Nothing special, my existence really isn't notable in any way. I didn't make friends easily, I heard my Mom telling someone that the other kids just didn't take to me. I was quiet; I listened to music instead of doing almost anything else. It was just the way it was. I am a good student; school is easy for me, now socially that is another story. There are kids I am friendly with not necessarily friends with.

I am similar to my Dad, although he is outgoing at work. He is a businessman, I have no idea really what kind of business. Everyday he goes to work and is home for dinner every night. I adore my Dad; we both love music and use it as an escape. My Mom is an artist. She is a free spirit, and is willing to try anything once. I wish I could be more like my Mom, an outgoing person she will talk to anyone anywhere. She and a few artist friends run a little storefront shop where they sell art, and have classes for kids. But every summer, starting the day after school ends we embark on our summer journey. We pack up our car with everything we will need and head to the shore. We have a little cottage house in Manahawkin New Jersey. Two hours from our home. My Dad takes off as much time as he can come down every weekend and a full week around my birthday. Mostly it's just my Mom and I, day in and day out. We go to the beach most days walk along the water swim and look for treasures. We visit shops but our favorite is the Light House (Old Barney). My Mom actually talks to it like it's a person, its kind of funny or weird depending on how open-minded you are. We can spend hours there watching the boats traveling in and out from the bay to the ocean. I love LBI, it's all I have ever known, it is everything I could want calm and peaceful it is the exception to my dull existence.

Our house is on the bay and I love to sit on the dock and watch the boats traveling around thinking up my own stories of who was on them and where they are going. At night I sit out there just listening to the water. Our neighborhood stayed the same for the most part. The same families would come every year, lots of kids I couldn't tell you much about them. I never really interacted with any of them. I could hear them running up and down the street, riding bikes swimming, but I never joined them. My Mom would encourage me to try and fit in. I was either in my own world or with my parents.

When Dad was with us our evenings were filled with listening to records and dancing around singing to my Mom, she would paint or sketch what we saw that day. He loved the flea market, going to the ocean at the crack of dawn, crabbing off the dock he was a big kid when he was here. The Shore really brought out the best in all of us.

It was the last weekend of June, I was helping my Mom in her garden in the front of the house when a car pulled up next door. The house had been empty for 2 summers now, an older lady had lived there and she had since passed away. The word around the neighborhood was her son sold the house in the winter. My Mom was so excited about having new neighbors. I know she hoped that I would make friends here, or anywhere for that matter. I heard car doors slam and before I could look up, I was encompassed in a huge shadow. "I'm Emmett," the shadow said as he stuck his hand out to shake mine. I hesitated looking at his hand so he gently grabbed my hand putting in his and shook it for me. I smiled, and quietly said, "I'm Isabella" Before my words were completely out of my mouth he was hugging me. His Mother was calling after him to go easy on me. His Brother was gathering all of his stuff from the car and heading inside. And his parents came over to introduce themselves to my Mom. The McCarty's had arrived. I don't think the Shore will be the same. There goes my peaceful summer.