's arms. They walked/dragged her up to the shallower end of the long ditch and to level ground. Gently, the two teens laid Kara down on her back. While lying there, the color came back to her face and her breathing became normal. "Are you okay? Is anything broken?" asked Derrick.

Kara sat up and looked at her two saviors who were crouched down in front of her. Her hand reached up and touched the translator wrapped around her neck, disguised like a bull's nose-ring. "Yeah…" she said quietly. She cleared her throat and continued. "I am fine. I just lost my footing." Derrick seemed satisfied with the answer and stood up.

"That's good." He reached down to Kara but she ignored his hand and stood up on her own, almost losing her balance as she did. "My name is Derrick, and this is my best-friend Mary-Lou. But you can call her MJ. Everyone else does." Mary-Lou stayed crouched down and narrowed her eyes at the tall blonde before her, then stood up.

"You dropped these." Mary-Lou held out Kara's sunglasses. She took them and slipped them on her face with a smile.

"Thank you."

Derrick noticed the odd tension between the two girls and cleared his through before speaking. "I like your shirt and shorts. I have a pair just like them." Kara looked down and saw the clothes were covered in dirt.

"I just got them." She walked away from the two teens and picked up her bag. Looking down, Kara saw more green stones poking through the dirt. Those rocks. They are poison, but why? A clump of dirt shot past her and landed at the bottom of the hole. Derrick stood on Kara's right and leaned precariously over the edge.

"Man, this has got to be forty feet deep, if not more." He turned to Kara and smiled. "MJ and I saw it land last night, the meteor. We were going to check it out yesterday but that fire happened and the park was evacuated."

"I wonder what landed here," said Mary-Lou quietly, standing close to Kara's left shoulder.

"Who knows? I just want to know where it went." You and I both, thought Kara. The three teens stood in silence as they peered over the edge into the deep hole. Derrick was the first to break the silence. "So Blondie, what's your name?" Before she could answer, Kara heard a branch break behind her and spun around, but there was no one there. "Something wrong?"

Kara took a step forward and x-rayed the forest. It faded in and out for a moment before she finally focused it. Hiding in the trees were several men dressed in black ABU's and carrying large guns. A man of medium build and dressed in the same manner as the other men, minus a cover, stood in the middle with a pair of binoculars pointing straight at the three teens.

"Blondie, what is it?" Kara narrowed her eyes at the men. While she focused on them, her eyes took on a red glow. Derrick placed his hand on her shoulder, which pulled her focus away from the men and her eyes back to their natural blue color.

"Kara, my name is Kara."

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