Chapter 24

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* * * * *

Christian gently shook Layla's shoulders in an attempt to wake her up.

"Babe, wake up, We're home!" He whispered.

"Hmm? Ah right, lets go then." Layla opened her eyes. They widened with shock. She had no idea where she was. She looked over to a grinning Christian.

"Welcome home baby!" She gasped and opened the door, standing in their driveway, she took in the size of the house.

"Home? As in... our house?" She asked. She still seemed confused. Christian loved that about her.

"Yeah. I bought it as soon as I found out that babies were mine and I've been sneaking here with a few mates to get it decorated. Layla felt a tear roll from her eye.

"This is amazing!" She ran to him and wrapped her arms round his neck.

"I love you, so so much!" She crashed her lips to his. He pulled away but kept a firm grip on her waist. Christian pulled away and pulled both of the babies from the back. Layla went to grab the handle when Christian stopped her.

"I'm going to go put the kids in then you can come in, okay?" Christian was serious. Layla nodded, a confused smile on her face.

She waited in the cold, casually walking around her new garden with her hands in her in her jeans. The back garden was grassy with lots of flowers. There was a tree in the corner of the garden and a little playhouse under it. Their baby girl was going to love that. She wandered over to the patch of flowers. She thought about how her babies didn't even have names yet. She picked up the long white flowers, the bright white catching her eye. She plucked the Lily from the ground. She twiddled it in her fingers, admiring its beauty. Two strong arms wrapped around her waist, startling her slightly.

"Chris?" Layla asked, resting her head on Christian's chest.


"Have you thought of any baby names?" She asked, still playing with the flower.

"I've thought of boys names but I can't think of one for out little girly." He rested his head on her shoulder, smelling her perfume.

"Oh yeah? And what names is that?" She asked playfully.

"I like Lucas..." He stated. Layla grinned. The name suited him perfectly.

"I love it. And for our little princess?" She asked. Christian took the flower from her hands.

"How about Lily?"

"Its like you read my mind!" She twirled around, her lips meeting with Christians immediately. She grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the front door of their new house. She squealed when he picked her up. He laughed as she struggled to get out of his arms but his grip was tight.

"Christian! What the hell are you doing?" She crossed her arms and pouted. He continued to walk with her in his arms.

"I'm carrying you over the threshold!" He exclaimed as they step foot inside their new house for the first time

* * * * *

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