'Hey, Q.' Santana says as she leans on a locker next to the blonde's.

'What do you want, Santana?' Quinn snaps.

'What makes you think I want something? Can't I just say hi?' The Latina defends herself.

'For what I've seen, no one talks to me if they don't want something.' Sniffle.

'What did Finn do?' Santana asks softly, putting a comforting hand on the girl's arm.

'The usual.' She says with a sad smile.

'I'm gonna find that bitch and send him to fuck himself with a lamp up his ass. Dumb as he is, he'll do it.'

Even tough Quinn is going through a bad break she can't help but smile at Santana. The fierce Latina always puts a smile on her face.

'Thanks but Coach Beiste wouldn't like her quarterback walking funny for the rest of the season.'

'Whatever you say, Q.' Santana says with a smile.

'I gotta go. Did you wanted to ask me something?'

'Sleepover? Just the two of us. Britt's got a date with the dwarf.'

'Sure. I'll text you later about the details. Thanks, San.' Quinn kisses her cheek and goes away with a smile on her face, waving at the brunette.

'Hey, Quinn? The lamp offer still stands.' Santana says as she tries to ignore the blush creeping through her cheeks.