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Oga Tatsumi was sitting on his couch. In the background was a TV show he wasn't listening to. In his hands was a magazine he got bored of reading. His phone was full of missed calls either from his sister asking for an errand of Furuichi complaining about his miserable life. He was wearing the same clothes for a whole day now. The baby on his lap was asleep now, barely making a sound. There was not a thought in his mind, and absolutely nothing going on. It was the ultimate lack of anything mentally stimulating at all.

Oga smiled, loving every second. Indeed, being a lazy worthless neet suited him best. He would only move to play video games. Yes, a truly worthless member of society, probably the least inspiration hero from Shounen Jump since-

"OKAY! THEY GET IT! Jeez, gimme a better introduction, dammit!"

Oga growled, and resumed his actions. His adoptive son by force stirred, and woke up.


"Yeah yeah, I got your milk right here." Oga handed the child a bottle. He was very glad that the baby could not only hold the bottle despite his small arms, but drink with his pacifier still in his mouth.

"Adah! Nya bu!" The child protested, unhappy with the offering.

"What?" Oga frowned. "It's not that cold, just drink it!"

"NYO! Dabu rish!"

"The taste is the same, dammit Beel! I lied about it that time."

"AHH! Ahh… auuu…"

"Okay, okay, fine, don't cry! And don't tell Hilda about this either."

Oga went to the kitchen to heat the milk bottle. He was very glad that the baby could essentially communicate and understand everything, even if he couldn't speak any words.

"Jeez… what a bother this has been. It's been more than half a year already! Soon I'll have crossed the one year mark, you little brat."

Oga sighed, noting the issue. He gave the milk to the baby boy, who happily drank.

"Man, you're gonna grow a lot if you keep drinking so much. It'll be hard to carry you…"

Oga was grateful that so far Beel hadn't grown. In fact, despite being there for over half a year he hadn't visibly grown over a centimeter, even though he was at the age of fast growth. Some could argue it was because he was a demon, but Oga remembered that Kouta had the same slow growth. It was a strange phenomenon and-

"WAIT, YOU BASTARD! Aren't you just pointing out all the plot holes in the manga!? Write a blog or something instead, you piece of shit!"

Oga grumbled angrily, and immediately set out to find the plot.

"Fool, why aren't you giving the master his milk properly?"

Oga rolled his eyes as his "favorite" housemate came into the living room.

"You just thought 'here comes my least favorite' didn't you? You wanna die, you useless worm?"

"Calm down, you crazy demon!" Oga rubbed his forehead in frustration, missing the peace that was just around him. "He should learn how to hold a bottle himself. Don't get mad so easily!"

"Hmph. Indeed, the master is amazing enough to do it himself, but you shouldn't be so lazy." Hilda's face changed into sheer kindness, and she looked at the baby with goo goo eyes. "Here, master, let me hold that for you."

Damn, why am I even here? Hilda should just do it all herself. In someone else's house. Without bothering me. Damn.


"Huh? You say something, Hilda?"

"No… but I felt a terrible chill down my spine. Someone is calling your name!"


"There it was again!" Oga steadied his body and looked around wildy. "Someone is coming here!"

Hilda also prepared her weapon, and Beel was drinking his milk in excitement.


"It's as I feared!" Hilda snarled. "That Creepichi has come! How should we drive him out? The master sees him too much nowadays, some distance is needed."

"Dammit, that idiot brought some trouble here. Stupid idiot Furui-"


Furuichi was outside the door, banging heavily. Some faint yelling could be heard from the distance. Looks like the creep was being attacked.

"Great, this will be a good lesson for you, Furuichi."

"DON'T SAY THAT! Not without even knowing why I'm here."

Furuichi paused, and came up with an idea.

"I bought some super delicious croquets for Beel!"

"DAH!?" The baby jumped up and began slapping Oga's head, begging him to open the door.

"Dammit, Beel." Oga had to open or else he would get shocked. Outside, he was not surprised to see a creepy looking Ichi, with no croquets in his hand.

"… dah?" The baby whimpered, realizing no food was there.

"You dare lie to the master, you scum?" Hilda drew her weapon, ready to kill the pervert.

"No, WAIT! I can explain! Beel, those guys, they ate all your croquets!"

Behind him, a group of several angry men were chasing Furuichi. They cornered him outside the door.

"Now, you bastard, prepare to pay!"

"DAAAAH!" A massive electric attack launched out, shocking all the outside men. Furuichi was clever enough to hide in corner. Oga, however, was not so lucky.

"Hey, Furuichi-kun…"Oga understood that Furuichi not only dragged his own problem to someone else, but he had that someone else suffer as well.

"W-wait, Oga! There's a good reason for why they were chasing me. I… I got caught peeking at the public bath! The girls… they…"

Oga punched the fool high into the sky

"THEY LOOKED AMAZING!" He called out as he flew.

"Hmm, that idiot, ruining my perfect day of no work."

"You're the fool, Oga. Didn't I tell you? Today, The Great Demon Lord needed you to check out the magical disturbance zone in that area."

"Huh!? Which area?"

"That area where my fortune turned to shit and my life was rui- ahh, where you met the master."

"… I see." Oga suppressed his increasing anger, and instead focused on staying lazy. "Why me? Why can't you go, or that idiotic teacher?"

"My energy is not the kind needed, only that related to the demon king would be appropriate to destroying the disturbance. And that man is not a servant of the king, unlike you."


"I'm glad you agreed to come here peacefully.

"… violent gorilla."

"And what was that?"

"Nothing." Oga cursed under his breath, wiping blood of his chin. Hilda had been very 'gentle' in persuading him to come indeed. Life was not easy.

In front of him, the disturbance at the river looked like a small purple circle, flickering slightly. It was invisible to most people, but its energy was able to be felt, though it was faint.

"Anyway, I must return home to watch my program. If you don't bring the master to me immediately, you won't be getting any of the dinner I made tonight."

As Hilda walked off, Oga was conflicted as to how many hours he should wait.

"WAIT, OGA!" Oga turned around in frustration to see the Creep running to him, having come out of Alaindelon's stomach.

"Jeez, you really like being inside that old man, eh?"

"Oh, Oga-dono, that's…"


"Jeez Furuichi, can't you shut up." A small girl walked up and spoke.

"Oh, is that you, Lamia? Why are you here?"

"The demon king wanted me to help you shut this portal down. Apparently, I should use this 'Demon Radio' here to set up a correct frequency for the portal to disappear fully."

"Oh. Well, I just gotta punch it, right?"

"Right." Lamia sat down on her knees now, and began tuning the machine she pulled out. The red muu on her head and the trademark lab coat looked very out of place.

"Hmm, where's Nee-sama, though?"

"Hilda went home."

"I see. Alaindelon, make sure you go back soon to give her that other letter."

"Yes, Lamia-dono. As soon Furuichi-sama stops hugging me so tightly, I shall go."

"YOU'RE THE ONE FORCING ME!" Furuichi struggled and pushed him off.

"Anyway, Oga, I came here to talk to you! I need help, help to peek! Why can't I peek properly on girls without getting caught? Why don't you come with me to scare guards?"

Oga looked right at Furuichi's face.

"is it ready, Lamia?"


When Lamia said yes. Oga, pulled back his fist. Beel was being held in Lamia's arms, but Oga was able to draw his power still. He was at that moment hating how the creep had recently been getting more annoying, how the demon king was bothering him much more, and how these past few months his life became unnecessarily annoying.


At that moment, many things happened. Beel saw a dead insect floating in the river, and immediately became scared, becoming pumped with a lot more power. Alaindelon decided to open a dimensional portal and go to Hilda. But the stupidest was Furuichi, who in his sadness grabbed Oga and lunged, throwing them both into the zone as Oga's energy was released.


A massive flash of light came. Suddenly, though no one saw it coming, this average day became something insane. Oga would find everything in his world changing, and Furuichi also got exposed to the changes. Unbelievably, they were about to see things which would only occur in a dream, and truly learn of the vastness and strangeness of the universe.

When the light vanished, Oga and Furuichi looked around in confusion.

"The hell was that? Dumbass Furuichi, you messed it up."

"Are you guys okay? Oga, what happened to your clothes? Furuichi, you too?"

Furuichi recognized Lamia's voice, and looked up.

"What do you mean, Lamia? Our clothes are fi-"

There was a pause.

"Who are you?"

"Whaaat? Amnesia? But you just said my name?"

A 15 -16 year old was looking at them, with shoulder length pink hair, wearing a light colored blouse and skirt. Yet, her face was definitely Lamia's.

"Huh? You're not a brat anymore." Oga looked at her confused, standing up. "Did we make everyone else older?"

"Dah!" An adorable boy jumped into Oga's arms, though he immediately fell asleep afterwards.

"Beel isn't older… so I don't think so. Wait, Lamia, did you mention our clothes? What's wrong?"

"Wait, Oga, did you just call me a brat? That's so rude!"

"Huuuuh? Do I give a crap about that, squirt?"

Lamia's jaw dropped.

"What's wrong with you? Why are you… wait."

Lamia held up the same radio device that the two boys saw just minutes ago. She then typed in some numbers, and watched the meters running on the machine.

Her face paled at what she saw.

"Oh no… oh no! You two, you guys… switched!"

"HUH!? I switched bodies with Beel again? But he's right here!"

"No, not that! You switched… with another Oga. And you, with another Furuichi. This is an alternate dimension! You guys don't belong in this zone!'

Furuichi's eyes widened.

"An alternate dimension!? Are you serious!?"

"Yes, I am! Your frequency is definitely slightly off than before. And most of all, you guys just aren't the same as before. Your clothes are different, your way of talking… frankly, in some ways, you guys are complete opposites of the Oga and Furuichi I know."

"I see…" Oga said, scratching his chin. "So, I switched bodies with Beel again, huh?"

There was a silence.

"Umm… no Oga." Furuichi explained. "This is actually just like the new Naruto movie, Road to Ninja."

Oga's face suddenly widened in shock, having realized the situation.

"No way! But isn't this whole thing just a rip off then!?"

No, the author hasn't yet seen the movie, so it can't be a ripoff! It's just borrowing the original concept. It's gonna be different, I swear!

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