Santana speeds up when she hears 'Fight! Fight!'. As she turns the corner she can see a crowd. She hears a slap.

'You bitch!'

Is that… Sugar?

She makes her way through the crowd of students and sees her girlfriend of two weeks and her best friend fighting. She can see Sugar grabbing a fist full of Quinn's short hair and throwing her against a row of lockers. Quinn stands up as if it was nothing but the crowd flinches when they notice the blood dripping from Quinn's forehead.

Sugar makes to go at the blonde again but Santana steps in.

'Hey! What the hell is going on?' The Latina asks, putting herself between the two girls.

'This slut started it.' Sugar says with a glare at Quinn.

'Don't call her that! What the fuck happened?' Santana looks around and spots a cheerio. She points at her. 'You. Speak.'

The girl gulps.


The sophomore jumps startled.

'Quinn and Sugar were talking when I saw Quinn slap Sugar. Sugar called Quinn a bitch. Then they started fighting.'

Santana glares at her girlfriend.

'What did you told her?'

Quinn looks surprised at her best friend. She wasn't expecting Santana to be on her side.

'What the hell are you talking about!? Why do you think I started it?!'

'Because Q wouldn't slap someone out of the blue! What did you do, Sugar?'

'I didn't do a thing! That bitch started it.'

'Don't call her that!' She repeats before turning to her best friend for the first time and examine the cut.

'C'mon, let's go check that out.' She turns Quinn around by the shoulder and Sugar grabs her hand.

'What the hell are you doing? That bitch hit me! Not the other way around!'

The taller brunette pulls her hand back.

'Don't fucking call her that! And I'm sure she had a good reason.'

'I'm the one who's your girlfriend!' Sugar yells.

'Not anymore!' Santana yells back.

Sugar looks surprised at her.

'You're dumping me?!'

Santana turns to Quinn again without answering her.


'You gonna tell me what happened?' Santana asks as she puts a bag of ice on Quinn's forehead.

Quinn flinches.

They're at the nurse office, Quinn sitting on one of the beds and Santana in front of her.

'Sorry.' The Latina mumbles.

'It's okay.' Quinn says with a small smile.

Santana sighs when Quinn doesn't say anything more.

'Quinn, talk to me. What did she do?'

The blonde closes her eyes and shakes her head.

'C'mon, Q. I just broke up with her without even knowing what she said.'

Quinn whispers something.


'I said: Sugar said that I don't love you.'

Santana frowns.

'You slapped her because she said you don't love me?'

Quinn nods.

'Quinn, you're my best friend. I know you love me.'

Quinn shakes her head again.

'Not like that, S.'

'Not like that what?'

'She knows I love you. And she said I didn't because she knew I was going to lose it.'

'I'm not following, Q.'

'She doesn't love you like I do.' Quinn mumbles to herself before standing up and leaving.

'Quinn! Quinn, wait!' Santana goes after her but when she turns a corner the blonde is already gone.

What did she meant by 'she doesn't love you like I do'?

Santana decides to go find some answers. She heads for Sugar's locker in hopes of finding her there.

She sighs in defeat when she doesn't see her now ex-girlfriend and goes to her car.


The next day, the first thing Santana does when she opens the school's doors is going to Sugar's locker.

'What the hell was that fight about?' The Latina asks as soon as Sugar looks at her.

'Hello to you too.' Sugar makes to kiss her but Santana pulls her back.

'What the fuck? I broke up with you.'

Sugar sighs.

'Look, S, I'll forget that whole thing yesterday and we can get back together if you just get rid of that little friend of yours.'

'I don't want to get back together. I want answers. Why did you said Quinn she didn't love me? She's my best friend, Sugar, you know she loves me.'

She laughs drily before shutting her locker.

'C'mon, Santana. You're not dumb. Quinn doesn't love you, she's in love with you.'

What?' Santana asks with a frown. 'No, she isn't.'

'Get real, S. Do you really think a friend would snap cause of somethin like that?'

'Quinn's in love with me?' Santana whispers to herself.

'You know, after all it's a good thing we broke up. You're dumber than I thought.'

Santana snaps from it and slaps her.

'Go to hell.'

She goes to the library. As she sits down, she starts thinking about everything Sugar said.

I can't believe Quinn's in love with me! I mean, she's my best friend, I should have seen this sooner. But then again, I never see the most important things. Sigh. And she is gay so I know it can happen… But do I feel that way about her? I mean, I love her, I know that, but do I like her that way?

After a lot of pondering, Santana gets out of the library, remembering she as classes.

After geography, Santana grabs Quinn's arm before she can make a run for it and tries to find an empty classroom.

'I need to talk to you.' Santana explains.

'Okay. But do you need to drag me?'

Santana decides to get proves about Quinn's feelings for her. The Latina stops and lets go of the blonde's arm, putting her hand, palm up in front of Quinn. Quinn takes her hand without a second thought and Santana can see a smile fighting its way into her best friend's faces.

I guess I know now.

'C'mon.' Santana gives Quinn's hand a gentle pull and starts walking again.

She enters an empty classroom and locks the door behind them. She sits down behind one of the desk in the front and Quinn pulls a chair and sits in front of her.

'How's your head?' The Latina asks, reaching for the taller girl's hand and squeezing before pulling her hand back.

'My mom took me to the doctor when I got home. He stitched it up and said I can't drive and that I have to take some pills he gave me but it doesn't hurt.'

'Good.' Santana says with a smile. 'Because if you were in pain I'd have to kick Sugar's ass.'

Quinn laughs at that.

'Getting her ass kicked twice in less than 24 hours. She might not like it.'

Santana shrugs with a smile.

'Too bad for her.' She then becomes serious. 'Are you gonna tell me why you guys got into a fight?'

'San… Please don't do this.'

The brunette considers giving up after hearing Quinn beg but she shakes her head and grabs Quinn's hand.

'Q, I know.'

Quinn's eyes wide for a second before her faces turns into a neutral expression.

'Know what?'

Santana rolls her eyes.

'Really, Quinn? C'mon, we both know you can't lie. At least not to me.'

Quinn gives her a faint smile.

'I guess that's true.'

'I know you're in love with me, Quinn.'

Quinn gulps.

'Yeah… I am.'

'And I've been thinking about that and I can't tell you that I'm in love with you but I love you, Quinn-'

'And you know I can get through this and then we'll be best friends again. I know the drill.' Quinn interrupts her with sadness and looks down.

'Let me finish, Fabray. I love you, Quinn and I like you too.'

The blonde's head snaps up.

'What-was-that?' She says quickly.

'I wanna be with you.' The Latina squeezes her hand and smiles at her before leaning forward and kissing Quinn's cheek.

'Go out with me?' The cheerio asks.

'Yes.' Quinn says with a grin. 'Hell yes.'

'Wanky.' Santana says and Quinn starts laughing.