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Not knowing what to do, I just sat there. Noticing that Momomi was actually getting quite into this, I decided that I should put a stop to this pretty soon. I loved her lips, they were so soft. But I just couldn't think of a relationship right now with everything going on. The only thing I'd be to her is a burden anyway, so there's no point in letting her down in the first place. Pulling away slightly, I realized how hard it was to resist her. Starting to kiss back, I desperately pinched myself to remember the objective at hand. So, I softly pushed Momomi off, not wanting to hurt her feelings or think I didn't like it. She suddenly released the grip on my face and leaned back quickly, looking shameful and embarrassed.

"Sorry, sorry, I'm so sorry! I don't know what came over me!" Momomi said apologetically, practically begging me to forgive her.

"I-it's okay, no big deal. But we can't do that anymore, Momomi. It's not that I don't like it, I just…can't deal with a relationship right now." I said hesitantly, trying to pick my words carefully so I wouldn't hurt her any more than I had to.

"But why? You even kissed back, so I know you liked it…" she said in pure confusion, but with clear hurt in her face and amazing eyes.

"I know, but I'm having some problems right now, and I have to deal with them first. Maybe after then? I still have to think about it though. And can I take a shower really fast? I've been wanting to all day." I added, trying to change the subject.

"O-okay.." Momomi muttered, looking really disappointed and confused.

_Momomi's POV_

At this point, I was just entirely and utterly bewildered. I didn't have the slightest CLUE to what Kaname could be thinking or talking about! I didn't understand her motives for anything, especially taking a shower when she could just take one at home. Is she poor or something? She knows I could and would help her, but she's probably too proud for my help anyway. And why doesn't she want to be my girlfriend because she's having "issues"? Im starting to think thats what she's trying to convince herself, although it's probably something even she doesn't realize. Maybe she has commitment issues, or she's just scared of relationships in general. I don't want to assume anything though, because that'd just probably lead to trouble.

I decided that the best possible option is to ask her, and to hope that she'll be open to me. Suddenly feeling nervous, I anxiously waited to hear the water in the shower stop hitting the bottom. When the time finally came, I frantically started thinking of how to word my question so it wouldn't be offensive, but also not allow her to avoid it. Sitting cross-legged on the bed, she finally arrived in nothing but a towel, holding it around her tightly.

"Uhhh…can I possibly borrow some clothes?" Kaname said sort of awkwardly, blushing. She's so cute when she blushes! That's one of the reasons why I like her so much. And also her dark blue, alluring eyes, that show unending amounts of intelligence, compassion, and feistiness. And her slim but athletic body was really attractive, combined with her short, wavy hair to match her boyish style. Kaname, clearing her throat impatiently, snapped me back into reality.

"Oh yeah, of course. I'll just give you some loose pajamas, since my style of clothing is probably something you don't favor for yourself." I say jokingly, sticking out my tongue. Hopefully I'm doing a good job of making it less awkward for the both of us, and I sigh in relief as I see how relaxed she now looks. I decide not to be selfish and mess it up, so I'll just ask her the questions and such later. Throwing the loose, reindeer covered pajamas in Kaname's face, I sigh loud enough so she could hear when she starts laughing at the childish pattern.

"What? I got them for Christmas last year from my grandmother who apparently forgot how old I was, but got the size right. Don't laugh! Would you rather wear my super tight and sparkly jeans?" I said sarcastically, chuckling when she scowled.

"Okay, fine." she said with mocking indignance, heading back to the bathroom to change. I couldn't help but look at her muscular but feminine and soft looking lower back as she walked with her back towards me, frowning when she got out of sight.

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