Okay, so this is my first story. I will ONLY be doing wrestling Fan-Fics. Any requests are welcome and I will do them. (Only Romance ones though)


Layla has been dating Cody Rhodes for a year and a half. Everything had been amazing until he lost the intercontinental title and he became violent towards her. Will she manage to get away from him, does she still love him and will a sudden change in Storyline in WWE help her?..

Chapter 1

Layla was carried out of the ring and placed on a stretcher. She had just received a very powerful Glam Slam and Beth hadn't warned her, meaning she landed wrong and hurt . As she was placed in the back of an ambulance and support was wrapped around her neck, she felt someone take her hand and stroke it. \she looked up expecting to see Cody but instead saw Kelly Kelly. A soft smile made its way across Layla's face and Kelly returned the gesture.

"Thanks for coming with me," were the only words Layla could manage at the present moment.

"Its okay El, you took that one badly didn't you?"

Layla went to nod but grimaced in pain. Kelly just gripped her hand and told her to relax.

Layla was wheeled into the hospital and went for immediate X-Rays. The neck brace was taken off and she let out a sigh of relief. if anything was broken, she would have felt it by now. After being placed in a private room, Kelly came back but Layla's heart sank. She was alone.

"Cody?" Layla asked hopeful.

Kelly shook her head and sat next to her. She pulled out her bag, a box of chocolates and opened the, placing them on Layla's bed.

"Beth's been suspended."

Layla choked on her chocolate. Why?

"Supposedly, she had been paid to injure you, they caught it on CCTV."

Layla struggled to take it all in. Layla had always been nice to everyone she worked with. She had a friendship with everyone in WWE. Although her best friends consisted of Kelly, Maryse, Lita and Natalya, she considered their boyfriends her closest friends too. Kelly had been dating Alex Riley for seven months and had already moved in together. Alex always warned Layla about Cody, they used to be best friends but he ended up knocking him out after he found out he had broken Layla's wrist. Maryse was married to Mike. 'The Miz'. They had only been together for four months before he proposed but they both knew they loved each other. Lita had been with CM Punk for two and half years and she always saw Lita when CM Punk was at a house shoe. And then there was Natalya, who had been in a relationship with Tyson Kidd since 2001. Layla and her friends always teased them about getting married and although Nattie just blushed at the idea, Tyson would always just be there with a grin on his face.

Kelly Kelly started to natter on about getting her hair cut when Layla caught sigh of a familiar figure standing outside of her room. Kelly looked up and then turned to Layla. Kelly just stood up and walked out of the door.

Cody entered with a rose in his hand. He walked up to Layla and went to place a kiss on her forehead when she quickly turned her head. Cody furrowed his brow but kept the smug grin on his lips.

"What do you think you're doing?" He questioned Layla.

Layla looked at him with a furious look on her face. He sat down with his hands held up in the air.

"You didnt watch my match, that was a number one contenders Cody!"

He looked up at her and laughed. Why was he laughing?

"You expect me to watch your matches?, Please, I had better things to do!"

Layla looked at him shocked before she swung her feet out of the bed and stood up. She raised her hand in the air and placed it on Cody's cheek. He went in for a kiss and as he did, Layla retracted her hand and slapped him as hard as she could across his face. Cody just stood there shocked while Layla stormed out of the room. she still had her wrestling gear on but she didn't care. She took a hold of Kelly's hand and marched out of the hospital.

She fell into the passenger seat with a thud. Kelly looked at her friend, worried. she put a hand on her shoulder and gave a soft smile. Layla just smiled back before letting out a smile.

After driving to their hotel Layla asked what had been on her mind for the drive back.

"Kell?... Who was it who paid Beth to attack me?"

Kelly placed her bag on the ground and looked at her friend. She gave her a glance before looking at the ground.

"I-i-it was..."

"Kelly... Spit it out!"

"Layla, It was Cody"