Jess blinked and looked around. She was in her bedroom or better what was left of it. Smoke heavy in the air and everything was soaking wet. A mix of ash and water covered everything with a thick layer, half burned things poked out of the rubble and between that clumps of plastic now melted and twisted beyond recognition.

The fire had been thorough. Her whole life lay at her feet in ashes and she blinked away the tears.

Then her head snapped up. "Sam?"

She remembered Dean dragging his brother outside but did they get out in time?

"Sam? Where are you?" She tried a step towards what used to be the door. Like before her feet didn't quite tough the ground which made walking in this mess easier.

"Sam! Answer me, goddamnit!" Where was he? Somewhere under this rubbish? Was he alive?

"Sam is not here." A soft voice spoke up.

Jess froze and turned around slowly. In the middle of the chaos stood a woman. Pretty face, dark hair and clean clothes. She didn't look like someone from a rescue team and for sure she didn't look like she had crawled through the ruins of Jess' apartment to get here. Where did she even come from? Jess stood in the only door besides the bathroom door. Which was blocked by the collapsed ceiling and had no other entrance, whatsoever.

"Who are you?" Jess asked and made a step closer backwards to the door.

"You can call me Tessa." She answered with a smile. She looked pretty harmless but that Jess had thought of Brady, too.

"What are you?" A few days ago this question would have sounded silly, now, however, Jess considered it legitimate.

"You died, Jessica Lee Moore." Still with this sad smile on her lips. "It's time to move on. I'm your reaper."

"Sam?" That was the thing she was really concerned about. "Is he …? He isn't …?"

"He is alive." Tessa took away her biggest fear.

"Thank God." Dean had gotten him out. Good, that was good.

"Come." Tessa hold her hand out and Jess almost took it.

"Wait. I can't go. Not yet." Jess stepped back, shaking her head.

"Jessica." Her voice was gentle and full of concern. "You saw a vengeful spirit. I can't force you to come with me but if you stay …" She didn't finish the sentence but looked at Jess meaningfully. "Every spirit turns vengeful sooner or later. They become insane and then they start to hurt people. And people like Sam have to kill them a second time." She stepped closer taking Jess' hands. "You don't want to lay that burden on his shoulders, don't you?"

Jess shook her head violently, tears now running freely down her cheeks.

"Please." Her voice cracked. "I just need to make sure he is alive and well. Please? Can I see him one last time? Then I will come with you. I promise. But please, just one look." Her whole body was shaking now but this was important. She couldn't go without knowing that Sam was okay.


"Okay." Tessa agreed hesitantly. "One look."

Suddenly Jess stood outside in the sunshine. Still wearing her nightgown she stood barefoot on a sidewalk. She looked around but spotted nothing familiar. Tessa was gone.

Jess opened her mouth to call her name when the deep grumble of a car engine caught her attention. She turned and there it was. Like a shiny black beast the Impala came down the street. Dean behind the wheel and Sam in the passenger seat. He looked good, calm and relaxed. As far as Jess could tell he had no burn marks on his face and even his hair didn't seem to be touched by the flames.

The car came closer and Sam straightened in the seat. Then their eyes met. Sam looked her straight in the eye. He could see her.

His expression was so full of love and hurt but he would be okay. She knew he would be okay. Maybe not for a while but he had Dean at his side and eventually he would be okay.

His eyes were fixed on her while the car slowly drove by like he was afraid to blink and she was gone. Silently she wished him goodby.

"Are you ready now?" Tessa asked behind her but Jess didn't let the car out of her sight. With her eyes she followed the car till it disappeared around a corner.



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