Fandom4TwiFanG Outtake

Here's what was going through Edward's head during the truck-top stripping scene. Thanks so much for reading!


In the most ridiculous move I'd ever made to impress a girl, I stood on top of my truck with my pants around my ankles. My mother would never forgive me, but the blush on Bella's cheeks and the faint smile on her face as she pretended to ignore me made everything worth it.

Worth it, that was, until the cop car came to a screeching halt in front of the gas station. I didn't even have time to consider pulling up my pants before I was dragged off the roof of the truck and introduced to Bella's father in the way most likely to get me killed before my eighteenth birthday.

Life officially sucked. I would go to juvie. I was way too delicate for jail.

Also, the last thing Bella would remember of me before I died at the hands of another delinquent who did so much worse than a strip tease to Def Leppard's—arguably—greatest hit was the handcuffs that would make it impossible to cover my pansiest boxers.

I hadn't thought ahead, or I might have chosen black or red—anything but baby blue. What self-respecting guy wooing a girl wears baby blue boxers?

There was no time to even say goodbye as I was hustled into the back of her father's cruiser and locked inside. I tried not to watch forlornly as she left me there while she went to pay, especially since her father was on his way over to rip me a new asshole.

"So you're Edward Cullen." He stared at me in the rearview mirror, his eyes appraising my every move.

The net between us was just as intimidating as the man, and I worked hard not to piss myself.

"Yes, sir."

What else could I have said?

"I was under the impression you were a nice young man. Edna's not usually wrong about these things."

Oh, God. If Granny Edna had been talking about me, there was no telling what Bella already knew.

"Uh, well…I do some dumb stuff on occasion."

The man's mustache quivered for a minute, but his eyes remained hard. "You don't say."

Silence descended, and it was worse than if he'd yelled at me. I was just about to beg him for the handcuffs and a night in jail if only he'd say something when he finally spoke.

"She's a special girl."

My breath whooshed out of me in a rush, and before I could stop myself from showing every card I held, I vomited words.

"You have no idea. She's like no one I've ever met before. It's not just that she's pretty, because, Jesus, she's stunning. And it's not that she's smart and nice and funny. She's just…"

I remembered who I was talking to and clamped my lips shut quickly. He'd never let me within fifty feet of her…and he could do that, too. He was her father, after all. And the police.

"Letner said you got in a fight defending her honor."

Christ. The principal and the sheriff were already friends. I was screwed.

"Said you were trying to teach the boys respect," he continued, studying me in the mirror.

I wished he'd turn around and just talk to me.

"They said some pretty disgusting things," I answered quietly. Inside, I was raging all over again.

"Well, do you think it's respectful to take your clothes off in front of her?"

Fuck. The man had a point.

"Tell you what, Edward Cullen. In spite of what I've seen today, I'm gonna take Edna's word for it that you're a good kid. I'm also gonna take her word for it that you're nuts about my girl, though, which means I'll be keeping my eye on you. Don't mess up again."

Then and there, I promised myself I wouldn't take my clothes off around Bella again.

Unless she asked me to.