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Loki woke up the next morning groggy, a little sore, and like shit in a way. He licked his dry lips lightly, getting the moist again. He rolled onto his back, wincing at the light. He felt movement next to him, looking over to see Thor sleeping peacefully. He reached his hand forward inches from his face; he pulled his hand away curling up.

Thor eyes opened slowly, seeing Loki staring at him. He blinks in confusion, speaking. "Something wrong?" He asked him worriedly. "I don't want to go to school today. Not what has happened yesterday, I was vulnerable, weak, and helpless! It was so infuriating forced into something I didn't ask or wanted. I refuse to go back to that school! They reassured safety! I was violated! I was unsafe!" He said with rage in his tone, he took in deep breathes trying to calm himself, knowing being worked up isn't going to solve anything.

Thor looked at him, he feel so damn guilty, he…he didn't mean too. He wasn't sure what to say, he felt all choked up on this. He wanted his brother, they weren't technically related. "Loki." He manages to speak out. Loki looked up, looking at him waiting for him to continue. "Loki, it was my fault….I was the rapist in the bathroom. I wanted you; I couldn't get you out of my mind." He said, guilt coating his tongue. Loki eyes widen in horror, backing up to the edge. "What? Why would you do that!? I was violated! I pinned to the wall and raped! You're my brother!" He says out, he was very much infuriated with him.

"I know, I am sorry. I love you, more than anything, more than Jane." He said with a frown. Loki stares at him in horror, tears pooling the corner of his eyes, he refuses to shed the tears, he REFUSE to show weakness. Thor grabs him and wraps his arms around him, which he felt him squirming and kicking. "Brother, I beg you! I am telling to the truth! I am very sorry!" Thor said with tears stinging his eyes. Loki tries to break free but gives up, he didn't know what to do or say. He was so furious with Thor yet he wasn't at the same time. Why his emotion all was jacked up now? Why now? He thought to himself.

Thor rubbed his hand over his arm trying to sooth him and calms him. "I'm sorry, I love you." He said with a whimper. Loki looks at him with confusion, unsure what to do. Well, he was glad it wasn't some damn stranger, better Thor than anyone else. He tries to think, well he did secretly was in love with Thor, so guess he can forgive him. He buried his face into his chest, trying to get much warmth as possible. "I…I forgive you, but you ever do that again! I swear I am going to hunt you down and feed you to the dogs." He said with a grunt.

Thor smiled widely seeing he was forgiven, he hugged him tightly. "Gah! Thor..! I need air!" He said gasping lightly. He was released and coughed a little. He looked up to Thor, his brilliant green colored eyes glinting in the light. He wasn't the type to share his true emotions because it would be his weakness. He has to get over, this was a new path, path of redemption. Maybe the efforts of ruling Asgard is way out of his league, though he felt his pride hurt from that thought lingering in his mind. Maybe he can be good, at least try to gain trust. God of Mischief, weaver of lies, telling truth, trying to be good, and trusting? That was way out of his character. So what? Was it so wrong to find redemption, even for the betrayed and lonely?

He leaned up and pressed his lips against Thor's lips, his cheeks turning a little pink. Thor blinks in surprise, before kissing back in a gentle manner. He pulled away. "What…?" Thor asked. Loki frowns and spoke. "I..love you too, Thor. More than just brothers. I feel stupid right now, makes me feel vulnerable to show my real emotions or give trust." He said with a sigh. "You can always trust me, I am always there for you, despite the fights and disputes we had in the past. We have to forgive each other and move on with the present." He said with a reassuring smile.

"I still not going to school, you made me so fucking sore." He growled, nuzzling into his brother's chest, too lazy to move. Thor patted his arm lightly. "I can skip one day with you. I can call them that you gotten sick with a fever and I am taking care of ya." He said with a smile. Loki nodded and yawns softly. He closed his eyes and fell asleep against his brother's chest.

OOC: Loki starting on the path of redemption, he is trying to get his trust and only share his emotions with Thor currently. Loki still is untrusting and refuse to show his true emotions to others till he starts to gain a little trust from others from trying to stay good. End of this book! Stay around for the next Fanfiction book! ^^ It's not the end!