Brett sighed. He dug his hands roughly through his hair, a stressed look on his face. His girlfriend was pregnant. How this had happened, he knew. When people would start asking, he'd have to say it was an accident. But, no matter what he thought about the matter, he'd have to marry her before the news got out. Could they do that? Could he propose, get engaged and be married all before the bump would begin to reveal itself? He sighed again, now for about the 100th time. Molly, his beautiful girlfriend sat beside him on her living room floor, tears streaming down her cheeks. She was thinking precisely the same thing he was, but both didn't want to admit it. Molly was a beautiful girl, to Brett. Short, curly auburn ringlets sprouted from her oval-shaped head, and her emerald eyes shimmered as the tears kept flowing. She didn't want to have to bear the news to Brett. What had started out a simple business conference and her parents leaving for the week, ended in an eventually desired baby, but unexpected and uncalled for. Her parents were coming home in two days, and she didn't know what she'd tell them. Leaning on Brett's strong, rough arm, she let her tears soak into his red plaid flannel. Brett heard her weeping, and felt terrible. A feeling he could never describe. It was like he wanted to help, but knew this was her idea. Twenty-two years old, she'd never had the pleasure and wonder of having a baby, like her other friends. The couple had been together since she was eighteen, and he was twenty. Every one of her friends had either gotten pregnant at nineteen, or had their second child by nineteen. To every parent in the town of Piddle was disgusted with this new "fad" so to speak. So, given the circumstances, Molly wanted a child. A little baby to call her own, one she could love and care for. After getting together with Brett, the love of her life, she thought a baby would come on its' own; soon. But, Brett never wanted the relationship to be that way. He wanted love...true love that eventually would result in a beautiful marrage. Now, when her parents had left and they had the week to themselves, she started talking about how bad she wanted a baby...and from there...he loved her so much, he had to give her the desires of her heart. He was happy, yes, about the baby, but what he'd do about the parents he didn't know.

"I'm...I'm so sorry, Brett. You knew I wanted a child, you knew I wanted one someday. I know we both didn't expect this...I never thought I'd feel this way about it. I always thought I'd be happy, if I had a baby, but now it seems downright selfish of me, so wrong. I truly am...very sorry," Molly said, sobbing.

Brett wrapped her into his arms tightly. "I know. I know. Look, I think I have a plan...I'll propose to you, we'll be engaged and get married sooner than that bump is going to reveal itself. Then it will look like it was always planned," he said. He really had thought about proposing to her eventually, but he never wanted it to be forced. But, what had to be done, had to be done.

Molly wiped the salty tears from her tan cheeks. She did love Brett, she really did...and did want to be married to him...just not so forced.


The screams could be heard throughout the hospital. Brett snapped his head up, sweat dripping down his face, frightened for his wife. Molly was in labor...and it was making him be in the worst state he could ever be in. Eyes open, stomach churning with anxiety, perspiration coating his body under his tank top and jeans, and his mind rushing. Thoughts flung throughout his mind like a hurricane; what if the baby dies? What if Molly dies? What if? What if? WHAT IF? Chett, his younger brother, came rushing through the bleak hallways and, noticing Brett, came up to him.

"Brett! I came as soon as I heard, how is she?" he asked with anticipation.

"I DON'T KNOW!," Brett screamed, "they won't let me in there, and they won't tell me what's going on! I have no idea! Just...just leave! I don't need more stress." Brett stood up and sat down within ten seconds.

Chett backed away, and ran towards the waiting room, where the families were waiting. Brett's mother, Isabella, his Uncle Ebb and brothers Chett and Once-Ler waited anxiously for the new arrival. The Once-Ler wiped his hands on his grey jeans, nervous as ever. This was the first time he'd ever been through a labor before, and didn't know how he should feel. He wished Norma was here. Norma had called him early this morning, and after he asked if she could come, she said she couldn't come with him because her Uncle was going to take her somewhere. Once-Ler wished she was here, she was the best at comforting. Throughout the past year, their relationship had blossomed into a friendship that could not be broken. Together almost everyday, they did everything together. His thoughts got away from him as he heard his brothers scream...a scream that could not be good.