Great race

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Shirley, Lucchini and yoshika was shop for supplement when Shirley saw a flayer

No way! Shirley said

what is it Shirley-San? Yoshika ask

only the biggest race event that is coming here to Romagna! Shirley said

The supersonic race of Romagan! Shirley said

The supersonic race of Romagan what is that? Yoshika ask sounding confuse

Well like I said from before it the biggest race ever to hit Romagna! Shirley said before someone cut her off from what she was about to said

people from all over the world come together to see who is the racer in the world. Said a voice

Shirley, Lucchini and Yoshika turn around and saw a woman who was the same age as Shirley

who are you? Shirley ask

My name is Amy and I will win this race with ease. She said with confidence

is that so? Shirley said

I guess we will have to find out who the fastest. Amy said

are you going to enter this race Shirley-san ? Amy said as move a piece of black hair out of her face

yeah. Shirley said

well I guess I will see you soon Shirley-San. Amy said with a evil grin on her face

what with her? Lucchini ask

the three girls made there way back to the base. And Shirley walk to Minna's office

Commander Minna. Shirley said

Yes Shirley-san. Minna answer

I want to ask you something. Shirley said

Yes what is it? Minna said in sweet voice

There a race I wanted to enter in ma-am. Shirley said

The supersonic race of Romagan right? Minna said

how did you know? Shirley ask

Lucchini told me about it and since the Neuroi have not been attacking lately I guess it okay you may

enter. Minna said

Yes! Thank you So much Minna. Shirley said jumping with joy

But if the Neuroi do attack come back to base as fast you can okay. Minna said in a sweet tone

Okay! Shirley said she ran down the hall.

Later that day

Shirley call one of her old friend to help built car for race. A track came by the base and drop off the parts for her car.

Okay it all here Now lets get this started. She said to herself with a smile on her face

Mio and Minna walk in to see how she was doing.

She want to enter this race? Mio said

yes she was talk about it earlier. Minna said

when the race going to start? Mio ask

Two week from now. Minna answer

well I going back to training. Mio said before leaving

Minna look at Shirley and smile at her then Lucchini walk up with tool box

I hope she do well in the race. Minna said

Two week later

good luck today Shirley-san. Lynette said

you can do it. Lucchini said in sing along voice

that if you can Shirley-San and other thing you too slow bitch. Amy said before drove her racing can to the starting line

Minna walk up and overheard what Amy said to Shirley.

Shirley-San please kick her ass for me okay. Minna said in a sweet tone

everyone just look at Minna and she just was slime

okay. Shirley said gave a thumps up as she made her way to the starting line

alright let begin the Supersonic race said announcer now here are the rules for race. the announcer continued

each racer will have race there cars down the street and then they make there way to the check point

and they have to race on foot the rest way. Going thought the city and back to there car then make there way to Finnish line. The announcer finish

the rules are there are no rules. The announcer said

racer ready? The announcer yell

car engines blasting tires rubbing on the ground

set go! The announcer yell then the racer took off and the race had stated

Shirley and Amy was neck and neck they both did a Tokyo drift around the corner

then the other racer came behind them and as they made there way to the first check point the two girls

the two girls got out of there cars and started running.

You will never win Shirley-San. Amy said

we will see about that. Shirley said

they ran to first pit stop

you are doing great Shirley. Minna said

try not to use too much magic when you run okay ? Barkhorn said with a small smile

got it. Shirley said

just as the other racer coming up to pit stop Shirley and Amy took off

everyone was cheering for Shirley and Amy

as they where run Amy trip Shirley and she almost fell down the hill

Shirley! Minna yell

Shirley was holding on to a tree limb

Damn you. Shirley growl at Amy

sorry Shirley-San but better luck next time. Amy said before leaving Shirley hanging there

Shirley try to claim back up but almost falling off.

Damn it is this the end? She said to herself

the tree limb broke off

No! Shirley yell as she fell

but before her life flash before her eye Minna and Barkhorn in there striker unit and put Shirley up and back to race.

Thanks! Shirley said before they left

Than Shirley took off as fast she could and she was right behind Amy

What there no way you could have made it from that fall. Amy said as saw Shirley run behind her

That Because there nothing a witch can't do. Shirley said sound like Mio Sakamoto

the two girls where neck and neck they where make there way to Finnish line.

I can't let you win. Shirley said

Shirley put all her magic in her feet to make herself move faster she cross the Finnish line first

That it folks Shirley have won the race! The Announcer said

everyone was cheering for Shirley and king of Romagna gave Shirley 500$ and the title Romagan fastest racer.

After that they take Shirley picture.

Wow you look great Shirley-San. Yoshika said

Thanks kiddo. Shirley said

Shirley walk to the hanger and look at the car she made for the race. She walk to it look at the picture they took at race and she smile.

Shirley-San! Yoshika and Lynette said

Shirley turn to them and smile then walk to them.

The end

What you guys think it the first time I make a Story about Shirley-San

it was hard at first but it came out okay I think anyway I some our thinking when I use Amy well this Amy is not from sonic just to let to let you guys know. Let me know how you like it okay