This will be a collection of EPOV from Sticky Sweet. Everything will go in order at first, except for the truck-top stripping scene, which has been donated to Fandom 4 TwiFanG. There may be some random scenes added to the end - futuretakes and additional outtakes - but I'll try to give the time and place in the author notes. Thanks so much for the love you've shown Sticky Sweet Edward. I'm sure you'll agree Sugar is a fitting name for his side of the story.


I knew who she was the moment she arrived. Her truck was the only thing about her that blended, but even if she'd been dressed like everyone else, I'd have felt her. She'd been my dream for two years—always out of reach except in my head. Then, with no warning, she'd tumbled out of her truck and into my life.

"Holy shit, there's a new girl." Tyler Crowley grabbed the sleeve of my T-shirt and pulled me closer so I could ogle with him.


"You'll keep your hands off."

Tyler stepped back in shock and put his hands up as if to say, "She's all yours," but then seemed to think better of it. His eyes narrowed, and he glanced across the parking lot to see the girl approaching.

"I'd say she's fair game, wouldn't you guys?" He looked around at Mike, Conor, and Eric to find them all nodding in agreement. "I don't think it would take to long to get those lips wrapped around—"

My fist stopped his words.

Tyler stared at me for a moment, shocked and confused, before launching himself into my chest. I went down with a startled oof, but gathered my wits quickly.

"Respect, Tyler," I grunted, planting my elbow in his solar plexus. "You don't talk about girls that way, especially not her."

He scrabbled and scratched, trying to free his arms enough to throw a punch, but I had him locked down.

"Edward Cullen!"

Mr. Letner's voice cut through the shouts and jeers of the guys who'd surrounded us, and I surrendered my hold on Tyler with a grin.

"Wouldn't be a school day if you didn't start it in my office, would it?" Mr. Letner tipped his head toward the doors of the school, inviting me to follow him.

I clambered to my feet, resisting the urge to kick Tyler while he was down, and glared at the rest of the guys. "You won't touch her. In fact, if you can't be nice, you won't talk to her. Clear?"

Without waiting to see their reactions, I turned and followed the principal to his office. Mr. Letner was already behind the desk, sitting tall and imposing, even though he knew it wouldn't impress me much.

"Care to tell me what that was about?" He stared down his nose at me.

Had I been a lesser man, I might have cowered. Instead, I shrugged and met his gaze.

"Tyler said some rude things about the new girl. I took a moment to re-educate him on the definition of respect."

Letner's face softened almost imperceptibly. He was a sucker for that word. Motivational posters covered the walls, each offering their own version of the meaning of respect.

"Did you have to resort to violence, Edward? Couldn't you have educated him in a more mature way?"

I snorted. "Tyler doesn't understand big words, sir. I had to speak his language."

Mr. Letner was silent for a few moments, mulling over the situation in his head. "Do you think he learned this time?"

A smirk crept over my face as I nodded. "Oh, yeah. Pretty sure they all did. I reserve the right to school him again, if need be."

The principal rolled his eyes and tried to hide a smile. "And I reserve the right to put you in detention if you do."

He released me without assigning the dreaded detention but stopped me before I could get out the door. "You're a bright kid, Edward. Sometimes I even wonder if you're a genius. Use that intelligence to do something great, not just for planning the next big prank."

I thought of the girl with the chocolate eyes, the girl I'd been dreaming of for two years, and nodded. She was going places, her Granny Edna had told me. And I had every intention of going there, too.


I can't even begin to thank you all for the love you've shown this little story. I hope this outtake repays some of the debt I owe. There will be more EPOV in the Fandom 4 TwiFanG compilation.