"I'm sick and tired of being treated like your little love toy." Eveyone looked at the youngest member of Akatsuki. "I'm not your whore. I hate how you guys treat me, so I'm leaving." Deidara was standing at the front door of the hideout, in his midrift shirt and purple shorts, not wearing his overcoat, and a backpack slung over his back. No one said anything. "Say goodbye to your little slut. You're not seeing me again." He said as he turned and left the hideout. "There goes my best friend." Hidan mumbled. "He's sincere this time, that little fucker. He's not coming back." No one knew Deidara better than Hidan. "DAMN! WE HAVE TO GO AFTER HIM, THEN! YOU GUYS!" Kisame yelled, standing up. Hidan stood up and grabbed his shoulders. "YOU DON'T GET IT, ASSHOLE! HE DOESN'T TRUST US ANYMORE! DIDN'T YOU SEE, FUCKER?! HE JUST LEFT! NOT EVEN MUCH OF A MOTHER-FUCKING GOODBYE!" Kisame stared in shock at Hidan. "But, Hida-" "THERE'S NO FUCKING BUTS! THE KID HATES US NOW! YOU SAW HIM! YOU SAW THE LOOK ON HIS FACE! FUCKING ANGER! FUCKING HATRED! WHAT DON'T YOU FUCKING UNDERSTAND?!" Tears streamed out of Kisame's eyes. "WHY THE HELL ARE YOU FUCKING CRYING?!" Hidan yelled. "I never treated him like a slut..." "YEAH, NOT YOU, BUT WHAT ABOUT FUCKING EVERYONE ELSE?!" Itachi stood up and smacked Hidan. "Stop yelling. You're scaring fish bait."

It wasn't until after Itachi smacked him that Hidan was too, crying. "You're only fooling yourself, saying that you don't wanna go after him." Itachi said. "Just admit it, then we will go." "What are we fucking waiting for...?" Hidan whispered. "Lets go, you guys." Itachi nodded. "Now how hard was that?" Hidan glared at him through his misty eyes. "Shut up, bastard."

'Where do I go? I don't wanna go back there.' Deidara thought to himself. 'The hotel is the first place they would think to look.' Deidara had ran out sobbing several times before this, and always, someone would find him in the lobby of the hotel. 'So, no-go on the hotel. I'll go into a city or something...' He slipped off a branch he was jumping on and cut a deep gash in his arm when he fell. "FUCK! keep it in Deidara...no one's around to hear your cry..." Dei mumbled to himself.