Women in White

With a smile Jess put away the phone. Sam would be home soon. And he would be there for the interview which was scheduled in only a few hours. Jess let out a sigh of relief.

Why did he have to go on that stupid weekend with his brother? To find his father he had never ever talked about? Jess could recall only one or two times Sam had even mentioned his father. They had a big fight right before Sam had left for college and that was all Jess knew about that man. Enough to not like him.

And Dean? Sam had spoken about him occasionally. When he had a beer too many. What Jess could make out of the snippets Sam had let out over the time Dean was Sam's hero. Sam adored him and missed him but never made contact with him.

Neither did Dean. Phones worked both ways, you know. But what little she knew about Dean she never took him for someone who'd brake into someone's apartment in the middle of the night. Not even his brother's apartment. Did he even know what a doorbell was?

They hadn't talked to each other in two years and then Dean showed up and Sam took off with him without a second thought. With the interview coming up no less. Jess shook her head, she still couldn't quite believe that Sam just had packed a bag and had taken off with Dean. The story about the hunting trip? She hadn't believed it then and she didn't believe it now.

Sam's gaze. It had changed when Dean had said hunting trip. From her angle she hadn't a good look at her boyfriend's face but she had felt the tension in his body. Something wasn't right.

Sam hadn't been honest with her and there would be words for that. After he'd rocked the interview, of course.

"I just hope he isn't going to fell asleep right in the middle of it." She sighed but with a smile on her lips. Glancing at the watch she figured she had enough time to bake his favorite cookies before Sam would be home. Fresh, warm cookies. Nothing better than that to coax him into telling her everything he had done over the weekend.

Pulling out the flour and the other ingredients she mentally went over the call he had given her just minutes ago. He hadn't said a word about his father, she realized. Not a word if they had found him or not. Just that he would be home soon. But there would be time to talk. Sam would come home, they'd eat some cookies, sleep a few hours and then the interview. After that there would be all the time in the world to talk.

Humming she mixed the ingredients and added the chocolate chips. Would Dean stay for a while? She wasn't sure if she liked him. She barely knew him but their first encounter had been him braking into her apartment. Not a good first impression. And then he had hit on her. In front of Sam.

With two spoons she formed the cookies on the baking tray and put it in the oven. Baking in the middle of the night, she had to be insane. But it had been a weird weekend, alone by herself not knowing where Sam was. They were together but that didn't mean they couldn't do things alone. She had her friends and Sam had his. However, Sam being out there somewhere with his mysterious brother? That was weird. Rebecca had said the same thing. And then she had been grilling Jess about said mysterious brother. Was he as hot as Sam? Single?

And Jess had to admit that she knew absolutely nothing about Dean Winchester. What he did for living. If he had a girlfriend. Where he lived. He was good looking, that she could confirm and that was the only information that mattered to Becky.

Jess' mom on the other hand had been really concerned when she had called and Jess had told her that Sam was off for the weekend with his brother. A man who broke into apartments, a fact she better hadn't mentioned. Her mom had been close to call the police.

But now Sam was on his way home and everything would be normal in the morning.

Still humming Jess got the cookies out of the oven and placed them on a plate where Sam would find them for sure. Wrote a note too in case he would be home before she came out of the shower. She had flour in her hair and under her fingernails. Not sexy, so a shower it was. Right when she had turned the water on the doorbell rang.

"Did you lose your key?" She asked not bothering to throw a bathrobe over her nightgown. Sam would appreciate the view and maybe even join her in the shower.

Wetting her lips for the overdue welcome-back-kiss Jess opened the door. Her smile froze.

"Brady?" She didn't even try to hide her confusion. "What are you doing here? It's the middle of the night."

Brady just smiled – more like a shark-like grin – and forced his way past her.

"Brady!" With her mouth open in utterly surprise she closed the door and hurried to catch up with him. "What the hell are you doing here?" She repeated her question.

"Did something happen?" That was the only possibility she could think off why her friend showed up here at this hour. "Sam … did something happen to Sam?"

Which was ridiculous. She had spoken to him less than an hour ago. He was fine.

"He is fine." Brady reassured here still this predatory grin on his face. Jess shivered and was way to aware of the fact that she wasn't properly dressed for visitors. Her bathrobe was in the bathroom where the shower was still running, too, but getting it would mean to leave Brady alone to do … whatever. So she just crossed her arms and tried to not like as uncomfortable as she felt. Something was wrong. With Brady. With this whole situation. She wished Sam would show up right now.

"How do you know?" She asked when his answer sunk in.

"That's why I'm here." He said obviously pleased with himself. "To make sure he'll get a warm welcome." He chuckled as if there was a pun intended which Jess didn't get.

"Did he call you?" How else would he know that Sam was on his way back? On the other hand how did he know that Sam wasn't home in the first place? Jess had only told her mother and Becky. And Becky and Brady weren't really on speaking terms to put it mildly.

"I'm here to have an eye on Sam. That's my job." He said and he sounded serious. As if he got paid for it. "But now it's time for Sam to finish his little vacation. It's time for him to go back to his life."

"What are you talking about?" Jess' confusion turned slowly into annoyance. "This is his life. He has an interview at the law school in a few hours."

And you can come home any second now, she begged Sam silently. Brady started to creep her out.

"This?" Brady spread his arms and turned around clearly amused. "This is not his life. This is not his destiny." He paused and looked at her. Hard. "But what would you know? You don't even know him."

That was enough. "What are you talking about? We are together for a year and a half. You were there when we first met. He is my boyfriend. I know him better than anyone." There were thousand little things she knew about Sam nobody else knew. What he liked, what he didn't like, how he tilted his head when he was thinking and the position he slept in. The way he moved and the way he looked at her. They were planning a future together.

"I beg to differ. There is only one person who really knows Sam." He chuckled again as if this was one giant joke. "Sam is with him right now. They belong together. Together on the road doing what they do best. There is no place for you in Sam's life."

"Out!" She yelled right into his face but he only laughed. "Get outa here. Now!"

She wasn't afraid. This was Brady. Maybe he was drunk or on some sort of trip. He didn't know what he was talking about and maybe he would be sorry in the morning but right now Jess only wanted him out of her apartment. She wanted to lock the door behind him. And she really wished Sam would come home.

"Jess, sweet little Jess." Suddenly he stood right in front of her with his face only inches from hers. "You have know idea who Sam Winchester is. What he'd done. What he will do. Do you know what he did this very weekend? No?"

She flinched back when he caressed her cheek.

"Go!" She demanded while she searched for something to hit him over the head with. Oh god, would he hit her? Or worse?

Not so easy, bastard. Slowly she backed off a step and reached for the lamp on the table near the couch.

"You are going to die." He said stating a fact.

Her fingers brushed the cool metal of the lamp but before she could grab it, she froze. She couldn't move.

"Do you know what day it is?" Brady's fingers on her face again. She wanted to spit the grin out of his face but she had a hard time breathing. Screaming inside her head was the only thing she could do. She couldn't even blink.

Without her feet moving she somehow moved backwards till she hit the wall. But it didn't stop there. In a forced silence – in her head she was screaming her lungs out – she slid up the wall. Her feet lost contact with the floor and then her head reached the ceiling. Seconds later she stared down on the bed she used to sleep in with Sam. She was going to die, that thought was clear in her mind. Brady would kill her.

Brady grinned up at her. "Looks good." He said. "Ready for our little show?"

He rubbed his hands and tilted his head. From the street Jess could her the distant grumble of an old car. Sam was coming home. Tears fell from her eyes. Now everything would be okay. Sam would make it okay.

"You are going to die without even knowing why. That's really sad, isn't it?" Brady frowned, lost in thoughts for a second. "What do you think? Want to get to know your boyfriend a little better?" He nodded. "Yeah, that should be fun." He stared up at her and his eyes went black. Jess heard the front door open and Sam calling her name. She tried to answer but couldn't. When she looked back at Brady he was gone. And then the world tilted.