OOC: Decided to do something interesting from a dream I had once. XD

Loki grabbed the soaked wash clothe, rubbing the soap over the soaked dripping wash cloth. He placed the soap onto the edge of the tube. He rubbed the soaped wash clothe over his pale skin, the hot steaming water falling on his head loosening his tense muscles. He inhales the warm steaming air, smelling the scent of soap in the air. He moved a step back, letting the hot steaming water wash down over his chest getting the soap off.

He turned the shower off, water dripping from the shower head. He reaches for a towel, grabbing it from the rail and pulled it around his waist. Stepping out of the shower, his raven black hair dripping with water. He looked himself in the mirror, seeing himself all clean without a smudge on him. He smiles slightly in satisfaction.

Today was going to be a good day, well hoping it will be a good day. He heard his brother shouting from outside the bathroom freaking out because of the alarm clock. He came bashing down the door to the bathroom and looked at Loki. "Brother! This noisy thing won't turn off!" He whimpers like a child not having a idea of what to do. Green emerald colored eyes locked onto his brother blue marine colored eyes. "You press the big button on top, Thor. Could you close the door? I am kind of naked in here if you do not see." He said with a scowl on his face.

Thor grumbled and marches out closing the door behind him. Loki on the other hand just shrugged. "AND GET READY TO GO TO SCHOOL!" He yelled after him. He heard something break, the alarm clock, jeeze the 5th one this week. He brushed his hair with the bristles brush, getting any knots and tangles out. He sure does need a hair cut soon, he'll get his brother to shorten it again later. Taking clean pair of clothes, shoving them on hurriedly not sure how long he has been in the bathroom.

He opened the door only to see Thor's exposed chest. He was lifted off the ground and given a hug. "Gah! Thor! Put me down this instant!" He demanded with a scowl on his face. He noticed that Thor was naked, making his cheeks turn a faint scarlet. "Thor! Put some clothes on!" He said. Thor laughs and lets go of his brother. "I have to take a showah too little brother!" He said with a wide grin before disappearing inside the bathroom with the door shut.

Loki mumbled something unhearable beneath his breathe. He rubbed his burning cheek softly, rolling his eyes uneasily. Loki was a criminal, a villain, planning to destroy Midgard but he forced to take school instead delaying his true plans. Oh, The Avengers are going to school! Because Amora placed a curse on the Avengers and himself into 15-16 year old teenagers.

Yea pretty annoying, Thor didn't change much, still big and bulky, childish and always excited. He loathed his brother but inside he truly cares about him and love him, despite his envy and jealousy. He wasn't the type at all to show his true emotions he typically keep hidden within himself. He glances towards the ground seeing plastic and piece all over the ground. "Again..." He said with a scowl. He cleaned up the broken alarm clock, careful not to cut his palm or fingers while he tossed into the trash. He brushed his hand together.

It was 6:45 AM, school starts at 8 AM, the bus going to come by at 7:15 so his brother better hurry up with that damn shower. He sat down onto the edge of the bed, waiting for his brother to come out of the bathroom. Yes, Thor and he sleeps in the same bed because Thor kept whining it's cold on his own bed. He was annoyed with Thor bickering and complaint that he gave up and let his brother sleep in his bed. He ends up being cuddled to death through out the night.

Lifting his head up to the sound of the door opening, seeing Thor hair dripping with water, watching him dry his hair up with a towel. His eyes lingered downwards a little, his cheeks turning brightly red. He looks away immediately and grunted. "Brother. Put some clothes on, you being naked isn't a pleasant sight for my innocent eyes." He said sharply. Thor whimpered in a pouting manner but found a pair of fresh clean clothes and put them on.

Loki grabs his brother and his backpacks with all their supplies inside. He shoves into his brother's arm who took it and place it around his back. The location of the school is from S.H.I.E.L.D. they built the school very recently for this matter.

"Brother?" Thor called to his brother with a raised brow.

"What?" He answered impatiently, his emerald green colored eyes locked onto his blue marine colored eyes. It was staring deep into one soul.

"Please don't leave me brother." He could hear a beg from his brother's voice.

He looked to him with a confused look. "What are you talking about?" He asked a little harshly.

Thor looked away, frowning in displeasure. "I mean, don't go doing what your doing before we are turned to teenagers. I just want my brother back." He said with a deep sigh.

He stares at him with a bemused look, frowning at him. "I don't know, Thor. I am not going to talk about it either or discuss this!" He snapped a little.

"Fine." He said hoping Loki would make up his mind.

"Come on were going to be late to school!" He said marching out the door with his brother all dressed and such following right after him. He was glad that Fury cannot touch him or do anything because he the only one that can reverse this but he cannot, only finding Amora and defeating her only best way. He looked to the grey dull sky, it was drizzling but he wasn't concerned of being soaked.

He made it to the bus stop which Steve was dragging his backpack. "Morning captain sparklepants." Loki greeted with a sly smirk on his face. Steven looked up and stares wearily. "Uh, morning." He said in return, feeling awkward knowing he'll be going to the same school as wanted villain here. Thor grinned and patted Steve's back. "Morning! Were going to school today!" He said with excitement.

Tony voice interrupted from Steve continuing. "Do I have to go to school? I am a genius after all, brilliant mind to be exact." He said with a grunt, wishing to just stay home and have some vodka or something. All three heads turned. "Yes you do, Tony. Fury ordered us." Steve commented to Tony who came to stand beside him. Loki crossed his arms over his chest, seeing Natasha and Clint approaching towards them from across the street. Clint look dead tired like hasn't much sleep at all, Natasha...Well looked like had the best sleep ever. The last person to arrive with Bruce or The Hulk. He greeted everyone, even the wanted criminal. Loki gave a subtle nod of his head in greeting waiting impatiently for the bus.

They were all going to school, he wonders what will going to he'll see once they are at the school.