"That's it. I'm going home. I obviously have no reason to be with you guys out here anymore, see ya." Hidan grabbed Kakuzu's shoulder as he was turning around. "Wait." Kakuzu turned to look at Hidan just as he kissed him. "Have a safe trip home." Kakuzu walked away without a word. Pein looked at the masochist. "Suck up." Hidan rolled his eyes. "I'm not in the mood for any of your bullshit." All of a sudden, Tobi tripped on his branch, just haning by his cloak, face-to-face with a familiar blue-eyed blonde. Deidara looked at Tobi in shock. "Dei-senpai..." Tobi whispered. All of a sudden, totally unexpected, Deidara pulled Tobi out of the branch and hugged him. "WHAAA! TOBI!~" Deidara cried.

Everyone jumped down from their trees to see what the hell was going on, which was pretty obvious. Deidara had an emotional breakdown. "DEI-DEIDARA!" Hidan yelled, hugging his childhood friend. "I missed you so much!" Deidara cried harder. "I..I-I didn't wanna...*sniff* go back...I miss...you guys...! *sniff*" Sasori patted the blonde's head. "Don't fool yourself." Deidara nodded. Hidan wouldn't let go of Deidara. "I'm not letting you go again, I love you too much." Deidara's gleaming blue eyes stared in to Hidan's serious purple ones. "Really...?"