Okay, this took me a while, but here it is. Hoping the humor stays in with some proper plot development as well. Oga has just gone to meet his (new) old enemy!

Oga ran hurriedly through the hallways, his baby clinging fast to his back.

"Over here, Oga-san!" Yet another random student pointed Oga in the right direction, and many more made way for him to move undisturbed.

A guy could get used to this.

Though, now was not the time! There was an important man he had to fight, and he needed to do it now. Why? Because staying with Furuichi and Lamia for another second would bore the living crap out of him.

"TOJO!" He screamed out loud. "COME ON OUT!"

He finally reached the Western School gate, where indeed a crowd was forming. In front of him, he saw the entire Red Tail army facing off in front of a group of rough, older men.

"What makes you think you can claim this gate like this!? Asking for a tax to enter or leave; ridiculous!" Nene was shouting out, while her companions looked equally ready to fight.

"Oh, you don't like it?" Kaoru had a manic grin on his face, having lost the reserved aura for which Oga knew him.

"You should stay out of this, Kunieda." Other guy, now a smooth yet dangerous looking thug, stated.

"Hey, address her with her proper title! This is the Queen of Ishiyama!" Chiaki, now much more outspoken, commanded.

"Hmm, I don't quite think I'd like to do that."

The voice which responded was deeper and more ominous than any before it. In the midst of the crowd of Yakuza men, one began to move forward to meet the women. His imposing height allowed his neatly combed, orange hair to be displayed prominently.

"The title 'Queen' has such a regal air to it… something like that should only be adorned by the top."

The man came forward, revealing himself in all his glory. Expensive looking shoes, tailored suit to fit his large physique, and a crimson tie slung casually around his neck.

"You can't have such an epithet while I'm still here. Be the Queen of the second years or of the women, but of the whole school… I'll only allow you to be the Princess."

Hidetora Tojo, at age 18, was already a magnificent thug. His achievements were legendarily infamous, and he made his debut at 14 by crushing a small biker gang bothering him at a restaurant. He started as a bouncer for clubs and bars near that area, to hired help as a bodyguard for some small time guys. Rather than buying women or drinks, Tojo only invested in his own power.

At 15, when he had met people and understood much of Ishiyama's underground, he hired one of the biggest named hitmen around to take out a certain boss of a small drug ring. The job took nearly all his savings, and there was a catch: Tojo had been hired to protect the very boss.

The assassin, paid anonymously, laughed at the boyish face in front of him. Within four minutes he was out cold, and within four months released from the hospital.

From then on, Tojo got on the good sides of certain smaller men, and the bad side of many others. He either defeated or improved whoever he wanted based on the markets demands, predictions for the future, and best networking options. At 16, he controlled his own small army of loyal followers and was regularly hired by the biggest names in the region. At 17, now standing at above 6 feet with dozens of men under him, he signed a temporary 'contract' with the top gangster of Ishiyama (one who Kanzaki's father in the police was always butting heads with) to work until the future.

His plans were limitless, until he met him. The very him who acted so predictably even now, as Kunieda began to rush at Tojo for an attack. She was, predictably, stopped by Oga who grabbed her wrist and held her back.

"Oga!" She growled at him, ignoring the tiny joy of his now rough grasp on her arm. "I don't need you to- huh?"

Tojo followed her confused glance and looked at Oga's face. Huh?

"Pfft!" The delinquent was struggling to hold back his laughter. "Wait wait, I'll fight just… pfft! Did you hear that? Princess! Hahaha!"

Everyone was silent.

"Huh?" Was all they said.

"Oga… what's going on with you?"

"Nothing, that was just funny! Right, Beel?"

"Dah!" The usually polite boy was today giggling rambunctiously.

At Tojo's corner, people were whispering or getting upset at being mocked.

"Boss, I heard he got some weird head trauma," Shoji mumbled to Tojo. "I think that's what this is."

The boss did not reply.

"Hey, Oga…" he stepped forward, forcing silence all around him. Even Oga stopped laughing. "You remember me, right?"

"… Yeah. You're the bitch that lost to me, right?"

Furuichi and Lamia were running quickly to the scene, the miscellaneous girl from before with them.

"What else did you talk about?" Furuichi asked, starting to run out of breath.

"He wanted to have me tell him about their last fight in my own words, so I told him…"

"Oh, their last fight!" Furuichi's eyes widened with interest. "Then, tell me as well, what ex-"

"What exactly made him want to ask that?" Lamia interjected sharply. "We all know that Tojo took Beel-sama hostage and started a war in the night to conquer the school, threatening to destroy several classrooms full of students if Oga couldn't win."

Furuichi's jaw dropped in horror. Tojo's become a complete Satan over here!

"Yeah, it was horrible!" The other girl continued. "Then, rumor has it that somehow Oga-san got his strength together and won, but the school was destroyed anyway! Thank god that he managed to evacuate the students before that happened."

Furuichi became silent, feeling that the chain of events didn't really fit.

"There!" The girl pointed to a crowd formed outside, now extremely loud with bustling activity.

Furuichi ran towards it, and caught some of the argument.


Furuichi froze, and started to turn around.

"What are you doing!?" Lamia hissed at him. "Break it up! Come on, help Oga diffuse the violence!"

Furuichi gulped, knowing that with Oga around the fuse for a situation just got shorter and shorter.

"Now, wait up everyone! Oga isn't feeling well, please hold on!" Furuichi ran up, moving next to the man in action.

Oga had a blank look on his face, but was fixated on Tojo. This did not look good.

"Oga, stop it!" Furuichi whispered. "If you fight in front of everyone here, the chance of being caught is astronomically high!"

Oga turned an eye to look at him, as if to ask 'so what?'.

"Space-time could get ruined! Croquettes might not exist anymore!"

Oga finally realized what was at stake, and began to sweat profusely.

"J… just kidding," he called out weakly. "That was another joke… hehe".

The crowd once again went silent, and Furuichi realized that what he wanted just happened as badly as possible… everyone noticing simultaneously that something was different.

Indeed, people began whispering to each other, noticing that things were just not the same. Furuichi realized he had to do something.

"Worry not, ladies!" He then gave a confident smile, and winked at the direction of the Red Tails. "I've gotten everything under control! This sort of thing is easy for me, after all!"

The girls began to blink oddly, and one of them whispered to another.

"Hey, that was…. Umm…"


"No, more like… um…."


"Yeah! That's it! Strange, eh?"

Watching it all with disbelief, Lamia was crying in a corner, cursing just how terribly things had taken a turn. Why did this happen to her? WHY JUST HER!?

Though, it wasn't just her. Somewhere far, far away while close at the same time, another Lamia was crying outside the classroom window, sitting on a tree branch, observing the students inside.

"You there, Furu- ugh, what's your name?" Saotome angrily yelled at the silver haired boy sitting the back.

"Furuichi Takayuki," the teen replied. Playing with his silver locks, he looked thoroughly disinterested at the teacher.

"You can't just wear that fancy jacket in here, you need to follow Himekawa and first bri- um, earn it with studies!"

Furuichi didn't even look at him.

"Hey, you listening to me, you little shit!?"

"Nope," he replied. "Pretty sure first, you need to introduce yourself in return."

The class gasped at the "sidekicks'" audacity. Saotome, who they had not told about the dimensional change, was very confused. This was not the sort of thing that had ever happened before, so his experience did not help him figure it out, after all.

"Furuichi-kun!" Oga stood up, looking at his friend with concerned eyes. "Sensei probably just got confused! You're going to hassle everyone if you cause trouble like that!"

Everyone once again gave the most shocked stare their faces could produce.

No, the one hassling us is you with this OOC nonsense – was the general consensus.

"Dammit!" Lamia cursed, thoroughly upset. "Just cause this fic is based on OOC scenarios doesn't mean this nonsense is okay!"

"Hey… urm, Oga." Saotome was confused and uncomfortable. "Please just sit… this is freaking me out."

"Okay, sensei." Oga sat down, and then noticed his son whining.

"Hilda-san, please feed him. Or should I?" He held out the baby, smiling.

Hilda looked disgusted to the point of whining.

"Just… die."

Lamia herself found that a tempting option.

Oga and Furuichi walked back to the classroom quietly, looking at the ground. The scene was not quiet, though.

"And another thing!" Lamia huffed and puffed, tired from all her yelling. "You do NOT try to hit on girls! You let them come to you, if anything!"

Lamia was especially upset at Furuichi. His display was just plain outrageous! At least Oga had some excuse…

She remembered how back at the scene, everyone assumed Oga had grown to hate Tojo after all his ridiculous actions. Only a few people knew that the real Oga (of this dimension) was too kind and gentle to hold that kind of grudge, even on someone like Tojo.

"And can I say for myself how weird that was?" Furuichi talked. "Tojo of our time does not like hurting others. Even when he beats people up, they aren't messed up as badly as Oga's victims… he also risked his life in our fire to save everyone, while Oga just went home and slept."

Lamia had a horrified expression.

"You just went home and SLEPT!?" She shivered. "Dear Demon Lord… how can anyone like that be chosen to raise Prince Beel?"

"If I was a regular, boring-ass main character no one would give a shit about this manga," Oga muttered. "Besides, no one's realizing what's up, right? It's fine. After school, let's work on fixing everything."

"Nope, not tonight. You're busy tonight, and you are not missing your appointment. And this one will be important, since here's a chance someone will notice this is way bigger than just a bump on the head."

Oga raised an eyebrow.

"What do you mean, Lamia? Don't tell me Oga's going on a date with Hilda!?" Furuichi asked, jealousy tearing him apart.

"No, no, it's a not that," Lamia said. "They are just going to go shopping for some new clothes with Beel, and probably get some dinner afterwards. I wouldn't be surprised if they go for a walk later on, though."

Furuichi said nothing, and then clenched his fists so hard his palms bled.


"You kidding me?" Oga said frowning. Beel was sleeping through this, but started to stir.

"No, I'm not. You're going to meet Hilda now to feed Beelze-sama, and then soon you guys will head out."

"Like hell! I'll just say I don't feel like it or something…"

"Yeah, that might be best," Lamia replied with a mischievous smirk. "After all, you're probably too cowardly to spend that much time with her. I wouldn't wanna ask too much of you."

Oga narrowed his eyes, seethingly.

"The hell was that?"

"Oh, nothing," Lamia innocently drawled. "I just meant that you're probably too scared to take on the responsibility, being the opposite of the other courageous Oga. It wasn't considerate of me to ask. Sorry!"

Oga growled, and boldly yelled out to her.

"I'll show you who's chicken! I won't lose to anyone, even me!"

He stormed off to find Hilda, and prove himself. The others watched only silently as he ran along.

"… How did you already figure out how to manipulate him?" Furuichi was sweating nervously.

"Hmm, not sure. Guess I just did the opposite of what would work on regular Oga. Well, come on then!"


"We're gonna tail them. You can't really expect this will go on properly without our help, did you? Nee-san can't be allowed to find out a thing."

"Err, okay." Furuichi replied, understanding. "Then, tell me how it goes; I'm gonna go meet some more- Ow!"

He was abruptly interrupted by Lamia smacking him on the head and dragging him by his ear.

"First, we are going to class. Then, we follow the two of them all the way home. Got it?"


As Oga went inside, he handed the baby to a very distressed looking Hilda.

Hilda understood he needed to be fed, but had much to say.

"Tatsumi, what's this I hear about you almost fighting with Tojo! It was the middle of a school day…"

"He was causing trouble. I just wanted to clean it up."

"But I heard you only provoked him further! I know you're not feeling well, but at least take care of yourself!"

"Yeah, yeah," Oga sat down, yawning. "Are we going yet to do all that shopping?"

"Wha- no!" Hilda blushed. "We still, um, have class to attend!"

Around her, everyone started to zoom in.

"Whoah, the couple's going on a date!"

"Making time for that despite having school and a kid… what a dedicated couple."

"Hehe, I wonder where they're going?"

As Hilda's face went deep red under all the attention, Oga simply looked away absentmindedly.

Lamia once in came far too late, and took a grave expression on her face.

"Furuichi, now we absolutely have to shadow them."


"In your world, how many people go against their relationship?"

"… Me," Furuichi said, after pausing. "If I analyze the situation, nobody in our lives cares. His family, her family, our friends, even Kunieda's friends don't care. Just me, cause I'm jealous."

Lamia grimaced at his embarrassing revelation with that straight face.

"Well, here it gets complicated. There are people who actively try to sabotage them, and now they know when to strike. This next date will be a warzone!"

Furuichi sweat dropped and looked down quietly.

"I thought you said it wasn't a date..."

Of course it is, Taka-kun! How can we have a rom-com without a date that everyone stalks!?