This Is An RP That I Recently Begun With L.O.S.I.D! She Got Me SO Hooked On Makarin And Summoner -w- ... Too Cute... Anyway! First At Writing Out An RP! ^^" Hope You Enjoy... ^.^


He gritted his teeth and shook. Hate and rage and confusion. All of the things not once, he had ever took time to consider were real. His face felt hot. Why did it feel this way? Was it because, that guy... That ONE guy, he barely knew, had the only thing to make him truly free, ripped from him? Thunder roared as the rain fell. Claps and bright lights burned throughout the sky, The flying miracle or once was so called by that one person... It was like a nightmare replaying. the gigantic castle like hive, filled with horror, the painted walls... And... That sinister laugh... Never had he felt uncomfortable with those walls, with that laugh. Why did he feel this way? He obviously didnt need to. He was just a peasant blood, gum on the bottom of society's shoe.

Why did it hurt so much to see this boy- no, this MAN fight for what he thought was right? Most importantly, why would it bother Grand High Blood. His mind buzzed with the cries of men, the gushing of blood. He was starting to lose himself completely. His eyes fell to his clubs, a regretful thought in his think pan. He couldnt bear it, he stormed to the door and fought his way down through the rioters. Purple, Indigo and Orange blood smeared the halls, he bashed the think pans of whoever was there. All to reach that one guy. He reached the courtyard after countless bashings and froze.

Starting with climax, now, working our way dooown. To the very beginning. -w-