I wake up to a loud beeping. I mean like a jump out off bed and wail your arms around until you find your alarm beeping. This means it's Monday. Back to school. School was the last thing on my mind these days. I do my morning routine and meet Scott down at the breakfast table. I guess my mom had to work early this morning.

"Scott". I nod my head towards him. He doesn't even look up. He just grabs his bag and walks out the door. He keeps telling himself something I keep hearing:

"Stay away from Alison, Stay away from Alison". Over and over again.

That was weird. Even for him. I just shrug off his behavior and pass through school until lunch arrives and I can see Stiles again. He comes to see me at my locker.

"Hey there beautiful". I closed my locker and walk towards him. I give him a kiss on his cheek.

"Hi to you too, how'd it go with Scott? Are you two talking again?" I ask him as we arrive at the cafeteria.

"Yeah, I guess. Did you know that Scott actually turned to Derek for help?" That was news to me.

"Nope, we haven't been talking lately either". He gives me a weird look but before he can ask anything else I see Scott sitting at a table with his face hidden behind a book. He keeps glancing over to Alison. I walk over to him and knocked on the book.

"Ah Scott what exactly are you doing?" He looks up from his book to me and then back to Alison.

"I can't let Alison see me". I shook my head and sat down beside Stiles. He took an apple out and took a bite out of it.

"I think the book is making it more obvious". Stiles told Scott. I took his apple from his hand and stole a bite from it. He gave me a sideways glance and took it back. "Besides she's reading anyways" he continued.

"So did you come up with a plan yet?" Scott asked Stiles. A plan for what? I asked myself.

"I think so". Stiles responded.

"Does this mean you don't hate me anymore?" Scott asked him from behind the book.

"No, but your crap has infiltrated my life, so now I have to do something about it. Plus I am a much better Yoda than Derek". Wait when did Star Wars come in to this conversation?

"That makes me think of 'Do or do not. There is no try'". I said. Stiles and Scott looked to me with a surprised expression. "What? Is it so weird that I know a thing or two about Star Wars?" Scott rolled his eyes and looked back at Stiles.

"Okay yeah you teach me". Scott told him.

"Okay I'll be your Yoda". This conversation was taking a strange turn.

"Yeah you be my, Yoda". Scott said slowly.

"Your Yoda I will be" Stiles responded in a weird voice. He started to laugh at himself and I smiled at his silliness. Scott just shook his head. "I said it backwards-" He tried explaining himself but was cut off by Scott saying "Yeah I know".

Stiles started packing his things. "Okay you know what? I definitely still hate you". He got up and walked away taking Scott's book with him. Alison saw Scott and started calling his name. I pointed to her, the direction he went.. And now I'm alone sitting at a table. I looked around the cafeteria and thought about how all these people are living normal lives right now. They have absolutely no idea what's going on.

After a while of just sitting there at the table I received a text from Stiles telling me to meet him at the lacrosse field. I walked outside and saw him hitting Scott with lacrosse balls. His hands were tapped behind his back. I ran to Stiles.

"What the hell is going on?" I stepped in front of Stiles before he could throw another one.

"Relax Sam. I'm trying to get him to learn how to keep his heart rate down". I moved out of his way.

"Alright then fire away". He kept firing them at Scott. I was actually enjoying this view. It was a win win for everyone. Stiles got to get back at Scott, Scott was learning how to stay calm and I could enjoy myself watching Scott get hit with lacrosse balls without getting in trouble.

"Stop just-" Scott started to say until Stiles hit him with one last ball on the face. Scott dropped down to his knees and started breathing heavier. We both looked down at the heart monitor that was beeping like crazy. I ran up to Scott but didn't touch him. He ripped the tape from around his hands.

"Scott? Scott, you need to calm down before you hurt someone". I told him. Stiles knelt down beside me.

"Scott, you started to change". Stiles told him. Scott calmed down and rolled onto his side.

"Anger. But it was more than that. It was like the angrier I got the stronger I felt". That is the trigger.

"So Derek was right , anger makes you change". Stiles stated out loudly.

"I can't be around Alison anymore". He was still out of breath.

"Just because she makes you happy?" Stiles asked him. Scott looked at the ground.

"No because she makes me weak". Stiles and Scott stood up and so did I.

"Well, sucks to be you brother. I'm sure that after a while you'll learn to be around her and control your emotions like turning your anger on and off". He nodded his head and went to the locker room with Stiles.

After last period I spotted Scott and Stiles walking towards the exit so I ran up to meet them.

"It's Alison". I heard Stiles say.

"What about Alison?" He turned towards me and smiled.

"Remember Scott, the night of the full moon. You were thinking about her right? About, protecting her". Scott took this into consideration.

"Okay". He said confused at what Stiles was getting at.

"And then the other night at the first lacrosse game you said you could hear her voice out on the field". Stiles kept going.

"yeah I did". Scott told him.

"So that's what brought you back so you could score. And then after the game in the locker room you didn't kill her. Well at least not like the way you were trying to kill me". That was in fact true.

"Or me. I recall you trying to kill me at least once". I added and laughed at the memory even though it was pretty frightening at the time.

"So that's what brings you back is what I'm saying". Stiles finally got to the point for once.

"but it's not always true. Because literally every time I'm kissing her or touching her I-" Scott said.

"No. That's not the same. When you're doing that you're just another hormonal teenager thinking about sex. You know?" Alright this was getting awkward. Scott was smiling like an idiot.

"You're thinking about sex right now aren't you?" Stiles accused him.

"Yeah sorry". He admitted.

"Yeah, that's fine look-" I cut him off.

"No it really is not fine because we are in school. In a public place. You think about that at home or when you are personally with the girl. Alone". Stiles raised his eyebrows and laughed at my reaction.

"As I was saying, back in the classroom, when she was holding your hand, that was different. I don't think she makes you weak, I think she actually gives you control. She's kind of like an anchor". Scott nodded his head.

"You mean because I love her". His eyes went wide in surprise at what he just said.

"Exactly". Stiles responded.

"Did I just say that?" Scott was still thinking over what he just said.

"Yes you just said that". Stiles told him.

"Now you just have to say it to her face". I told him.

"I love her" He still going over it in his head.

"Yes alright. We get that. But you have to say it to her not us". I told him.

"I think I'm totally in love with her". This was getting very repetitive.

"That's beautiful. Now moving on, before you run off and write a sonnet can we figure this out please? Because you obviously can't be around her all the time". Finally Scott moves on.

"Yeah, yeah. Sorry. So what do I do?" and he's still smiling.

"I don't know. Yet".