Sora had always liked Kairi. He always had, and probably always will. Sora would even go as far as to say that he loved Kairi.

So would the dark entity that had invaded his Heart and sought shelter there when Sora was four. He had traveled with Sora through all of his journeys, and had seen the good that the young boy had done. That made the demon sick.

When Sora was sixteen, though, he had given away completely to the Darkness, and not only had he fallen comatose, but it gave the dark demon- Vanitas - a chance to start taking Sora over. Every night, or so. That's when Vanitas took his chance to take over the brunet teen, and do whatever it was he wanted.

What he wanted was the girl named Kairi. She was suppose to be one of the chosen ones with a Heart of pure light. Vanitas could change that, if he just got a hold of her soon enough, before the sun came up. So, when it becomes midnight, he meets her in the park, right outside town.

"Sora," she says fondly. Vanitas says nothing, because he sounds nothing like Sora, and it would give away that he definitely wasn't Sora. He only places his fingers on her waist and inches closer to her, trying his best to act like Sora. Kairi says the dreaded name once more, before their lips connect, and he tightens his grasp on her body and pulls her closer. He bit down on her lip, causing it to bleed, and when she gasps, slips his tongue into her mouth.

He wanted her.

He needed her.

He created her.

When he pulls away from her, Kairi, she starts to change. Her hair shortens, turns black, and her pink dress turns into a cloak, all black. The new girl looks up at her creator, and he only smirks,


Wanted to get Lust out of the way right off the back.

Xion took over Kairi's body, in the end, just like how Vanitas can do with Sora.

...Creepy, right? XD

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