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Chapter 13: Gundam Wong


"Time for lunch... or breakfast," I said. That meant everyone got a quarter of a meat apple, grilled by Guilmon's Pyro Sphere. Needless to say, we were running low on apples. Later on, we jumped along the rocks towards the entrance of the bridge. We walked through this shell-like structure. It looked like the Hollywood Bowl to me. "Whoa... " Takato said. "Come on guys! There's no use in psyching ourselves out before we even get there," Henry answered. "I think that thing is taking care of psyching us out there, Henry," Takato responded. Rika, Veemon, Guilmon, and I all nodded. Lopmon pointed out the way. "This bridge will take us right to Zhuqiaomon's castle. Calumon will be in there." "Why do I feel like I'm volunteering to walk into the lion's den? But I guess Henry's right, we don't have a choice," Takato said.

We started walking down the path. "Sometimes it seems like we never have a choice...about anything," Henry complained. "How so?" I asked. "All I ever wanted to do was to become a good Digimon Tamer and have some fun. And now Suzie's life is in danger, and I don't know if we'll ever get home." "We have a saying about that in my country," Anya said, "В дождь избы́ не кро́ют, а в вёдро и сама́ не ка́плет. 'When it rains one doesn't roof the cottage, and the roof is not leaking when it doesn't rain.'" Takato just nodded. "..By the way, how's Terriermon?" he asked. Terriermon was playing piggyback on his Tamer. He looked up and perked up. "Huh? Oh...I'm just fine! Don't you worry about me, Takato, not one bit! Let's just hurry up, beat Zhuqiaomon, get Calumon out and go home!" "You are feeling better," Takato observed. We continued walking. "You know, I think we're supposed to be learning something from this. What it is is higher grade for me," Ed spoke.

We reached another gate. Kazu was psyched up and ready to go. "We're ready to fight, guys!" he cheered. Well, not everyone was. Jeri let out a quiet moan and sat against the side of the gate, staring at her static D-Arc. Takato went to her side but stayed back a distance. "Uh...Jeri? Are you gonna be okay? Listen to me, I don't want anyone else to be destroyed either, that's why we have to fight Zhuqiaomon," he said. Rika got by her side, doing her best to drop her attitude. "You never really wanted to fight in the first place, did you, Jeri? I don't think fighting's fun anymore either, but you've gotta understand, this isn't the kind of fight we can just run away from." Takato thought a minute. "Why don't you wait here, and when we come back, we can all go home?" he suggested. Jeri kept staring at her D-Arc. "All of us? Except for Leomon you mean... He's never coming back, is he?" she asked sadly. Rika slowly shook her head. Poor Jeri. She had taken losing her partner pretty hard. Apparently, Digi-Eggs didn't come to this world. Of course, I didn't know that for sure. Beelzemon had stolen Leomon's data, and Takato let him walk away clean because Jeri didn't want to see anyone else get hurt.

At least she wouldn't be alone, not if Henry had his way. "No!" he firmly said. "No, no! I'm going too!" Suzie insisted. "Absolutely not. You saw the dangerous stuff we ran into back there, and that castle's gonna be even more dangerous! You're staying right here." "But what about Lopmon?" Suzie asked. I spoke up. "Aww just let the kid go, Henry. She's a Tamer like the rest of us. Who knows? Maybe Lopmon will find her Ultimate form," I said with a smile. "Uh, Greg... you saw what happened," Lopmon reminded me. I thought about it. Suzie got her D-Arc, Antylamon got hit by a red beam of light, and degenerated into Lopmon. I sighed. "Yes, I did," I duly noted. Lopmon had a look of determination on her face. "I'm going...I must try to stop the fighting," she said. Suzie grabbed for Lopmon and hugged her in concern. "No! You'll get hurt!" "I have to go, Suzie. It may be foolish or naive of me, but I have to try to get Zhuqiaomon to listen to me." Suzie turned to her big brother. This was getting intense. "Then make Tewwiermon stay here with me. He's hurt bad anyway." The proverbial lava was rising in Henry's head, so Terriermon tried to cool her off. "Moumentai! I'm not hurt that badly at all, Suzie. We'll be just fine without you! Oops..." That broke a different dike entirely. "You can't! You can't leave me alone! Not again-!" "Argh...stop crying!" Henry ordered. "I'M NOT CRYING!" Suzie screamed through her tears. Henry stood up and tussled with his hair, almost as if he was going to pull some of it out. He looked away. "Argh! Oh, let's just leave her here and go already!" Did that help any? No. Suzie instinctively let Lopmon go and ran to Henry's legs. "NOO! I'm going-!" "Quiet!" He turned around, angry and raised his hand threateningly. Suzie ended up on the floor. He clenched his fist and went into a tirade. "You're staying! I already told you, this place is going to be very dangerous, and you'd just be in the way! I don't know why you came here...a little girl is no use against Digimon! It's gonna have to be up to me alone, you got it?!" Suzie curled up in the fetal position and sobbed. "What is he talking about?" Renamon asked. "Yeah, what are we? Chopped liver?" Rika shot back. Takato did his best to ease the situation. "It's okay Henry, she can come with us." "Yeah. I mean, you could be the next Tai and Kari-" I said. "SHUT UP!" Henry barked.

Kazu came up with an idea. "Hey, Kenta and I will stay and look after her." This piqued Henry's interest. "Sure, I'd like to go with Guardromon and beat up on the Sovereign, but if I have to take one for the team to keep the little lady safe, so be it. And I'm sure Kenta feels the same way." He turned to his friend. "Isn't that right, Kenta?" That put him on the spot, but he quickly recovered. "Uhh...yeah, that's right! It's our duty as gentlemen to stay behind with the little girl! " "Besides, Jeri's staying too," Ed noted. "Thank you, Captain Obvious," Coronamon answered. "Thanks a lot, guys," Henry said. He came back down to Suzie's level. "See, Suzie? You won't be alone, see?" He directed her attention to Kazu, Kenta, and Guardromon, who were waving. No dice, she was still crying. "I'll be okay..." she finally said. Takato then took the mantle of leadership. "Right then. We better get started. We've got a long way to go. " "Do we have to walk the whole way? " Guilmon asked. Lopmon started jumping along the path. "Moumentai!" she said. The rest of us followed. "Hey, that's my word!" Terriermon answered. Veemon and I laughed. We stopped when a giant bubble surrounded us and started speeding us down the path. "I have to admit, this does beat walking! Ha ha!" Guilmon laughed.

We continued on. Henry was still worried sick. "I can't believe Suzie," he grumbled, "Why'd she have to come to the Digital World, anyway?" "She came here for me..." Lopmon said. "Well you should have gone to the Real World! There's no need for her to be here," Henry snapped. "But she is here, Henry, and we have to deal with it," Takato answered. That just made him angrier. "I know that! That's why I've gotta get Calumon back so we can go home." "You've got to get Calumon? Hah! So what are we doing here?" I asked. "That's a very good question," Henry answered through clenched teeth. That wasn't enough for me. "Look, you've got the same issue Tai had. You're being overprotective of her. What's that going to lead to? Nothing good, I'll say that. The next time she's in a rut, she'll automatically run to you instead of toughing it out for herself. And when she gets thrown into something really dangerous when you're not around, she'll be a nervous wreck!" I felt a sensation in my hand. "YEEOW!" I turned and looked... Guilmon had bitten down on it. Veemon gave the dinosaur a headbutt, and Guilmon let go. I grabbed my hand, searching for blood. Luckily, he didn't break any skin. I initially gave him a hard look. Lalamon giggled. "I guess it serves you right," she said. I didn't think it was that funny. Although when I thought about it, maybe she was right. How was I helping? "Thanks, Guilmon... I guess," I mumbled. The Digimon just smiled. "No problem," he answered cheerfully.

Rika looked down. "My mom and grandma...must be pitching a fit," she said. Takato smiled. "I bet they're both doing just fine. I mean I did send 'em that e-mail letting them know you're okay." This caught her attention. "What? Sent them an e-mail? When did this happen?" This put the goggle-head on the spot. "Oh...well it happened a while back. When we got separated from you guys, we got e-mail from the real world, and so, I kinda...well I guess you could say...that I-" he started. Rika cut in, and boy was she mad. "-pretended to be me and sent an e-mail to my mom and grandma, that sum it up?" I nodded and ducked. Veemon did the same thing. Takato was on his own. "Whoa! Hold on there, calm down. I only did it because if I said you weren't with us, your mom and grandma would have gotten worried, soo...okay, go ahead and hit me." Rika didn't hit him. Instead, she just blushed. Her look softened a lot. "Thanks for doing that..." she said. Takato stood there with his mouth open, like he'd just seen a fish standing on two fins in the water. Rika's look toughened up when she realized something. "Wait, you didn't put a girly heart or something after it, did you?" "Uh..." "Yeah, three of 'em!" Veemon volunteered. That did it! "Oh man, when I get through with you, the Devas will seem like cuddly little kitty cats! A heart?! Oh...even a smiley face would've been better! " Takato quickly covered his tracks. "Um yeah, that's uh, that's what I put, a smiley face!" "You used a smiley face, are you kidding me?! You had to go and use a freaking' smiley face! I never use a smiley face."

Just then, we arrived at the entrance. The bubble popped. Everyone looked up. The roof looked like a giant seashell. "Wow, this thing looks like it goes on forever," Takato said. "You have better eyes than me, I can't see forever-" Guilmon agreed. Then, the doors slowly rattled and opened. "Oh!" All of a sudden, our Digimon growled and became deadly serious. Guilmon hunched over, ready to attack. Renamon puffed up her fur, and Veemon showed his teeth. It was like they'd gone feral. "What is it, boy? What's wrong?" Takato asked. "Terriermon?" Henry asked his partner. "Veemon, are you OK?" I asked. "Coronamon, you look bosbefok*," Ed observed. "Renamon? What is it?" Rika asked, concerned. Renamon stayed vigilant and spoke urgently. "Something's here. I can feel it. It's like a terrible, overpowering anger that will crush us if we let our guard down!" "What else is new?" I asked. We walked down the hall. "You'd think we've learned to move away from danger instead of toward it," Takato griped. "Some of us are just thick-headed, I guess," Rika said. "She means you, Takato..." Guilmon added. "Dat's funny, I was about to say da same thing to Greg," Veemon said. "Oh, that's really helpful given the circumstances, Veemon," I snarked. We stood before another door. "He sure likes big doors, doesn't he? " Rika remarked. Lopmon began the invocation. "My Sovereign! Please hear my humble request," she said. The ground shook again and the doors opened. "Well it's good he's got an open-door policy," Takato said, trying to be cheerful. "Is that good for us, or good for him?" Rika asked. "I don't know. Heh heh..." he shrugged nervously. Rika looked to me. I just put my hands up. The door opened all the way, and we stood before an open flame. A voice came from nowhere. "Trespassers. You have disturbed the lair of Zhuqiaomon, Sovereign of the Digital World and protector of its inhabitants. Look upon my countenance and tremble with fear, for in my eyes, you see your own undoing." The flame eventually became the Deva himself. Guilmon growled again. Takato and Rika trembled. Heck, just looking at that thing, I didn't want to press my luck. Why is it that the evilest Digimon are always the ugliest? It looked like a big, red, ugly bird. Henry growled and clenched his fists. "You've got a friend of ours! Give Calumon back!" he demanded. The bird spoke again. "Such a large demand from such a small creature. Why should I give him up, so you can take him back to the other world? Never! The Catalyst belongs here!" The Catalyst? Henry stood his ground. "You're not gonna scare me off!" the bravado-loaded Chinese boy called. We all put our hands all over the top part of Henry's body. Takato and Rika each got a shoulder, the rest of us got what we could above the waistline. "Huh?" he asked. "What do you mean scare YOU off? What about us? " Rika demanded. "Rika... Renamon..." he said in amazement. "Hey, you didn't forget us, did ya?" Takato asked. "Takato... Guilmon..." "We'll stand by your side, Boet," Ed chimed in. "Ed... Coronamon..." Henry was starting to feel overwhelmed. "Lead us into battle, my comrade," Anya affirmed. "Anya... Lalamon..." I just stood there and let out a confident smile. "You don't think we're going to let you have all the fun, now do you Henry?" I asked. "Greg... Veemon..." he sighed. "Alright, I just hope you know what you're getting yourselves into." He looked down to Terriermon. "Are you ready to fight? " "Anytime, anywhere," Terriermon said.

We asked our Digimon if they were ready, and they were. Henry looked up. "Then let's teach this guy a lesson he won't forget!" he said. "It's Morphin Time!" I shouted, instinctively putting my hand behind my back. I was actually searching my backpack for a card. When my hand came to my front again, I had pulled out the Digivolution card. I took out my D-Arc and we started the slash. You know, it's kinda funny. Whenever you're in a group and all of you are determined to do the exact same thing, you tend to do it at the exact same time. In our case, it was almost like you could put up a four-way split screen. "DIGI-MODIFY! MATRIX DIGIVOLUTION ACTIVATE!"


"Terriermon Matrix Digivolve To..."

"Renamon Matrix Digivolve To..."

"Guilmon Matrix Digivolve To..."

"Veemon Matrix Digivolve To..."

Ed and Anya took out their cards and went as far as they could. Surprisingly, their battle cries were in pitch-perfect harmony. "DIGI-MODIFY! DIGIVOLUTION ACTIVATE!"


"Coronamon Digivolve To..."

"Lalamon Digivolve To..."

The chamber was lit up like the 4th of July. Digivolutions were happening left and right.







The bird did not look impressed. "Am I supposed to be afraid?" he taunted. "No, you're supposed to take your beating like a good little villain!" Rapidmon snarked. From where I was standing, a part of his back was fading out. "Huh?" Henry gasped. The 6 Digimon jumped up and started the attack. "Blazing Helix!" the firebird shouted. He unleashed a swirl of flames. It was huge! "AHHHHHHH!" our Digimon all shouted as they fell to the floor. "No! Rapidmon!" Henry shouted. Sunflowmon was on fire. "Anya..." she moaned. Anya panicked as she searched for a card. Rika found one first and scanned it. "Digi-Modify! Agumon's Frozen Wind Activate!" Taomon blew a cold wind on the flames. That extinguished it. Sunflowmon shivered in appreciation. "He took them down in one shot," Rika breathed. Ed tried to bring up morale by singing "We Will Rock You". We joined in on the chorus because there was not much else we could do. I stood my ground, all while stomping my feet and clapping to the beat. If Henry could do it, so could I. Even if he couldn't, someone had to.

That big turkey wasn't impressed at all. "You Digimon depend on these human maggots for strength! But we don't need filthy weaklings in the coming battle! Blazing Helix!" The flames came again. There were more moans and groans from the Digimon. "If he keeps this up, we'll all be roasted!" Takato panicked. "Taomon, we've got to figure out some way to digivolve to Mega
Level!" Rika shouted. Taomon had her hands full already. "I'm sorry Rika, I've got my hands full just trying to maintain this shield!" she called back. Takato stared at his D-Arc. "If only Guilmon and I could figure out how to be Gallantmon again...but how?"


If there's one thing I don't like, it's seeing two sad chicks. Here I was, ready and raring to go, and I had to volunteer to watch them. Last time I shoot my mouth off, I'll tell ya that. Jeri was down in the dumps probably thinking about how she couldn't save Leomon, and Henry's kid sister was moping around. I turned to my new buddy, Guardromon. "Mm...I haven't even started dating! I've gotta deal with two sad girls!" I told him. "Once you start dating, I'm sure you'll make many girls sad!" he answered. "WHAT!?" "Won't you?" he asked. Some buddy. I sighed and shook my head. "Just watch Suzie, will ya?" He walked away. "Humans are so confusing," he said.


Look at the team I'm surrounded with. I've got Takato and Rika, they're OK, but the others? I'm just not so sure. I've got a South African who thinks he's Freddie Mercury, a Russian who spouts off sayings from her country, and an American whodoesn't know when to shut up. It's completely up to me to save Suzie and get us home.


"Capitulate, fools!" Zhuqiaomon said. "Hah! We don't know the meaning of the word!" WarGrowlmon shot back. Magnamon prepared for an attack. "Magna Blaster!" He unleashed his full power in the form of an energy wave from his entire body. No dice. "That's OK, Magnamon! Keep it up!" I consoled. Rapidmon went in for a strike, but the guns disappeared from his back. The firebird released another blast, and down he went. "NO! RAPIDMON!" Henry shouted. The bird spoke again. "Lopmon! You are my last remaining Deva. Come back to me, and I will forgive your betrayal. Together, we will destroy these traitors and their disgusting humans!" Lopmon stood her ground. "Say what you will, but I will not be swayed!"


"I beat you again," Kenta said cheerfully. Ugh... for the 5th time in a row. Ya know, I was just thinking about what the others were doing. Maybe Guardromon and I could go to the Mega Level just like Takato and Guilmon did. Man, I've been playing this game longer than he has, and he gets to do all the cool stuff. Just then, I saw a pink light out in the distance. "It couldn't be," I thought. I rushed over to Guardromon. "Hey! What's all the jabberin' about over here? Uh...uhh...um, where'd Suzie go?" I asked. Guardromon pointed out to the sky. "She flew away." WHAT!? "SHE FLEW AWAY?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! BUT HOW?! YOU WERE S'POSED TO BE WATCHING HER! " I shouted. "I was, I watched the whole thing..." he answered. "Oh great, now Henry's going to kill me," I moaned.


WarGrowlmon was attacked by Zhuqiaomon again while protecting us. "Thank you, WarGrowlmon," Lopmon said. "Yeah, thanks a lot," I added. Rapidmon didn't look so good. Neither did Magnamon. "Stay in there, Magnamon!" I called. "I'm... trying," my partner said through a strain. "Well don't just try it. Do it! Do or do not. There is no try," I encouraged. Rika looked at me strangely. "Yoda," I explained. Magnamon got back on his feet and gave everything he had. One Blazing Helix later, he was back down. "Are you sure nobody's got a healing card?" I asked.

Rapidmon was stuck to the wall and his armor was fading in and out. "I mean it's not like we like being bruised, it's just, well, you know what I mean. We'll never give up! Even if—oh!" We looked on and Taomon spoke. "Rapidmon, back off! You're hurt too badly. If you sustain any more damage, your data will be destroyed!" Did that mean anything to Rapidmon? No. "Back off? There's no way I'm gonna let this overgrown canary stop me!"


What was I thinking? Terriermon, I knew you were hurt, but all I could think about was Suzie. How could I send you into battle like that? And now... I might lose you forever.


It was a pitiful sight. Henry started breaking down in tears. "I guess I'm just about the worst Digimon Tamer there ever was... " he wept. "No, it's not your fault!" Rapidmon called back. That didn't convince him. He tried hiding his tears. "I shouldn't have pushed you to fight, I should have found another way!" "Listen to me! It's the bird's fault and I won't let him win!" With that, Rapidmon broke out of the wall with his sheer will and went flying towards that fiery pigeon. That overgrown vulture fired another burst of flame. "AHHHHHHHH!" Rapidmon powered down to Terriermon and started falling. Ed ran trying to catch him. "I got him! I got him!" Ed shouted. He didn't catch him. In fact, he missed it by that much. Henry ran to him, tears pouring out of his eyes like a slow-dripping faucet. "Sorry Henry...I tried," Terriermon groaned, "The birdbrain was too much for me." The human held his Digimon in his arms. "Don't be sorry, Terriermon. I was the one who failed you," he said. "Heh...what are ya, Henry? The center of the universe?" Terriermon asked. "What, you think the sun won't rise if you're not there to greet it or something? Just look behind you, Henry..." He did as the Digimon continued. "You don't have to do everything yourself. They're here to help you. Let 'em."

Just then, Suzie flew in holding her D-Arc. She landed on her feet. "Wha – Suzie?!" Henry gasped. "HI, HENWY!" she yelled as she waved. "What are you doing here, Suzie?" Lopmon asked. The little girl turned to her Digimon. "Well you called me, didn't you, silly?" Lopmon folded her paws and thought about it. "I called you? Hm...you may be right." "Guess your demanding big brother voice doesn't work so well, huh?" Terriermon asked. He got up and continued as Henry wiped away his tears. "Well there's no way I'm gonna stop fighting if Suzie's gonna be in danger!" "Terriermon, you can't," Henry pleaded. "Remember what you told me if I ever got lost? Meet back at your house." Takato, Rika, and their Digimon nodded. I scratched my head. "Huh? I always thought you looked for a police officer or a responsible adult," I said. "Not in my country," Anya remarked. "That's right...we'll all meet back there," Henry remembered, smiling. "We just gotta get past that turkey!" Takato replied. "You gonna tell your friends you got beaten by a turkey, Henry?" Terriermon asked. I ran over to his side. Something was about to go down, and I wanted to see it. "Not a chance! Come on, let's do this together!" Henry decided with a look of determination on his face. He got up on his feet, and his D-Arc spoke. "Biomerge Digivolution."

[BGM: "Power Rangers Zeo Instrumental Theme" by Jeremy Sweet and Ron Wasserman]

[Alt. BGM: "One Vision" by Takayoshi Tanimoto]


"Biomerge Activate!" Henry shouted as he held his D-Arc up. He quickly moved his arms in a pattern so his left fist was under his right elbow, and his right hand was holding his D-Arc to his head. Then, his clothes and shoes were placed in digital storage and disappeared from his body. His eyes were forced closed and his body became relaxed. Go figure. "Terriermon Biomerge to..." Henry's naked body fell backwards into his Digimon as the two became one. Terriermon's short stubby hands were replaced with long, thin, mechanical ones as green armor was clamped on. At the front of his wrist was a gun that was loaded with bullets. It was the same way with his feet. His chest became larger and covered with green armor and a pair of missile cannons on his shoulders. Terriermon's head was replaced by Gargomon and Rapidmon's heads before switching to a green armored dog head with wings sticking out. Henry's face and upper chest looked on.

For the finale, this new giant robotic hybrid jumped up and did a kick with his left foot before he landed on both feet. The camera went up and we see this humongous Digimon stand at attention. "MegaGargomon!"

The chamber filled up with green light. The light quickly died down as we saw what had happened. It's hard to believe that a teenage boy and a little dog-like Digimon could become that. We looked in awe. "Another Biomerge!" Taomon marveled. Rika looked it up on her D-Arc. "MegaGargomon! Special attack, Gargo Missiles," she said. "Jeez! He should be called Humongo-Enormous-Seven-Stories-Tall-Missile from the look of him," Takato commented. "It's a green version of the Red Battlezord," I breathed out. All three looked at me. "You know, the robot the Red Zeo Ranger got midseason," I explained. "Zeo?" Takato asked. He thought about it. "Ohhhhhh... over here, we call that Red Puncher," he said.


Wha- what just happened? Where am I? One minute I'm holding the D-Arc to my head, the next I'm in this... green sphere of energy. "Did I really become a Digimon?" "Well call me crazy, but I think we became one together!" Terriermon said. "This is incredible! I can feel your power flowing through me! Giving me strength!" "Me too! I'm not in pain anymore." I clenched my fist. "Then let's go get him!" I cheered. "That felt good! Say it again!" Terriermon responded. "LET'S GO GET HIM!"


I called up to the giant robot. "HEY HENRY! MegaGargomon is an extension of yourself! Don't fight it, be one with it!" "Uh... thanks, Greg," MegaGargomon answered. The giant turkey wasn't happy. "Digimon and humans Digivolve together? This is an abomination! You have tainted the very core of the Digital World, and you will pay... DESOLATION BLAST!" He lifted his wings and caused the building to cave in. Taomon quickly generated a shield around the rest of us. MegaGargomon fired up the jetpack on his back and went into action. "Is that all you got? And you call us pathetic!" he taunted. His voice was a mix of Terriermon's and Henry's voices. "You dare taunt me?!" Zhuqiaomon demanded to know. The robot flew up to the chicken. "You bet! And I'll do it again too!" He fired a pulverizing shockwave from his fist. "Power Pummel!" That hit the chicken right to the core!

I quickly searched my D-Arc for another channel. Maybe it had a closed-circuit channel inside Biomerged Digimon. I had no luck. My eyes went back to the battle, where the Green Battlezord was laying down the hurt! He let loose three kicks to Zhuqiaomon's head, then opened up the armor pockets all over his body. "That's still not enough for ya?! Mega Barrage!" he shouted as missiles fired from everywhere. They all hit right on contact! "AHHH! Phoenix Fire!" The fiery bird released a fireball at our hero. "You think that scares us now?! Why don't you try this one on for size?! GARGO MISSILES!" MegaGargomon fired the two missiles on its shoulders. They broke through the fire attack and hit the turkey in the breast! "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH! You think you can defeat me that easily?!" The ground broke up under him, causing him to fall. "AHHHHHH!" MegaGargomon flew over the scene. "Looks like that'd be a big 'yes!'" The other Digimon powered down as we all cheered.

He landed on the ground and reverted back to Henry and Terriermon. "I can't believe it! We did it, Henry!" Terriermon said. Henry smiled and nodded. "Yes, we did. Now let's get Calumon and go home." Takato approached the human. "Thanks Henry, we'd have been lost without you two." "Not at all. We are a team, aren't we?" Henry asked. We all nodded. Just then, a column of fire came up from the gaping hole. We heard an evil laugh, and then a fireball shot up and reformed itself. "Surprised? You dare believe you could defeat me? I am a Sovereign! There will be nothing left of you but ashes when I'm done! PREPARE TO MEET YOUR DOOM!"

* bossies, or bosbefok – crazy, whacko, mad. Also a term to describe one who has shell shock. Refers to the time of the South African Border War where soldiers spent time in the bush ("bos/bosse") and would return home suffering battle flash-backs (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

By the way, I don't know Russian. Most of Anya's sayings come from Wikiquote. The South African slang also came from Wikipedia.