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Chapter 27

Bright eyes narrowed, Clawless gasped and moved her wings around making Toothless turn to see what she had been looking at. In the distances, behind a lot of trees and such, a loud roar followed by fire.

Toothless growled and spun around, he raced into the small house and knocked over the boy at the desk. Kari yelped as she was suddenly startled awake by a loud thump, pushing herself up of Hiccups bed (The boy had somehow got her to rest) she stared at Hiccup on the ground and titled her head in thought.

Hiccup groaned and looks up at the dragon "Toothless! Look what you've done." He cried, pointing over the broken pencil and messed up paper. Ignoring the dragon, Hiccup stood up holding the pencil "And now I've got to get more ink…." He groaned and turned around, he noticed Kari watching him and Toothless "And you've woken up Kari."

The girl blushed and laughed nervously "I-I'm fine." She squealed softly, shaking her hands and pushed herself up. She walked towards Hiccup and smiled softly.

Hiccup looks at the dragon as Clawless leaps into the room along side her mate "Toothless, you behave your self while we're gone." He says and take the girl by the hand, he leads the girl towards the door leaving the two bigger dragons with Torched.

Toothless growls at Torched, Clawless titles her head and looks at the window when a loud roar echoed through the sky. Toothless hearing it, spun around and look out the window, he stares up at he sky when suddenly Torched leaps forwould and bites hard on the dragons tail.

Toothless hisses and growls before chasing the smaller dragon around, Clawless yelps when Torched crawls up onto her head and shoots a fire ball at Toothless who jumps out the way but getting his bed set on fire.

"Umm…Hiccup." Kari whispers and tugs on the boys hand making said boy look at her before looking up at what she was pointing to. Eyes widening, Hiccup gasps and rushes up the stairs.

Hiccup gasps when he see Toothless chasing Torched around, his bed on fire "TOOTHLESS!" He cries as him and Kari finally gets into the room, Kari catches Torched in her soft hands, while Hiccup quickly puts out the fire.

"What-What is going on here?" Hiccup demands, looking at the dragons "Toothless, why did you do this? What is wrong with you?" He asks before gasping when Toothless lets out a wine and leaps out the window.


Kari gasps as Clawless quickly follows her mate, likely to clam him down. She turns to Hiccup and rests her head onto his shoulder "It'll be okay Hiccup. He'll came back."

The boy nods, and puts his arm around the girl waste "I hope so, he's starting to worry me.."

"Me two.."


Clawless wines as she follows Toothless across the grounds, the two dragons leaps over fallen over trees and such. She groans as she leaps over another tree before skidding to a stop and looks up at Toothless who had hooked himself to a tree.

Sighing, she looks ahead and gasps, there in front of them was two small dragons that looks a lot like Torched. She know she should of trusted her womanly feeling, Torched looked and smelled like a hatchling why didn't she just trusted herself? Having being around her human effect her this much that she can't tell the difference between a growing human hatchling or a dragon hatchling?

Suddenly a bore rushed straight into them only the be fried as a larger and deadlier dragon appeared and Clawless know straight away.

Mama was here.


Kari scratched the back of Torched's head, she giggled softly as he purred. She looks up at Gobber while Hiccup explained last night "It's wired. Toothless is jealous, which is great. So…my first girlfriend is a dragon…"

Kari blinked, she huffed her hair out of her face "Hey. I thought I was your girlfriend, don't tell me your cheating on me with a dragon? Toothless no less."

Hiccup blinked and placed his hands onto the girls shoulder, he gently rubbed them blushing lightly "Figure of speech, honey."

Gobber laughed at them "Something must be going on in his head. Dragons are compelled creatures Hiccup. They work on many emotional levels. Me? I've only got the one." He stated prideful.

Kari giggled while Hiccup rolled his eyes suddenly Toothless and Clawless appeared, both roared loudly gaining the attention of their riders.

"What's wrong?" Kari asked, pushing herself up and walking towards her dragon. She gently caressed the dragons scales. She looks towards Toothless who leaps around and roars again before she looks back at Clawless "Does Toothless want to show us something?"

Before Clawless could answer, Toothless snatched Torched from her arms and began to ran away.

"Gobber catch him." Hiccup cried.

Gobber leaps in front of Toothless and wiggles his hips "You want to dance big guy? I have my dancing shoe on." He says and taps his shoe against the ground. Before Torched shoots a little fire and leaps out of the others mouth, Toothless growls and leaps after him when Gobber grabs him by the tail, but that didn't faze Toothless. The dragon pulled him around the village before being thrown into his desk. Gobber looks up in a daze and smiles brightly "My ban pipes. Now I can get the band back together."

"Toothless!" Hiccup yells and stand in front of the dragon "!" He hisses and glares at the dragon who glares back when suddenly Gobber appeared, blowing into his band pipes "Not…Helping."


Hiccup sighs and looks more at Toothless "I don't know what's gotten into you. But I don't like it." He growls before sighing more when the dragon roared and rushed away.

Gobber blow into his pipes again, making sweet music making Hiccup groan and glare at him.



Kai hummed softly as he leaped over a few rocks. Roxas fluttered up the cliff and stared down at the boy before leaping over to another one while flattering his small yellow and white wings.

The short brunette laughs and jumps across another rock before stopping and staring blankly ahead. Roxas noticing this snorted and flow towards the boy in concern, he twilled his tail around and looks ahead to see a familiar black dragon.

"Toothless?" Kai muttered in confusition, what was he doing up here? He knows this was were he and Roxas played since no other dragon would enter the coven, grated Toothless and Hiccup was the once who gave the small place to the boy. Pouting the boy glances up at Roxas before slowly shovelling towards the two dragon.

He stood behind a big rock, curling his fingers over the rock he pocks his head over "H-Hello?" He calls and watches as Toothless turns his head and purrs softly at the shaking boy.

Kai gulps softly, he wasn't really scared Toothless despairs the fact that the dragon was the most dangerous in the village. Sighing deeply, the boy crawls over the rock before moving to sit next to the dragon, he scans for any sighs of Hiccup knowing Toothless can't get out here with the boy.

Sighing, the brunette couldn't find any since that would show Hiccup was here "I guessing H-Hiccup is k-keeping you here? Because of T-Torched?" at the name both Toothless and Roxas hissed making Kai blush and nod "Thought so…."

Kai looks up and noticed it was getting dark "Well…T-Toothless I really should b-be going home. I hope you'll be okay." He mumbled pushing himself up as the dragon nuzzled Kai's back gently, the boy tensed before relaxing and patting the dragon.

The boy turned to leave when the ground began to shake, gasping Roxas clung to Kai shoulder as the boy looks around "W-What's t-that?" He squeals softly as Toothless growls and leaps forwould, he uses his body to hid Kai.

Kai's eyes widen and his knees shakes when he sees the large, Torched look a like walk by them, knocking over trees as it went. The brunette gasped as he realized it was going the way to his home, towards Kari and Hiccup, towards Berk.

The last thing the boy remembered was a soft cry and Toothless rushing towards him before the world around him turned black.


Hiccup sighed and he gently scratched Torched, him and the others all sat in the dragon training ring.

Astrid looks down at him and smiles "You did the right thing, Toothless will snap out of it."

"yeah. But what if he doesn't? And you won't have a dragon to ride and if you don't have a dragon to ride then you can't be the head of the dragon academy!" Snotlout cried loudly from his spot on top of Hookfang.

Kari looks up slightly, she sighs and whistles to Hookfang who turns to look at her. Smiling softly she hums "Throw." She says softly and laughs when Hookfang grins and throws his head back, making Snotlout tumble into the wall.

"How'd you do that?" Snotlout cried, sitting up "How'd you get Hookfang to listen?"

Kari shrugged "I guess he likes me better. And beside if that's true, Astrid would take over."

Astrid blinked, her blue eyes flashed in confusition. She knows for a matter of fact that if Hiccup had to step down, then it would pass onto Kari. But then again, if Hiccup stood down, Kari would follow made her think, looking over to Snotlout she smirked "Do you want that?" She asks and watches as the boys face pales.

"You will not believe what we've just saw." Tuffnut says as he and Ruffnut walks in on their Zippleback.

Snotlout snorts and waves his hand "Excuse me, we're having a power struggle."

"We're not having a power struggle.." Hiccup mutter bitterly as Kari walks towards him and places her hand onto his shoulder.

Tuffnut held out his hand "The whole forest, burned. Totally destroyed."

"It was beautiful, the whole thing was torched." Ruffnut added in softly.

Hiccup pouted in thought, he looks down at the small dragon and opened his mouth to speak when.



Kai groaned, he rubbed his head as his eyes opened, everything was blurred out. Whimpering he rubbed his eyes and noted how warm he was. Wiggling around, he looks about and noted he was surround by blackness suddenly the blackness opened up to show blueness.

Gaping in shock, the boy looks around until he meets green eyes "T-Toothless?" He asks softly and listens to the soft coo from the dragon. Blushing the boy sat up and rubs his eyes "I fainted didn't I?"

Roxas cooed and landed onto Kai's shoulder, he nuzzles his check and purrs. Kai smiles softly and pats the dragon onto the head before standing up on shaky legs. He sniffs and looks at Toothless "That w-was what y-you were trying to s-show Hiccup and K-Kari, right?"

Toothless pushes himself up and nods his head with a soft coo to answer the boy who hums and rubs his eyes once again in thought "I see.." He mumbles softly and looks up at the sky "I-Is…was that T-Torched's M-Mama?"

Once again, Toothless coos and nods his head as Roxas nuzzled Kai's check again. The brunette sniffed and rubbed the back of his head "W-We need to t-tell Hiccup.." He mutters as Toothless lets out his own snort of agreement.

"First, w-we need to find away t-to get you out of here.." Kai mumbled thought, before jumping when Toothless leaps around to show his saddle "W-What? I-I…You want m-me to fly you?" He squealed as Toothless nodded "B-But…I-I….can't…I…don't know how.."

Kai yelps as Toothless pushes his nuzzle against his legs while purring, shaking the boy slowly claimed onto Toothless settle "O-Only so w-we can get you out. Okay?" He mutters making Toothless let out and roar as he pushed his foot into the paddle and yelps loudly when the dragon lunches into the air, he felt Roxas dig his claws into his shoulder.

"Toothless, land-land." Kai cried loudly, his eyes widening as the dragon flow through the air, higher and higher, the boy tighten his fingers so hard that his knuckles turned bright white and his body shivered in fear "Toothless!"

The dragon sighs and snorts softly before landing in the middle of Berk, Kai sighs in relief and leaps of the dragon. He shakes and rubs his knees, trying to clam his nerves "N-Never do that again.."

Toothless coos and nuzzles the boy, he tugs on the boys clothing "O-Okay…L-Lets find Hiccup…." He looks up at the sky "It's late in the a-afternoon…they would be in training ring.." The boy muttered and began to ran towards the ring with the other following.

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