Chapter 1 Sakura tree

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Normal Pov

There was a sakura tree at a school, one day a boy name Natsume was sitting next to the sakura tree and he came everyday and then he saw a beautiful girl wearing the sakura dress and that girl was name Mikan Sakura, she trip and Natsumewent over there to see if she ok "are you ok" he ask "Yes I am fine" she replied

Natsume Pov

What a strange girl, she wearing sakura dress same as the sakura tree I thought I was going to ask what her name but she climb up the sakura tree "Hey what are you doing" I ask "What do you think I am doing, I am the soul of this tree since you visit me everyday I became human" I was shock she was the soul of that sakura tree "What your name" I ask her "Mikan Sakura, nice to meet you" she smile while saying it "I am Natsume Huuyga" I said back

Mikan Pov

What a strange boy I thought I spit out everything of my identity, he look shock I come out when someone who keep visiting me always with a sakura dress but this is my first time I came out I told him everything and we had fun

Natsume Pov

She can't be here she will be freezing out here I thought I brought her back to my house and explain that she have nowhere to live so she live at my house but not in the same room she is in the same room as my sister Aoi they get along that fast and it was dinner time I was still taking a shower Mikan already did and she have a scent of the sakura tree scent it smell so good that I want to sleep

Normal Pov

Nest Day

Mikan got transferred to same school as Natsume , even in the same class she was sitting in front of Natsume some girls got jealous and Mikan was surround by boys cause of her scent and school end and they went back home together some boys were stalking Mikan to see where to live but they saw her going to Natsume's house they were shock

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