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Part 5: Hidden Truths - Truths

"I want my Kana back"

"I want my Kana back"

Even though Yuki had specifically remarked not to overthink this, it was in Kana's nature to do so.

Yuki had previously lowered Kana again on her shoulder to let her hear that heartbeat, but soon Yuki feel asleep from the lack of sleep she had that night while taking care of Kana. Kana didn't realize that Yuki feel asleep until Yuki turned and cuddled more with her. Kana suddenly blushed, as she wasn't used to be held that way. It usually was her job to protect and not the one to be protected.

"Why?… Why am I blushing?... I thought I managed to suppress those emotions… Yuki was right… It's useless to bottle them inside… but I still don't know… I don't know how I would react if Yuki wouldn't accept mw… but… somehow I think she'll accept me… Why?… Why am thinking she'll accept me now?… Why?... What did she mean with what she said now?… And most of all… 'My Kana'… Her Kana?... What did she mean?"

Yuki had never called her that way. Those words somehow pierced through Kana. She was feeling strangely happy about them but her mind was focused on trying to figure out what they meant. But her mind wasn't exactly at its top. She was still light-headed from the fever and couldn't concentrate much.

Kana was starting to fidget a bit. She was confused and wanted to wake up… to somehow run away from that protection. I was making her feel warm inside… It was distracting her. She wanted to go try clear her mind, and thought a warm bath would do the trick.

She then tried to escape from Yuki's grip. In attempt to escape, someone pulled her closer. Yuki hugged her tighter and smiled. "You're not going to escape. Stay here." Yuki had woken from the fidgeting Kana was previously making. Yuki knew that most probably Kana was fidgeting because she was trying to run away from her grip.

Kana was weak so there wasn't much she could do. She nodded her head and cuddle back into Yuki.

"Just sleep. After all, you should take this to the full." Yuki giggles a bit, "I doubt we will sleep like this ever again."

For a moment, Kana opened her eyes wide… fearing what Yuki meant.

Yuki was still smiling. "I will not accept to sleep like this again. I prefer to be the one held than to be the holder. " Yuki giggled again, adding, "It's your job!"

Kana was somehow relieved to hear that that was what Yuki meant. Kana laughed a little, knowing that what Yuki said was purely the truth. "Hah, you're right. It is my job". She cuddled more into Yuki and slowly drifted into sleep.

Kana woke up from a kiss on the forehead. Yuki smiled gently, "Sorry, did I wake you up? Well… Your fever is almost completely down. You should rest a little more just to be safe."

Kana slowly touched her forehead where she had just received a kiss. It was a warm kiss, like the one Yuki had given her a couple of weeks ago. She smiles, adding, "Th… Thank you"

Yuki giggled, remember that it was the same thing Kana said last time. "I'm going out to buy some food. Keep on sleeping. I'll wake you up to eat when I come back."

Kana gently nods and slowly cuddled her head into the pillow, seeing Yuki leaving the room.

Kana's fever really went down. She could feel her mind clearer and by time, her river of thoughts was flowing once again. Thoughts of what had happened in the last few days kept looping but slightly different than usual. There were more doubts in it… but not necessarily bad doubts.

"I made Yuki worry about me… I should have been more careful… What was I thinking?… She took so much care of me… almost too much… Why did she do it?... And what did she mean 'My Kana'… waaah… Maybe… Maybe she too… No, no, no, no, no… What am I thinking?... but maybe… No, no, no, no, no…"

Time passes by fast while Kana was lost in thought. She started thinking more and more about Yuki… thinking she may be returning the feelings. At a point Yuki arrives back. Kana becomes totally red and jumps by the surprise.

Yuki keeps on looking at Kana. She wasn't sure what happened but she couldn't help herself not to laugh about that reaction.

Yuki notices that Kana was blushing. She decides to tease her and sits down near Kana. She places a hand on her forehead, "Is your fever up again?". Kana blushes again. Yuki opened wide her eyes, "You're burning up. What happened?"

Kana starts coughing, adding "No, no, no… you just startled me. I'm fine. I'm fine."

Yuki, "Ok then. Let's eat!"

Kana nods her head. Yuki takes out the food and starts by trying to feed Kana again. "Aaaaaaa"

Kana declines by slowly shaking her head. "Thank you… but no need. I can do it on my own."… Kana makes a half smile.

Yuki slightly saddens her face. For a moment she stays silent, making Kana trying to cheer her up. "But I'll take that first bite." Kana smiles, sticking her tongue out as a sign she was joking, "You know, since you offered it. We shouldn't let it go to waste."

Yuki nods her head. "Aaaaaaaa"

Kana happily accepts it and takes the rest of her food from Yuki. "Thank you".

Yuki knew she should have expected this reaction… especially since Kana's fever was now down. She knew once Kana would start feeling better, Kana would once again become dense.

They start eating and talk about petty things like weather, school, family and so on.

Even if they are just making petty talk, Kana slightly tried to avoid familiarizing with Yuki. She was still unsure if she should suppress of not her feelings. In fact because of that doubt, she failed a couple of time and laughed along. All of this because of those words.

Even so, Yuki noticed that Kana was starting acting slightly distant again. Deep inside it was hurting and wanted to try and change this. She decides to try and tease Kana another time.

Trying to do so, she noticed that Kana was forcing herself. She started thinking that somehow she was probably pressuring Kana, especially knowing that Kana was in that doubting phase. She started thinking more about the situation.

"Maybe… Maybe I should stop teasing her… at least for now… I should stop… She most probably is in doubt on what to do next… I should be happy since she isn't completely distant like yesterday… I should let down the teasing… It will be better… at least for a couple of days…"

Time passes fast and soon it was time to sleep again. Yuki tried her best to not cuddle with Kana, but she couldn't resist not intertwining their hands. It was something they did since childhood… something which was too much important to her to let go.

Respectively, it was something that Kana considered important too. It was something that she too couldn't let go.

Both their hands eventually searched for each other, until they intertwined. That alone was enough for both of them to sleep peacefully.

A couple of days had passed. By time, Kana's mood was getting better and eventually started acting like her usual self. Like almost every day, Kana woke up before Yuki. Kana liked waking up earlier than Yuki for just one reason… she liked observing that peaceful sleeping face Yuki had.

After a couple of moments she decided to get up. Will trying to get out of bed, she noticed that she had her hand intertwined with that of Yuki. It was something that they always did, and was something which deep inside she really liked.

She opened her hand to release it from Yuki's, but something unexpected happened. As soon as she tried to remove the grip, Yuki started pressing tighter and tighter. Kana looked at Yuki, thinking she was awake. Yuki was still sleeping. She was mumbling something. "Don't leave me behind Kana-chan".

Kana smiled. It was awhile since she last heard that. Each time she and Yuki grew distant, Yuki would end up mumbling that phrase during her sleep. She kept on smiling and lifted their intertwined hands. She kissed Yuki on the hand, whispering "I will not".

Yuki fidgeted a bit but she didn't wake up. Yuki was being slightly tired lately. Yuki had tried to reduce the teasing, hoping it will make Kana feel better…and in fact it did cause Kana was slowly feeling better… but this made Yuki grow impatient and restless.

In a way she needed to expel that dose of teasing. Teasing Kana was her way to show her love. Stopping the teasing was like she wasn't releasing her feelings anymore, bottling them inside. This made her agitated deep inside. She needed to express them sooner or later.

Kana soon woke her up as it was time to go to school. Yuki fidgeted a bit but eventually got up.

Kana was starting to be more true to her emotions. Lately she had started to frequently stare at Yuki… practically like she used to do. She usually glanced at Yuki a couple of times and turned her head when she thought Yuki had seen her. It had been awhile since she had last done this.

But something was on Kana's mind. She noticed that Yuki's teasing had slightly decreased. Kana was starting to get worried about Yuki and was thinking to confront her. Her mind was filled with thoughts. She knew that this bad period she was in was indirectly affected Yuki too in a way and she wanted to finally end it.

Kana was now more determined to end this sulking phase. She wanted to see Yuki smile again but how? She thought the only way to do this was to tease Yuki with her one weakness… Sweets!.

She dashed to buy some sweets before meeting up with Yuki to go home. She managed to buy them and went back running, hoping she would be at their meeting place before Yuki arrived. She arrived and Yuki was nowhere to be seen, making Kana relieved. She hid carefully the sweets inside her bag and waited for Yuki to arrive.

Yuki was late. Kana was started to get worried but finally she saw Yuki coming towards her. Yuki was taking deep breathes as she made a run for it.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry… The instructor kept me a couple of minutes more. She told me I need to come back later today. She's wants me to take part in the extra lesson because my time was slightly down."

Kana slightly smiles, "Don't worry""I knew that I had affected her mood but I didn't expect to affect her swimming… Well I guess to keep a good time you need to be concentrated."… Kana lifts her hand and shakes her head smiling, "I'm sorry… I think it's partially my fault."

Yuki looks at this smiling Kana and feels relieved. It was a smile she didn't see in a while. "No, no. I was just distracted during lesson. It's not your fault." Yuki smiles back and catches Kana's hand. "Let's go home now. I'm hungry~"

Kana nods her head and follows Yuki.

They arrive at home and sit at their respective desk. Kana takes out the bag of sweets and places it on her desk. At this action Yuki's eyes shine bright. Yuki had recognized the shop's name printed on the bag. Sweets really were Yuki's weakness.

Yuki slowly approaches the bad and Kana soon snatches the bag. "These aren't for you."

Yuki slight backs at this statement.

Kana opens the bag. She takes out a couple of snacks and places them in the cupboard. She then takes the bag and lifts it upside down, resulting spreading them all over her desk. She looks at Yuki,

"These are all mine! All mine, to eat them ~A~LONE~"

Kana sticks her tongue out, expecting a nice reaction from Yuki.

Yuki froze. She kept looking at Kana. "Kana is teasing me."

Kana was suddenly scared. Yuki didn't say anything or even move an inch. She approached slowly Yuki, fearing what had happened... "Yuki? Yuki-chan?"… She tried to shake Yuki… hoping she will snap out of it. "Yuki~…".

Yuki suddenly blinks and sees Kana really close to her. She moves towards Kana and kisses her on the cheek. "Can I take some in exchange of this kiss?"

Kana turns to red in an instant. Yuki giggles seeing this. Kana backs a little, "S…s…sure..."

Yuki suddenly makes the biggest smile on her face. She hasn't smiled like this in almost a week now. Kana felt somehow relieved and peaceful seeing it again. Kana was still confused about her feelings… Yuki's feelings… those words… but she was really thankful to see that smile again.

Yuki went to dive for the sweets. She was really happy. Kana had tried to tease her. For her it meant that Kana's burden wall was finally cracking down. She was happy that her Kana was back. She wanted to tell her what she felt but she wasn't sure how much Kana was back to herself. She needed to test it… to test if it was really true.

Yuki slipped behind Kana and wrapped her arms around Kana's waist. She pulled her tightly to herself, embracing her, later to cuddle her face into Kana's back. She then gently whispered "I'm happy you're feeling good again. My Kana is finally back."

Kana once again blushed. She could feel her heart beat to the max. Yuki was extremely happy.

Yuki finished eating the treats while Kana laid herself on the bed. This experience made her really tired. Yuki was happy to see Kana react to her affection was again. Yuki sat back at her desk and stared closely at Kana.

She felt the extreme need to continue in teasing her. She kept looking at Kana… this Kana who was once again relaxed... waiting to receive a reaction from her staring.

After some minutes Kana looked up to find Yuki staring at her. Kana didn't know for how long Yuki had been staring. When Kana realized that Yuki was staring at her, Yuki moved.

"I have something for you." Yuki took a bag from beneath her desk and gave it to Kana.

Kana was curious to see what was inside that bag. Inside the bag there was a small teddy bear. Kana pulled out the bear from the bag. She hugged it tightly and began to blush.

Yuki knew Kana liked this kind of things. She had spotted that bear long ago and was trying to find to perfect moment to give it to her. She was happy to see that reaction. Yuki made a big smile on her face, finally seeing Kana to her usual self.

Yuki wanted to see more reactions but time was against her. It was time to go to that extra pool lesson. Yuki smiled again, "I hope you liked it, but I need to go prepare to go to pool now." She goes to prepare things.

Kana sits to her desk with the new teddy bear in her lap. She really did like this kind of stuff. She looked at the time and thought it would be best if she started working on her assignments. She took out her art material and prepared to start make some sketched. Of course she was going to sketch her new bear too. She placed him in front of her and started drawing.

"I'm going out now!.. Oh you're drawing."

Kana nods her head, "Yeah I have to do some sketches again. Good thing I have something new I can sketch." She gently takes the bear in her hand and lifts it up smiling.

Yuki smiles, "Good then. I'm going now! I'll be back in two hours."

Kana salutes Yuki and continues to draw.

Yuki's thoughts

"Finally… She's happy… She's happy again… I could stand any longer… I wish I good have teased her a little more… I love teasing her… She's so cute when she blushes… I want to see her blush more… I wonder… I wonder how much she will blush when she confesses… confessing… I wonder when she'll do it… I can't stand it waiting… It makes me feel tedious waiting…"

Kana's thoughts

"What was I thinking… How could I suppress my feeling for Yuki… She cares for me so much… Waaah… My heart wanted to explode with that k… ki… kiss… Waah… I haven't felt like this in days now… I'm happy she's happy… I guess it's no use hiding my emotions… I love her… It something I can't kill… It's part of me… I should do what she told me… I should express it… I shouldn't think the worse is going to happen… but… but how can I tell her… I'm scared… Maybe I should wait a little more… I like getting teased by her in a way… She always seems the happiest at that time… Yeah… I'll do that… I'll leave her to tease me more."

Kana smiles, "Now I should really continue to draw… This bear is so cute… I love it… Now to sketch…"

Yuki had just arrived from her extra pool session to find Kana deep in thought. She looked at her and admired how Kana was always so much dedicated to her work, so much that she didn't even notice her entering the room. Kana is working at her desk… working on her sketching assignment, sketching the bear she had previously given her. Kana seems to be in deep thought, deep enough to not notice Yuki's presence behind her.

Yuki set down silently on the bed, waiting for Kana to realize that she was back. She kept looking at her, almost feeling jealous that Kana was giving so much attention to her work… and not to her. She knew she shouldn't mess with her work but deep inside, she was getting highly impatient, waiting for Kana to confess now... to confess her love to her. Yuki is lost in thought, undecided what to do.

"Waaah… How can you not realize when your loved one enters the room?... Yet I love that dedication… I wonder if I should greet her… I'm sure she's been there working for all these hours now… I left her in that position 2 hours ago and she's still working there… I bet she didn't even take a break… Maybe I should play with her… Tease her a bit… Maybe this time it will work… I wonder what I should do…"

Once again she tries to make her loved one blush. Yuki silently watches Kana for another couple of seconds… working deep on her assignments… waiting for an idea to come to her mind. She tilts her head from side to side and an idea struck Yuki.

She slowly wakes up and starts walking on tip toes, gradually approaching Kana. She hugs her from behind, around the neck, kissing her on the cheek.

Kana is shocked for a moment, releasing a heartfelt shout from the surprise.


This makes Yuki giggle. Kana pulls her head back, resting on Yuki's shoulder and looks towards Yuki, latter whispering: "I'm sorry, you surprised me. I was lost in thoughts. Do you need something?"

Yuki smile, responding "No, not really. I just wanted to hug you."

Kanade slightly blushes, adding a "Th... Thank you~"

Yuki smiles again and looks towards Kana's eyes. Silence falls and Kana can feel tension in the atmosphere. Her heart starts beating faster and river of thoughts start flowing in her head. "Ah~... She's so close... yet so far... Her eyes are beautiful... I feel like getting lost in them... and her lips... No, no... I shouldn't be thinking that... Stop... I need to stop... I know... Art... My art assignment... Art, Art, Art... Waaaah... I want to tell her what I'm feeling... No, no, no, no... Art... Art... Art... Art..."

Yuki sees that Kana is once again in that confusing state. She knows that when Kana is in that state, she most probably is thinking about confessing. Thinking to herself, Yuki reacts, "I should make my move now, it's the best time when she's in this state.". That thought was followed by Yuki making a serious face. Kana is surprised seeing that facing, expecting something bad is going to happen.

"Hey Kana-chan, Kana-chan."

Kana gulps, replying with a "Tell me."

Yuki makes a more serious face, "Is there something you should tell me?"

Kana blushes, "Yeah there is…" "No… Not really."

Yuki slightly gets angry, "You sure there isn't something really ~important~ that you should be telling me?"

Kana is lost. "Important… my c… confessing is important… but that's to me… what is she referring too?" She shakes her head, trying to figure it out. She then starts thinking, "What is she talking about... something important... that serious face... why is she getting angry... Yuki.. serious... Yuki.. angry... Yuki... Ah!... Hah..."

Kana starts giggling. "For a moment there, you got me worried. Yeah there is something important!"

Yuki releases Kana from her hug, relieved that Kana finally understood what she's saying.

Kana looks at this serious Yuki, "Something important.. mhm~". Kana turns, starting to poke Yuki's soft tummy. "The Maru Maru Banana snack in the fridge is mind - Don't!... Touch!... It!...", Kana starts laughing, not realizing that it wasn't what Yuki was expecting.

Yuki suddenly starts crying. Kana is shocked by this unexpected reaction. "No, no, no, no, no, no, no... Don't cry. Take it! Take it!... I don't want it. I was joking. Don't cry... Please don't cry. I'm sorry!"

Kana tries to comforts her. She jumps out of her chair and hugs Yuki. She starts petting Yuki's head, whispering "Now, now... Don't cry anymore."

Yuki can be seen getting angry. She inflates her face and in a childish angry voice she says "It's not about the snack!"

Kana was starting to get impatient... She didn't know what was happening and why Yuki was reacting that way, "Then what is it?"

Yuki snaps, seeing that Kana isn't understanding her… seeing that it's taking so long for Kana to realize... seeing how long it's taking her to realize she's waiting… waiting for her to finally confess... It was too much now. She had bottled her feelings for too much now… She couldn't take it anymore. Her patience was now at its limit… at its edge.


Kana feels lost from that sudden shout, wanting a clarification, "Why what?"

"Why won't you tell me?"

Kana is getting exasperated. "Tell you what?"

Yuki cries. "Why… why won't you tell me that you love me?"

Kana starts blinking her eyes, feeling more lost than ever, "There is no need for me to tell you that... I know I've caused some trouble this week… I'm sorry about that… But that doesn't mean that I love you less… I can say it how much you like if you think I've started loving you less… But I can guarantee I didn't… I love you more than ever, and see; I'm going to tell it to you know... I Love you!"

Kana smiles again, resulting in Yuki getting angrier. Yuki approaches Kana and starts hitting her, or more childishly pounding on Kana's chest. Kana giggles from this pounding. She doesn't know what's happening, but even so, all she could think of was how cute Yuki is when she's angry.

Yuki looks at Kana's eyes, "No... Kana-chan… Not that way... Not in the sisterly way... the other way… That you have started loving me in another… deeper way..."

Kana is shocked that Yuki knows. Her eyes become shivering… She starts trembling… moving backwards… blushing... trying to avoid contact with Yuki's eyes. Kana feels bad that her sister knew about her feelings... these impure feelings. "I'm.. I'm sorry... I know I shouldn't… but"

Yuki suddenly shouts "Waaah!... You… you… you… You Dummy!... Just say it out loud.. Say it loud... loud... So that I can finally tell you… tell you that I love you that way too!"

Kanade's face blushes. She starts repeatedly blinking... questioning what she had just heard... "Did I hear correctly? Was it my imagination?... I'm imagining things… I'm sure of it… but…""too?"

Yuki starts crying again, "Just say it... I want us to finally be together... as a couple... not as sisters... I can't take it anymore."

Kana can't help herself not to make a smile on her face… She approaches Yuki and hugs her tightly, embracing her completely. Kana was expecting Yuki to react… to maybe back down… but Yuki cuddles more into Kana, loving that safe feeling Kana was giving her once again.

Silence falls... Yuki can hear Kana's heartbeat gradually increasing. She hugs tightly Kana, wanting to hear more that heartbeat... that enhancing sound which made her believe how much she was deeply loved by Kana. Kana takes a deep breath and whispers:

"I love you! I love you Yukino!"

"I love you! I deeply do... More than being friends... more than being sisters... I want to stay with you forever... I want to protect you... Embrace you... Be there for you... Care for you... I promise I'll never leave you! I really do love you Yukino!"

Kana's face is on fire. She doesn't believe she actually managed to finally say those things. More thoughts come to her mind and she doesn't neglect to express them. "This is what I wanted to tell you... want I've been holding… hiding inside… that I love you… that you're the most important person in my life… and I want it to always be this way… I'm sorry… I'm sorry if you don't feel the same… I tried to suppress them… but all I did was hurt you… and make you take care of me… I'm sorry… I understand if you can't accept them… but please… Don't hate me for it… I want to be by your side forever…". Kana is breathing heavily, waiting to hear something from Yuki's side.

Yuki is happy to hear those words... those words she was impatiently waiting for. She suddenly lifts her head up and kisses Kana.

Kana's eyes open widely, not believing what her loved one has done... latter slowly and gradually closing them, embracing her more tightly... in attempt that the kiss would last longer.

They finally released the kiss... as the need to breathe rose...

"I love you! I love you too Kanade!"

Kana budges hearing that, blushing deeply.

Yuki inhales and exhales a deep breath, " Ah~ finally... I've been waiting for so long."

Kana looks at Yuki with curious eyes, "What do you mean?"

Yuki giggles, "I knew for so long... for so long that you loved me that way... I was getting exasperated waiting!... And then, after this week… I thought everything was lost…. I was so scared…"

Kana narrows her eyes, "Why didn't you say it then?... If you knew what was happening…"

Yuki giggles, speaking in a cheerful note, "I wanted to keep on teasing you, until you confessed it!"

Kana sighs, "So it wasn't my impression that for some time I was getting teased more... I thought I was imagining things... thinking that it was only in my mind that you were teasing me more often!"

Yuki shivers, turning her face in another direction. She starts back stepping, gradually increasing the distancing between the two lovers. "...Well~"

Kana speaks with a piercing voice, "Well?..."

Yuki keeps on distancing herself... mainly in attempt to run away. She opens the dorm door behind her and starts running, down the stairs and into the street.

Kana soon follows her, trying to catch her... to catch her loved one… her loved one who now knows reciprocates her love.

End of Chapter 5: Truths

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End of Story - "Hidden Truths"